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Drown The GOP In Conservative Tea!


 elephant drowning in tea

My new motto is one we conservatives need to live by:  “Drown The GOP In Conservative Tea!”

Conservatism was kicked out of the GOP by a progressive inside machine and Republicans are now joined at the hip with the Democrat Party and it’s progressive policies. So why should we conservatives continue supporting RINOs who sold us out?

There is no difference between the two parties, it’s no longer Democrat versus Republican, its one big party of incestuous bureaucrats whose sole interest is power with life terms. 

gop v tea party

I’ve said it before: John Boehner and Harry Reid are politically incestuous and together they bred Nancy Pelosi’s Flying Monkeys. Unfortunately such ill-breeding gave us RINOs.


Conservatives, let’s be honest with ourselves: The Republican Party is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Calvin Coolidge William  F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.  

Is Marco Rubio really conservative? Rubio sides with the King of Amnesty John McCain, because Rubio only cares about becoming the first Hispanic president. He didn’t even support Rep. Allen West of Florida during the 2012 race. Rubio stood by and let West lose his district.

What about Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy? They want you to believe a government program handing out universal healthcare will simply crumble and go away, so why bother defunding ObamaCare. Europe has proven government programs never crumble but expand out of control and drown economies. 

The only way to destroy government programs controlling people’s lives is to destroy government programs.

Eric Cantor is sell-out, so is Lindsay Graham.

Paul Ryan proved he’s a snake oil salesman when he campaigned against Obamacare. It would hurt his mother Betty’s Medicare. After the election Ryan stopped fighting to defund ObamaCare. He decided to delay it.

In other words: Ignore ObamaCare in favor of a Congressional job that gets to opt out of ObamaCare with fabulous healthcare opportunities.

Joe Manchin shows up for votes, but refuses to take sides in the vote except on voting procedure. Perhaps Manchin should quit his job since he is incapable of doing his job.

Mitch McConnell raised taxes that enable Obamcare expansion. How conservative!

Don’t even get me started on New Jersey’s loud-mouthed beached whale in a suit Chris Christie!

Cry-baby John Boehner wants to wait for another debt ceiling before he considers fighting ObamaCare.

Boehner and GOP leaders, with the exception of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, are siding with Democrats not to shut down the government and defund ObamaCare, as well as holding off employer mandates until the 2014 election is over, because they don’t want the truth–Obamacare will destroy the economy– coming out and destroying vote-grabbing reelections for Republicans and Democrats.

Heaven forbid Tea Party candidates win RINO seats. The country might have leaders willing to serve limited terms doing what is constitutionally right to restore America.

Remember Boehner said he wouldn’t risk anything by pushing to defund ObamaCare:

You’ve got a Democrat president, you’ve got a Democrat Senate. It’s very difficult for us to impose our will on them. There will be opportunities ahead, but do you want to risk the full faith and credit of the United States government over ObamaCare? That’s a very tough argument to make.

The GOP imposing conservatism on progressives? Why that would force the government to acknowledge the Constitution as the law of the land!

And let’s not forget all of these men vilified Michele Bachmann for questioning why Muslim Brotherhood-connected Huma Abedin had top security clearance inside the State Department. These RINOs deemed Bachmann intolerant.

We conservatives better impose our conservative constitutional will on those imposing their progressive, anti-American, anti-Constitution will against America or we will lose this country to tyranny!

Let’s admit the truth conservatives: Republicans are no longer Republicans, they are Democrats disguised as Republicans (in the case of John McCain I would say he’s Hillary Clinton in better man’s drag). The GOP now cares more about reelections so the people serve the leaders for life through tax dollars, stolen from earned paychecks by the Federal Government, then serving the people and states they are supposed to represent, as well as this country.

It’s obvious that was the Democrat goal all along: Destroy the Republican Party’s conservative values and traditions by infiltrating the party with Democrats pretending to be Republicans.

It’s now one big party of progressive bureaucrats against conservatives.

Beohner So Be It

Despite these morons showing their true progressive colors, Republican voters keep reelecting RINOS! Why? Don’t conservatives want the Constitutional Republic (we are not a democracy, the Constitution limits and divides power with separate government branches and forbids the majority to vote to impose its will upon the minority ) founded on liberty restored?

Don’t we want our fundamental rights returned?  Don’t we believe in Nature’s Laws? Or do we prefer the government’s European democracy-style will imposed upon our individual lives?

Do we want We The People or They The Government? Do we want our nation to remain Of the People, By The People, and For The People or Of, By, and For the Government?

Wake up conservatives! We lost our Grand Ole’ Party to progressives whores who married themselves to the ultimate progressive socialists—Democrats.

Conservatives: It’s time we take on a new motto and live by it: “Drown the GOP in Conservative Tea!

Sick of Fake Conservatives

There are some great champions for conservatism on talk radio and the internet and true conservatives owe a debt of gratitude for their insight and encouragement. They have captivated the hearts of millions of listeners who highly esteem their words and wisdom. Their influence has made a difference in awakening multitudes from their drugged sleep of the opiate of the modern media.

However, I wish some of them would stop trying to convince real conservatives that the only option they have in an election is for anyone with an R attached to their name. I constantly hear how the Republican party needs rebuilding, revamping and revitalizing as was done under Ronald Reagan, arguably the greatest President in modern American history. He did an outstanding job in strengthening the party and turning it around. However, looking at Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and others, it is obvious we do not have a Reagan today and we certainly do not have the same quality of party he had to work with. The Democrat party went over the cliff decades ago and is incorrigible with no hope of change. Unfortunately, the Republican party may have finally reached the same state. THIS IS NOT REAGAN’S REPUBLICAN PARTY. Times have changed and so have people and their values.

When something is broken, you fix it. When it is broken beyond repair, you replace it. I am tired of being lied to by Republicans who pretend to be conservative long enough to get into office and then after winning, conduct business as usual. People are FINALLY beginning to wake up to reality. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The American people are slow to wrath, but once that wrath is kindled, it burns like a consuming flame.” I am hoping and praying this wrath will be kindled into a fire that burns out the corruption in Washington. Yet, we will continue to hear the “wasted vote” mantra, with pleas to not abandon the ship, but I for one am tired of plugging the holes on a sinking ship. I long for a vessel that stays true to course and can weather the storms, based on conservative, constitutional principles, not the platitudes of a party.

Again, I know what Reagan did in his day, but this is a new day. There is a real grassroots conservative movement that is steadily gaining momentum and has the potential to take back this country, replace the liberals in Congress with sane, common sense average Joes who know what makes this country work, and repeal the Marxist healthcare Frankenstein brought to life on 3-21-2010. This recent problem with government forcing religious institutions to cover abortions through employee insurance benefits is a reminder that Obamacare will spread its tentacles and do what it does best: dictate and control. Obama must not only be replaced in November 2012, but EVERY member of Congress who refuses to repeal this so-called healthcare monstrosity must be replaced also.

It is time to face reality and stop propping up this party dominated by liberal elites. Even now, leadership in the Republican party has accepted the current healthcare monstrosity and are going to try and make the best of it, trim it where possible, “make it more conservative”, cut their losses and go on. The current Republican establishment has no plans to repeal it. There must be a transfusion of some new blood in DC. Remember, this is the party that ran John McCain, and who in their right mind would consider him to be a conservative? Conservatives who voted for McCain did not vote FOR McCain; they voted against Obama. If a real conservative with or without an R attached to their name, holding to constitutional principles, guided by Biblical values, runs for any level of office, I can vote for that person in good conscience, and the vote will be based on principles, philosophy of government and their value system, not on the letter following the name. If the Presidential Republican nominee turns out to be a quasi-conservative, then every real conservative should support a third party conservative, if that candidate is a true blue conservative. Solidarity among all real conservatives would produce a winning vote, not a wasted vote. True liberty means freedom to vote conscience guided by principle, and not follow the dictates of the elite ruling class of any party.

The Republicans proved their impotence when, as the majority party for a brief time a few years back, they made no real substantive changes. The changes made were superficial and short lived. Had they really grabbed the bull by the horns, (or should I say donkey by the ears?) acted like real conservatives who were concerned about this country and not their own careers, they would have established policies to cut spending, restore liberty and limit government. They also might still be in power, since they would have won the respect and loyalty of true conservatives, who are tired of being lied to, taken for a ride, driven off a bridge and left to drown, in a Kennedy-sort-of way

Real freedom loving, God fearing, patriotic Americans are sick of liberalism, but are also now just as sick of faux conservatives. The Republicans had their chance, but blew it. The authentic conservatives left in this party are the ones with enough character and sense to see that they need to stop clinging to a name, heritage, and tradition and be guided once again by principles, not platitudes. It is time to reject those who only want another term in office and a lucrative retirement. Time is short, freedom is shrinking and November is coming. It’s now or never. If a real change is not made in November, then it’s over for this nation. America, prepare to meet God!

Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WorldNetdaily, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press and Land of the Free. [email protected]