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CDC sounds alarm on U.S. ZIKA infection ‘clusters’

The mosquito-born virus ‘Zika’ has been largely reported as a Latin-American problem , until now. The Centers for Disease Control in the United States pulled together a gathering of over 300 local, state and federal officials to plan a strategy to handle expected clusters of the virus on the U.S. mainland. “The mosquitoes that carry Zika virus are already active ...

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Ebola Update 10-16-14

Ebola Virus

Dallas may declare state of disaster 3 Schools in Texas and Ohio closed due to Ebola 21-day Quarantine not long enough as much as 12% of the time   The Ebola virus in the United States seems far beyond the control of the Obama Administration’s Centers for Disease Control and so far, health care workers and the economy seem to ...

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Erring On The Side Of Life

During the CNN/Tea Party debate in Florida, one topic in particular became the focal point of attack on Texas Governor Rick Perry. Congresswoman Bachmann, in particular, went on the offensive against Governor Perry on this issue. While Governor Perry said that his decision had been wrong, and he would not make the same decision again, he also added that in ...

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