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CUNY Students Confront War Criminal David Petraeus

If anyone ever tries to tell you that most colleges haven’t been taken over by liberals, you can always remind them about this lovely display by students at CUNY. David Petraeus was hired to teach there, and this is how the students have decided to treat him. So much for respect for elders, or professors! Well, perhaps none of the students that were involved actually are enrolled in any of his classes. Of course, even if they were, it probably wouldn’t matter. Petraeus would undoubtedly have given them the grades they actually earned.

UPDATED Shocker: Petraeus ‘Friend’ Jill Kelley Linked To New Email Scandal With General John Allen

Breaking news from late Monday Novemeber 12th, 2012.  FOX news reports General John Allen, top American Commander in Afghanistan, is under investigation for “inappropriate” emails to Jill Kelley, who is the woman that notified authorities that she was receiving “threatening” emails from a source which led to Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell.  This certainly is a strange “twist” to this already shocking story.  According to FOX news:

The defense official confirmed the investigation was due to allegations of inappropriate emails between Allen and Jill Kelley, a close friend of the Petraeus family who reportedly led the FBI to investigate communications between Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell.

The FBI then discovered Petraeus and Broadwell had engaged in an extramarital affair, which led Petraeus to resign as director of the CIA on Nov. 9.
The defense official says the investigation into Allen involves 20,000 to 30,000 emails that were dated between 2010 and 2012, and that the department is in the very early stages of their investigation.
He would not say whether they involved sexual matters or whether they are thought to include unauthorized disclosures of classified information or any criminal activity. He said he did not know whether Petraeus is mentioned in the emails. (emphasis mine)

Meanwhile, Fox News also confirmed Monday night that the FBI is searching Broadwell’s North Carolina home, though they did not say what they were doing there or what prompted the search.  Searching her home tells me they are looking for something “incriminating”?  There seems to be quite a bit more to this whole “email” scandal then meets the eye.

In another as the “emailing of Jill Kelley turns” moment, the initial FBI agent who was assigned to investigate the “threatening emails” Ms. Kelley was complaining of, sent Kelley “shirtless” photos of himself.  Why are all theses seemingly accomplished men losing “it” over Kelley?  The agent was later taken off the case because

“supervisors soon became concerned that the initial agent might have grown obsessed with the matter, and prohibited him from any role in the investigation.”

Something very odd here. I want to recommend a 12 step “email anonymous” program, hi my name is John, or Jill, and I am powerless over emailing….  This woman Jill Kelley sure seems to be one “popular” woman, people in high places like to email heralot.  I think we will learn there is more to Jill Kelley than just being a “victim”, receiving 20-30 thousand emails reek of obsessive behavior that is pretty mutual.   This story is like a bad “B” movie, and the popcorn is stale, soda is flat.  Terrible plot, so not believable.    And no refunds, no exceptions.  Just like the Obama Administration, even the scandals are shoddy.

Let’s keep our eyes on Benghazi, and not get caught up in this “Jersey Shore” type scintillating headlines being thrown at us.

UPDATE!! OK, here ya go….reports are surfacing that the Kelley’s are broke, house in foreclosure—and Ms. Kelley has hired the same “crisis management” team as Monica Lewinsky hired during the Bill Clinton sex scandal.  Hmmm, I smell possible book deal, wow, just in time to pay off the house!   Remember those so called “threatening emails” were not so “threatening”, in fact its reported the FBI was sort of “not impressed” with their content, and originally told Ms. Kelley—

The messages were instead what the source terms “kind of cat-fight stuff.”

“More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch,’” according to the source, who was until recently at the highest levels of the intelligence community and prefers not to be identified by name.

Yet Ms. Kelley pushed the FBI—interesting, very interesting.

Updated! Petraeus Mistress Claim Of Benghazi Prison Is Denied By CIA; Feinstein (D-CA) Wants Answers

( UPDATE VIDEO BELOW~ FOX News Jennifer Griffin confirms Broadwell’s claim that the CIA Annex held prisoners.  Griffin reports their sources from on the ground in Benghazi indeed confirmed the taking and holding of prisoners, Libya militia and possibly others from the Middle East. CIA still denying this claim)

On October 26, 2012, Paula Broadwell appeared at the University of Denver for a presentation in which she claims

Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually had taken a couple of Libya militia members prisoner. And they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.

Reports came out Sunday from Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news outlet, first published a partial transcript of Broadwell’s speech.  By late Sunday night news agencies were reporting and tweeting

CIA adamant that Broadwell claims about agency holding prisoners at Benghazi are not true.

— Greg Miller (@gregpmiller) November 12, 2012

This is just the latest in the Petraeus shocker that came Friday November 9th, 2012, when he resigned citing and extra martial affair.  Speculation surrounds this Broadwell disclosure of the CIA Annex/ Prisoner allegation, which seems to be false, could have led the CIA to push for resignation.  Questions are swirling of the “way” in which Broadwell came upon said information.  What is clear, there is far more to this story, something is just not adding up.  According to CNN, Petraeus was in Libya in the last 2 weeks, conducting his own investigation. Now, Petraeus is not slated to testify, although Congressman have alluded to the possibility if said investigation on November 15th “requires” it.  Diane Feinstein talks about the upcoming hearings, and her disappointment the FBI did not update the House Intelligence Committee regarding Petraeus.

Petraues Mistress Reveals Benghazi “Secret”- “CIA Annex Had Taken Libya Militia Members Prisoner”

At a University of Denver “Alumni Symposium” held back in October 2012, Paula Broadwell, revealed information about the CIA Annex that has not come to light in the past.   Paula Broadwell, 40, is a North Dakota native whose résumé lists her as valedictorian of her high school, homecoming queen, state student council president and fitness champion at West Point.  Ms. Broadwell met General Petraeus in 2006, when General Petraeus spoke at Harvard University, where Ms. Broadwell was pursuing a master’s degree in public administration. For a detailed account of Ms. Broadwell click here.

Ms. Broadwell revealed information about the Benghazi attack at the University of Denver talk.  During the question and answer period, at about 35:44 min, you will hear Ms. Broadwell state:

 “Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually had taken a couple of Libya militia members prisoner. And they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

This information has not been available to the Main Stream Press.  It sure raises questions as to what else Ms. Broadwell knows, and if it  was this type of “disclosures” on her part that caused the FBI to pull the plug on Petraues, who resigned Friday November 9th, 2012.

–“Poppy” of Hidden British News contributed to the article.

Petraeus Bombshell: Private Emails Led FBI To Mistress, Conflicting Details Emerge

The Benghazi story line never fails to shock.  The latest on the Petraeus Affair is worth noting, not for gossip purposes, but for the possible connection to the upcoming Benghazi hearing.  FBI sources say they began an investigation last spring, when they mistook an email Petraeus had sent to his girlfriend  as referring to corruption.   At that point they uncovered the affair, and continued to investigate the emails.  And here is where the story gets “murky”.  There are two conflicting reports in regards to the ending of the relationship.  One report, Ed Morrsisey at HotAir cites a series of tweets by Martha Raddatz:

Official tells me sevrl people who knew Petraeus got anonymous harassing emails. So investigation started. Emails then traced to Broadwell.

— Martha Raddatz (@MarthaRaddatz) November 10, 2012

(1/2) @martharaddatz reports thatfriends of Petraeus received weird emails, & i’ve learned the CIA& D/CIA ASKED the FBI to investigate.

— Marc Ambinder (@marcambinder) November 10, 2012
(2/2). The FBI did. They discovered that Broadwell was likely the source. They disclosed this to Petraeus 2 weeks ago.

Ok, so from this information it looks like it was Petraeus himself, who asked the FBI to investigate.  That Paula Broadwell, the mistress, went “Fatal Attraction” email version on Petraeus. From another source, Ronald Kessler   we read a total different version:

At some point after Petraeus was sworn in as CIA director on Sept. 6, 2011, the woman broke up with him. However, Petraeus continued to pursue her, sending her thousands of emails over the last several months, raising even more questions about his judgment.(emphasis mine)

This article also cites “FBI sources” for the information above.  Which is it?  And why is it important?  This affair happened prior to Petraeus becoming the CIA Director.  We can surmise that the CIA was well aware of the ended affair.  So why did he have to resign now?  Why did Petraeus have to “tell the world” the reason he was leaving?  Its logical to conclude that even if they told him to resign, or, if Petraeus had a moment of “guilt” and felt he needed to resign, what is the purpose of outing the whole affair?  Why not just say “I am leaving for personal reasons” and spare your family the embarrassment?  And lastly, why is this coming now, 3 days after the Election, and a week before the Benghazi hearings?

What if Petraeus had information as CIA Director that would point at the White House for the Benghazi debacle?  Petraeus went on record and stated

 No One In the CIA Ordered Operatives To Stand Down

No one in the CIA.  Does Petraeus know who ordered the “stand down” order?  Could it be that the White House knowing of Petraeus’ affair told the Director “he might want to play ball with their narrative on Benghazi, or that affair you had might just make it into the news?”  This is just speculation on this writer’s part, but much of this Petraeus resignation doesn’t pass the smell test.  Could have Petraeus then, decided to “just out the affair himself”?  The conflicting reports about the affair, seemingly both from “FBI sources” to the timing and circumstances surrounding the resignation are producing many more questions than answers.

UPDATE!  In an article by Aaron Klein this other bombshell

Perhaps overlooked is the CIA’s role in purportedly using the Benghazi mission to coordinate U.S. aid to Syrian opposition groups and information those same insurgents include jihadists openly acting under the al-Qaida umbrella.

Patraeus resigned at a time when the U.S. intelligence community is facing criticism over both its response to the assault in Benghazi and whether it had early warnings of al-Qaida plans to attack the U.S. mission in that country.

These issues, of the US “gun running” from Benghazi, and aiding jihadits is information that Petraeus needs to testify on.  Recall that the Benghazi “mission” was called the “Benghazi Consulate”, fact is, there is no Consulate in Benghazi.  Obama and Hillary Clinton were careful in the last weeks to refer to the Benghazi “mission”, as they dropped the term “Consulate”.  That is important, there was a “mission” in Benghazi, and that mission was arming the Syrian rebels, who have ties to al-Qaida.  Petraeus must testify if we are to know the truth.

–thanks to Diana Nowell of “Hidden British News” who contributed to this post.



UPDATED! Sex, Lies & Videotape; Petraeus’ Benghazi Problem

Something isn’t adding up.  While America was voting on November 6th, a certain theme was emerging regarding General Petraeus.  Seems with all the Benghazi drip, drip revelations one fact got swept under the rug, forgotten as the scandal mounted.  Remember back to the beginning, and the YouTube “excuse” that many questioned from day one.  That “excuse” remains problematic, and with the hearings set for November 15th, the origin of that excuse will again be in the spotlight.  From a November 6th article by Diana West, she recalls the September 14th House and Intelligence Committee briefing:

That most important question is, Why, three days after this terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, did Petraeus go before the House Intelligence Committee and brief lawmakers that a Youtube video was to blame for a “spontaneous” protest — wholly fictitious — that “went on,” as ranking Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger told ABC on September 14 following the Petraeus briefing, “for two to three hours”?


“In the Benghazi area, in the beginning we feel that it was spontaneous – the protest- because it went on for two or three hours, which is very relevant because if it was something that was planned, then they could have come and attacked right away,” Ruppersberger, D-Md., said following the hour-long briefing by Petraeus. “At this point it looks as if there was a spontaneous situation that occurred and that as a result of that, the extreme groups that were probably connected to al Qaeda took advantage of that situation and then the attack started.”

That West wrote that article November 6th, makes the Petraeus “resignation” on November 9th highly suspect.  Pundits are out in force questioning the “affair” with high ranking retired Military stating “its not a must for him to resign over an affair”.   That the FBI was conducting “some investigation” in which they learned of the Petraeus affair is interesting, as the FBI is the agency investing Benghazi too.   What even causes one to pause is what West uncovers about Petraeus and the funerals for the 2 CIA operatives:

Mr. Petraeus didn’t attend funerals held later for the two CIA contractors, irking some administration officials and CIA veterans.

With that said, most of what we know of Petraeus prior to Benghazi is that he is a true American hero.  We hope this scandal doesn’t end like a bad suspense novel for Petraeus.  All the American people have ever wanted out of the Benghazi attack is to know the truth.  We have heard rumors that Petraeus will probably “lawyer” up and as of now its reported he will not testify at the hearing on Benghazi.  In his place will be  Michael Morell, the “now” acting CIA Director.

What is also incredibly “odd” is that this affair with Paula Broadwell, an embedded reporter in Afghanistan, happened prior to Petraues becoming Director of the CIA.  That is significant as Paul Mirengoff points out:

If so, then it seems that the affair started before Petraeus became the director of the CIA. The background check on Petraeus when he was being considered for the CIA job must have been incredibly thorough. And, since an affair with an embedded reporter would probably have been difficult to keep fully secret, even an ordinary investigation might well have uncovered word of it.

Thus, it may be that the White House knew of the General’s affair before he became the DCIA.

Updated: Here is a FOX News account on the possible impetus of the FBI “investigating” a CIA Director:

The FBI investigation that led to the discovery of CIA Director David Petraeus’ extramarital affair and his resignation Friday started when the agency began monitoring Petraeus’ email, Fox News has learned.

The agency was alerted that biographer Paula Broadwell, with whom Petraeus had the affair, may have had access to his personal email account.

The investigation began when someone reported suspicious emails allegedly from Broadwell to the FBI. The agency then determined that she allegedly had emailed a number of government employees. The FBI was at one point trying to determine whether any of the employees were being stalked, sources told Fox News. …

Source said the FBI investigation ended when the agency determined no criminal acts had been committed.


Then there is the whole “timing issue” of the resignation:

CIA Director David Petraeus Addresses Dickinson College’s Class of 2012

When I graduated from Dickinson College last year, then commander of NATO International Security Assistance Force and U.S Forces-Afghanistan General David Petraeus was suppose to address my graduating class, but was unable to attend due to the nature of his position.  While I was disappointed at the time, I was delighted to hear that he was scheduled again to address Dickinson’s graduating class of 2012 whose commencement was last Sunday in good ole’ Carlisle, Pa.  CIA Director David Petraeus has a deep connection with his wife Holly ’77 and his daughter Anne ’04 themselves being former Red Devils.

On a beautiful day last Sunday, Mr. Petraeus began his address a comical anecdote detailing a young student who gave a report on Julius Caesar who said that he fought and won some great battles, gave a long speech, and was killed.  The story drew laughter from the crowd and Director Petraeus stated he would try to avoid the same fate as the late Roman dictator.  He gave his praise of the accomplishments of the other distinguished guests and President of Dickinson College, William Durden, for the invitation and the work he has done to enhance the institution’s academic achievement and defining the principles of a global education and a liberal arts education.  As a result, community service, active citizenship, and activism has flourished, which Petraeus noted, are critical cornerstones in American society.   As President Durden prepares to retire next year, the CIA Director wished him well  in his future endeavors.  Before diving into the main part of his address, Mr. Petraeus did something that rarely happens at commencement addresses, or at least the ones I’ve attended, he thanked the class of 2012’s parents for their commitment to higher education.

An aspect of American education that Mr. Petraeus feels is critical in the evolution of ideas to solve the complex problems facing our country.  He primarily focused on the field of public service and reiterated the notion that service doesn’t have to be concentrated on the military.  In his thirty-seven year military career, he stated that “progress can only be achieved by committed selfless individuals working across in a wide range of  disciplines through a comprehensive, often civil military approach.”   In fact, he stated that rarely are problems solved with a single approach and it usually takes a collective effort to resolve a specific issue.

Mr. Petraeus was very direct in stating that this form of work will be difficult and may lend itself to difficult situations, but that should not deter any Red Devil from surrendering on the task at hand.  He reiterated his almost impossible mission to bring stability and peace in Iraq during the 2007 Surge that was also, as he stated, a “surge of ideas on the conduct of counter insurgency operations.”  With well over 200 attacks a day during the height of the violence in the country, he said he would dwell on a story concerning General Grant and General Sherman after the first bloody day during the Battle Of Shiloh.  That evening General Sherman looked at his commanding officer and said “well Grant, we’ve had the devil’s own day haven’t we.” “Yep” Grant replied and as he took a soggy cigar out of his mouth said “lick ’em tomorrow though.”

He stated that those same principles of Grant,relentlessness, courage, and innovation, were channeled by himself and his troops to complete the mission successfully.  In all,when it comes to overcoming obstacles, our men and women in uniform have shown that sheer hard work is essential for success.  However, it is only as good as the effort you put into it.  Mr. Petraeus urged all the graduates to become experts their respective fields, to be voracious readers, and always “to thirst for more knowledge and more understanding.”  In all, he urged the graduates to channel the principles of their education and wished them well in their efforts and looked forward to their leadership in solving the problems facing America at home and abroad.

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