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Mitt Romney to be on "Dancing With The Stars"

Tonight was an amazing night. I did not see Romney answer a single question. He just went into his usual Romney Rumba; a dance with dull motions that has neither rhythm nor style.

When asked about challenges about his owning stock in Freddie Mac Romney curtly replied that he didn’t know what investments he had made because they were in a blind trust.

Later he was challenged again about his finances and waltzed around the question with another feeble appeal to “not knowing” because his investments in a blind trust.

Then good ole Mitt has continued his lies about not being able to control what his super pac, that he funded, from saying what they said. That is a bunch of bunk. He is using Karl Rove to coordinate these vicious salacious Mambo moves. How does he get away with this? Romney can’t communicate directly with HIS super pac. But, he can dance regularly Karl, who has been open about not endorsing anyone, even though he is sneaky in his support of Mitt. He can legally try to persuade the “uncommitted” Rove that “if these super pacs said…” that would be a help to the Romney campaign while he remained a Square dancer. Low and behold the Roving Republican has a chat with his off-the-dance-floor partners and suddenly a very well time , but certainly uncoordinated attack begins to unfold.

Yet, in the debate when asked a relevant question he did his usual rendition of the Quickstep by telling the moderator that he needed to shut up because Mitt owned the debate and was conducting it and he would answer what he wanted. Then he proceeded to do the cha-cha-cha around giving a serious and honest answer.

Through the entire debate he was pushing the Jive as he demonstrated an upbeat twisting of the facts about Newt Gingrich.

Personally Mitt’s belly dancing around the issues is giving me a belly ache. It would be actually quite invigorating to have one of the moderators give him a “7” for style and a “0” for delivery.

He closed his major point with another derision about Newt Gingrich’s saying that Americans needed to have something good to believe in again, like the vision John Kennedy gave regarding the moon landing.

What the Governor of Taxachussetts really accomplished was to show us all that despite his crudeness toward what the Speaker said about the moon, Mitt Romney demonstrated that he is Dancing with his head in the Stars.

Iraq War Veteran Wins Dancing with the Stars Championship

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… ‘Dancing with the Stars’?!

Hey! It’s the story of an Injured Iraq War Veteran who has come back to build a life for himself and build recognition of the sacrifices men and women have been willing to make to secure our freedom.

Without even watching the show I cast multiple votes for him including 15 on the night of the final dances (it was rather exhilarating, I felt like a Democrat must feel on election day).

Added to his previous and continuing Heroism is the fact that he derailed, at least temporarily, the introduction of another Kardashian into the American Pop Culture, and for that he has my undying gratitude. I even coined the #AntiKardashian hashtag on Twitter for rallying purposes.

Click on the image and it will take you to the Slide Show, Enjoy!