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Newt Gingrich, That Ship Has Sailed

Cruise ShipNewt Gingrich pulled an Obama. During a critical period, where his leadership was most needed – he went on vacation.

Despite advice to the contrary from his campaign staff, Newt and his wife went on a cruise through the Greek isles and now, his most senior campaign staff is sailing into the sunset.

Newt’s campaign manager, spokesman, and advisers in three states stepped down on Thursday reportedly due to confusion over what direction the campaign should take. With no leader to steer the ship, it would appear that Gingrich’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes was more akin to the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Newt Gingrich has struggled ever since he cut the legs out from underneath Congressmen Paul Ryan’s budgetary framework by referring to it as “right-wing social engineering”.

Some reports blame the rift on a Wednesday night call where his senior staff asked him to spend more time in the early primary states of Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire and less time promoting a documentary he made with his wife.

Another report states that his managers were concerned over expenditures on expensive private jets despite the fact that many of Gingrich’s largest financial donors had told his campaign that they would not be supporting him during this campaign.

When a team implodes, it is always from a lack of leadership. We see it in the constant turnover in Obama’s administration and we see it now in Gingrich’s campaign.

To reinforce Newt’s image of lackluster leadership and poor judgement, he is planning to “re-launch” his campaign from … Los Angeles, California.

*update 6/10*: There is a report that now says aids are putting some of the blame on Newt’s wife for pressuring him to run a “part-time” campaign. This sounds like deflection so that Newt can say that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to work hard, my wife asked me to balance work and personal life. This plays not with Conservatives. The country is in trouble and needs our steadfast attention. If Newt and Callista can only be bothered occasionally to take the reigns, we’ll help them out – don’t friggen bother.