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Denver PD in Riot Gear Evict Occupy Denver – Images and Video

Photo: Kira Davis

Reports are coming in the at 7pm Denver time, the Denver Police Department will be removing the Occupy Denver protesters from the Capital Building steps and Civic Center Park. This live stream is labelled “Occupy-Denver” and we’ll have it as long as it’s up.

As of 4:07 Mountain time, Police were filling the streets in riot gear and the protesters crowd sizes were growing as well.

At 7pm the riot police moved in. Some tear gas was reported to have been used, the park was evacuated. The Occupy Denver folks tried to take over a nearby intersection and were immediately pushed off of that street under threat of arrest.

Some reports of protesters being marched to jail instead of put in wagons, but that has not been confirmed.

Some of the stream producers seemed alarmed that the police were carrying guns, pepper spray and had batons. Others were disappointed that the tear gas guns and riot gear made it obvious that the police had not come to the park “to talk with them”.

One officer did comment that the park was closed by order of Denver Mayor Hancock.

CDN is seeking information on Occupy Denver’s next steps, but Shelby T. Dog, the canine elected-leader of the Occupy Denver movement has not immediately been made available for comment.

Live streams have ended – we’ll be posting recordings and images throughout the evening.

CDN’s own Kira Davis put this up: