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Cronyism In Obama’s Administration Yet Again

Is this the “October Surprise” for which we’ve been waiting? Have you ever heard of David Richter, or of Hill International (HI), or of HIs newest subsidiary, HillStone International (HSI)? It seems that an executive vice president at HSI is James Biden, the younger brother of Vice President Joe Biden. So what? Well, let me try to answer that question. ...

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Crony-Capitalism Is As Phony As African-American

It seems the expression of the day now, the new “gravitas”, in referring to our political/economic system is “crony-capitalism”. This term is such a misnomer that it almost defies explanation. I looked up capitalism in Webster’s Dictionary and the term cannot possibly be partnered with the word “crony”. According to Webster, capitalism is defined as: Capitalism: an economic system characterized ...

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Dartboard Vetting

If you aren’t furious, you aren’t paying attention. In case you’ve missed it, your money has been the fodder for some of the most poorly vetted investments ever, and not by Wall Street or the banking industry. Thanks in part to this article by Doug Stewart ( @dmatthewstewart on Twitter) and further conversation on the growing list of failed Green ...

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