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Just Another Tribute To Andrew Breitbart

This is another Andrew Breitbart tribute. But… Then again, it’s not. By now, you’ve read many great things by many people who knew Andrew, who have waxed poetically (and correctly) about what a great and powerful influence he was is. They’ve shared stories and given quotes and truly honored the man who has inspired many of us.

I’m not qualified to be among their ranks, and I’m certainly not qualified to be among his. But I have feelings and opinions and things to say, despite that adamant truth.

Andrew Breitbart was is a man who could stir great passions. Whether it’s self indulgent bloggers who claim happiness in his death, or the tens of thousands of citizen journalists that he inspired to mobilize, Breitbart was is a man who people had strong feelings for. And you know what they say… “Hatred is not the opposite of love; indifference is.” Andrew Breitbart was is not a man who inspired indifference. On that, I think most would agree.

I never met Andrew, but I can tell you that I loved him. I loved his fearlessness. I loved his grasp of the big picture. I loved his willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve. I loved that he didn’t hide behind false pretense. I love that he was inclusive. An ivory tower is not where this man dwelled. I love that he knew that truth is the greatest defense. He didn’t hack Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, and he didn’t stare frozenly into the headlights while his opponents falsely accused him. He FOUGHT. Truth was his weapon, and he wielded it to devastating effect. A lot of Conservatives will let the spaghetti stick to them. Andrew would burn down the kitchen before he let that happen, and I loved love him for that.

I wish I could tell you a story of how he talked to me at a rally or a conference or even at an airport while waiting to catch a flight, but I can’t. I didn’t know the man. But I can tell you that it felt like he knew me. I think a lot of us felt like that. I think a lot of us saw him on our TV’s and said, “YES. Finally, someone is saying what needs to be said. Someone is finally fighting our fight. Someone is FINALLY disproving the lies that our elected leaders seem helpless to deflect. Someone has finally gotten it right.”

Andrew loved us, and he loved this country. Some would say he even loved his opponents. That is a distinction that many of his naysayers cannot claim. Many of them seem to sustain themselves off of hatred. Andrew wasn’t like that. He saw the big picture, and hatred is just a limb on tree in a forest in a country on a continent on a planet. Hatred is wasted energy for those with great minds. And Andrew’s mind was among the greatest we’ll see in our lifetimes.

I can’t say as to whether or not we’ll have another Breitbart, but I can tell you that he strove to make sure we wouldn’t need one. And that is a testament to how much he loved us. And you know what, Andrew, we love you too.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

Live Free or Die- Either Way,Vote: O'Keefe Exposes Voter Fraud

A few days ago I authored a post about the insanity of the Department of Justice and the NAACP as they prepared to bring suit against South Carolina in protest of recent voter i.d. laws enacted there.  South Carolina officials feel requiring citizens to present identification at the polls would cut down on voter fraud.  The DOJ and NAACP felt it was a direct attack on minorities whom, as we know, are wandering around all over this fair land without a clue who they are.   They even went so far as to approach the United Nations to send officials to monitor our elections and root out racism at the polls.  Of course we on the right understand that this is nothing more than a ploy to continue to allow Democrats to perpetrate voter fraud in order to win elections.  Their base is unions, dead people and illegal aliens.  How can a ghost vote if they have to present i.d. first? Its bad business for Democrats.  The argument against voter i.d. reaches into the same tired, old racist bag of tricks, and often includes the defense that fraud like this almost never happens.  It’s a right-wing nutjob fantasy.

Enter James O’keefe and his Project Veritas.  You may remember Mr. O’Keefe as the worst pimp ever (seriously, they bought that get-up?)  who exposed Planned Parenthood and ACORN corruption.  This time O’Keefe and his partners infiltrate the New Hampshire primary election process and use the names of deceased voters to procure ballots at dozens of voting locations across the state on primary Tuesday. The goal was to prove the ease with which one could defraud a voting system which requires no idea.  With the exception of one astute poll volunteer who knew the deceased, O’Keefe and crew were given ballots at every location.  One volunteer tried to explain that voter fraud would not be an issue because once a person voted, their name would be crossed off the list and no one could vote under that name again…in that location anyway.  Project Veritas operatives approached dozens of seperate polls using the same names of deceased voters and were given a ballot every time.  Watch the video here. Project Veritas also posts full, unedited video at their site.  O’Keefe has been accused in the past of “selective editing”.  It seems hard to “edit” footage into falsly showing an ACORN worker conspiring to cover up child prostitution, but whatever.  O’Keefe has his bases covered.  Every video is edited to some extent for time purposes, but if you are the suspicious type you can watch it all at the website.


If it was so incredibly simple to defraud the voter system in New Hampshire, does it not stand to reason that other states without i.d. laws and even larger populations may have an even bigger issue with fraud?  Perhaps Ben Jealous and the NAACP should take some of this footage to the U.N. as well.  If they are indeed so worried about the state of free and fair elections in the FREEST and FAIREST nation on earth, they should surely want the U.N. election monitors to be aware of this outrageous fraud.

Kudos to O’Keefe and crew for their work here.  This should be shared everywhere, and with every Democrat who swears requiring identification to vote is not only racist, but provides no help in preventing fraud. We know their real reasons behind blocking voter i.d. laws – as they say in New Hampshire: live free or die. Either way, Democrats will take your vote(s).

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Alan Colmes Mocks The Way Santorum's Family Grieves Dead Child

I’ve been thinking about this video you’re about to watch all day, and I still cannot find an adequate way to sum it up for you.  Alan Colmes can be a difficult pundit to listen to on even his best day, but I think he finally crossed the kind of line that can’t be uncrossed.  On FNC, Monday, he was asked to weigh in on Rick Santorum’s recent surge in Iowa.  As you can see in the video below, Colmes had many negative things to say about Santorum, so I think he could have easily left out the most offensive one of all.  Yet… somehow, he didn’t choose to.  In short, he needlessly and mercilessly ridiculed the way that Rick Santorum’s family grieved over one of their dead children.  The horrific display starts just after the one minute mark.


I don’t know where to begin.  I do know the word “unprofessional” does not even begin to cover it.  I know that much for sure.  But to be honest with you, this is par for the course when it comes to Left Wing punditry.  It’s never good enough for them to just criticize a Republican’s policies.  For some reason, they feel compelled to add personal attacks to the mix also.  Whether it’s Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut, or David Letterman calling Sarah Palin a slut, or an MSNBC panel talking about Michele Bachmann’s “crazed, bulging eyes”, the Left constantly feels it’s necessary to make personal attacks toward Republicans.  It’s never good enough to just discuss policies or issues.  But this time, it’s too much.  When you make fun of the way a family grieves the death of their child, you have crossed a line you cannot come back from.

Alan Colmes must have thought he was on the Jerry Springer show, where you’re paid to goad and insult the audience.  Where it’s your goal to stoke fires of indignation.  But you know what… Even Jerry’s audience would have no part in what Colmes was selling.  I’m ashamed for him.  And I’m ashamed America’s top rated cable channel even let him finish the segment.  I’m not sure Jerry would have let him stay on after saying that.  But like I said… this is par for the course with Liberal pundits.