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MSNBC’s Chris Mathews Makes the Case for Mitt Romney!

Monday night Chris Mathews ended his show by making a good case for Mitt Romney’s election to the office of President of the United States.

Mathews claimed that “Mitt cares about three things: his faith, his family, his business. Right now his business is running for president. That’s why he’s interested in the presidency. It’s his business to be interested.”

How refreshing it would be to have a President that cares about his business, being President. So far Barrack Obama has spent the majority of his time in office playing golf, raising funds, and targeting people for assassination.

Mathews went on to say, “The need for a new war with each new Republican president. And they need someone in the White House to push it for them.”

Again, one war would be refreshing; our current President has four of them going at once, and is busy poking the Russian Bear with a pointed stick!

In addition to vacationing, Mr. Obama has also spent a great deal of time ignoring the constitution, and circumventing the laws of the land.

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Mr. Mathews, but in this case I’m all for a man who focuses on faith, family and the business of the country!