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Democrat Double Speak!

The fine line between politics and reality has become so blurred that the truth couldn’t be found in Washington if it was written on the Goodyear blimp highlighted with fireworks! I refer to this as “Democrat double speak”, also known as, talking out both sides of your mouth, or just plain gibberish. And all this coming from our elected leaders, such is our sad state of affairs.

Let’s take a look at this from the middle of the aisle. The U.S. Senate, run by whomever, has not passed a budget in the last 5 years. This is against the law! A Continuing Resolution (CR) has been submitted, again, because, did I mention, the Senate has not passed a budget in five years. And did I also mention that it was against the law not to pass a budget?

The CR submitted by Congress originally had a clause to defund Obamacare, but was changed at the last minute to delay the individual mandate 1 year, like it has been for all of the president’s friends; the unions, certain businesses, and other special folks. The Senate, without discussion, voted it down. So Congress tried it again, sending it back to the Senate with a simple change to close the loophole in Obamacare allowing Congress and Senators to “opt out”. Once again, without discussion, the Senate voted against it.

Wait a minute! Isn’t it already in the U.S. Constitution that Congress shall make no law that it doesn’t have to follow or that doesn’t apply to them? Why would the Senate vote to allow our U.S. Representatives to “opt-out”? They voted against a Constitutional law. Do they think the law doesn’t apply to them? Apparently so.

Then there is the president. He’s said nothing about the illegal actions of the Senate run by his team but the way he is beating on the Republicans makes it seem like he is running for a third term. Instead of spreading lies like “this has never happened to any other president” perhaps the president should check with his staff before making those statements or maybe just fire them because lately they have been getting many of the stats wrong. In actuality, this has happened 17 times since the 1970’s, 12 of which were under the control of Democrats.

Some say that it was only for a day or two or three in the past. That may be true, but in those days they knew how to negotiate. They knew they were Americans and they had to act in the best interests of the country not their party. The president says he has negotiated and acted in good faith. I disagree. He has dictated and done so with an iron fist. If he was really a good negotiator he would have asked for more than he wanted and given up a little making for a win-win on both sides. But a dictator sees no reason to give. They are all-knowing, all-powerful and answer to no-one. Sound familiar?

The Senate has received 4 more CR’s from Congress and voted against all of them without discussion. Why would they do that? Why would they not pass a budget for 5 years and then continue to deny discussion on the CR’s as they come up for vote? This is nothing but party politics. Yes, Republicans share in the blame here also, but not as much as the Senate as a whole.

How is it the American people have let them get away with this for 5 years? How is it the American people have allowed the jobless rate to climb? The real unemployment number is around 14%, according to the Government, not the “reported” number.

The Democrats have gotten really good at the “shell game”. You remember that game. You have to guest which cup is the nut is under. Three cups represented by the president, Senate, and Congress. Who’s to blame? The Democrats keep you thinking that the problem is all from Republicans, but who really has control? Look again.

The president can’t get his facts straight. No other president has had to go through what he has, so he gets a pass? The Senate doesn’t pass a budget in 5 years, and they get a pass? The Republicans ask that the Congress follow the Constitution and be subjected to Obamacare like every other American, and they are called the obstructionists and anarchists!

The Bible says there will come a time when, right will be wrong and wrong will be right, I think we are there!

Federal Shut Down…before you open that beer…

Many of us are cheering for a government shut down. Who wouldn’t be willing to make the ‘if it isn’t essential, why do we even have it?’statement? Unfortunately, a little rain must fall on every parade. Or something like that. The President has deftly allowed the Republican House Representatives to paint themselves into a corner–truly well played. The Republicans can spin it anyway they want–even if voters blame President Obama or the Senate Democrats, the fact remains there will be soldiers (Marines, sailors, airmen et al) who can not make ends meet if they don’t get paid on time. What’s that you say, that they’ll be paid those missed days because nobody would ever short change SOLDIERS AT WAR for a few days pay? Irrelevant. Moot point. These young soldiers, often with small families, live on less than paycheck to paycheck.

Single soldiers leave in dorm-like environments complete with dining facilities that serve 3 meals/7 days. They get clothing (somewhat!) for physical activity and work. There’s usually a common room with a TV. And entertainment…nothing more entertaining than harassing your peers! If they don’t get paid on time, there will be some gnashing of teeth, fears and late fees, but nobody goes hungry, nobody loses any work.

Married soldiers on the other hand have a different set of challenges. They may live off post, and although the military credits them a housing supplement, will it arrive this month? There are extremely few military members on food stamps, but an amazingly large percentage live paycheck to paycheck. How many families with 2-4 members, led by a high school graduate 20 year old breadwinner DON’T live paycheck to paycheck? The nearly unique opportunities afforded by the military include moving quite often (to different states, or even foreign countries), moving to places that already have entirely too many other military spouses who have spotty work histories looking for entry level jobs, and the chance to have the breadwinner leave for 30 days to 15 months at a time–leaving the remaining spouse in a new place with no support system. Of course, many wives take their kids and move home with to be closer to their parents.

So as you cheer the excess, surplus and extraneous (ie the nonessential) being furloughed for a week or more, remember there are young kids who have signed up to risk their lives and aren’t going to have their paychecks next week.

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