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How Close Is America To A Second Civil War?

bookA new novel analyzes how our current bitter political divisions could easily spill into armed conflict—and the horrifying reality of “brother fighting brother.”

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — “Hardcore socialist takeover”…”Right Wing Neanderthals”…” Impeach Obama”…”Wall Street…the reigning American crime syndicate.”

Bitter and unrestrained politic rhetoric like this hasn’t been heard in America for decades—some say not since the turbulent years leading to the attack on Fort Sumter and a conflict that took 620,000 lives. Recession, unemployment, revelations of government surveillance, lies, cover-ups, and bare-knuckle tactics over health care reform have led some Americans to believe it’s time to take up arms–echoing Thomas Jefferson’s timeless reminder that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

J. D. Ludwig, a former Army medic, has witnessed the very human tragedy of combat. Better than most, he knows that war is not the glamorous and heroic affair we see on television and in movies, but a terrible juggernaut that–once begun–would leave soldiers, civilians, and our nation itself with deep wounds that could take decades to heal. In his debut novel Overreach: Blood of Patriots, Ludwig takes the anger, fear, and political division we can all see in today’s headlines and then “war-games” the horrors that would result if restraint and reason give way to blind extremism on both sides.

  • A president, beset by political scandal and convinced of the nation’s desperate need for change, takes a desperate gamble—using the military and executive powers of the government to eliminate his opposition and achieve total control.
  • As a peaceful demonstration descends into mass murder, a brave senator defies political blackmail and personal disgrace to warn the nation of the coming coup.
  • The president plunges the nation into darkness, cutting off power and communications to thwart resistance until he can solidify his control.
  • It falls to one man, retired Special Forces Colonel Ty Denham, to take action–desperately hoping that the power of personal honor and a deep devotion to this nation’s guiding principles will inspire his countrymen to take up arms and fight for their most basic rights and freedoms.
  • The book follows men and women across the country as they choose sides and deal with the chaos and shortages of a shattered infrastructure, and culminates in a accurate portrayal of the best-equipped military forces in the world—Americans all—facing each other in pitched battle where their ancestors fought over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Ludwig comments, “At first, I was reluctant to consider what I’ve explored in this book, but with all the wild rhetoric and sabre rattling we’re hearing from both sides, it seemed to me far better to fight this war in a fictional world—and hope that the reader can grasp the reality of bullets and bloodshed we could be facing in the very near future.”

This is not a dry exercise in political theory—the characters are fully drawn individuals with strong beliefs, honest dreams, and inevitable human weaknesses who find themselves thrust into a crisis they neither sought nor desired. The result, as one reviewer called it, is “a gripping tale of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism that explores the unthinkable.”

Blood of Patriots is the first novel in the Overreach trilogy, to be followed by Blood of Tyrants, and Tree of Liberty.

Overreach: Blood of Patriots by J. D. Ludwig; Ludwig and Son; Fiction; Soft Cover 978-1494387648 $21.95; eBook 978-0-9911972-0-0 $9.95

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Author: J. D. Ludwig served in the United States Army from 1976 to 1979. He received combat medic training at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas and was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. After leaving active duty, J. D. enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard and served as assistant battalion surgeon for the 1st of the 115th Infantry. He and his wife, Sally, an Army nurse who retired as a lieutenant colonel, spent many years working and raising their six children on bases in Hawaii andTexas before settling in rural Maryland where J. D. has worked for more than thirty years in the commercial real estate industry. He has held several international leadership positions, won numerous awards, and is a Trustee Emeritus for a Washington, D.C. graduate school that teaches statecraft, diplomacy, and national security.   


White House Has ‘Peculiar’ Justification for Illegal Immigration

John C Calhoun, the newest White House advisor on immigration.

John C Calhoun, the newest White House advisor on immigration.

Someone in the White House is channeling John C. Calhoun.

Stephen Dinan, of the Washington Times, writes the White House has issued a report that claims, “…the strength and continuity of rural America is contingent on common–sense immigration reform.” In other words, the availability of your boutique tomatoes depends on amnesty for illegals.

The Obama Administration believes rural America, much like the antebellum South, has a ‘peculiar institution’ the rest of the nation must respect. In this instance the 50 to 60 percent of the agricultural workforce that’s in the country illegally.

In the 20–page report Calhoun, whoops…the authors, claim farmers are having trouble hiring workers and as a result are cutting back on planting or “are moving operations abroad as a result of the labor shortage.”

That must require some doing. Are they boxing up the plantation and shipping it — dirt and all — to foreign shores? What happens to the hole left behind in Mississippi? Do administration staffers really think produce is grown in the back room of Whole Foods, adjacent to the customer bathroom?

The justification for tolerating widespread illegality among sodbusters goes like this, “Under the current system, rural America is losing opportunity and harvests due to lack of a stable workforce. Coupled with a decline in native-born rural populations, the strength and continuity of rural America is contingent on common-sense immigration reform that improves job opportunity, provides local governments with the tools they need to succeed, and increases economic growth.”

The entire argument sounds suspiciously like Calhoun’s justification for slavery. He contended, according to Wikipedia, “Southern whites, outnumbered in the United States by voters of the more densely-populated Northern states, were one such minority deserving special protection in the legislature.”

The only real difference is how the workforce arrived to participate in the vital rural economy. In Calhoun’s day slaves arrived under duress, in Obama’s day the helots volunteer. Either way the rest of the country is supposed to tolerate and approve of what Democrats desire.

Both systems undermine our domestic labor market, penalize low–income Americans and reward those with no respect for the rule of law, which in this instance includes both employers and employees.

A simple application of market forces would solve the farmer’s labor problem. Right now there’s little demand among U.S. citizens for agriculture jobs at wages that are depressed by illegal immigration. Close the border while raising wages and watch the wonder of the marketplace at work.

Or invest in mechanization and replace the human factor with machines. Farmers made the switch from horses to tractors. Does the administration think automobile manufacturers would have invested in robotics if they had access to illiterate high school dropouts willing to work for minimum wage and no benefits?

The question answers itself. America would have been entertained by footage of workers fleeing Chipotle and General Motors when INS vans pulled into the parking lot. At least until the Obama re–election campaign began.

Agriculture lobbyists, dripping with concern for harried shoppers, contend that raising wages will mean produce prices go up. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. Besides, if gutless Republican Congressmen would force the federal government cut back on the double subsidy agriculture policy currently in place — farmers are guaranteed a minimum price and get paid by Uncle Sam, while consumers are stuck with higher prices at the grocery store — the reduction in prices caused by letting the market work without government interference, could well balance the increase in costs due to paying a market wage.

Strangely, the White House report issues a vague threat to begin “immigration enforcement actions that could tighten the supply of farm labor.” That appears to be a reference to deportation; something the Obama Administration essentially ended last summer. Threatening to do something Republicans have been demanding for months is hardly a credible threat and will do nothing to put pressure on the House to pass an amnesty bill.

Unfortunately for the administration, this warning is old, discredited news. Alabama passed a bill cracking down on illegal “rural” workers in 2011 and Democrats used many of the same scare stories. Yet Alabama produce did not vanish from the shelves. In fact, Gina Loudon reported, “Immediately after the bill (HB 56) was passed, the unemployment rate began to drop. Since the bill passed last legislative session, in some counties, unemployment has dropped dramatically. For example, unemployment has gone from 10 percent to 6.9 percent in the former illegal immigrant hotbed of Marshall County, Alabama.”

But it was so hard on farmers. According to a Reuter’s story, Jerry Spencer estimates 90 percent of the illegals left the county (note to Members of Congress) and he started recruiting the unemployed to replace the vanished amigos. “There’s a fair amount of reticence on the part of farmers to take the city folk and unemployed workers,” Spencer said. “They really hate letting go of their amigos because they’re so problem-free. They don’t squabble.”

Yeah, there’s nothing like a field full of docile illegals to make one feel like a real patron.

Before the Civil War Democrats and their politicians exploited slaves so they could live in the manner to which they had grown accustomed. Modern Democrat politicians, and the businesses they enable, are willing to exploit illegal immigrants for the same reason. Both sets of Democrats are more than happy to dump the resulting social costs on the rest of the country.

The question is how much longer are we going to put up with it?

Chris Matthews – Time travels back to the Civil War

Chris Matthews might not be suffering from tingling legs anymore, but it looks like he’s taken to time travel – maybe he read Kurt Vonnegut too many times? Who knows? No matter what, this is priceless!

Of course, the whole time-travelling back to the War of Northern Aggression isn’t new. Sheila Jackson Lee apparently did a little trip in the liberal time machine as well:

Only one question – Did someone legalize mind-altering drugs in Washington?

Holes: A mother’s love of son and country

“Doc, send my uniform to my mom. She’ll fix ‘em for me,” once said, was all the breathe that young soldier had left in him.

Major Daniels honored that soldier’s last request. He and a sergeant removed the uniform in silence. They set the pants and top across chair backs to let the blood dry out. It would take some time to let that much of a soak be ready for sending to the soldier’s mother.

No one wanted to believe in war. So untouched as the country was by it for so long. Sure, soldiers came home from war all the time. Plenty of conflicts and fighting, over there. But in the streets and towns of America, no, who would have thought so?

But it happened anyway. While plucking at the rose petals of freedom, the Federals had finally grasped a thorn. Once orders were given to use armed drones on citizens within the States all hell broke loose.

There were minor militias in the field across the country for both sides. Federal forces were of course the better armed and trained, in the beginning anyway. Militia backup for the federals were nothing but untrained, undisciplined thugs from the streets, looking to set their wrath upon anyone who got in the way. More in it for the pillaging ‘pay-back’ as they had been told all their lives they were due than any sense of preserving the union or patriotism. Blood was the currency.

In the Rebel ranks, all walks of life were there. Young, old. Rich, poor. Men and women. Everyone who knew what was at stake turned out in some way or another. Still, they were outnumbered. A war against them, generations in the planning had been let loose. From private to general though among the Rebel ranks, all knew it was a fight of winner-takes-all. Knowing what was at stake steeled spines as well as heated blood with courage enough to stand against those lopsided odds.

Her son’s funeral was a quiet affair. So many of her family were supports of the Federals, sending hateful letters to the mourning mother of how glad they were that her boy was dead: He was so stupid for fighting. Another brainwashed extremist as far as they were concerned, good riddance.

Those who weren’t there that loved the boy were already gone to fight or dead. As for the rest of the people who had known that young soldier, they didn’t have the time to worry about what was going on or to come to his funeral. No matter what happened those people didn’t care one way or the other, indifferent to anything other than what was on TV. As far as those kinds of people were concerned their lives were static. Nothing ever changed or would. Blissful indifference.

She stood there with her husband. He stood holding her, solid as a rock. Only his eyes told of the pain and anger ravaging within. Together the soldier’s parents stood over him, even after the grave was filled in and the workers left.

In the morning her husband left with a kiss. Rifle slung over his shoulder and a bag in hand. For a moment he stood looking back at his wife, his home of so many years. At the flag hung from his porch. Meeting his wife’s eyes- husband and wife-father and mother- both knew exactly what had to be done and were set about doing it.

Several days later a paper wrapped package came to her in the mail. Letters full of hate still came but had become a trickle. To each of those kinds of letters received she sent notes in response, notes of forgiveness. She did not return to those senders back their hate, but love instead. No easy task. She let her faith guide her pen strokes.

Feeling the softness beneath the paper wrapping she knew what was wrapped inside. Over the last year she had gotten several like it. Her son would send back uniforms and other things that needed to be mended. Some things were hard to come by anymore so an old fashioned approach was needed. Needle and thread. Frugality.

It was not her son’s handwriting on the paper she stared at from her chair at the dining room table. With great care she opened her last package of her son. She took up the uniform and sought the places to be mended.

Her heart was hard yet her fingers did their work. Threading the needle. Stitch by stitch. Her sons dried blood stained the fabric where she closed up holes. Bullet holes. Such small things.

She pricked a finger while at the last hole. One that would have been near to her son’s heart. She pressed the fingertip into the shirts stain, mixing hers and his together.

Laying out the clothes across her bed she went in to take a shower. There with the water in her face she cried aloud. Letter the spray wash away her tears as fast as they came. All that was held back against her heart she let free.

In the morning she stepped down her porch and walked to her car. She turned to look back, standing for a moment. She looked at the home she had lived for so many years. At the flag hanging from her porch. To the window upstairs that had been her son’s bedroom. A rifle slung over her shoulder and a uniform stained crimson in places scarred by careful stitches. She knew what needed to be done, and set about doing it.


Tom is an erratic contributor to CDN. Former U.S. Army Signal Corps soldier, outspoken future Re-Education Camp intern #7-2521, world traveler, combat veteran and Author of the new books Lone WolfSucker Punched, dystopian near future America novels, and One Tough Truck (a War Story) available at Amazon.com.



The Gettysburg Address Today

On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner commented on what is now considered the most famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. In his eulogy on the slain president, he called it a “monumental act.” He said Lincoln was mistaken that “the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here.” Rather, the Bostonian remarked, “The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech.”

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.[1]

For reasons “progressives” will either deny or refuse to acknowledge, this speech seems especially relevant at this moment in history. Through a combination of political correctness, secular multiculturalism, victimhood and intentionally misinformative rhetoric, America is now as deeply divided as during the 1860s. Ironically, we’ve returned to this place of division due largely to actions taken by a man who sold his candidacy on a message of post-racial reconciliation. Equally ironic is how this man’s major political allies aid and abet the Marxist takeover of America by equating resistance to massive government intrusion into private lives with racism.

Obviously “progressives” need a history lesson.

In the presidential election of 1860, the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states where it already existed. The Republican victory in that election resulted in seven southern States declaring their secession from the Union prior to Lincoln’s taking office on March 4, 1861. It’s important here to note that secession was led and participated in by Democrats (read: “progressives”) who insisted on maintaining slavery as a legal American institution.

In September 1862, Republican Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation made ending slavery in the South a war goal. Confederate commander Robert E. Lee won battles in the east, but in 1863 his northward advance was turned back after the Battle of Gettysburg. Confederate resistance collapsed after Lee surrendered to Grant at the Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.

Reconstruction, which began early in the war and ended in 1877, involved a series of federal and state policies. The long-term result came in the three Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution: the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery; the Fourteenth Amendment, which extended federal legal protections equally to citizens regardless of race; and the Fifteenth Amendment, which abolished racial restrictions on voting. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments were all passed without Democratic (read: “progressive”) support. In fact, they actively fought against all three Amendments.

Following the Civil War black leaders made substantial progress in establishing representation in the Republican Party. The first 100 black Congressmen elected to office were all southern Republicans. After Democrats (read: “progressives”) passed Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, literacy tests, and founded the KKK to intimidate and exclude blacks from public life, there wasn’t a single black elected to Congress for 75 years.

Besides excluding blacks from equal participation in public life, Democratic (read: “progressive”) white society also kept blacks in a position of economic subservience. When blacks fled the segregated south to live and work in the north, they were denied employment unless they agreed to join organized labor unions. In order to join a union, being a registered Democrat (read: “progressive”) was a requirement. The choice offered to blacks fleeing the south for employment in the “liberal” north was: become a Democrat (read: “progressive”) or you and your family will be left to starve in the streets. This was especially true during the FDR years.

Ever since black separatist Muslims assassinated Republican Christian Martin Luther King Jr. and LBJ hijacked the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, Democrats (read: “progressives”) have lied to American blacks. They’ve falsely accused Republicans of being the oppressors of the black community.

History shows us that, unlike the Civil Rights legislation passed following the Civil War, which Democrats (read: “progressives”) fought, the 1960s Civil Rights legislation passed with significant Republican support. In fact, it never would have come to a vote in the Senate without the efforts of Republican Senator Everett Dirksen, who broke the Democratic (read: “progressive”) filibuster.

Through a persistent combination of political correctness, secular multiculturalism, victimhood, misrepresentation and misinformation, Democrats (read: “progressives”) have continued to abuse and manipulate blacks into voting Democrats (read: “progressives”) into office.

Upon review, the cities and states with the highest percentage of unemployment and the largest budget deficits, are all run by Democrats (read: “progressives”). Cities and states with the highest taxes and biggest spending are the most regressive places to live in America. Many of them are either already bankrupt or are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Impoverished blacks have been voting for Democrats (read: “progressives”) for the past fifty years are still poor. This should tell all Americans exactly what they need to know about “progressives” and their policies.

For the second time in history, Democrats (read: ”progressives”), for their own personal and political gain, are doing everything in their power to divide America along racial lines. They’ve drawn the battle lines and are now openly and arrogantly daring their opposition to stop full implementation of the “progressive” agenda. ”progressives” continue to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate the masses in order to slake their unquenchable thirst for unrestrained power.

Once a cracker, always a cracker.

I pray to Almighty God that another Gettysburg Address will never become necessary. Should such an occasion again arise, as before, the responsibility will rest squarely upon the shoulders of “progressives”.

[1] Showcase: Gettysburg Address: http://showcase.netins.net/web/creative/lincoln/speeches/gettysburg.htm


B.I.A.- One of the Oldest Government Bullies


The Bureau of Indian Affairs was the biggest bully created by the government until the creation of the IRS. The BIA hasn’t been in the news much in recent history but that could change with one of their latest initiatives. The BIA has told the Cherokee Nation that they must let descendants of some slaves become members of the Cherokee Nation. There were a few tribe members that owned slaves but the Cherokee Nation itself did not own slaves. At the end of the Civil War all slaves were freed.  According to treaties with the Cherokees, the tribe is recognized as a sovereign nation by the United States government. So why is a government agency telling a sovereign nation that they must give citizenship to a certain group?

What do you think would happen if one of our government agencies told Spain that they must give citizenship to all descendants of people that were once slaves of the Spanish? It would be safe to assume the Spanish would give a diplomatic version of the middle finger.

That is essentially what the Cherokee Nation is telling the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk said:

“The department will not recognize any action taken by the nation that is inconsistent with these principles and does not accord its freedmen members full rights of citizenship.”

Acting Chief S. Joe Crittenden responded by saying:

“The Cherokee Nation will not be governed by the (Bureau of Indian Affairs), we will hold our election and continue our long legacy of responsible self-governance.”

Of course,  we all know the record the United States government has when it comes to keeping the treaties it has signed with Native American tribes. They will play nice until they discover something that they want that a tribe possesses. Then they will force that tribe to move or give up their possession(s) with little, or in most cases, no compensation at all.

We all know that the government has gotten too big for its britches and needs to be put in its place. Just like back in our school days the way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them and fight.

It looks like that is exactly what the Cherokee Nation is doing!

Jesse Jackson: It’s Civil War vs. Civil Rights

Jesse Jackson posits the argument that Conservatives want to re-fight the civil war in order to destroy his civil rights.

Social justice, slavery and more are thrown about as he attempts to dismantle the logical argument of true freedom – individual rights –  by pushing big government enslavement. His crowd is eating it up.

“Should you choose unity over individual freedom, you have simply volunteered yourself into the company of slaves”

The New Civil War

In case you have just returned from a long space-ship flight from Planet Zeon, I need to let you know that America is involved in another civil war. It is a war for the very soul of our Nation—as was our first Civil War! This war is not necessarily between America’s two controlling political parties. The war is between an ideology of conservatism and liberalism. And these two groups of thinkers are purposely dividing our nation, and these two diverse philosophies are about to separate the men from the boys.

Fiscal Conservatives are telling Americans that what they are attempting to do socially and economically is for the good of both the nation and her people. The liberals are telling all who will listen that what they are attempting to do is for the good of some Americans. From what I have seen and read both philosophical camps are being very honest and up front about what their positions are and what their fighting tactics will be. The two differing political and social philosophies should make it easy for Americans to pick sides; just as the obvious political differences in America in the years before the Civil War should have made it easy for most Americans to pick sides. Unfortunately Americans don’t always do the right thing! Americans don’t always make the right choices! There are many variables in our lives which can influence us to say or do or agree with what we know is wrong. Greed and power are way up there in the influencing of choosing wrong over right. Laziness and complacency also play a big part in determining which political party you favor.

Even Sincere People Make Mistakes

In the Civil War, friends and family were willing to fight each other to death in order to keep their rights. One side decided it was their patriotic duty to fight to free American citizens from slavery. The other side decided it was their patriotic duty to fight to own (free) Americans. Two complete opposites. Two completely different ideologies, and yet both sides were willing to die for what they believed was the right thing to do. It is not uncommon to hear the retold stories of the Yanks and Rebs singing church hymns as they camped at night on opposite sides of a river, only to wake up early the next morning with the goal of killing each other! Obviously, the people fighting on one side of this war were wrong!

Well the two differing philosophies are at it again! Fortunately, there are no guns involved in this war! But mark my words; even though there are no guns involved in this war, it is basically the same war all over again! Americans on one side are willing to fight to save this country and her people; while the people on the other side are willing to fight for the rights for a few to control people. Only this time the slave owner is Big Government. And their ‘partner in crime’ is Big Union.

This War Can Get Confusing so stay Focused!

From a literal Christian perspective it seems that the liberal politicians have it right. They say that they are standing up for poor people. Are they? The fiscally liberal politicians cry out that they are not in favor of cutting the budget because it will hurt those poor people who can’t afford medical insurance, and those poor people who are on fixed governmental incomes, and those poor people who are poor because they can’t find employment in this bad economy. Sounds like the non-budget cutting liberals are really in favor of helping poor people – just as Jesus would be. Would Jesus agree with liberal politicians? (We will answer this a little later.) But we know this much about Jesus. Jesus would definitely not want the Christian church financially supporting any health-care organization or government which is helping women kill their babies. There is a big difference between widows, orphans and sexually permissive females who casually and flippantly abort their babies. (This is another story for another day.)

On the other hand most Americans have heard (mostly from liberal sources) that the fiscally conservative politicians want to cut the budget so dramatically that old people, young people, women and children will suffer so tremendously that there will be people dying by the thousands – some liberals even openly profess that millions of Americans will die of hunger. Americans will hear stories (again from the liberal side) of how women will be dying in back alleys from self-induced botched abortions. And poor widowed single mothers will have to watch their children die from lack of medical care. (I warned you conservatives that you needed to stay focused. Remember, you are in a war.) The liberals unabashedly use words like: drastic, extreme, and barbaric when referring to the size of the budget cuts that fiscally responsible conservatives propose. Do you think it would be fair to say the liberals are using a little political propaganda to get their points across? You think! These political liberals will say whatever it takes just so long as it erroneously exaggerates whatever the conservatives are trying to do. I may be wrong, (NOT!) but I highly doubt that even the meanest conservative in America would purposely let one American, let alone thousands or even millions of Americans die as a result of budget cuts. Fixing entitlements like Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid are going to hurt, but they won’t kill anybody—except for maybe one or two shell-shocked liberals.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Oh yeah, back to the Jesus thing. Would Jesus Christ Himself be on the side of fiscally responsible conservatives or Big Government liberals? I really don’t believe that this is that hard to figure-out—that is if you are Bible believing Christian! So let’s go to the Scriptures. The mighty Apostle Paul, the Christian Church leader, the man who talked to Christ Himself, the guy who wrote most of the New Testament Bible, had the same problems with liberal thinkers and social leeches in the church that we have today in America. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church leaders and told them to solve this sin problem this way.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, we give you this command with the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ: Stay away from any Christian who lives in idleness and doesn’t follow the tradition of hard work we gave you. For you know that you ought to follow our example. We were never lazy when we were with you. We never accepted food from anyone without paying for it. We worked hard day and night so that we would not be a burden to any of you. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to give you an example to follow. Even while we were with you, we gave you this rule: “Whoever does not work should not eat.” Yet we hear that some of you are living idle lives, refusing to work and wasting time meddling in other people’s business. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people—no, we command them: Settle down and get to work. Earn your own living. – 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-12

Wow, would this Christian teaching work great for America today or what? Now again, the Apostle Paul is not telling Christians that they should not help out people. The Apostle Paul is simply commanding that the Christian Church should not help lazy, irresponsible people. Below is another excellent Bible teaching out of the New Testament. The verses above and the verses below will clearly show that God does not care for the term ‘being politically correct.’

The church should care for any widow who has no one else to care for her. But if she has children or grandchildren, their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God very much. But a woman who is a true widow, one who is truly alone in this world, has placed her hope in God. Night and day she asks God for help and spends much time in prayer. But the widow who lives only for pleasure is spiritually dead. Give these instructions to the church so that the widows you support will not be criticized. But those who won’t care for their own relatives, especially those living in the same household, have denied what we believe. Such people are worse than unbelievers. A widow who is put on the list for support must be a woman who is at least sixty years old and was faithful to her husband. She must be well respected by everyone because of the good she has done. Has she brought up her children well? Has she been kind to strangers? Has she served other Christians humbly? Has she helped those who are in trouble? Has she always been ready to do good? The younger widows should not be on the list, because their physical desires will overpower their devotion to Christ and they will want to remarry. 12 Then they would be guilty of breaking their previous pledge. Besides, they are likely to become lazy and spend their time gossiping from house to house, getting into other people’s business and saying things they shouldn’t.  So I advise these younger widows to marry again, have children, and take care of their own homes. Then the enemy will not be able to say anything against them. If a Christian woman has relatives who are widows, she must take care of them and not put the responsibility on the church. Then the church can care for widows who are truly alone. – 1 Timothy 5: 3-16

Enough said about Jesus’ position!

America is slowly Bleeding to Death

Fact Number One – This country is so far in debt, that unless we fix our budgets and pay off our bills, America as we know it is going to implode. This is a fact. Unless we fix America’s numerous multi-trillion dollar debts and get our annual budgets actually and factually balanced, the weight of those debts is going to crush this country like an ant under the foot of a fat man’s shoe. This is not a conservative propaganda ploy. Everyone in America knows that America is bleeding financially. I am just afraid that many do not know just how serious the economic bleeding is! I am also afraid that there are even more who don’t care.

Fact Number Two – America has a money spending problem. America is spending more money than they are taking in. This is a fact.

Fact Number Three – Now the important thing to realize about Fact Number Two is that America does not have a money problem. America has a spending problem. This is a fact. Presently, America takes in enough revenue to solve her budgets issues – if certain political dweebs would allow us to severely cut the wasted spending that is going on in this country.

I am not going to go into details about how much of this country’s taxpayer monies are wasted. I am not going to give you a detailed CPA account of the billions (yes billions) of dollars that are literally wasted by Big Government each year. I am not going to list the names of all the multi-million or even multi-billion federally funded or federally run agencies or organizations which could be severely budgeted or eliminated all together. I am not going to list the billions of dollars of foreign ‘aid’ that is spent each year in countries that don’t even like us! Do a simple Google search for ‘government financial waste’ and you will find thousands of hits which will clearly lay out the billions upon billions of tax-payer dollars that our government wastes each year.

Conservatives: Are You in this Budget War for the Long Haul?

President Lincoln had a famous quote; “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, and then stand firm.” Conservative political leaders need to truly believe that the laws and budget cuts they are attempting to pass are right for America and right for her people. When you truly believe something is right, you must be steadfast in that belief in spite of your surroundings and in spite of the pressures put on you to give up. This is what a conviction is.

Conservatives, do you have the stomach for this up-coming budget fight? Do you have the conservative audacity and resolve to ignore the liberal budget-cut mantra that will be spewing out of the mouths of liberals? Do you have the ‘stones’ to look into the eyes of the American voters and your liberal friends and clearly explain to them that liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Charlie Rangle and Harry Reid are not only political cowards, they are unpatriotic and political liars? Do you conservative politicians have the backbone to not mince words and to tell the American people want they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear.? There will be no sacred cows in this fight. I can promise you that the liberals will fight dirty. The liberals will have no problem spending hundreds of millions of (union donated) dollars to buy television, radio, internet and newspaper ads which will spin the budget cuts in such a way that they will make you conservatives seems like a reincarnated Genghis Khan.

Conservatives, take off the gloves. It is going to get real ugly in the months ahead! And I don’t mind you standing up and fighting for me. Just make sure you are in this fight to win. The second place finisher in a boxing match is still the loser!  Remember these liberals (just like the public union employees) are fighting for their very existence. The liberals know (just like the public union employees know) that what the conservatives are trying to accomplish will change the political and social climate in America for a long time to come. These fiscally stupid liberals have enough brains to know that if they lose these budget fights it will definitely put an end to Big Government!

Except for the Civil War, political philosophies in America never divided this nation quite like today’s budget wars. There is a very good chance that if we do not fix America’s financial problems this country will become a second- or third-world nation. America is a China hiccup away from going under. If China decides they want a serious return on the money we owe them, America as we know it is done.

Presently both conservatives and liberals are standing pretty firm in their positions. And the American citizens on both sides of this argument are also standing firmly behind their political parties. And in spite of the obviousness of the serious budget and debt issues America has, some refuse to help solve the problems. It is blatantly logical which politicians in this budget war are trying to do the right thing. And yet the other side refuses to help. The vast majority of liberal politicians in this country are just like the liberal Big Government public union teachers in this country. They are self-centered and they are self-serving and will let this country die economically just so long as they get their way. So Mr. and Mrs. Conservative please don’t forget that even if you do the right thing, there will be people who will speak evil of you so don’t get discouraged. You will always be considered evil by some people, so be thick-skinned. And Mr. and Mrs. Conservative please don’t start this fight if you are only it in because you like the poll numbers. And please don’t tell me that you are going to fight for my conservative values only to bail out when you get poked in the eye once and awhile. You conservatives control the microphones of this land right now. Choose you words wisely. And Mr. and Mrs. Conservative Politician, don’t you dare tell me that you consider yourself a patriotic conservative and then run and hide when the real fighting starts. Right now America needs conservative men and women who are more than willing to stand in the gap for however long it takes, for those of us who can’t.