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Student claims forced participation in anti-gun propaganda

Student claims forced participation in anti-gun propaganda

America’s college campuses are notoriously hostile toward traditional values and conservative students, fairly frequently, are faced with the proposition of publicly denouncing their own views or possibly failing a class.
Such was the case in the classroom of Midwestern State University at Provost professor Jennifer Yucus, according to a complaint filed by one of her students.
In an ongoing effort to bring attention to other anti-gun efforts, including a circulating petition and a social media campaign, the complaint claims Yucus issued a mandatory assignment to make posters with pointed, leftist messages.
The student wrote she “compelled students from her Computers For Artists class to advocate in favor of a political petition opposing firearms on campus, in opposition to a pair of bills currently before the Texas legislature, using personal art materials and MSU resources.”
According to the complaint, several fellow students expressed some level of disagreement with the assignment, to which Yucus “asked students to rationalize objections by thinking of it as a job from an employer (or words to that effect).”
After the students made the objectionable posters – including the website of the online petition – Yucus reportedly took pictures of them holding their coerced work as though they were unanimously in support of the expressed message.
The professor also used her employee email to send her class a link to the petition, the complaint alleges, and evidence shows she used pictures of her students on a now-deleted Facebook page called, “Anti Concealed Carry on Campus.”
A university administrator said Yucus is under investigation, calling the allegations “serious,” though noting the professor is still on active duty pending the completion of the inquiry.
The student complaint and other circumstantial evidence certainly suggests Yucus violated a state law barring public employees from using their authority “to interfere with or affect the result of an election … or to achieve any other political purpose.”
Only a comprehensive investigation will make that conclusion, however she is hardly alone among today’s institutes of higher education.
These bastions of leftist claptrap consistently bash otherwise conservative students with ideals completely separated from those they learned from their parents and church. Meanwhile, the so-called progressives claim all high school graduates need college.
Ostensibly, leftists push college as an added benefit when establishing one’s career. With half of college graduates either unemployed or working in an unrelated field out of necessity, this claim holds less water than ever before.
In reality, they just want another four years or more to finish the indoctrination that took place little by little in grades K through 12.
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GOP Establishment Vs. The Conservative Base; Your Social Issues Gotta Go

Let me get this straight.  Let’s not pretend Conservatives, especially Social Conservatives, the message is loud and clear, for the GOP to survive you’re not wanted.  Oh yea, they will use us.  But the bottom line is, they see us as bible thumpers, gun toting, mullet wearing preppers who are uneducated, backwards, cousin marrying idiots.   Straight out of “Deliverance”.

The GOP old boys have the money to back this all up.  They brought us John McCain, and I believe they coached Mitt Romney into taking the road of playing “nice guy” after the first debate.  The Romney Campaign was run by many of the same McCain Campaign people, and its evident by the same tactics.  Stay away from all Tea Party types….Sarah Palin was not invited to the RNC.   Go all squishy on all things like abortion, or same sex marriage.  I think we have seen this same movie before, and we get the same results.

This same group is either totally incompetent, in figuring out how to beat an incumbent who has no record, or some are whispering, the Old Boys network can just look ahead to 2016.  Yes, folks, as crazy as it might be, let’s think this through.  We know the GOP Old Boys don’t want any part of any true blue conservative candidate.  They are “moderate” Republicans, and think the GOP needs to rid itself of all the Tea Party supporters, all the “value voters”.  Only then, do they see a way for the GOP to take on the Democrats.  In other words, become Dem-Lite.  These are powerful people, like Karl Rove, and the Bush family, who backed Romney on day one.   They “run” much of who gets the “nod” to run for President, behind the scenes.  And there are those saying, and this is just speculation, that they weren’t too upset if Romeny didn’t prevail.  No, that would open the door for Jeb Bush for 2016.  If Romney had won, well that’s OK too, but if not, its sure is easier to have a “clean field” with no Republican incumbent in the way.  This source, who wishes to stay anonymous, is a Washington insider.  They tell me to look for a new book from Jeb Bush–you know the kind of book one writes right before they start down that road to President.

What I find incredible, is just how the GOP Old Boys thought they could win this election without the Conservative base and without making some real inroads into the Hispanic vote.  Yet, that was exactly the strategy.  We know that 3 million GOP voters who identified as “Tea Party” or Conservative stayed home.  Who knows how that would have changed the Electoral College, but its fact that if they would have voted Romney, Romney would have won the popular vote by 180,000.  Today on Rush limbaugh one of those voters called in–he stated he didn’t vote due to the GOP Old Boys’ bringing us another moderate Republican as Candidate.  I have stated, this would be the last time this writer would back the GOP unless they give the Conservative base–yes the value voters a seat at the table.

So, where do we go from here? Since World War II,  history tells me the only GOP President to resoundingly win big is Ronald Reagan.  He was a William Buckley, Jr. Conservative, and he crossed over to those who became to be known as “Reagan Democrats”  and Independents alike.   We are being told that’s dead—Conservatives of that ilk just aren’t relevant.  We need to “modernize” and face the fact the demographics have changed.  I laugh at this nonsense.  I agree, the Hispanic vote is growing, and I know a little bit about that demographic.  And I know this—Hispanics values fit with Conservative values.  Those Hispanics who have been in this Country for a few generations, vote Democratic like football fans root for their home team.  Its their “home Party”.   They don’t realize what Conservatism is, that it aligns with individual freedom, and strong moral values.  Now, I am in reality, I realize not all Hispanics will be moved by this, but I know a large number feel the GOP is a white boys club.  The true message of Conservatism is what got us out of the Jimmy Carter era “depression” of 17% interest rates, and made a whole lot of Iranian hostage takers pretty nervous.  Since Reagan, we haven’t had a true Conservative in the White House.

Let us begin again.  Let the Conservative base put egos aside.  Let’s not be vindictive, we have the right message, we have the truth.  We have the remnants of what Buckley started.  First order of business, in my humble opinion—we must stop preaching to the choir somehow.  And to do that, we need to expose the Main Stream Media.  We need to expose their double dealing ways, their omission of important facts on Benghazi, how they work arm and arm with just one Political party in this Country.  I know you know this.  We must somehow reach those who are brainwashed and will be hurting as America is transformed into Obama’s utopia.   A utopia that will seem more like a very long dark night.  Sadly, it may be only then, that those who voted for Obama in blind ignorance, who were swayed by the Springsteen Hollywood crowd, who thought he seemed Presidential during Hurricane Sandy, who bought every lie the Main Stream Media “reported’ as fact, only during this dark night will they realize, they have been duped.  We need to not say “told you so”(although that would bring some satisfaction) —no, we need to take the high road.   To provide the truth of Conservatism and how there is real hope in that message.