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Jabberwonky ObamaCare Failure is the Story – October 6th


When: Sunday, October 6th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

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`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Whether it’s “down the rabbit hole”, or “through the looking glass”, the world of politics is often referred to in the lexicon given to us by Lewis Carroll. No matter what, those terms are resurrected when referring to something that has gone terribly wrong. And that’s what’s here on Jabberwonky…

Tonight: What happens when the media collectively ignores a story because the president wants them to? You end up with a week full of headlines about the crazy things the government has been doing over the shutdown – not to be confused with the craziness over Sequestration. Could it be that the president doesn’t want anyone paying attention to how badly ObamaCare is failing? We’ll talk about that, and undoubtedly about music and being mean to stupid people (liberals) on social media with Shelli Eaton (@shelli_eaton) from “The Army You Have”.

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The President's Budget Fails: 414-0

From The Washington Times

President Obama’s budget was defeated 414-0 in the House late Wednesday, in a vote Republicans arranged to try to embarrass him and shelve his plan for the rest of the year.

The vote came as the House worked its way through its own fiscal year 2013 budget proposal, written by Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan. Republicans wrote an amendment that contained Mr. Obama’s budget and offered it on the floor, daring Democrats to back the plan, which calls for major tax increases and yet still adds trillions of dollars to the deficit over the next decade.

“It’s not a charade. It’s not a gimmick — unless what the president sent us is the same,” said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a freshman Republican from South Carolina who sponsored Mr. Obama’s proposal for purposes of the debate. “I would encourage the Democrats to embrace this landmark Democrat document and support it. Personally, I will be voting against it.”

But no Democrats accepted the challenge.

They have their own alternative they wrote, which closely tracks the president’s deficit numbers, though it changes the details of his plan. That plan will receive a vote on Thursday, as will Mr. Ryan’s proposal.

Senate Democrats have said they will not bring a budget to the floor this year, though Republicans in the chamber have talked about trying to at least force a vote on Mr. Obama’s plan there as well.

Last year, when they forced a vote on his 2012 budget, it was defeated 97-0.

Obama: Failure is thy Name

Obama failuresFail. The word easily glides out past our tongues. Fail. We’re hearing it every day now. We’re hearing it on talk radio. We’re reading it in our magazines, newspapers, and online. It is all over network news stories. Bloggers are sharpening their rhetorical saws and are hacking away at the object of our scorn. Fail. You know who it is. Fail. We all do. The new definition of “Fail” is Obama. I just Googled “Obama’s failures”, the search returned 992,000 results. The only surprise is that it wasn’t over a million. Even his search results are a failure. Obama’s only success, it seems, is that he is truly living down to our expectations.

So, what is it that makes Obama such a colossal failure in life? Is he indeed the reason God created the Peter Principle? Or, is he living proof that the Peter Principle is its own failure? The Peter Principle is based on the theory that a man, or by Obama’s own admission, a dog – rises up through a hierarchy – being placed in ever higher positions as long as they remain competent in the performance of their duties. Eventually, the Peter Principle says, that man will rise to a position where he becomes incompetent.

It goes without saying that the failure formerly known as Zero, has reached his level of incompetency. The evidence is simply too great to come to any other conclusion. For example, Obama’s latest revelation is that he thinks people regard him as a dog. Which might be the result of a self-fulfilling prophesy since he recently announced that he was a mutt, a mongrel dog of mixed breed ancestry. Well, at least that explains why he doesn’t have any papers now, doesn’t it? Having been tossed under the bus, democratic congresscritters are scurrying away from Obama as fast as their little claws can dig through the dirt of Zero’s administration. They are belatedly realizing that they have become failures by association. Zero is toxic.

But what about Zero’s prior positions in life? Has he always been a failure? If so, why did he keep getting higher and higher positions – in apparent defiance of the Peter Principle? Well, let’s see. As a Senator he introduced exactly nothing of consequence by way of proposed legislation. Fail. Before that, as an Illinois State Senator, he made a name for himself by voting present at every opportunity. Fail. As a community organizer, whatever the hell that is, he ingratiated himself into the thuggish Chicago Democratic political machine. Fail. As a lecturer on Constitutional Law, he completely missed the intent of the Bill of Rights. You know his mantra by heart – calling the Bill of Rights a set of negative rights because they don’t spell out what the government “must” do for you. He completely missed the point that the Bill of Rights was designed specifically to protect the populace from would-be tyrants like him. Fail. As Editor of the Harvard Law Review he became the invisible man. Politico has only been able to find one solitary article he wrote for the Harvard Law Review while Editor. It was a minor piece in which Obama advocated abortion. Fail.

It appears that Obama simply fails at everything he does. It’s a habit with him. Habit, now there’s an interesting word. Reminds me of a book I read many moons ago titled “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Written by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, this self-help book has become a must-have guide for people seeking to move from dependence (hmmm, sounds suspiciously like a tenet of leftist doctrine) to independence, also known as self-mastery; interdependence, and finally to self-rejuvenation. Let’s analyze Obama’s history of failures against these seven habits. Perhaps we can peer a little deeper into the habits of the most famous failure in the history of The United States of America. Yes, you got to hand it to him; he’s even a bigger failure than Pee Wee Herman.

Habit 1: Be Proactive

The temptation is to rewrite this habit just for Obama and call it “Be Proactiv®”- as in zit remover. Nope, not going there – sometimes I have to leave the jokes to the reader’s imagination. You’ll figure it out anyway. So, getting back on track, does Obama possess the habit of being proactive? Hmmmm, Obama proposed earth-shattering new socialist health care legislation – but he never introduced his own bill, leaving that for his minions to figure out. He took months to decide to increase troop levels in Afghanistan – while U.S. troops were dying because of inadequate support and foolhardy rules of engagement. Despite his promise of a “Summer of Recovery”, he did nothing all summer to increase employment. In fact, he did just the opposite – eliminating tens of thousands of jobs in the oil industry through his ban on deep-water off-shore drilling. One month he called for fiscal discipline and the need to rein in government spending. Yup, you know it. His words were meaningless and he didn’t do a thing, proactively, to control costs. But he did announce on Labor Day that he wanted an additional $50 billion for another “stimulus” package! Where’s Pee Wee Herman when you really need him, anyway?

The evidence tends toward the reactive side of the equation, not the proactive. Obama is crafty. Obama is cunning. Obama reads the polls and only moves once he thinks he can get away with something. Obama is reactionary – not proactive. Fail.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Obama earns an A in this habit. He has a goal and he is sticking to it. Unfortunately, his goal is the destruction of The United States of America as a world superpower. His goal is to cut America down to size. His goal is to apologize to every tin-horn dictator throughout the globe who has been offended by America’s allegiance to the principle of freedom. Reactionary as Obama may be, he at least makes all of his moves with his end in mind. It’s the wrong end, but he owns it. Success! Or Failure. It truly depends on your point of view.

Habit 3: Put First Things First

Failure rears its ugly head here. America’s economy is going down the drain. So what does Obama put on the top of his list of priorities? Vacation! He goes golfing. He takes the family down to Panama City. Michelle Antoinette heads off to Spain. They relax August away at Martha’s Vineyard where the biggest task on his list of things to do involves purchasing shrimp. He hits the tennis court, which is understandable given the fact he is running a major racquet. He heads back to Chicago for staycations. Naturally, Bo accompanies B.O. on this vacation. Rumor has it that Bo, besides B.O., gets his own jet.

And what about the time when he’s not on vacation? Does he spend it governing? Nope. Not hardly. The bulk of this time is spent campaigning. He is constantly on the campaign trail – attending fund raisers for fellow communists, leftists, progressives, democrats, liberals, socialists, environmentalist whackos, and assorted congressional tramps and thieves.

What about the work of state? How many press conferences has he held? The answer is hardly any at all. He appears to be avoiding the press when he can’t control the questions asked of him. Teleprompters don’t work so great for impromptu speeches. Obama likes real press conferences like he loves his steak – rare.

So what else does Obama do while working for us? Apparently it’s interior decorating. But even this is an utter failure. Have you seen the curtains? Have you seen the new wallpaper, the new couch, and the reupholstered chairs? No? Well, you should. The carpet made national news last week. Seems Obama ordered a quote from Martin Luther King woven into the fabric. Turns out Martin Luther King was quoting someone else. Fail. A blogger who calls himself “The REAL Bob” said this about the new look: “I notice from the other photos on the web that the presidential seal is located directly in front of HIS desk so that you make NO mistake just who the president is. Aside from being a loser, he’s an egomaniac.” Another blogger, going by the moniker of Kelly, critiqued the makeover by saying “This place looks like it was redecorated in early ghetto motif. Next thing you know, BO will put curb finders on the presidential hoopdy and a big velvet picture of Malcolm X over the fireplace.” Fail

And let’s not forget Obama’s super-long workdays. Rumor has it that he likes to sleep in late. And even when his body wakes up – the presidential cerebral cortex is still completely out of it. Must be those 3 a.m. calls interfering with his sleep pattern. Fail.

Habit 4: Think Win/Win

All Hail, to his Excellency, King Obama. He deserves our adulation for being the first post-partisan president. He religiously reaches across the aisle to embrace his Republican brethren. He values input from the minority party – seeking out what is best for America, and not necessarily what is best for Barack Obama. Bull. Fail. Obama’s rhetoric is extremely biased. And that’s putting it mildly. Blame Bush for this. Blame Bush for that. Republications can’t be trusted to drive the car. Conservatives are racists. Conservatives are bitterly clinging to their guns and their religion.

The truth of the matter is that Obama is focused like a laser beam on transforming America into a socialist state. To him, his opinion is the only one that matters. In the language of Transactional Analysis, his philosophy is “I’m OK, You’re Not OK”. Better yet, his opinion could very well be “I’m OK, You’re Irrelevant.” But then, what did we expect from someone who so obviously suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) has been defined for us by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It states that NPD is “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

Let’s look at each of these elements individually. First, the pervasive pattern of grandiosity – I wrote about Obama’s addiction to this pattern in a previous column. Remember the Greek Columns and elaborate stage set at his nomination speech? Isn’t it funny that the staging was set to make Obama appear to be Zeus, granting us audience on Mount Olympus, where he speaks as if from heaven itself; we listen as mere insignificant mortals, and hear his grandiose plan to save us all – praise Obama!

Then there is his need for admiration. Ever notice how, whenever he speaks in public, that the audience is staged? They are bused in from who knows where, probably the local SEIU headquarters or the defunct ACORN offices. Each member of the audience has been vetted for political correctness. They smile when he smiles. They hold in the laughter when he farts. They figuratively kiss the very ground he walks on. Obama is to be admired. Obama is to be praised. Obama is to be worshiped. Obama is their God.

Oh, Dear Obama, thou who art above all men – Thou who speaketh with the tongue of angels. We thank thee for thy communist philosophy. We thank thee for transforming us into a statist empire. We bow before thee, oh most holy Barry. Save us from our enemy, the burning Bush, most celestial Barry. May thy vengeance be upon Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Joe the Plumber. Redeem us from our sin of voting for Bush’s tax cuts. May we ever be worthy of gazing upon thy goodness and glory. This we say in the name of Barack Obama, Amen. (Cue to Obama descending from the clouds in glory. Cue audio, as Barry’s benevolent voice bestows precious blessings upon all in attendance. May their mortgages be subsidized – May Obama’s stash make everything all better.)

Finally, let’s examine Obama’s lack of empathy. Let’s work up to it. For nearly a quarter of a century, I have known one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s relatives. I will not reveal his name, in order to protect his privacy. But he told me many years ago, that Hillary has cut herself off from her relatives – doesn’t want anything to do with her extended family. This relative lamented Hillary’s lack of empathy for her own kin. Well, Hillary’s faults are small potatoes compared to Obama’s stone cold heart. Remember, Obama is living in the lap of luxury. His every need is taken care of in regal style. He eats his arugula. He has his own private chef. The barber comes to him, not the other way around. Any time he goes anywhere he rides in a 20 vehicle caravan. Or he takes his private helicopter. Or he flies around in his private Boeing 747 – which is the envy of many a Saudi prince. Contrast that with his half-brothers and sisters. Did you know that Obama has eight half-siblings? Seven of them are still living. Do you think they are living the same lifestyle as their own biological half-brother? Right – they’re not. In fact, his half-brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, lives in a shack on an income of less than $1 a month. Is Obama his brother’s keeper? Not according to Obama. While Barry is self-centeredly living a life fit for a king, George is wondering how he’s going to buy his next meal. Has Obama reached out to his very own brother to offer a helping hand – to show empathy to his own blood? By all appearances, the answer is a resounding “No!” And then there is his aunt Zeituni Onyango, living in the projects in Boston. She’s a different relative, but it’s the same old story. Obama lives in luxury while his own family barely can afford to live. For all his rhetoric, Obama doesn’t appear to want to redistribute any of his personal wealth to those in need – especially his own family. Now take this to its logical conclusion. If Obama doesn’t care for his own family, what are the chances that he cares for you? Fail.

Obama’s track record clearly demonstrates that he doesn’t believe in win/win outcomes. The healthcare legislation he signed made that clear. With over 70 percent of the country against it, Obama rammed it through anyway. The way he treats his own family displays a lack of empathy and the pain of those he should love. Obama is all about winning – as long as he is the one who is winning – Other people? Not so much. Fail.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

Obama doesn’t seek to understand his critics. He seeks to ridicule them. He ridicules George Bush. He ridicules Dick Cheney. He ridicules those who believe in God (and paradoxically, he turns around and claims to be Christian.). He ridicules those who believe in protecting the integrity of our borders. He ridicules those who question his citizenship because he refuses to produce his birth certificate. He ridicules gun owners. He ridicules corporations. He ridicules business executives. He ridicules white people; just read the quotes about his white mother in his book Dreams of my Father. He demeans Sarah Palin. He attacks vast numbers of the public who reject his communist agenda. Obama doesn’t seek to understand. Instead, he seeks to destroy his opposition – who just happen to be patriots and the true heroes among us. Fail.

Habit 6: Synergize

To synergize is to seek out creative cooperation. It is to foster teamwork. It is to be open-minded. Does this sound like Obama? I didn’t think so. It is important for the American people to understand that behind the code words of liberal, progressive, and Democrat, is a communist philosophy that Obama has embraced since his childhood. He is a Marxist. He wants to take away our freedom and rule over us as a virtual dictator. He puts on the air of jocularity when asked about this subject – laughing off serious questions. But we all see him now for what he really is. The way to discern what Obama is – is accomplished by ignoring what he says and paying attention to what he does. He uses rhetoric to mask his real intentions. Obama is a master of sophistry. He does not seek to synergize. He seeks to dictate terms to us – or else. Fail.

Habit 7: Sharpening the Saw

According to Covey, the habit of sharpening the saw is an actual activity. It is the process of employing specific activities in four areas of life to renew one’s self. Those areas are the physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. I will grant that Obama loves to exercise – to the point where it interferes with what is most important in life. He plays basketball. He is addicted to golf. But then he ruins it all by smoking. So he’s messed up on the physical. Next, social/emotional: Obama loves to socialize, in a superficial sort of way. He enjoys extravagant dinners where he can mingle with the beautiful people. Have you ever noticed that he never invites the poor, working man, SEIU types to his parties? Oh, the power brokers are there, the guys like Andy Stern. But there are no ordinary working people. He doesn’t socialize with them. He considers himself to be among the elite. He wouldn’t be caught dead actually bringing ordinary Americans into his social circle. We’ve already covered his emotional health – such as it is. Fail. We now continue on to his mental abilities. We’ve been sold a bill of goods that Obama is a super-genius that can instantly comprehend how to solve any and all of the world’s problems. But did you take notice that he can’t even count up the right number of states in our union? So much for Barry Einstein – Fail. And then there is the spiritual. Once again, I’ve written a previous column on this topic. My conclusion is that he is no follower of Christ, he has an affinity for Islam, and he definitely worships at the altar of Berry, which is placed in a room covered in mirrors. Fail.


The only habit Obama displays in accordance with The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. However, the end Obama seeks is evil. It is patently obvious that Obama is totally dedicated to transforming The United States of America into a communist/socialist state where government controls and regulates every aspect of our lives. Obama believes that his means justifies his end.

However, lacking any semblance of a functional moral or ethical guide in his life, Obama is once again revealed to be the abject failure that he is. His mind was corrupted from infancy. He was indoctrinated in a philosophy of failure. He preaches failure. His life work is dedicated to destroying success and the successful. He preaches class warfare. He preaches racism. He preaches Karl Marx’s philosophy of the redistribution of wealth. He aligns himself with like-minded people such as The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, and Valerie Jarrett.

His list of monumental failures is stunning:

  • Slow and inept response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  • A failing war strategy in Afghanistan
  • Rising unemployment
  • Failure to secure the nation’s borders
  • Nationalization of General Motors
  • Spending America into financial ruin
  • Failure to address the war on drugs
  • Support for a Mosque at Ground Zero
  • Nationalization of Health Care
  • Bowing to foreign leaders
  • A world-wide apology tour
  • Accepting a Peace Prize for having accomplished absolutely nothing
  • Failure to even attempt to create a budget for Fiscal year 2011, instead simply “deeming” it to have passed Congress
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • CIT files for bankruptcy after receiving TARP funds
  • GMAC demanding bail out money
  • Etc., Etc., Etc…

Fortunately, it appears Obama is going to get his wings clipped on November 2, 2010 in the midterm elections. Until then, the failure train is still chugging along, spewing fraud and deception all along the way. But the groundswell of patriots rising up in defiance of Obama is intensifying. Polls are showing the Democratic Party machine in disarray. It appears likely that the House of Representatives will be wrested from the socialist/communist leadership of the Democratic Party. The Senate is also in play.

Average Americans have had their fill of Obama’s failures. It is anathema to their personal code of honor. Americans want to win. Americans want to succeed. Obama is the antithesis of the American dream. I am confident that the tide is turning. Americans have been awakened to the awfulness of their situation. Liberty is under attack by Obama and his co-conspirators. But there are still countless righteous and patriotic people in America and we are arising in defense of our country.

You’re a loser, Barack Obama. Harry Reid is a loser. Nancy Pelosi is a loser. You are all losers. Fail. Fail. Fail. America will no longer abide your ideology. By now, Obama, you, too, can see November from your house. We win. You lose, you pos. You’re not going to change, Obama. So we will simply remove your friends in November, and remove you two years later.


And Progressives Thought G.W. Had Issues?

Progressives (aka Socialists) spent eight years finding small flubs in Bush’s speaking to illustrate how stupid Conservatives are. Bush wasn’t as much a Conservative as many of us would have hoped, but he certainly wasn’t as dense as these lefty losers .. and these morons are in Congress

Here, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) explains the dangers of adding any more troops to the island of Guam. He may very well be preventing the greatest island tragedy ever:

Now, one example a statistic does not make. So let’s listen to the astute Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) as she discusses the merits of North Vietnam or Korea or something.. hell I don’t know.. then again – she thought Neil Armstrong put a flag on Mars.

Now how would someone like Sheila Jackson Lee get elected?  Check out the Texas congressional district 18 map.  Think those lines were drawn to insure the election of an idiot?  Yup!

Texas House District 18

Unintended Consequences: Outline of a Presidency

President Obama is clearly a victim of his own lack of experience.  Experience breeds wisdom, which can help leaders and thinkers understand what the consequences of their actions or inactions will be.  This President has education, a gift for eloquence, but his lack of experience is leaving Americans to deal with the end results.

After the BP disaster, his first task was to get a Duke basketball jersey.  His second, was to shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  This populist idea is of course a reaction that any normal person, not responsible for an entire nation, might rush headlong into.  Unfortunately, it may well shut down the economy in the entire Southeast of the United States.

..with Gulf lawmakers decrying the moratorium as an overreaction to the BP oil spill that  will compound the economic damage the disaster is inflicting on their states.  Lawmakers and industry groups warn that the moratorium could cost thousands of jobs and drain hundreds of millions of dollars out of the local economy. ..the deepwater drilling ban, which is estimated to affect 33 rigs in the Gulf, could eliminate up to 4,000 Louisiana jobs in the short-term and “possibly 20,000 jobs throughout the course of the year.” (link to full article)

While the disaster itself is not Obama’s fault, his inability to handle it is a direct reflection on his lack of leadership abilities and dearth of experience.  Of course Obama wasn’t thinking about the thousands of additional families that would now have their lives destroyed.  The BP accident is putting fishermen and tourism-based businesses at-risk, what’s one more private sector business?  We’re building government jobs at a rate of 10 government jobs for every one private sector worker.  Will your paycheck support ten government workers that are currently paid higher than their private sector counter-parts?  Maybe we need those roughnecks, roustabouts, engineers, seismologists and logistics providers after all.

Now certainly a Keynesian could get financial reform right – right?  Not hardly.  It’s already been made official that financial reform won’t put an end to financial institutions that are “too big to fail”.  That intended consequence just won’t happen.  Now, it’s becoming evident that the unforeseen will be more unpleasant surprises.  Timothy Ryan, the CEO of a financial markets association said that the financial reform will, “..limit banks’ ability to hedge their risks, Ryan said, and deplete institutions of capital. This also would raise mortgage and credit costs, he said.  That means mortgages will be less available to those with limited resources.  This will hurt main street as much as Wall street, perhaps more.

Health care reform is fraught with unintended consequences.  These are already being felt.  Primary care physicians are dropping Medicare patients or refusing to accept new Medicare patients in huge numbers,pharmacies are walking away from Medicaid drug coverage, and emergency rooms are staffing up for the increase in visits for non-emergent cases that will be generated instead of the reduction promised by the President.

One could point to how cash for clunkers actually delayed the recovery of the automobile industry by 4+ months, employers ceasing to hire due to Obamacare, employers choosing to stop providing health insurance, or wealthy Americans ditching their citizenship due to unfair taxation, etc, etc, but the list is ridiculously long.

Obama has no clue what he’s doing and even worse, no clue what his actions are going to do.  His successor will have plenty of reasons to talk about the mess that is being left to them – Obama, “Karma’s a Bitch”.

Obama's Policies Not Going the Distance

Other than Jimmy Carter, I am not sure we’ve had a President in recent history with so many policies that failed so dramatically so fast.  President Obama promised that he would do health care reform, wall street reform, and then he had his Keynesian stimulus policies tested.  So far, the mighty Obama.. has struck out.

Cash for Clunkers
Cash for clunkers: clearly the best medicine for ailing Detroit (which we Citizens had invested heavily in 2/3 of.  Certainly, the pouring of tons of federal dollars (a.k.a. your money) would help float the unions .. I mean manufacturers.. so that they help the economy recover.  Well, not really.  In fact, it shows that $3 Billion of tax payer money, does not buy happiness – or economic recovery as the case may be.  In fact, it may have delayed the recovery by 4-6 months as the industry was already seeing an upward slope in sales until the program caused them to see a quarter-over-quarter sales rate loss during the program.  One whole month showed a spike, after which a devastating drop in sales showed up, well below where the manufacturer’s numbers were before the program began.

If that wasn’t the medicine of truth, how about the truth about medicine?  Health care reform has now been cast into daylight – burns a little doesn’t it?  The government’s own Congressional Budget Office is saying that the program does not cut costs or the deficit now that the facts are known, doctors are dropping Medicare patients at unprecedented rates, pharmacies are running away from the program and even Canada, Oh Canada, is re-factoring it’s overly-expensive, government-run system (I know, not Obama’s fault, but he did try to  model this mess after them).  Then again, Speaker Pelosi did honestly say that Americans would find out what was in the bill once it got passed – we’re learning.

Then we have the President’s wall street reform (aka Financial Reform).  Even the liberal media admits that the financial reform bill doesn’t end “too big to fail”.

So cash for clunkers turned into your cash in the toilet, health care reform has given your cash to the reformers, and the financial reform doesn’t do anything to prevent your cash from disappearing into the bowels of  Wall street.  The President is claiming success on all of these things, and is thrilled about the Duke jersey he scored.  The rest of us.. not sure what we’re getting for well over $3,5 trillion dollars in reforms and stimulus.

So what’s an all talk, no action President supposed to do?  Well, ours is talking more – this time about cap-and-trade, alternate energy, and cap-and-trade policy, more new policy.  So far.. he’s Oh-for-three.  Can he take batting .000 after four at-bats?  .000 with the bases loaded even?  Sure he can – his contract isn’t up until 2012.  Let’s not renew it.