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Apparent gas explosion rocks Nyack College in New York

An apparent natural gas explosion did significant damage to a building on the Nyack College campus in Rockland County, New York this morning. Preliminary reports indicate that there are 7 people injured, including one that was thrown through a window by the force of the blast. It was also reported that some people were trapped, but the school has stated that all individuals that had been in the building have been accounted for.

CBS-2 New York reports:

Multiple people were believed to have been trapped, but officials say everyone who was inside at the time of the blast has been accounted for, CBS 2′s Jim Smith reported.

Sources tell WCBS 880 that seven people were injured, including one person who was thrown out of a window from the explosion.

Two people were taken to the hospital with flash burns. The rest suffered minor injuries from broken glass and splintered wood, CBS 2 reported.

Officials are evacuating surrounding homes as a precaution.

In addition to local authorities, the FBI in New York says it is investigating.

“We are looking to see if there is anything for us to look at,” spokesman Jim Margolin said.

No further information is known at this time.

Several feared dead, hundreds injured in Texas fertilizer plant explosion [video]

84be1a52a7c411e2866422000a1f9c90_7A West fertilizer plant north of Waco, TX exploded at around 7:50pm Central Time on Wednesday killing and injuring many.

West, Texas firefighters were sent back to the plant after a fire they had handled earlier had re-ignited.

Between five and fifteen are feared dead, but the injuries are reported to be close to 200 and  include at least 2 children.

Multiple triage locations have been setup including a nearby Waco, TX football field.

A nearby nursing home and apartment complex were damaged by the explosions and people are reportedly trapped in those structures. The local sheriff reported that an area five miles wide has been “flattened” by the blast.

Witnesses say they saw a fireball reaching over 100ft high.

Anhydrous amonia is strongly suspected as the agent that violently exploded. The chemical reacts violently with water – heating and causing an explosive vapor cloud in the open and will quickly dehydrate a human being while causing blisters.

A video of the explosion can be viewed below:

Confederate Corner with George Neat – Boston Marathon Aftermath


When: Tuesday, April 16th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where: Confederate Corner with George Neat on Blog Talk Radio

What: Yes there are Confederates north of the Mason-Dixon line, and George Neat is one of them. And we’re happy to bring his views to you in the “Confederate Corner” radio show.

For more information on George and his political views, please drop by the Confederate Corner at GoldwaterGal.com. (http://goldwatergal.com/goldwater-gal-media/confederate-corner/)

Tonight: In case you didn’t know it, your host – George Neat – is a firefighter and has worked in emergency medicine for years. Tonight, hear his take on the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Expect at least a few scathing comments about vulture-like media, irresponsible folks crying conspiracies, and politicians exploiting tragedy. Do not expect political correctness!

Small Explosion At Chicago's O'Hare Airport

Fox News is reporting that a level one hazmat response was ordered at Chicago’s O’Hare airport this morning after reports of a small explosion in a baggage claim area of terminal one of the United Airlines terminal.

Chicago firefighters and police are on the scene, but presently, there have been no evacuations at this time.

It is being reported that one baggage handler suffered facial injuries from the blast and is receiving medical care.

At this time, no flights have been affected.