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Should All Political Parties Embrace Liberal Values? The Left Seems To Think So.

donkey and elephantThe concept that the whims of public opinion, the fads of the moment, or the opinions of an ideological opponent should fundamentally alter what a particular political party stands for has always seemed rather odd to me. It is an argument I see trotted out in articles from Left leaning sites on a regular basis. The argument is always, without fail, that the Republican Party needs to become more like the Democratic Party. Yet the reverse is never suggested for consideration. Great “concern” is showed time and time again by often very radical and liberal writers, as well as general media types, that the Republican Party will fade away into oblivion and cease to be relevant if it doesn’t reject the “extremist” factions and beliefs that it currently contains.

As if they really care.

A healthy and robust representative government has political parties that represent different views and positions in that society, not ones that are merely pale shadows of one another. Now it would be nicer if we weren’t constricted by the two-party system and had more ideologically pure and clear parties to choose from, but in reality we do not. So the two political parties we do have should, in general, reflect different views and positions so that people have an actual choice between differing political philosophies when they go to polls.

If I was interested in voting for political candidates that are for bigger government, the redefinition of marriage, higher taxes, abortion on demand, a decadent popular culture, socialized medicine, gun control, amnesty and open borders I’d vote Democratic. I’m not, so I vote for the most conservative Republican candidate that I have the opportunity to do so.

Such appeals to turn Republicans into “Democrat lites” are little more than a crude attempt at reverse psychology. The fact that liberals and progressives are so “concerned” about the future of the Republican Party that they’ve decided to offer free and supportive advice for its future success is rather touching. Aren’t Republicans both lucky and fortunate?  Of course, the advice offered is simply to become more like them and to adopt their particular political positions. The argument seems to be that to succeed in running against liberals then one should just simply become more liberal. So in effect you end up with a liberal running against a slightly different shade of liberal which inevitably ends with virtually no real choice for the average voter and little difference in political governing views or policy in the long run.

There should be no shame in continuing to advocate for constitutional governance, protecting the traditional marriage and family structure that has been the foundation of society and civilization for thousands of years, or advancing the concept that the rights that come with personal freedom (ordered liberty) are inherent natural ones, not mere privileges bestowed or removed at will by the powers of government. In fact, these are tried and true timeless principles that have shown their worth through the ages. That is their strength and why they are seen as a dire threat to those who advocate the various isms of the Left. Marxism, fascism, National Socialism, and anarchism all have at one time or another been the inevitable political ism championed by  the young, the masses, and a culture at large and yet were ultimately proved to be riddled with weaknesses and incorrect beliefs. And the inability of enough people and institutions to stand against them has caused an immense amount of damage to human civilization.

Color me unimpressed that yet another ideology arising on the left side of the political spectrum once again seeks to smash the traditional rituals, traditions, morals, values and cultural institutions that came before it so that it can lead us all into an age of utopia. The words and phrases have changed in some instances but the motives and desired outcome in many ways have not. The attempt to water down the Republican Party is just one aspect of their attempt to conquer and capture academia, entertainment, mainstream media, the military, the courts, voluntary private entities like the boy scouts, and the political process all in the name of the common good. Words and phrases like privacy, women’s rights, tolerance, equality, diversity, tolerance, and multiculturalism are all used with great effectiveness by the Left which has shown an amazingly effective ability (think 1984) to twist and redefine all of these concepts into Frankenstein versions of what should be acceptable and logical. We, as a society, are faced with a discomforting and distorted reality as constructed by the Left where right is wrong, good is evil, and the right to not be offended is the greatest right of all.

There are those who believe that there are no differences between the two parties anyway and claim that none of this even matters. But anyone who actually pays attention to the realm of politics and ideological warfare understands that this is not truly the case in reality and, while it may be moving in that direction, it certainly has not yet arrived at that destination. Just try to sell that line to a very frustrated, often stymied, and perpetually complaining Barack Obama who has had to contend with a Republican opposition that to a member voted against his health care plan and has refused to play nice with his administration since the very beginning. Try telling him there is no difference between the political parties. I’m afraid he’d beg to differ. And if there were in fact no significant differences that really mattered, the constant plaintive calls for the Republican Party to become more like them would not be echoing across the fruited plains from our Democratic friends. They would have no need to do so.

It is a sad truth that there are always those in the GOP who are willing to sell out and play along with the progressive agenda and that they exist in important and influential positions within the party. But at the same time it must be remembered that there are significant numbers that do not. That is worth noting and remembering.

One should always be very suspicious any time there is a systematic push to impose the principles and views of one political party onto another. There is a reason and agenda at work when you see that happening. All the platonic, friendly “warnings” from the Left, and the media in general, about how the Republicans are self-destructing, or losing their way, or radical, or leaning too far to the right, or are too extreme, or out of touch with the American people is actually revealing to us the fact that they are still very worried about the conservative Republican message. If they were not, they would be far less concerned about the internal affairs of the Republican Party and instead be focused on spending a little more time getting their own abysmal act together and putting their own house in order.

The Left would desperately love to see a de facto one-party state, and one way for them to do that is to help turn the Republican Party into a subservient, 2nd tier mirror image of the Democratic one  that’s just barely alive and effective enough to maintain the illusion of a two-party system of government. They hope, pray, and are at hard at work hoping to achieve that day.

A fractured party is a losing party


Why is it that when Democrats govern like Socialist dictators they win, but when Republicans govern like Democrats they lose? The sad part is that both parties govern in such a similar capacity that it is hard to tell them apart these days. Both parties have an insatiable appetite for spending; and fiscal discipline in Washington is as rare as a snowstorm in Phoenix.

Neither party has shown the ability to govern the American people the way our Constitution originally intended. One could argue that we technically have not had a Democratic President in office since John F. Kennedy; or a true Republican President since Ronald Reagan. What we have had are a bunch of elitist globalists from both parties hell bent on relinquishing our sovereignty and leading us down the path to a New World Order.

Make no mistake about it, the Republican Party is still head and shoulders above the Communist sympathizing Democratic Party of 2013. Our current occupier of the White House creates a clear and present danger to the very survival of our nation; a Marxist law professor with enough common sense to fill the head of a pin.

This article is not intended to bash Democrats and the President; although that certainly is a favorite past time of mine. I will show my readers how the Democratic Party divides and conquers the Republican Party by pressuring the political class in Washington to go along with their agenda knowing full well it will anger the base of the Republican Party and help create long lasting divisions between the party brass.

Here is how it works.

The Republican Party has three distinct ideological wings. It is made up of social and fiscal Conservatives, social Libertarian and fiscal Conservatives, and socially Liberal and fiscal Conservatives.

The Democratic Party also has three distinct ideological wings. It is made up of social Conservative and fiscal Liberals, socially liberal and socially fiscal Liberals, and outright leftist Socialists; who never met a tax that was too high or an expenditure that was too low.

Each party has a political or establishment class and an activist grassroots class. The establishment classes for each party also tend to operate in very different ways.

For example, establishment Republicans tend to be much more moderate than the more conservative activist base they represent. The establishment Democrats tend to be more liberal than the people they represent too; however sadly that is changing.

America has always been considered a center right nation. Most people are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. This is why the share of Independent voters has increased in every election. The truth is 40% of America will vote Republican and 40% will vote Democratic. That leaves 20% of voters with the fate of the nation in their hands every four years.

Democrats understand this much better than Republicans and win elections because they know how to fool these voters with a false sense of security. The Democratic Party knows that most voters are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. That is why they continue to run on tax cuts for the middle class and abortion on demand. They understand class warfare and identity politics much better than Republicans do. They also know how to overwhelm Republicans in Congress and get them to submit to their iron will.

The definition of bi-partisanship in Washington is when a Republican checks their morals, convictions, and principles at the door in order to sign onto leftist legislation so they can tell their constituents they accomplished something. When establishment Republicans go over to the dark side they get an earful from their more conservative constituents. We let our so call republican representatives know how disappointed we are in their decisions by not contributing to their reelection campaigns and ultimately protesting them by staying home on Election Day.

This is how the Democratic Party wins.

A Democratic Candidate could run for office with a criminal record and strangle a live kitten on national television and because they have a D before their name could still win an election. The reason is it’s not about the person; it’s about the party. It is about the promise not the delivery. It is about the artificial safety nets they claim to spring; not the harsh reality of how government bashes you in the face and slams your head against the pavement. It is the romanticism, fairytale, and utopian vision of equality, prosperity, and shared responsibility that most voters fall for.

Republicans see their party much different. They are looking for something that does not exist in politics, and that is purity. There is no such animal in politics and it is about time Republicans finally realize and more importantly except this. We definitely want our representatives to align with us and be our advocates rather than our adversaries; however our first objective needs to be winning elections first.

The difference is that if Democratic voters do not agree with their candidate on the major issues it is not a deterrent for them to sit home on Election Day. The reason for this is they would rather vote for a Democratic candidate they disagree with rather than a Republican candidate they vehemently oppose.

Generally speaking, the Democratic Party has become an unprincipled, unscrupulous, and immoral party. The Republican Party has drifted so far to the left that it is getting harder to tell them both apart. There are still a few Republican members left in Washington that will put their principles before their party but unfortunately their numbers are dwindling.

From a purely strategically speaking standpoint, Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents need to start voting like Democrats. Our number one goal must be to win elections and wrestle away control of the purse strings from the tax and spend liberals in Congress.

This means we need to start voting for all Republicans regardless of what spectrum on the ideological wing they may be on. Once we gain power than we can start replacing the Republicans that do not support the ideas and values of the party. If we continue the infighting and the division we will continue to be in the minority for years to come.

We need to run candidates that will take bold but electorate friendly positions. Positions that are center right like term limits, auditing the Federal Reserve, and making Congress part time.

When it comes to wedge issues like abortion and Gay Marriage we need to understand that the Democratic Party is always going to try to use those issues to divide and conquer us. We need to start exposing the left on all the lies they have perpetrated on the American people. Healthcare is sky rocketing, the economy is in a constant downward spiral, and taxes and spending are at the highest levels in history.

There is so much for Republicans to use against Democrats that I could write an entire strategy guide myself. Why the Republicans in Congress have decided to remain silent is a mystery. They have become a disgrace and you would think they would be doing everything they could to expose this administration but they’re not.

In order to change the party we need to be back in the majority. You cannot change the party from a position of weakness. We will never get an opportunity to change the party from the inside out while we are looking from the outside in. A fractured party is a losing party, the Democrats know this and it is about time Republicans figure it out too.

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Sen. Sessions Addresses Last-Minute Cancellation Of Budget Mark-Up

“I truly believe the president decided, not long after the Simpson-Bowles commission met, that he was not going to make tough decisions on tough spending issues. Harry Reid decided the same thing. For three years—through a systemic, deliberate, planned effort—they have violated the statutory requirement to bring up a budget, avoided having multiple votes that when you move a budget forward you are entitled to have—50 hours of debate and amendments—and it is kind of a sad thing, frankly.”

What’s In a Picture? Not the Democratic Budget Committee

Senate Democrats are sure committed to resolving the budget crisis. So committed, they’re not even showing up to their own meetings.

The picture below comes from the Twitter account of the GOP Senate Budget Committee. (@BudgetGOP)

 The empty chairs around the table are where the Democratic members of the committee would be sitting if they’d bothered to show up to Wednesday’s meeting of the Senate Budget Committee. Democratic chairman Kent Conrad (ND) apparently scheduled the meeting to discuss the 2013 Democratic budget resolution.

As of April 29th, the Senate will have gone 3 years without passing a budget and Democrats are on television non-stop blaming Republicans for doing nothing and being non-cooperative. The Republicans have come up with multiple budget proposals, including the much-maligned Path to Prosperity budget authored by Congressman Paul Ryan (WI). The budget is touted by Democrats as being ‘too extreme’ for it’s Medicaid/Medicare overhaul program and for making drastic cuts in federal spending. Cuts so drastic that according to the CBO, Ryan’s Budget doesn’t project a federal surplus until the 2040’s. And as far as the bi-partisan effort Democrats are screaming for, the so-called ‘super committee’ failed to even come to an agreement about budget cuts.

So who’s really frustrating attempts to pass a budget? Is it the Republicans, who’ve brought multiple budget proposals to vote? Or is it the Democrats, led by Barack Obama, whose budget proposal failed by a vote of 0-97 in the Democratically controlled Senate (Perfect example of bi-partisan support?), and who can’t even bother to show up to meetings to work on their own budget proposals?

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Could Thomas Friedman Be Right?

Thomas Friedman

It’s really amazing that Thomas Friedman gets paid to write. Really. How come I can’t find someone to pay me for ridiculous opinions?

His article, “We Need a Second Party“, laments that the Republican Party has become radicalized and is no longer in touch with it’s “conservative” base – creating an inability to settle on a candidate and therefore, the Republicans should consider sitting out the 2012 election. Seriously?

How convenient that Mr. Friedman forgets that the Democratic primary of 2008 stretched into early June with candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama happily bashing each other month after month. That was fun to watch.

The reason why Mr. Friedman believes that the Republican Party is no longer relevant, is because it has devolved into “conflicting ideological bases”. Really? I’m quite sure what the party stands for – a smaller, limited, Constitutionally based government, lower taxes, fewer regulations destroying business, pro-gun (aka self-defense), pro-life, and marriage = one man & one woman. I’m not sure what’s unclear about this, or how these ideas are “conflicting” or “radical” as he likes to say.

Considering the fractured nature of the Democratic Party, his thesis is in serious need of revision since the Democratic Party is mostly focused on identity politics – everyone needing for their hyphenated group to be heard over the cacophony of competing interests.

Two competing groups within the Democratic Party that made the news lately were the environmentalists and big labor. Remember the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada? That pesky project that would have created (not saved) thousands of jobs – yeah, that one. Labor wanted that project, the environmentalists did not… ergo, no pipeline, no jobs, no energy independence. Talk about conflicting ideas. I’m so glad the President has his priorities straight.

Friedman seems to be desperate to have a reformed Republican Party – someone the Democrats can work with.

What we definitely and urgently need is a second party — a coherent Republican opposition that is offering constructive conservative proposals on the key issues and is ready for strategic compromises to advance its interests and those of the country.

Without that, the best of the Democrats — who have been willing to compromise — have no partners and the worst have a free pass for their own magical thinking.

It seems that Friedman has some magical thinking happening in his own mind. He believes that the Democrats “have been willing to compromise”. News to me. ObamaCare ring a bell for anyone? The monstrosity that is already trampling on religious freedoms in the name of the public “good”. I vaguely remember that being jammed through Congress without the support of one Republican. Pass it so we can find out what’s in it – to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi. Gosh, I have a master’s degree in political science, but I don’t remember learning that we read bills only after they’ve become law.

It seems that whenever Republicans have ideas – conservative ideas – the Democrats don’t like them. Among these ideas is how to deal with that annoying 16 trillion dollar deficit. Republicans came up with the Ryan Plan – a conservative plan created to save our security net for those who need it and reduce the deficit so we don’t end up like Greece and the rest of Europe heading down the financial toilet. Surprisingly enough, the Democrats didn’t like it. Did they put forward a plan of their own? Of course not.

I’m sure that Friedman’s issue with the Republicans isn’t that they aren’t being conservative. Understandably, it’s more along the lines of frustration with the Republicans that they aren’t willing to go along to get along with the Democrats and give them a free pass on spending.

Let’s take the payroll tax cut that was being debated until this morning. Both the Democrats and Republicans wanted to extend it – however, the money collected from that tax goes to the Social Security fund (already in trouble). The Republicans originally wanted like to know how the shortfall was going to be paid for. Seems like a reasonable question. But it seems that instead of standing on the “conservative” ideals that the party is supposed to stand for, and Mr. Friedman is so concerned about, the Republicans decided to “compromise” with the Democrats and add a chunk more money to the Federal deficit. I don’t hear the Democrats complaining that the Republicans aren’t being conservative enough.

But, you know, the more I think about Thomas Friedman’s article calling for a second party, the more I think he may have a point. Perhaps it is time to call for a second party, a reasonable party that realizes the financial straights we find ourselves in. Perhaps it is time to find a party to discuss big ideas with. Perhaps the Democrats would like to step up and volunteer to be that 2nd party?

Complaint Letter Generator takes on the Democratic Party

Scott Pakin’s Complaint letter generator doesn’t just express itself about people; it takes on organizations as well. So just as an entertaining experiment I asked the software application to go postal on the Democratic Party. Here is the result in all of its digital glory. Not bad for bits and bytes!


This letter is going to be a book of revelations to many readers. In particular, many will be surprised to learn that I don’t care to share the same planet as the Democratic Party. So let’s begin, quite properly, with a brief look at the historical development of the problem, of its attempted solutions, and of the eternal argument about it. The Democratic Party has never disproved anything I’ve ever written. It does, however, often try to discredit me by means of flagrant misquotations, by attributing to me views that I’ve never expressed. In the end, I suspect that there are in fact many people who possess the intelligence, wisdom, talent, and ability to challenge the Democratic Party’s claims of exceptionalism. My goal is to locate those people and encourage them to help me make efforts directed towards broad, long-term social change.

I just want to say that the Democratic Party wants you to believe that profits come before people. You should be wary of such claims. Be aware! Be skeptical! Think! Do not be diverted, deceived, or mesmerized by the Democratic Party’s incompetent, egocentric insinuations.

Looks a little like Joe Biden!

I am more than merely surprised by the Democratic Party’s willingness to dismantle the guard rails that protect society from the superstitious elements in its midst. I’m shocked, shocked. And, as if that weren’t enough, if anything will free us from the shackles of the Democratic Party’s unsavory barbs, it’s knowledge of the world as it really is. It’s knowledge that it seems that no one else is telling you that in legal terminology, it is guilty of suppressio veri or “concealment of truth”. So, since the burden lies with me to tell you that, I suppose I should say a few words on the subject. To begin with, the whole of the Democratic Party’s villainous worldview may perhaps be expressed in one simple word. That word is “tribalism”. Let me explain: One of the Democratic Party’s most loyal adherents is known to have remarked, “Without the Democratic Party’s superior guidance, we will go nowhere.” And there you have it: a direct quote from a primary source. The significance of that quote is that I can say one thing about the Democratic Party. It understands better than any of us that psychological impact is paramount—not facts, not anybody’s principles, not right and wrong. I’m not suggesting that we behave likewise. I’m suggesting only that if the Democratic Party opened its eyes, it’d realize that its latest newsgroup postings are particularly unmannerly, even by the Democratic Party’s unmannerly standards.

When I first became aware of the Democratic Party’s covert invasion into our thought processes, all I could think was how the Democratic Party’s publications are contrary to international human rights and humanitarian standards. That should serve as the final, ultimate, irrefutable proof that for those of us who make our living trying to carve solutions that are neither devious nor intransigent, it is important to consider that I wish that one of the innumerable busybodies who are forever making “statistical studies” about nonsense would instead make a statistical study that means something. For example, I’d like to see a statistical study of the Democratic Party’s capacity to learn the obvious. Also worthwhile would be a statistical study of how many feckless couch potatoes realize that if the Democratic Party is going to make an emotional appeal then it should also include a rational argument. Now that I think about it, the Democratic Party once tried convincing me that I’m too crotchety to reach the broadest possible audience with the message that its polity controls illegal drugs and prostitution as well as banking, oil, defense, and the media. Does it think I was born yesterday? I mean, it seems pretty obvious that I overheard one of the Democratic Party’s foot soldiers say, “Anyone who disagrees with the Democratic Party is ultimately money-grubbing.” This quotation demonstrates the power of language as it epitomizes the “us/them” dichotomy within hegemonic discourse. As for me, I prefer to use language to solve our problems over a negotiating table instead of resorting to the battlefield.

The purpose of this letter is far greater than to prove to you how crabby and slovenly the Democratic Party has become. The purpose of this letter is to get you to start thinking for yourself, to start thinking about how it would be charitable of me not to mention that it should take all the bull-pucky it’s been throwing at us and fertilize its garden with it. Fortunately, I am not beset by a spirit of false charity so I will instead maintain that throughout history, there has been a clash between those who wish to create greater public understanding of the damage caused by its asseverations and those who wish to reward those who knowingly or unknowingly play along with the Democratic Party’s pronouncements while punishing those who oppose them. Naturally, the Democratic Party belongs to the latter category. Once we have absorbed and understood the Democratic Party’s dour hatchet jobs, it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to straighten out our thinking and change the path we’re on.

The picture I am presenting need not be confined to the Democratic Party’s double standards. It applies to everything it says and does. There’s a callow, fatuous carouser born every minute. More than that, I recently checked out one of the Democratic Party’s recent tracts. Oh, look; it’s again saying that we should abandon the institutionalized and revered concept of democracy. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Seriously, though, we must overcome the fears that beset us every day of our lives. We must overcome the fear that the Democratic Party will get people to vote against their own self-interests. And to overcome these fears, we must catalogue the Democratic Party’s swindles and perversions.

Even so, if everyone does his own, small part, together we can reinforce the contentions of all reasonable people and confute those of mendacious loudmouths. Why is the Democratic Party subordinating all spheres of society to an ideological vision of organic community? It says it’s doing it for some worthy cause. In reality, the Democratic Party is doing it because the tone of its editorials is eerily reminiscent of that of spineless, neurotic carousers of the late 1940s in the sense that it has long been locking people who need our help into a vicious cycle of indigence and ignorance. What worries me more than that, however, is that if the Democratic Party ever manages to sanctify its depravity, that’s when the defecation will really hit the air conditioning.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see that the Democratic Party’s hangers-on will foster and intensify the Democratic Party’s drug-drenched drama of immorality before you know it. Well, let’s get our facts straight. If the Democratic Party wanted to, it could create an unwelcome climate for those of us who are striving to enhance people’s curiosity, critical acumen, and aesthetic sensitivity. It could relabel millions of people as “rotten”. And it could “solve” all our problems by talking them to death. We must not allow the Democratic Party to do any of these.

Call me mutinous if you’d like; I will still do everything in my power to look at our situation realistically and from a viewpoint that takes in the whole picture. Then, I will announce to the world that the Democratic Party thinks I’m trying to say that it can override nature. Wait! I just heard something. Oh, never mind; it’s just the sound of the point zooming way over the Democratic Party’s head.

That last statement is almost a tautology. Sadly, lack of space prevents me from elaborating further. I might be able to forgive the Democratic Party, but only if it promises never again to shower sanctimonious, gormless wankers with undeserved encomia. I, speaking as someone who is not a savage malefactor, thought it couldn’t be done, but, once again, the Democratic Party’s biases have sunk to a new low. There are few certainties in life. I have counted only three: death, taxes, and the Democratic Party announcing some condescending thing every few weeks.

The facts as I see them simply do not support the false but widely accepted notion that the Democratic Party’s positions provide a liberating insight into life, the universe, and everything. So that there may be no misunderstanding, let me make it clear that the Democratic Party says that it is the one who will lead us to our great shining future. Hey, the Democratic Party, how about telling us the truth for once? The Democratic Party promises that if we give it and its buddies additional powers, it’ll guard us from hostile kooks. My question, however is, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?—Who will guard the guards? The falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart. But the problems with the Democratic Party’s obiter dicta don’t end there. As a final reminder, please don’t let the Democratic Party’s prevarications dissuade you from keeping its cringers at bay. Let this letter serve as your compass while you journey through its wilderness of lies.

The Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Caucus

Has anyone else wondered why there isn’t one single Democrat speaking out against the Solyndra Campaign slush fund scandal that cost taxpayers over half a billion dollars, or is it just me? What happened to the idea of the Democratic Party being “The protectors of the people in America” as EX-Speaker, Nancy Pelosi likes to say? Stealing half a billion taxpayer dollars to give to a proven failing Solar panel company, (who just happens to fill Democratic campaign coffers) is supposed to be protecting the people? Where is the outrage from the Democrats on this issue? Hint: There is none.

How about the silence from the Democratic Party concerning the Fast and Furious government gun-running fiasco? Hundreds of citizens on both sides of our Southern border, along with two border agents, have been murdered with assault weapons that our very own DOJ and ATF allowed to be sold to drug cartels from Mexico. Where is the outrage from Democrats in Congress demanding justice for this case of proven Government malfeasance? There is none.

Where are the demands of the Democratic voters, political operatives and DNC power-brokers for people to be held accountable for these obvious travesties of injustice against the American people today? Again the silence is deafening.

When it comes to the wide-ranging examples of corruption, big government abuse of our Constitution, and over-all illegal activity stemming from the Solyndra pay for play fraud, and the Fast and Furious government assault weapons to drug cartels fiasco, it now appears that the Democratic Party is indeed content to play deaf, dumb and blind. Apparently, so are their supporters that continue to chant “Four more years” while staring in the face of these examples of government abuse. (While also choosing not to speak out against them simply because it is their Party leader, Barack Obama and his appointees that are responsible for these criminal injustices being done to We the people.) People have been murdered by guns sold by our own government and half a billion tax dollars were siphoned into Democratic campaign coffers in another failed green energy scam, yet not one Democrat in Congress has the honesty or integrity to condemn these actions. Maybe they really are the deaf dumb and blind caucus. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

In an ironic, perfectly-timed episode of flaming hypocrisy, House Democratic Leaders, Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi just came on CSPAN talking about how they are going to restore the people’s confidence in the United States Congress. Oh really?

Meet the FFB, the Largest D C Slush Fund Ever Part 2

In part 1 of Meet the FFB, we discovered how Congress had created their own mafia-style loan sharking Federal Financing Bank where designated Congressional committees have had little to zero oversight in billions of dollars in “loans” where taxpayers lose huge amounts of money. ( think Solyndra here ) Meanwhile, politicians are stuffing their campaign coffers, crony-capitalists, union bed-pals, friends,and relatives wallets, through mafia-style influence peddling. The political appointees of the Treasury dept.’s ‘head nod’ is all that is required for billions of taxpayer dollars to be doled out, sometimes at little to zero interest. The Treasury believes that the FFB loan-sharking and political influence-peddling is strictly legal according to the FFB’s charter, but that false belief comes from the fact that Congress just decided to give themselves the power to ignore the United States Constitution when they created their own loan sharking and influence-peddling bank.

The creation of the FFB was illegal according to the U.S. Constitution and therefore should be abolished immediately, and all it takes is a summary look at what our Constitution mandates. relative to the U.S. Congress authorizing the spending of  tax dollars. Before one dime of taxpayer’s money is spent, it must be drawn up as a bill, go through relative committees in the U.S. House of Representatives, be debated, ( with possible amendments voted upon) and in passing by a majority a vote, be sent to the U.S Senate for consideration. If the Senate authorizes the spending in the bill and passes it, it is then sent to the President for his signature of authorization to spend said amounts of taxpayer dollars. ( That’s the short version, and yes, there are also other factors and legislative procedures involved in spending legislation that are simply too numerous to mention here, for all the nit-picking, tax-dodging felons of the world posing as lawyers such as current Treasury Secretary Timmy Geitner, who might want to cry about it )

No where in our constitution does it even come close to implying that Congress has the authority to bypass congressional spending legislation by creating their own loan-sharking, graft, bribery and influence-peddling bank as they did in creating the FFB in 1973. That fact alone proves the FFB to be more in line with a mafia-style loansharking criminal enterprise, as opposed to the fairy tale that it is legal to loan out the people’s money at near zero percent interest rates to friends, relatives, Unions, and campaign-donor-crony-capitalists simply because the tyrants of Congress said it was within their power to do so. Congress over-stepped their authority and the FBB should be shut down immediately. Like so many pieces of legislation over the years, Congress starts out with apparently good intentions only to have the people suffer at the hands of an over-reaching big government expansion of power. Now we shall provide our readers with a few examples just how Congress has been using the FFB to give away our tax dollars to political bed-pals, Unions, friends, and relatives, while also enacting the Marxist wealth redistribution agenda that is so heavily embedded in the Liberal ideology of Barack Obama and the fake Democratic Party of today.

The now famous Solyndra scandal where taxpayers lost over half a billion dollars due to the FBB loan sharking program, is largely responsible in bringing this fraud upon the taxpaying public into the sunlight. This episode in Congressional connivance contains all the elements of the Liberal Democratic agenda that we have seen come out of the closet, so to speak , during the past five years. First it contains a heavy dose of Marxist wealth redistribution at it’s very roots in the fact that it picks and chooses just who gets near zero interest rate loans, how much they get, and then even goes so far as to forgive “colleges of color” interest due on already handed out loans.

Since when is it legal for the U.S. Government to favor a black college over say a historically Asian college in America? Well, with the election of a half-black POTUS in 2008, this seems to be standard operating procedure more and more every day. From Part 1 of Meet the FFB: The bank also lets the General Services Administration [GSA], as well as “Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” and the Veteran Administration slide on interest costs on their loans, too. The bank lets them defer interest costs “on their loans until future periods,” the KMPG report say. Either give every college in the United States equal loans and then forgive the interest until a later date on said loans to all of them, or get out of the college loan business all together! That is a classic case of race-based discrimination 101, and FYI, it is against Federal law! That example is also a form of stealth wealth redistribution in which taxpayer dollars are being used to give an unfair financing advantage to “colleges of color.” When we talk about the wealth redistribution inherent in the loan sharking bank of congress called the FFB, we also see political favoritism as to who gets what green energy loans. First, the majority of the cash is sent directly to mostly Democratic Party/Obama supporters out in Liberal la-la land, California. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. The Daily Caller exposes the proof here:More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees.

Weekend update: From TheHill.com, Energy Department approves $4.7 billion in solar loans. ( last minute cash grab before deadline cuts it off)

The Energy Department finalized Friday more than $4.7 billion in loan guarantees for four solar projects, bringing an embattled stimulus-law program aimed at financing renewable energy projects to a close.

This Congressional loan sharking scheme appears to be coming to a close, as far as the FBB dishing out green energy loans for Democratic campaign contributions goes… for now. We must keep an eye on the FBB Congressional slush fund bank from here on out.

In Meet the FFB part 3, we shall follow the money trail of billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars flowing into campaign coffers. Guess which politicians are filling their campaign coffers with the newest form of D.C. “green” cash?