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Campaign Ads: Appealing to Women?

This is a case of two very different campaigns. The first, claiming a War on Women, manages to focus on only one issue. Unfortunately, it’s not the issue of jobs, nor is it the issue of respect. No, it is a campaign filled with sexual innuendo (remember Vote With Your Body Parts?), often seemingly aimed at the teen age boy block.

I present to you example one. Please know that this mom found the ad offensive and derogatory. It’s all about instant gratification. They say, it’s the times we live in. I’d like to think otherwise…

The second campaign is much more professional. They offer women in a positive role model, in high ranking jobs who are respected even when they have differing opinions. As you watch this ad you think these are women you’d like your daughter’s to emulate. Strong and effective, working together towards a common goal.

Some might say the campaign is a bit dull. I’d like to think otherwise…

There you have it. Two campaigns looking at women in very different light. What do you think? Your vote on November 6 will let you judge.