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Elizabeth Warren Is ‘A Disgrace’

A descendant of the Native American icon Geronimo was present at the Democratic National Convention when Elizabeth Warren delivered her speech, and he spoke with Ben Shapiro from Breitbart.com about Warren’s, the Massachusetts Senate Candidate running against incumbent Scott Brown, about her questionable ancestry.

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Rick Perry On Jay Leno (part 2)

Part two of Rick Perry’s interview on Jay Leno this week. Click here to see part one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZaeYnT6bpU

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Rick Perry On Jay Leno (part 1)

Part one of Rick Perry’s interview on Jay Leno this week. Click here for part two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48vMEKjvmBU

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Palin to announce today? – Update

The rumor mill has been churning out story after story about whether or not former Vice Presidential candidate and governor Sarah Palin will make a run for the presidency in 2012 since November 2008. Do a simple Google search for “Sarah Palin to announce run” and you will find over 4 million hits with predictions for the date she will ...

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Libertarian Steve Collett Launches TV Ad Campaign in CA’s 36th Congressional District Election

VENICE, Calif., May 16, 2011 — Libertarian congressional candidate Steve Collett has been airing a series of TV commercials for the Tuesday, May 17 election. Collett says he offers “win/win solutions where we actually get more by spending less.” In the first ad Steve says, “We have 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners and we ...

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