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Earthquake Shakes San Antonio

A very rare occurrence took place this morning in the Alamo City. At 7:24am, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake shook South Texas. The epicenter was approximately 47 to 50 miles south-southeast of San Antonio, between Pleasanton and Karnes City.

South Texas residents are all abuzz with conversation about the quake. Those who have lived through earthquakes before said they knew immediately what was going on, while other residents had no idea what was going on.

Amy Vaughn, with the U.S. Geological Survey, said that on April 9, 1993, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattled South Texas. That is the last earthquake to have been felt in the area. Up until today’s earthquake, the April 9 earthquake had been the largest recorded in history since 1973, when earthquake magnitudes started being catalogued. There have been fewer than 10 smaller earthquakes sincet hat time.

Although today’s earthquake has been classified as a 4.6 magnitude quake, it is still being analyzed, and as geological experts continue to examine it, and could change.

UPDATE:  The U.S. Geological Survey has upgraded today’s South Texas earthquake as 4.8 magnitude.



Mother Nature’s At The End Of Her Rope

All mother’s have had “one of those days!”  There’s no specific rhyme or reason for what is the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, but invariably it happens. It may be something so insignificant that everyone around her wonders if she’s lost her marbles. Rarely is it something of real importance that is the final tipping point.

No one really knows exactly what it was that tipped the scales for Mother Nature, but this past Tuesday she had “had it up to here!”,  as the saying goes!

Maybe it’s just that e the “little things” have been piling up for so long and she finally decided enough is enough.

For years she’s listened to to Al Gore as he rants about about “global warming“, “climate change“, or whatever they are calling it this month. She just rolls her eyes at his ridiculous drama. Just like any Mother, she can recognize a snow job a mile away! She knows Al isn’t concerned about what mankind is or isn’t doing to affect the future, and all he cares about is making money. It’s just another one of those gimmicks! As any mother knows, actions speak louder than words. ABC News let her in on the inconvenient truth about Al’s wasteful habits! In 2006 he spent more than 20 times the national average of on gas and electricity for his home. For a man who supposedly cares so much about her, he sure doesn’t mind being wasteful! Typical politician!

So we know it wasn’t anything to do with that argument that set her off on Tuesday.

Over the years, she’s had numerous “Come To Jesus Meetings” with a few people here and there, but she’s not really blown her stack.

Until this week!

She’s tried to give these people the famous “Mother Look”-  from time to time, as a reminder that they were getting close to crossing the line with her! You know the looks I’m talking about!. She never had to say a word- she said it all with the look in her eyes. They knew they were in trouble. They would settle down for a bit. They started getting out of line again, and the beginning of this year she sent several blizzards around the country to let everyone know she just needed some time to cool off!

While things really did not get any better, she had to decide how to approach things this time. She finally decided what to do. Fine, she thought- they think this global warming mess is so wonderful, let me just show them! So she sent this record breaking heat wave across the nation. That really should have done the trick! She covered the extreme cold and the extreme heat.

But evidently they needed a little bit more to get their attention.

That’s when she decided to give them a little bit of a warning in Denver. She threw a bit of a wrinkle in the earth’s surface Tuesday morning with a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado. Oh, I know… earthquakes happen every year, right? But they are not frequent in Denver.

But she realized that Denver wasn’t getting her message across.

The idea was to make sure she got everyone’s attention so they would all know she means business!

Since Denver’s earth shaking didn’t get enough national media attention, she decided to really shake things up. Tuesday afternoon, she hit the East Coast. It was a “business as usual” kind of day. Meetings were going on, a commercial was being shot, Congress was meeting, there was a press conference going on with some kind of “official Washington business”. She had everyone right where she wanted them. One thing she did not think about was how many people would have flashbacks of the worst day in modern American history when the affects of her temper tantrum were initially felt. She had a moment of regret immediately after her 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the entire East coast. She apologizes for not thinking about that, and realizes she should have stopped to think about the fact that we are just a couple of weeks or so from the 10 years anniversary of September 11, 2001! She realizes now that her timing wasn’t perfect, she just wants everyone to know she means business!

But as usual, one of the main people she wanted to get the attention of was not in the place she hoped would get her message loud and clear! She is kicking herself in the butt that she didn’t check her calendar, because President Cap and Trade was chillaxin’ on the green in Martha’s Vineyard, not in the nation’s capital! She really wanted to see his face, to see if he was going to listen to her this time! He is the leader of the one of the two most blessed nation’s on earth! Dang that Martha! She got to witness his reaction in private! But that’s OK, Mother Nature still got Washington’s attention! These politicians are so hard headed! Maybe this will make them stop and think before they start messing with her again!

Then again, maybe not.

As is typical, there’s always a smarty-pants in the bunch. She’s wondering if this jokester realizes he’s playing a dangerous game with a Mother who’s very close to the edge.

That’s ok. They may think this is something to laugh about now, but if they are not careful they may get more than they bargained for with Mother Nature! She really does seem to be at the end of her rope!

She’s thankful that hopefully she did get her message across to at least a few people. She’s overheard various discussions, and is quite proud to hear that some of them actually “get it.” Maybe the “Come To Jesus Meeting” helped after all!

One person commented that the founding father’s collectively rolled over in their grave, causing the earthquake. Just like any good mother, there’s room to credit the fathers as well. They’re all in this together!

She heard another comment that Jay Carney said it was the weight of Obama’s approval rate hitting the ground. She’s ok with that explanation. If he would only listen to reason, he would know his policies are not what will help matters! She’s tried to tell him she’s stored up plenty of energy, he just needs to take Sarah’s advise and DRILL BABY DRILL! But no, he just won’t listen! She’s tired of wasting her breath on him. He’ll figure it out, or he won’t. It’s his choice.

Someone else said that so many who voted for Obama in the last election changed sides, tipping the balance, causing the ground to give way. Like Larry the Cable Guy says, “that’s just funny there, I don’t care who ya are!”

But all joking aside- these are the ones that actually “got it” before she decided to shake things up a bit.

All the others who are not getting the point better tread lightly with her! She’s not afraid to get real drastic if the need arises! She’s serious when she’s said she’s had enough! I’m hoping to get the message out to everyone to watch out. WHATEVER you do, you DO NOT want to make her count to three! That very well may be disastrous for us all!

She’s already talked with Irene who’s making her way up the East Coast. She knows everyone is watching the news. She’s hoping she will not have to have Irene help her out with this one. She wonders, “Why, oh why won’t children listen and learn their lesson?!”

She’s trying to warn them- they best listen up! She really doesn’t want to have to ask Irene unleash her wind and rain! But if they keep pushing her……..

Who says a Mother’s not in control of herself?!

It’s what you call tough love! It’s not easy, but any good Mother knows that’s what it takes sometimes!



ABC News

Rare Earthquake Shakes East Coast

Earthquake Epicenter Mineral VirginiaAt just before two o’clock this afternoon, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the East Coast of the United States.

The quake was centered in Mineral, Virginia and occurred at a depth of approximately 3.7 miles. Shocks were felt as far south as Georgia and as far north as Ohio.

The Capital building has been cordoned off with capital police siting “infrastructure concerns”. Reports of a small fire in the Capital has yet to be substantiated, but the information on-hand says that some damage to a portion of the House side of the building may have occurred. All monuments and memorials on the Washington mall are closed and being evacuated and there is word that a single capital policeman reported that there may have been a “tilting” of the Washington monument due to the quake.

The large central hub of Washington’s D.C.’s subway and train system experienced damage as well. Large chunks of the ceiling have been  reported to have fallen.

Philadelphia held planes on a ground stop at its airports for about 20 minutes and other East Coast airports are still suspending flights.

Two nuclear reactors in Virginia had been taken offline near the epicenter. No damage has been reported at the reactors and the shutdown is part of standard operating procedure. The reactors have since been given the “all clear”.

Experts are warning of aftershocks.

There have been no reports of injuries or severe structural damage at this time, but reports from the epicenter have not yet surfaced.

Tsunamis Teach Lessons in Safety

Sen. Joe Leiberman appeared in an interview with Bob Schieffer on Sunday. In the interview, Leiberman made the case that the U.S. must reassess nuclear safety in the shadow of what happened in Japan. Is it reasonable to think we can harden our infrastructure against any possible future mishap?

If we take the angle that Leiberman and the rest of the anti-nuclear left peopose and build only the hardiest, volcanic eruption, meteor strike-proof reactors, shouldn’t we consider the other infrastructure items that were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami?

So first lets look at the massive loss of life due to different infrastructure failures during the Japan disaster.

Trains: At least one passenger train with an unknown number of passengers completely disappeared in the tsuanmi – let’s call it .. 50 people gone

Bridges: 60 bridges collapsed, certainly at least one person was involved in those incidents: we’ll call it one person killed

Houses: An unknown number of houses came off their foundations, collapsed on their owners or otherwise failed to protect the occupants: current death toll is 1,596

Nuclear Reactors: Zero, nada, none, zilch, not one.

Out of a projected 20,000+ dead from the disaster, nuclear power plants were responsible for none.

Why aren’t we talking about banning bridges, high-speed rail, houses??  They caused far more death and injury.

Certainly high-speed trains should never pass through a quake zone or even some safety radius from a known fault fine – can you imagine the tragedy that could result?  The lesson we have to take from this is that we should not build trains, bridges, roads, houses, or much of anything else in earthquake-prone areas – like say ..  San Fransisco – those things just get far too many people killed.

Japan Probably Experiencing Nuclear Meltdown

In the aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, another crisis is erupting. The Wall Street Journal has reported that a “Japan Nuclear Reactor May Be in Meltdown”.

Japanese nuclear authorities said Saturday afternoon that a nuclear reactor about 150 miles north of Tokyo may be experiencing a meltdown after Friday’s massive earthquake damaged its cooling systems.


Radiation levels aren’t supposed to rise in a control room, which is designed to allow operators to continue working during emergencies and is equipped with filtration systems and other design features to protect workers from radiation exposure.


Reactors have containment domes to catch any release. But there is always the chance that an earthquake could create cracks or other breaches in that containment system.


Japanese Nuclear Crisis Status Summary

We’ll be pulling the most relevant and verified information from the timeline to keep a single updated status on on the Nuclear emergency in Japan:

Fukushima Daiichi Facility

3 reactors at the Fukushima no. 1 facility are experiencing serious cooling issues and may be melting down (nos. 1, 2, & 3). None of the reactor pressure vessels have been compromised, despite several explosions.

  • Saturday (U.S.)
    • The six nuclear reactors at Fukushima are experiencing cooling issues, but it is the Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 and No. 3 reactors that have or are experiencing probable fuel rod meltdown.
    • The first explosion at a non-reactor building at Fukushima was likely caused  by the make-shift cooling attempt. Water was pushed into the reactor chamber where it became superheated. The water separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas and when it was vented, the highly volatile Hydrogen gas ignited and exploded
    • Unit #3 has experienced a Hydrogen explosion (similar to what happened at reactor #1)
    • Both reactors are being flooded with a sea water and boron mixture to hopefully cool them
    • Up to 160 people have shown outward signs of radiation exposure resulting from the Fukushima plant crisis
  • Monday (U.S.)
    • The #2 reactor at the same plant now reportedly has fuel rods completely exposed (not to the atmosphere, just no water covering any part of them) – steam pressure likely winning the battle *see Feed and Bleed: Fukushima Reactor Cooling Still Dicey
    • Fukushima No. 2 reactor’s fuel rods fully exposed, melting feared
    • sea water pumping has resumed at #2 – fuel rods partially covered now
    • Massive explosion may have ruptured pressure vessel at #2 reactor. Report of radiation 10,000 times normal levels
    • Japanese officials stating that the reactor container appears damaged, suspicion is that damage is in the suppression pool

Onagawa Facility

  • Sunday (U.S.)
    • A state of emergency has been declared at a nuclear power plant in Onagawa, Japan, where excessive radiation levels have been recorded following Friday’s massive earthquake, the United Nations’ atomic watchdog agency said Sunday

Tokai No. 2 Facility

  • Sunday (U.S.)
    • The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said a cooling system pump stopped operating at Tokai No. 2 Power Statio


As we did with the quake and Tsunami, we will continue to follow this with an up-to-the-minute Timeline.

Japan Nuclear Crisis Timeline all times in U.S. EST (Japan is +13hrs)

Due to incredible web traffic, the timeline has been temporarily suspended. We are working to restore this functionality by adding more server capacity. Content to be manually updated until servers brought online.


3-24 11:09p

TEPCO detected zirconium 95 at 0.23 Bq 330m south of Fukushima-1 drainage outlet on Wednesday which indicates that the the cladding around the fuel is melting into a drainage outlet. Read this to understand melt down and cladding.

3-14 8:03p

TEPCO detects radiation of 8,217 micro sievert per hour, 8 times annual limit (09:03 Japan time) – that’s 8 years worth of radiation in one hour

TEPCO: All workers being evacuated except those critical for trying to cool the reactor.

3-14 7:50p

Higher radiation levels measured in Ibaraki — south of Fukushima

A check of weather in the Fukushima prefecture shows wind coming from the North and blowing south. Ibaraki radiation levels would most-likely be from the Fukushima plant

3-14 7:04p

Kyodo and Japanese officials state that a massive explosion has occurred at Fukushima plant no. 1 reactor #2. Radiation levels are reported to be 10,000 times normal (unconfirmed) and there is growing concern that the pressure vessel may be compromised.

Japanese government officials state:

“Part of the container of a troubled nuclear reactor appears to be damaged, the Japanese government said early Tuesday, indicating possible serious radiation leaks.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters that “damage appears on the suppression pool” — the bottom part of the container, which contains water used to cool down the reactor and control air pressure inside.

But we have not recorded any sudden jump in radiation indicators” – theage.com

3-13 10:29p

Hydrogen blast occurs at Fukushima nuke plant’s No. 3 reactor – residents near nuke plants ordered inside.

3-13 10:20p

Gray smoke spotted at stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor

Also: Kyodo breaking news ticker: “Tsunami observed off Fukushima Pref.” – that’s where this reactor is

3-13 9:45p

U.S. Helicopters detect radiation 60 miles from Fukushima plant that experienced a partial meltdown. Concern over a wider problem growing.

3-13 6:36p

Radiation level again tops legal limit at Fukushima No. 1 nuke plant

The radiation level at a quake-hit nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture has again exceeded the legal limit, Tokyo Electric Power Co. reported to the government Monday.

The Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has been shut down since a magnitude 9.0 quake struck northeastern and eastern Japan on Friday, but some of its reactors have lost their cooling functions, leading to brief rises in the radiation level on Saturday and Sunday

From – Kyodo

3-13  2:25p

Official death toll in Japan is 1,597 although unofficial projections say more than 10,000 people may have perished in the disaster.


The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan late last week rose to 1,597, with hundreds more missing, authorities said early Monday.


The death toll from Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern and eastern Japan will likely surpass 10,000, the Miyagi police chief said Sunday as Japan grapples with widespread damage and a crisis at one of two affected nuclear plants.

3-13  12:29p

A third nuclear power facility, Tokai no. 2,  is experiencing cooling problems ..

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said a cooling system pump stopped operating at Tokai No. 2 Power Station, a nuclear power plant, in the village of Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture. – Kyodo

Tokai is just east of Osaka, Japan just off of Ise Bay

3-23 6:56p

Sky News: Japan: 200,000 Evacuated From Near Reactors

Around 200,000 people have been evacuated from near two Japanese nuclear power stations as fear spreads of radiation exposure.
Nine people had already shown possible exposure to radiation at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear power plants.
But the figure may reach as high as 160, an official from the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency told a news conference.

read more: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Video-Japan-Quake-Nuclear-Power-Plant-Emergencies-After-Japan-Earthquake-And-Tsunami-Reactor-Risk/Article/201103215950844

3-12 6:10p

Dept of Energy educational material on nuclear reactors – Fukushima’s two troubled units are:

Unit 1:  Generation I, uranium fueled light water reactor

Unit 3:  Generation I, plutonium-MOX (mixed-oxide) fueled light water reactor


The plutonium MOX-fueled reactor would be more potentially hazardous to the environment and people should a catastrophic failure occur. Both reactors currently have failed cooling systems.

3-12 8:48am

Japanese government handing out Iodine near nuclear plant that exploded. http://bit.ly/ekG2jl

Iodine can be used to help protect the body from radioactive exposure.

In Japan on Saturday, radiation leaked from a damaged nuclear reactor after an explosion blew the roof off in the wake of the massive earthquake, but the government insisted that radiation levels were low.

Japan’s Jiji news agency later said three workers suffered radiation exposure near the Fukushima nuclear plant.


3-12 5:22am

Video of japan plant explosion

3-12 1:32a

Evacuation status near probably site of Japanese reactor meltdown:

(translation from Japan’s nuclear emergency site):

Evacuation situations ○ (now 13:20 on March 12)

Ookuma people to know the town (about 4,000), completion of approximately 3,500
Futabachō people to know (about 2,000), completion of approximately 1,800 people
Tomiokachō people to know (about 16 000 people) completed approximately 15 500 people out of
Namie people to know the city (about 17 000 people) is almost complete
Naraha people to know the town (about 7800 people) finished 9-8 percent of

• Completion of the evacuation, not yet.
– Once the shelter is full, will be evacuated to different evacuation centers.



Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami – Images, Videos and Timeline

Japan Struck by Massive EarthquakeEarly in the morning U.S. Eastern Time, reports started coming in that a 7.9 earthquake had struck just off the Northern Coast of Japan. By the time I was able to start putting together a post, a Tsunami warning had gone out. Before I had finished the first sentence, the U.S. Geological Survey upgraded the earthquake to a highly destructive 8.8 magnitude quake. Much of the information in this post is not verified as it is coming in as it happens. If you have a correction – email [email protected] or DM CDNNow on twitter.


nedhepburn:  Japan 8.9 quake leaves giant crack in ground in Tokyo.

Cars and buildings have been swept away by a crashing wave after the earthquake



Personal video of Japanese family trying to get out of their house during quake


Follow Our Updates As We Liveblog the Tragedy