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How CPAC Stacked the Deck on the Amnesty Panel

Here’s a handy rule of thumb: If two of the four members of an immigration panel have Hispanic surnames you can bet it’s an amnesty panel in disguise. That was certainly the case at CPAC’s ‘Can There Be Meaningful Immigration Reform Without Citizenship?’ (This phenomenon is evidently peculiar to Hispanics. If two people named Schmidt and Kruger were on a ...

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CPAC Day One Part 2

The Curious Case of the Leaf Blower that Didn’t Roar Sen. Marco Rubio walked on stage and contrary to rumor, he wasn’t wearing a sombrero. In fact he gave what could be called a surgical speech, because he completely buried any reference to his amnesty mistake late last year. In fact he talked about almost everyone’s border but that of ...

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  CPAC begins in less than an hour. I’ll be covering the speeches that matter (as least to me) and the panels that are relevant (see previous). Since I’m a one–man news team, I can’t make everything, but I’ll do my best to be your eyes & ears. (Sorry for the delay. The CPAC/Gaylord WiFi is pathetic. Impossible to if ...

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