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In Deep with Michelle Ray – Meet The Twisters

When: Thursday, December 20th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where: In Deep with Michelle Ray on Blog Talk Radio

What: Join Social Media Director of ConservativeDailyNews.com, Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) as she discusses the issues that impact America.

Tonight: I am joined by @TheTwisters to have a candid discussion about family values in America and why nine women who met on Twitter decided to jump head first into politics. Please follow all of The Twisters on Twitter: @0402sgrl, @1SupremeGoddess, @Conservativeind @asskickymchotti, @runedart, @hipechik, @suzibasterd, @flyingpatriot, and me… @GaltsGirl

Holes: A mother’s love of son and country

“Doc, send my uniform to my mom. She’ll fix ‘em for me,” once said, was all the breathe that young soldier had left in him.

Major Daniels honored that soldier’s last request. He and a sergeant removed the uniform in silence. They set the pants and top across chair backs to let the blood dry out. It would take some time to let that much of a soak be ready for sending to the soldier’s mother.

No one wanted to believe in war. So untouched as the country was by it for so long. Sure, soldiers came home from war all the time. Plenty of conflicts and fighting, over there. But in the streets and towns of America, no, who would have thought so?

But it happened anyway. While plucking at the rose petals of freedom, the Federals had finally grasped a thorn. Once orders were given to use armed drones on citizens within the States all hell broke loose.

There were minor militias in the field across the country for both sides. Federal forces were of course the better armed and trained, in the beginning anyway. Militia backup for the federals were nothing but untrained, undisciplined thugs from the streets, looking to set their wrath upon anyone who got in the way. More in it for the pillaging ‘pay-back’ as they had been told all their lives they were due than any sense of preserving the union or patriotism. Blood was the currency.

In the Rebel ranks, all walks of life were there. Young, old. Rich, poor. Men and women. Everyone who knew what was at stake turned out in some way or another. Still, they were outnumbered. A war against them, generations in the planning had been let loose. From private to general though among the Rebel ranks, all knew it was a fight of winner-takes-all. Knowing what was at stake steeled spines as well as heated blood with courage enough to stand against those lopsided odds.

Her son’s funeral was a quiet affair. So many of her family were supports of the Federals, sending hateful letters to the mourning mother of how glad they were that her boy was dead: He was so stupid for fighting. Another brainwashed extremist as far as they were concerned, good riddance.

Those who weren’t there that loved the boy were already gone to fight or dead. As for the rest of the people who had known that young soldier, they didn’t have the time to worry about what was going on or to come to his funeral. No matter what happened those people didn’t care one way or the other, indifferent to anything other than what was on TV. As far as those kinds of people were concerned their lives were static. Nothing ever changed or would. Blissful indifference.

She stood there with her husband. He stood holding her, solid as a rock. Only his eyes told of the pain and anger ravaging within. Together the soldier’s parents stood over him, even after the grave was filled in and the workers left.

In the morning her husband left with a kiss. Rifle slung over his shoulder and a bag in hand. For a moment he stood looking back at his wife, his home of so many years. At the flag hung from his porch. Meeting his wife’s eyes- husband and wife-father and mother- both knew exactly what had to be done and were set about doing it.

Several days later a paper wrapped package came to her in the mail. Letters full of hate still came but had become a trickle. To each of those kinds of letters received she sent notes in response, notes of forgiveness. She did not return to those senders back their hate, but love instead. No easy task. She let her faith guide her pen strokes.

Feeling the softness beneath the paper wrapping she knew what was wrapped inside. Over the last year she had gotten several like it. Her son would send back uniforms and other things that needed to be mended. Some things were hard to come by anymore so an old fashioned approach was needed. Needle and thread. Frugality.

It was not her son’s handwriting on the paper she stared at from her chair at the dining room table. With great care she opened her last package of her son. She took up the uniform and sought the places to be mended.

Her heart was hard yet her fingers did their work. Threading the needle. Stitch by stitch. Her sons dried blood stained the fabric where she closed up holes. Bullet holes. Such small things.

She pricked a finger while at the last hole. One that would have been near to her son’s heart. She pressed the fingertip into the shirts stain, mixing hers and his together.

Laying out the clothes across her bed she went in to take a shower. There with the water in her face she cried aloud. Letter the spray wash away her tears as fast as they came. All that was held back against her heart she let free.

In the morning she stepped down her porch and walked to her car. She turned to look back, standing for a moment. She looked at the home she had lived for so many years. At the flag hanging from her porch. To the window upstairs that had been her son’s bedroom. A rifle slung over her shoulder and a uniform stained crimson in places scarred by careful stitches. She knew what needed to be done, and set about doing it.


Tom is an erratic contributor to CDN. Former U.S. Army Signal Corps soldier, outspoken future Re-Education Camp intern #7-2521, world traveler, combat veteran and Author of the new books Lone WolfSucker Punched, dystopian near future America novels, and One Tough Truck (a War Story) available at Amazon.com.



Gallup: Jobs #1 Hispanic Priority

All the news last week didn’t change the fact that Hispanics don’t put immigration as their number one priority. Instead, they are most concerned with jobs and health coverage. President Obama may want to review the most recent Gallup poll and perhaps take a pivot toward jobs during this election season.

Or not.

Maybe this is a prime opportunity for Mitt Romney and the Republicans to chip away at some of the Latino support for the current president. In fact, many would argue that current events should already help draw the strongly Catholic minority toward the Conservative side of the ballot. Hispanics may be surprised that their beliefs: conservative religious, importance of families, and strong work ethic are very in line with the GOP platform. Additionally, Republicans are not against immigration, instead they are trying to control a tsunami of illegal border crossings when so many others are waiting to enter the country through legal channels. After all, this is a country made up of immigrants.

Hispanics may also be surprised to learn that unions, who once worked hard to benefit the underpaid workers, now seem to be focused more on preserving their strength and leaders benefits and less concerned with the individuals. The caste system of places like Mexico, though less defined than some countries still make it difficult for the poor to rise to a higher bracket. Understanding this, immigrants from Central America (and Cuba especially), should be wary of a party that pushes entitlement programs.  Handouts don’t encourage personal responsibility. Instead they promote a lackadaisical attitude which takes away the desire for a better life and replaces it with an acceptance of the status quo and continued dependence on others. In the end, as in Cuba, the government owns you and everything you do. Contrast this to the many small businesses owned and operated by minorities. Independence, hard work, and the idea of growing as big as one wishes are more in line with Republican ideals than Democrats.

Now is the time for Republicans to reach out to this large voting group and let them know this is not a rich versus poor campaign but one pushing for more personal responsibility and individual rights. Job opportunities for all are a priority of the GOP.

Born here or immigrants, Hispanics we know are usually not looking for a hand out but rather the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Family Values

Have you ever had a tempting offer that seemed too good to be true? One example that comes to mind would be the work at home ads that promise you will make $10,000 the first month and as much as you want after that. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is an axiom of truth.

After hearing one of these ads on radio, I reflected back on an offer from a few years back that could have been a lucrative deal, if only those pesky Christian values had not gotten in the way. The casting producer for a show on ABC contacted me about being on their program. She said it was a hit show on ABC’s Disney family hour. Since I do not watch much TV, and never watch regular network programming, I had never heard of the show. The casting producer was looking for an illusionist and his family, and came across my web site (I still perform several ministry illusion shows each year). The filming would have taken a couple of weeks of my life, and though I have no experience as a film actor, I have 17 years’ experience in live entertainment, have dabbled as a contributor in screen writing and at one time produced and directed a weekly radio program. The appearance on this program would have paid $20,000.00. I admit, this amount caused me to raise an eyebrow, but if my family and I had appeared on the program, it would have been the end of my ministry. The potential to corrupt my children was assured because of the nature and content of the show. Though I had never watched the program, the show’s name was enough to turn me off. I declined and soon found out how corrupt it was. To this day, I still have not watched an episode of the show and do not plan on it.

The offer came soon after asking God for some extra income for a specific need. AND it was on ABC’s DISNEY FAMILY hour. I had been told by the casting director it was a family show. Surely, this was God answering prayer. However, I learned long ago that the world doesn’t have a clue, when it comes to real family values. I rented a cartoon film from a video store when my daughter was young, and asked the clerk about the film. She assured me it was a clean, child friendly, wonderful animation. Five minutes into the film, curse words began. I turned it off, took the film back, and with charity, told the employee the film was not a children’s film. Just because a show is centered on a family or families, does not mean it is fit for family consumption. After checking into the situation, it appeared they wanted a Christian family, but I suspected it was for the opportunity to mock Christianity and challenge real family values. Even though I was encouraged by some to consider it, it was never a possibility from the beginning.

The importance of a stable, Godly family cannot be overstated. No single institution has been attacked as vehemently and viciously as the family has been attacked. The emasculation of the male, blurring of the roles of the sexes, and laxation of the discipline of children, have all weakened the family in the last 50 years. Family values begin with placing value on God as the foundation of the family, led by the Father and supported by the Mother. Discipline and standards motivated by love, will establish the children in habits, manners and a Christian world view philosophy that glorifies God, strengthens churches and produces good citizens. Parents have only one shot with their children. That’s why it’s so important to guard them from that which would steal their innocence and purity and establish and enforce real family values.

Joseph Harris, [email protected] has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, and The Post Chronicle.

Live Together or Die Alone

Amid the myriad of CPAC 2012 posts currently filling the blogosphere, I would like to offer my own reflections on the event, and the powerful lesson of which I was reminded. It is rare for me to speak personally in my political writings. I am much more comfortable with the objective distance of facts and principles and analysis than I am with sharing feelings. However, this lesson is so profoundly important to me, and to the cause of freedom, that I am compelled to speak on the subject despite my reservations.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of improbable events. In a 61-hour period I spent nearly a full day on the road and slept less than four hours. It was a trial of endurance, and I hope I met that trial well (though I imagine I probably didn’t!). Fortunately I didn’t undertake it alone; I had a wonderful companion. While at CPAC, I received word that my sister’s husband, whom I love like a brother, was badly injured, and then later found out that I received the message in error, and that he was perfectly fine. Events also tested the strength of the bond between myself and my closest and dearest friend. I am happy to report that bond is stronger than ever.

I also met some of my good friends and comrades-in-arms, many of them for the first time. It’s strange that people can mean so much to us, before we’ve even seen them in person. It is my lingering regret that I didn’t have sufficient time to spend with all of them, or to effectively communicate my admiration of them. I am profoundly lucky to stand in the company of giants, some of whom were present and some who were not and were missed.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my family, without whom I would never have become the staunch advocate of individual liberty that I am. My principles are part of my pedigree. Their unwavering support has buffered me through difficult times.

I only saw one speech on Saturday- Daniel Hannan’s speech (VIDEO). Among the many things I took away from it, was the profound isolation he and other British patriots experience. Conservative principles, patriotism, and love of country are frequently scorned by the liberal majority there. Mr. Hannan expressed his happiness that we are not so unfortunate in the United States.

He’s right. We are much more fortunate- we have each other. Our greatest strength, and the thing which our opposition works so tirelessly to destroy, are our bonds of comradeship, friendship, and love. The greatest evil of our enemy is his desire to tear us apart and render us alone and helpless, leaving a selfish and all-powerful government as our only recourse.

Milton Friedman once told a young liberal college student, who suggested a 100% inheritance tax rather than an income tax, that we aren’t an individual society, we are a family society, and taxing inheritance would eliminate any reason to accumulate wealth. He was correct. We libertarians champion individual rights and dignity, and the individual’s freedom to associate and pursue prosperity and happiness. But these liberties are little comfort if we have no one with whom to share them.

It’s difficult for me to admit, but I have, at times in my life, felt alone and disconnected from my friends and family. I have felt hopelessly outnumbered and powerless. Fortunately, I had good people to remind me that I was neither alone nor unloved.

The bonds of loyalty and trust and love motivate us. They give our lives, and our cause, purpose. They define who we are and why we work so tirelessly. We have nothing but each other. That is the root of the ‘small-government and big-citizen’ cause: Together, we are vastly superior to any Leviathan; Divided, we are fragile and subservient. Either we can care for, provide for, and protect one another, or we can have nobody but government to do these things for us, and do them capriciously and badly.

Our relationships are our power and our conscience. Together we live, alone we die.

Family Research Council Endorses Rick Santorum

Tony Perkins

CDNews had the privilege of being invited to the Family Research Council’s conference call on Saturday, where Tony Perkins, President of the FRC, announced that a group of 150 conservative leaders had chosen Rick Santorum as their Presidential candidate.

Among the highlights of the conference:

Mr. Perkins gave a synopsis of the meeting at Judge Paul Pressler’s ranch outside Houston, Texas. Surrogates of every candidate except Jon Huntsman spoke before the group. Mr. Perkins said the group’s three primary issues were, foremostly, the repeal of Obamacare; the debt ceiling issue; and the pro-life movement. Mr. Perkins said the group focused on determining the candidate who best reflected the conservative mindset and was most likely to succeed in defeating Barack Obama. He said economic issues were extremely important to the group.

Mr. Perkins said the event was not an anti-Romney event, and very little time was spent discussing Romney’s record. He said there was no discussion of Romney’s religion, and that if it was discussed it was a sidenote.

Mr. Perkins said that the group of conservative leaders would manifest their support for Santorum through their PACs and other means. Mr. Perkins said the organization would not call on Rick Perry or any other candidate to drop out of the election. Mr. Perkins couldn’t name the leaders involved in the group’s ballot process, but he said some may soon emerge with endorsements for Santorum and he estimated that other activites supporting Santorum would emerge within about 24 hours.

Mr. Perkins said there was no discussion of eventually supporting Mitt Romney, and that the participants were not resigned to the belief that Romney would be the eventual nominee. He said there was some discussion about Romney’s abortion record, but that very little time was spent on the topic.

Mr. Perkins said Santorum’s record of stability and consistent articulation of economic and social issues appealed to the group, and that the group hoped to overcome Santorum’s fundraising deficit through public support.

Mr. Perkins said there had been some concerns about Rick Perry’s “stumbles” during the race. He said that he expected passionate support whether the nominee were Perry, Gingrich, or Santorum, but that the most passionate support was for defeating Obama.

He said there was not a fear that the group’s support for Santorum was coming “too late”, following Iowa and Hew Hampshire. He believed that the support was coming at a “good time” in the primary process.

Mr. Perkins said FRC would be releasing a wirtten statement soon regarding the event.




School Breakfasts = Less Family Time

         When I was in elementary school, we got up early and our parents made us eat a good breakfast before school each day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we heard over and over again. Do your homework before you are allowed to go out to play, keep your room clean if you want your allowance, do your house chores or you will be grounded etc.  Rules, rules and more rules.   My Mother never backed down in taking on the personal responsibilities that come with raising a family. My Father departed this earth at an early age.  There was no bigger government welfare check coming in on the wings of a unicorn just because we were blessed with a family of six children. My mother raised all six children by herself  for an extended amount of time before she remarried, and she worked two and three jobs to keep food on the table for many of those years, yet never once did she stoop to taking handouts from the government that were taken from other hard working people in the form of taxes.  That is not how we were raised. You want something, children included, and you got off your rear ends and worked for it.

         We brown-bagged our lunches, which many times contained the dreaded bologna sandwich which we all hated, but ate anyway, lest we go hungry. Mother always tried to make sure we had fruit and other healthy foods when possible, but sometimes we just had the plain old bologna sandwich. We sometimes had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and lemme tell you, we considered ourselves to be the richest kids around when we saw the P B & J in ourlunch !  Imagine my disgust when I encountered the following announcement in a local newspaper about the breakfast and lunch for irresponsible parents in Pasco County, Florida. Keep in mind that a good percentage of these students are enrolled  in the “free” program. Of course it isn’t free to the taxpayers of this nation. Here is the menu for Pasco County Schools:

   Pictured at left are children in a Pasco County School.

Elementary breakfasts

All elementary breakfasts include a choice of one main fare item, one fruit or 100 percent fruit juice and one milk choice plus an option for cereal with graham crackers or yogurt with graham crackers.

Monday: Sausage in a pancake.

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs with wheat toast.

Wednesday: Cinnamon French toast.

Thursday: Breakfast combo roll.

Friday: Zac Omega Bar.

Elementary lunches

All elementary lunches have a choice of milk and two side dishes. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available daily. Daily side dish options include fresh fruit, vegetables and juice.

Monday: Hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken BLT salad.

Tuesday: Home-style turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes or a tuna salad sandwich.

Wednesday: Fiesta tacos or Mexican pizza.

Thursday: Breakfast for Lunch: Pancakes with sausage, a breakfast sandwich or a breakfast burrito.

Friday: Big Daddy Pizza Wedge or peanut butter or yogurt dipper platter.

Middle and high school breakfasts

All secondary breakfasts include a choice of one main fare item, one fresh fruit or 100 percent fruit juice and one milk choice.

Monday: French toast sticks, breakfast combo, yogurt fruit parfait, ultimate breakfast round, muffins or cereal with muffin loaf.

Tuesday: Hot breakfast sandwich, yogurt fruit parfait, ultimate breakfast round, muffins or cereal with Pop Tart.

Wednesday: Cinnamon French toast, breakfast burrito, yogurt fruit parfait, ultimate breakfast round, muffins or cereal with muffin loaf.

Thursday:Pancakes, waffles, yogurt fruit parfait, organic Zac Omega bar, muffins or cereal with Pop Tart.

Friday: Breakfast pizza, whole wheat cinnamon bun, whole grain oatmeal chocolate chip bar or cereal with muffin loaf. 


Pasco County Schools are serviced by FNS, or Food and Nutrition Services.

Current meal prices

Reduced Price Breakfast: $0.30
Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40

Full Price Breakfast
Elementary: $1.25
Secondary: $1.40

Full Price Lunch
Elementary: $2.00
Secondary Classic: $2.50
Secondary Alternative: $3.00

We are a self-funded department, using only federal funds, grants,and monies generated from the sale of school meals and catering to provide a nutritious, low cost school lunch and breakfast to Pasco County students.  

     Excuse me, but what part of self-funding includes the heavy dose of Federal tax money you admit to above ?  While the mission statement sounds great on paper it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this program needs to be looked into further here. Just what gives the school board the right to take breakfast time away from responsible families in order to further dig into tax funding that promotes less family time and  ignores personal responsibility? A further look at their web page mentioned above talks about things such as “summer feeding.”

Pasco County FNS offers breakfast, lunch, summer feeding, and after-school snacks programs to Pasco County students enrolled in public and charter schools, day cares, Headstart and Early Headstart programs, and infant feeding programs.  We also offer an Adult Meal Program for administrators and their staff, and cater meals for school-based functions.  We serve approximately 2.25 million student breakfasts and 6.2 million lunches annually. (emphasis mine)  

        After school snacks? Why not dinner too? Why send the children home at all, if irresponsible parents want the government to feed and raise their children ?

    Under the school price menu above, how many of the students that qualify for the next to nothing cost of those meals are also receiving food stamps ?  Are there checks and oversight to ensure that an irresponsible parent(s) that doesn’t make the effort to properly feed their own children at home, has the equal amount deducted from their food stamp entitlement  to prevent them from being a double-dipping deadbeat on taxpayers wallets ?  I will tell you that the answer to that is no.  This is an extension of welfare benefits for largely irresponsible people that feel it is the job of the hard working people to support their irresponsibility. Breakfast, Lunch and summer meals when school is out ?

     Meal time was a family bonding time in our house. Problems were discussed and dealt with together. Lessons were both taught and learned at the table. This instills family unity and teaches personal responsibility in helping to prepare the family meals and cleaning up afterward. It also helps build a substantial work ethic, that says if you want to eat, you will help prepare the meal and clean up afterwards, or at least it did in my upbringing.  Today,  the nanny-state welfare mentality is not only proving to be a big cause of America’s economic problems, but it is also enabling the destruction of our society’s family values, where children are no longer taught the value of a dollar, and the fact that you have to work for what you want out of life.

    Yes indeed breakfast may still be the most important meal of the day for our children, but the true value of it comes from the family bonding and parental guidance we receive at the table, not just the nutrition. This is a start to their school-day,  so why not send them off  with the confidence and support that only a parent’s love can give.

Update from Pasco County Schools  Free meals program.

Free & Reduced Price Meal Information

Information regarding free and reduced-price meals is included below. To continue directly to our online free and reduced-price meal application, click the button below.

 The District School Board of Pasco County participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  Through these programs we offer free and reduced-price meals to students from families who meet certain income requirements determined by the U.S. Government.

Free & Reduced Price Meal Information

Information regarding free and reduced-price meals is included below. To continue directly to our online free and reduced-price meal application, click the button below.

 The District School Board of Pasco County participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  Through these programs we offer free and reduced-price meals to students from families who meet certain income requirements determined by the U.S. Government. Each new school year all students that wish to participate in the free and reduced-priced meal program must submit a new free and reduced-price meal application. Students are qualified for free or reduced-price meals through three (3) different methods. The first method is through direct certification; the second is through students that are identified as a homeless or migrant student; and the third is through the free and reduced-price meal application process.

Qualification Methods

Direct Certification

This process involves a computer match of district students to information provided by the Department of Education, which marks students in families receiving Food Stamps, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and FDPIR benefits as eligible for free meals at their school sites. If you qualify, you will receive written notification on approval.

Homeless, Migrant and Runaway Students

Students that are identified by the district as Homeless, Migrant, or Runaway are entitled to free meals at their school site. For Homeless, Migrant, and Runaway students to receive free meals, the district’s Homeless, Migrant, and Runaway Liaison must certify, sign and submit a listing of students that are recognized as homeless or migrant. Food and Nutrition Services District Office must keep the student list on file at the Food and Nutrition Services District Office. These students do not have to submit a meal application.   

       Who says there is no such thing as a “free lunch?”  It is all free for the non-tax paying career welfare families. It is just the fact that the working families carry the burden of supporting the irresponsible baby-makers which are the mainstay of career welfare families, which is  the disgusting part they don’t want you to know.  This FNS  “company” should be made to operate without any taxpayer funding. Waste, fraud and abuse are always rampant when you have a company that is half-private and half government-run. I am going to pursue the FNS salary structure, and see just what that turns up in the near future.

In Pasco County, Superintendent, Heather Fiorentino, makes $136,776 which leads a list of 15- hundred thousand dollar employees.