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Suprise! San Francisco minimum wage hike causes food price hike


San Francisco implemented the first of several minimum wage hikes in May and a research firm has found evidence that it causes prices to rise to cover the cost – who’d a thunk? Liberals argue that raising the minimum wage is a “rising tide that lifts all boats” and that somehow, companies don’t need to increase prices just to pay ...

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House GOP Doesn’t Listen Any Better than Walmart

Occasionally the wrong person takes a column to heart. Earlier this month I wrote that Walmart doesn’t help its PR efforts when the company acts in a manner that only serves to reinforce its reputation as the Simon Legree of retail. (Details here.) In this instance an Ohio store had a display in the employee break room asking for donations ...

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White House Has ‘Peculiar’ Justification for Illegal Immigration

Someone in the White House is channeling John C. Calhoun. Stephen Dinan, of the Washington Times, writes the White House has issued a report that claims, “…the strength and continuity of rural America is contingent on common–sense immigration reform.” In other words, the availability of your boutique tomatoes depends on amnesty for illegals. The Obama Administration believes rural America, much ...

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