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White House Petition Calls for Ban on Creation Science, Intelligent Design Education in Schools

Bird or reptile, the debate over Archaeopteryx continues.

Bird or reptile, the debate over Archaeopteryx continues.

Wynton Hall of Breitbart’s Big Government website wrote a short piece that I think deserves attention and further discussion. In the article, Hall talks about how a White House Petition to ban Creationism and Intelligent Design conversation in public schools is gathering steam. You can see the full article at Big Government here.

Apparently the petition to ban Creationism and Intelligent Design from the classroom, launched by a virtually unknown party from Vienna, Virginia by the name of A.J. is gathering steam, garnering 23,000 signatures in just a week. It needs 100,000 signatures by July 15th in order to get any response from the government.

In his petition to the White House, A.J. writes:

“Both of these so-called ‘theories’ have no basis in scientific fact, and have absolutely zero evidence pointing towards these conjectures. These types of loopholes in our education are partially to blame for our dangerously low student performances in math and science.”

“Therefore, “A.J. continues, “we petition the Obama Administration to ban the teachings of these conjectures that contradict Evolution.”

Nice try A.J, but no cigar. You might as well petition the White House to ban a religion, like Christianity, or better yet, Islam!

People like A.J. are misguided on so many levels. His argument that Creationism in the classroom being responsible for low test scores of our students is laughable and provably false. Science and math classrooms virtually nowhere even touch on any theory other than Darwinian Evolution, even though it is that theory that has many gaping holes and misconceptions that bring the whole idea into serious doubt.

The poor performance of our students is directly linked to the socialist culture we find ourselves in. No longer is individual achievement through hard work and study taught. Instead, we are giving our students a pass on the tough subjects that will help them think and reason and develop, and we are replacing these topics with social sciences and rewritten history. We teach our children that America is to blame for everything, that we stole this land from the Indians and Mexicans, and that it is socially acceptable to see kids in the classroom who have gay parents.

Ken Ham, president of Answers In Genesis, a creationist organization, recently gave an interview to the Christian Post, and responded to the controversial petition.

“This anti-creationist petition is yet another example of the intolerance of evolutionist activists (who do not) want to see any challenge to their deeply held secularist worldview,” said Ham.

Answers in Genesis is one of the premier sources for scientific and philosophical proof of a creator and evidence pointing away from the theory of evolution. Ham and his people make a great case for their argument that is well documented and well-sourced, using scientific data that is hard to defend against. A guy like A.J., who can hardly bother to identify himself, would find himself being destroyed in debate by Ham or his many colleagues. That is why so few from the evolution side of the house even bother to show up for a debate of this kind, they cannot handle the embarrassment.

No one on the right wants to ban evolution study. It would be un-American to ban any kind of religious, or philosophical thought. But evolutionists aren’t bound by any such restraints. If their theory is in trouble, there is a simple solution, ban all education or debate from any other point of view.

Evolutionists have tried every trick in the book to ban all discussion from another point of view, they’ve even delved into fraud. Many of the so called missing links are questionable at best, and worst, out and out fraud.

Let’s be clear. Evolution vs. Creation is not science in the strictest sense. They are worldviews based on assumptions that help us in our overall view of the world, that’ why we call them worldviews. There are two different kinds of science; theoretical, and practical. Practical sciences observe nature and derive ways of using the physical laws to make life on Earth better. The theoretical sciences deal with less practical observations that are harder to prove and have less of a use, other than attempting to answer the question of, “who are we and why are we here?” That question is best left up to the individual in my view and there is a lot of information out there that one can absorb to help one formulate their worldview.

That kind of individual soul-searching is unacceptable for the evolutionist, who want nothing but their worldview taught in public schools. They are not teaching individual skills, reason. They are teaching children how to be good little workers in the socialist Utopia.

The idea that an entire worldview held by millions of Americans can just be wiped out by decree by the Government because of the selfish demands of a few thousand atheists is so profoundly un-American that it borders upon the obscene. Imagine what would happen if Christians attempted to ban atheists from banding together, or Islam from teaching their worldview in their private schools? There would be public outrage, and rightfully so.

I’m sorry to have to instruct the nation’s atheists once again, but you know America was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy! That fact is well documented in the writings or our Founders. Nothing you try can erase this fact, so Get Over It! Even so there is room for everyone in this mainly secular society to allow freedom of thought for all. I wouldn’t presume to force my religious views onto my Muslim friends from the former Yugoslavia, and they wouldn’t dare to impose their worldview on me. There is room for all here in the free market of religious and philosophical thought, and we can debate and share our worldviews without encroaching on the rights of others.

The mere appearance of some kind of philosophical or religious thought in the public sphere shouldn’t alarm anyone. We are allowed to choose, or not to choose to interact with it.

But if you come into my home and attempt to teach a philosophy that I think will damage my kids, be prepared for some pushback. A street preacher doesn’t force his worldview on anyone by talking openly in the public square, but a burglar forces his wretched worldview on the home-owner by breaking into the home to steal his possessions or cause harm to the family.

Your attempt to ban scientific, political, social, or religious thought, A.J. is blatantly stupid and dangerous and will result to nothing. We tolerate your worldview because we are Americans who believe in individual liberty. What we won’t tolerate is an assault on the essence that makes us all Truly American.

For information on Creation and Intelligent design research, I recommend the reader delve into the fascinating discussions on Answers In Genesis, Discovery Institute, or the Institute for Creation Research, and then make up your own mind as to their validity.

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The Hope and The Change, A Review

130 million homes, 7 key battleground states, the largest cable distribution of a political film in history… Could The Hope and The Change impact the November 6th presidential election? David Bossie and Stephen Bannon not only think it’s possible, they’re hoping for it.

David Bossie of Citizens United and Stephen Bannon of Victory Film Group have teamed up to present a game-changing political film that defies the typical rules of documentaries. Without endless tape of sob stories, pouring over boring statistics or shocking viewers with graphic photos, The Hope and The Change takes viewers into the lives of typical Americans throughout the country. It features 40 Obama voters who are registered Democrats or left-leaning independents. Their stories are compelling and relevant. They will affect you, and they will cause you to examine why you vote the way you do, regardless of political affiliation.

Bannon, the film’s director, says, “We wanted to show the real stories of real people… so we chose 40 democrats and independents, people who had voted for Obama in 2008, to tell their stories.”

The film took a year to complete with much of the pre-production work centered around polling and choosing the cast. Bannon chose Pat Caddell and Chandra Stewart, popular democrats, to lead that effort saying, “It was so important that we chose credible people to make this film. I think we achieved that.”

For conservatives, the film is almost a “told ya so” moment, but for Bannon, that’s not the intent. He says this film’s desired audience is the neighbor or friend who is having a little buyer’s remorse, someone who thought they were doing the right thing in voting for Obama. It’s for the grandmother who thought Obama would help her Medicare situation or the trucker who thought his business would thrive under lower gas prices. The Hope and The Change reminds everyone of the failed agenda and broken promises, but also offers true hope for a better future. In a sense, the film is giving these former Obama supporters permission to make a change.

The Hope and The Change has launched a massive ad campaign that spans the gamut of cable channels and will be aired multiple times throughout the last weeks of the campaign. The hour-long film, which will be in more than 130 million homes throughout the US and in key battleground states, could be a game-changer.

To find showtimes in your area, click here (and show a friend!): Showtimes

Another Bannon/Bossie collaboration, Occupy Unmasked, hits theaters this week and is sure to be a controversial end to the amazing life of Andrew Breitbart who is prominently featured in the film. Read more here: Occupy Unmasked

Occupy Unmasked

“For those who’ve been paying attention, this film is an affirmation. For those who haven’t, it’s a revelation.” – Stephen Bannon, CEO of Victory Film Group and close personal friend of the late Andrew Breitbart

Stephen Bannon, producer of the popular documentary Undefeated, teamed up with Citizens United and Andrew Breitbart to “rip the mask off” the Occupy movement.

In a theater near you is arguably the best work, and potentially most important work, of the late Andrew Breitbart. His last documentary, Occupy Unmasked, takes everything you think you know about the Occupy movement and turns it on its head. Through video evidence, documented proof and exposed email chains, Breitbart walks the viewer through the Occupy camps and rips the mask off the perceived intent of the protests to reveal the truly dark nature of the movement.

“This is not a bunch of college kids and hippies putting this thing together,” says Bannon. “Below the surface is a very dark, very ugly and very dangerous group of people.”

The film begins with nearly 4 minutes of media clips taking the viewer back to 2011, reminding us of the national conversation about America’s debt, the deficit and the debt ceiling debates that dominated the news cycles. The media would have you believe the Occupy movement grew out of disdain for government spending, that “largely peacefully” protests broke out all over the country in response to runaway debt. But only 2 minutes later the viewer will realize that media spin couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Just beyond the violence and chaos, drug use and property destruction, defecating on police cars and multiple rapes, are the Occupy organizers.

“They managed to change the narrative. Their goal is to create chaos, destroy the system,” continues Bannon. “They want to create anarchy, put the system in crisis and from crisis gain power.”

Occupy organizers were able to change the public conversation from cutting deficits and cutting spending to public outcry over income inequality. They created a narrative around class differences neatly packaged into a “haves versus the have nots” theme. This was no grassroots groundswell of otherwise unlikely political activists. Occupy is a well-crafted, carefully calculated strategy to dominate the national conversation to change America and eventually change the world. Occupy Unmasked proves this beyond doubt.

So who are the power-hungry, highly financed, media-connected Occupy organizers? Why did one such organizer, Malcolm Harris, a self-described communist, trick thousands of people into believing the band Radio Head would be performing at Zuccotti Park? Who is the New York Times writer who helped him? How are employee unions involved? Why is this group still organized, protesting and occupying? What are the real goals of the occupiers and what are the goals of the organizers?

See Occupy Unmasked in select theaters beginning September 21, 2012. To find a theater near you, click here.

“An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent…” – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

See The Hope and The Change, a film with the potential to change the course of the November 2012 presidential election. To read my review, click here: The Hope and The Change, A Review

My Side of the Story: MSNBC-gate

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the controversy surrounding my ejection from MSNBC’s outdoor pavilion during the DNC. I decided to lay out my version of events on YouTube. I hope this clears up any questions for you. I also want to thank Tabitha Hale of the Franklin Center, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan for standing by me during this ridiculous course of events.

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Flynn, Chambers, and Lewis Expose “Asses” In The Media At AFPF Dream Summit

Defending the American Dream isn’t only centered on elections.  While Michelle Malkin says that “the ballot box is the best sanitizer” for squishy Republicans and left-wing politicians, we must keep the media in check since they represent the second front in this war.  Matt Lewis, contributor at The Daily Caller, Mike Flynn, editor at Breitbart.com, and Francesca Chambers, editor of Red Alert Politics, detailed the state of journalism and bias in a panel discussion in the opening day of the summit.

Matt Lewis

As conservatives, we know the media has a left-wing bias.  We know they omit stories, make gross speculations, and outright fabricate stories, which are then broadcasted to the masses.  However, Matt Lewis says have no fear, since Twitter is here.  The surge in blogging and use of social media has allowed ordinary citizen journalists to post stories the mainstream media ignores on a daily basis.  Twitter has been instrumental in keeping the liberal media honest.  Lewis gave an example when Reuters flat out lied and said that Marco Rubio voted against the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor for the position of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.  The problem is Rubio wasn’t even in the Senate at the time.  Lewis likes what new media brings to the table since it’s effectively bringing to an end to the era when only “the experts” had a say in reporting the news.  Down with the old guard!

Mike Flynn reiterated such points and added that the media is against you and actively working against the interest of the American people. He recalled an atrocious incident in late 2009/early 2010 where a Tea Party rally was going on in Phoenix when President Obama visited the city.  An activist showed up with an automatic rifle to the rally, which is LEGAL in the state of Arizona.  Contessa Brewer, formerly with MSNBC, posted the photo and had a panel discussion debating whether the Tea Party was violent and racist.  The odd thing was that the photo was cropped because the activist was African-American.  A key example of the liberal media pushing a false narrative for political points.  Andrew Breitbart talked about the Democrat-Media Complex.  This is it!

He detailed two more examples of media bias by omission with the story about how the media gave little to no attention to the fact that Gallup found that 55% of Americans supported the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious.  He also pointed out the absurd story about how the media went into a frenzy when a Pew poll showed that Obama was ahead by ten points.  It’s funny because the poll sample was skewed D+19!  Flynn remarked that we haven’t had an electorate like that since 1856 when the GOP was in its infancy.

Mike Flynn

Flynn rightly said that we’re “dealing with asses in the media.” He declared that we’re our own wire services and can broadcast news via twitter or blogs, therefore, what the mainstream media says really doesn’t matter.  It’s de minimis at best.  Flynn admitted that he gets most of his news from foreign papers, in particular The Guardian, because they report on things that are often omitted here at home.  While he knows they’re left wing, Flynn credits them for being honest about their bias.

With the millennials coming of age, some younger conservatives have found it important to inform their generation about the facts on the state of affairs and not just what’s reported on The Daily Show.  Francesca Chambers, editor of Red Alert Politics, detailed stories of egregious bias with the WaPo’s hit piece concerning Romney’s alleged gay bashing in high school.  A story the alleged victim’s sister cannot recall.  A story that cannot be properly sourced since the person in question has passed away.  It’s sloppy journalism.

Chambers also recalled the abysmal New York Times piece, which detailed Romney’s houses and had NYT reported stalking his neighbors.  Chambers rightfully said that the media didn’t do this to John Kerry in 2004.  Last time I checked, he’s a very rich man.  She reminisced about the days when she thought the world of the Washington Post.  However, Chambers noticed inconsistencies with the reporting of conservative events that she attended.

Francesca Chambers

Concerning gross speculation, Francesca cited former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross of ABC News who falsely claimed that James Holmes, the culprit in the Aurora shooting, was a member of the Tea Party.  Bill McMorris of The Washington Free Beacon cited the white pages and found tons of people named James Holmes that lived in Aurora.

How did the media get so bad?  Mike Flynn blames the baby-boomers for making journalism/reporting an area for one to quench their political thirst.  To make a difference on the American political scene, even if the casualty is the truth.


Brandon Darby Exposes Negligence At DOJ In Handling Child Sex Slaves

Brandon Darby

Former left wing activist and Breitbart contributor Brandon Darby opined a disturbing column on July 30th detailing his efforts to get the FBI and the Department of Justice to act more diligently on child sex trafficking in the United States.  The findings point to outright negligence.

The column, which is featured in Townhall Magazine, is prefaced by the notion that this isn’t a hit piece.  It’s based on facts and from information ascertained by serious people who are in the FBI or work for them.  One of them being another FBI asset named Dottie Laster, who helped Darby in this investigation.

Darby states that problems with pursuing a full investigation into sex trafficking of minors partially rested with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  They seem to have problems coordinating, which is a typical problem in government. In fact, as Darby found out, any law enforcement agency receiving federal funds was required to inform ICE of any investigation involving human trafficking. A point of fact rendered moot by ICE’s penchant to go solo on raids.

In all, “ICE has a very thin charter, and removing possible illegal aliens took priority over prosecutable cases. If ICE engaged in a raid too soon, the local agency investigating the possible human trafficking was left with little evidence for prosecutions and therefore wasted much needed dollars and work hours. The end result of this dynamic was human traffickers walking away with little consequence, free to continue their enterprise, and law enforcement agencies that shied away from launching such investigations.”

However, concerning the FBI, which Darby states is an apex law enforcement agency, they have the full authority to launch investigations without informing local law enforcement or ICE.  Thus, less red tape to get the job done and deliver these evildoers to justice right? Wrong.  To further complicate matters, the U.S. Attorneys’ Office often didn’t have the resources to properly tend to the victims needs.  These needs centered on basic amenities like food and shelter, hence, why most cases weren’t pursued by the Bureau. Darby pointed out that:

The FBI was dependent on the U.S. Attorneys’ Office to designate the victims as witnesses before resources were available to the victims. This dependence on the U.S. Attorneys’ Office for short-term and intermediate resources seemed to be the clog preventing freedom and safety for many trafficking victims based on my research and the FBI agents and assistant U.S. attorneys I [Darby] spoke with. Human traffickers often targeted illegal aliens who were already in the United States, or would kidnap and bring unwilling citizens from other countries across the United States’ porous border. Therefore, various types of visas would have to be made available for many victims if their testimony was needed to prosecute and neutralize the perpetrators of the slavery. However, other human trafficking victims were U.S. citizens who were either suffering from various addictions or were teenage runaways. Both Laster and I saw the same DOJ hesitancy to help in both groups.

Since food and shelter seemed to be at the heart of the hesitancy amongst the various agencies, Darby  “[reached] out to the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart. In short order, Breitbart, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, Hannah Giles and I created a nonprofit named Citizen Patriot Response to organize tea party groups to help communities and individuals in need without governmental funding and dependence.” Darby stated that this group wasn’t founded on the basis on human trafficking, but remains a critical issue.  As a result, he used his home as a place of refuge for the exploited.  Darby also began to work with a source within the FBI known as::


Special Agent X [who] began to dutifully examine the cases Laster and I presented…Laster and I presented dozens of cases to the FBI. Many of the cases involved minors who were being forced to have sex with adults for monetary reasons under the threat of violence from human traffickers. Special Agent X worked diligently to record our information and initiate investigations. Laster and I educated ourselves further on guidelines and protocols that the DOJ used in handling such cases. We felt assured by our research that it was a matter of law and a matter of internal policy that the FBI had to investigate and act on cases where minors were identified as being involved. All seemed well.

But the majority of the cases we worked on with Special Agent X never turned into investigations for the FBI—even the ones involving children that the FBI was mandated to act onSpecial Agent X was shipped to a different part of the United States and was forbidden to work on human trafficking issues any further, even though the guidelines had been followed. I was deactivated without cause (meaning in good standing). As of press time, the new special agent assigned to Laster returned her call but hasn’t communicated with her about the cases.

What an absolute disgrace.

S.E Cupp, Bill Whittle, and Larry O’Connor Take on Vicious Hollywood Left at RightOnline

Larry O’Connor of Breitbart TV, S.E. Cupp, and Bill Whittle of PJ Media described the inherent rot on the left that resides in Hollywood.  In addition, they also detailed the left’s inability to bash conservatives in the media figures meant to discredit American values. For example, Norman Lear, a big liberal in Hollywood and creator of All In The Family, originally intended (or hoped) for Archie Bunker to be loathed by American audiences.  Lear literally tried to make Bunker look like Angelina on Jersey Shore.  Whittle stated how the portrayal of Bunker’s blue collar conservatism was suppose mock the right, but American audiences liked him!

Whittle also detailed how culture has driven the political narrative since the times of Shakespeare with plays critical of the Catholic Church that eventually lead England’s break with the Vatican and the creation of the Church of England.  The late Andrew Breitbart understood this and Whittle reiterated the fact the the culture war is located in Hollywood, not in Washington.  All to often, we now have movies, television series, and music disseminating content that does not adhere to American values of decency, honor, and service.   I’m a die-hard cultural conservative, but there is something to be said when every villain is personified as a greedy Wall Street banker, a rogue CIA operative, a sociopathic soldier, or a corporation peddling an evil, surreptitious agenda. I completely agree with Whittle.

In essence, the Hollywood Left thinks conservatives are “retarded.”  In a perspicacious analogy concerning the film Forrest Gump, Whittle stated how  Forrest’s “slow” minded character  is what liberals visualize when they think about conservatives and our values. Forrest is a typical country bumpkin who played football for Alabama who joins the army to fight in Vietnam where (spoiler alert!) he receives the Medal of Honor for bravery.   Jenny is the left-wing sweetheart, who experiences a deluge of drug use, promiscuous sex, and liberal activism. However, her life has no direction.  Forrest fights for our ideals and always makes the right life decisions, despite his handicap, while Jenny’s free love lifestyle ends with her contracting AIDS and dying from it.  Whittle also makes note the parasitic relationship Jenny has with Forrest.  She crawls back to him, he takes her in, and then she dumps him.

He feels no feelings of anger of rage and continues with his life.  He finds success through shrimping and becomes a philanthropist.  The character encompasses the ideals of hard work, honor, and public service. These are inherently American values that the film,directed by a liberal and starring a liberal, attempted to trivialize, but failed for the simple fact that conservative values are un-malleable .  A point that Whittle vociferously made at the closing of the discussion.

Concerning how the left responds to religious films, S.E Cupp detailed how the media was troubled about the release of the first  Chronicles of Narnia film that had overt Christian undertones.  A non-controversy since the United States is majority Christian nation, which was a point comically made by Cupp.  However, when The Golden Compass was released, the media apparently drooled over its release as the first secular film that is more palatable for American audiences.  Well, the atheist movie bombed and Narnia was a financial success.  It also didn’t help that Compass, in general, was not a very good movie.

What was the most disturbing portion during the panel’s discussion concerned how conservatives deal with working in a hostile work environment.  All three were in agreement that conservatives must tread carefully if they wish to maintain their careers.  They also noted that support for causes, like caring for our wounded veterans or thanking them for what they do, is construed as “conservative” by the Hollywood liberals.  Whittle detailed stories of how some of the people he knows in Hollywood  who were forced to “look at their shoes in make-up rooms” and overhear vicious bashings our men and women in uniform as rapists and psychopaths.  Smearing so brutal that it brought some to tears. However,  if they wish to work, they had to keep their mouths shut.

While the panel was not convinced that Hollywood was unsalvageable, they did make the point that this is the long fight.  However, O’Connor quoted Breitbart’s statement of  “more voices, not less” when it comes to these situations.  The panel also made a note that back in the late 1980s, conservatives use to add to the liberal media to fight it.  Produce competing material so the narrative wouldn’t become too dominated, hence the reason the panel argued why Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye should be broadcasted at 10pm.  A suggestion that brought an enthusiastic applause.  That’s one of the many ways to fight, unlike our adversaries who call for outright banning of material they hate.

In conclusion, the war with the Hollywood liberals is a long, slow, and bloody affair, but one that is not un-winnable.


Why obama Can’t Quit Maher

Yahoo! News, that proud, card-carrying member of the “progressive” Party Pravda, is on the attack again. What else should be expected from a website that looks like it’s part of the obama re-election campaign? They’re resurrecting the birth certificate issue and attempting to tie it to Mitt Romney. In an article published May 30, 2012, Amy Walter, David Chalian, Rick Klein, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham pronounce: “Trump is still embracing “birther” theories, saying that President Obama was not born in the United States, despite the fact that the Obama administration has clearly proven he was.” The attack continues: “Team Romney thinks that even now — with the primary battle in the rear view mirror — there is a danger in alienating someone like Donald Trump — the campaign doesn’t know what he might do on the outside, and it does not know what people who agree with Trump might do with their support.” A view of the accompanying video shows their smug faces displaying pleasure in and relish for the attack. Like hyenas at first blood on downed prey.


Never mind that twelve days prior to this latest Yahoo News hit piece, Ben Shapiro of Breitbart’s Big Government discovered that: “the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.”


On that same day Joel Pollack, also of Breitbart’s Big Government, revealed the existence of a pamphlet stating: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”


The existence of this pamphlet reveals why people like Donald Trump still question the place of obama’s birth.

So the smug, “holier than thou” attitude openly displayed by Walter, Chalian, Klein, Coolidge & Pham in their attack on Trump for simply answering questions about the “birther” issue posed to him by members of the “progressive” Party Pravda is entirely misplaced. Trump simply used his influence and the power of his prestige to pressure obama into showing some proof of birth. Why this was and is such a monumental hurdle for the “most transparent administration” in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy to overcome raises more questions. If there is nothing for obama to hide, why is money being spent to fight revealing said records? Especially when that money could be directed to his re-election campaign? Is obama hiding his college records because they’ll reveal that he enrolled in multiple academic institutions as a foreign exchange student? Again, for the “most transparent administration” since the Big Bang, a simple request to reveal college records is more difficult a climb than Mount Everest?

For Walter, Chalian, et al to express such disdain for Romney’s candidacy because he wants to avoid alienating Trump’s supporters (their assessment) reveals the hollowness of the entire misguided attack.

Wanting to avoid alienating voters is exactly why obama refuses to distance himself from the likes of Bill Maher, whose indefensible, pathologically misogynistic attacks on Conservative women go beyond the pale. obama’s afraid to alienate Maher’s viewers, just as he’s afraid to alienate other members of his extreme, fringe leftist base. Without a mass turnout of his “tax the rich” “government’s job is to take care of us” “occupy whatever” supporters, obama cannot win in November and he knows it. So do his whimpering, obedient suck-ups in the “progressive” Party Pravda.


Fauxcahontas And The Trail of Tears

DonkeyHotey (CC)

News Bulletin: If you have high cheekbones, you might be Native American.  Or at least, that’s what presumptive Democratic Senate nominee Elizabeth Warren stated to justify her unproven claims of Native American ancestry.  A puzzling revelation since she had detailed many aspects of her personal life on the campaign trail.  However, the Boston Herald reported that:

Warren’s statements come as genealogists at the New England Historic Genealogical Society were unable to back up earlier accounts that her great great great grandmother is Cherokee. While Warren’s great great great grandmother, named O.C. Sarah Smith, is listed on a electronic transcript of a 1894 marriage application as Cherokee, the genealogists are unable to find the actual record or a photograhic copy of it, Society spokesman Tom Champoux said. A copy of the marriage license itself has been located, but unlike the application, it does not list Smith’s ethnicity.

So her records indicating such ancestry is hearsay at best.   However, Warren stated that “being Native American has been part of my story I guess since the day I was born…these are my family stories, I have lived in a family that has talked about Native American and talked about tribes since I was a little girl.”   Well, Ms. Warren just because you share stories of Native American ancestry; doesn’t make you one. Just like how I’m not Italian for indulging in the various stories of my family’s roots around the dinner table.

Nevertheless, Warren enrolled as a minority at law school where she hoped to meet similar people other people with real tribal roots.  She blasted Scott Brown for suggesting she used her minority status to gain employment, but if her records are shoddy and she landed jobs based on her checking that box in the application form, it’s grossly naive to say it had no impact on her career choices.  As a “minority,” (although I like to refer myself as an American) I can safely say that presenting yourself as such does reap some benefits in your college and employment search.  However, I’m 100% Korean (I look the part) and I have the papers to prove it.  However, I’m confident that up to this point, I have received every opportunity based on my work ethic (a cornerstone in the Vespa family) and diligence in whatever task that was assigned to me.  I think Ms. Warren can make such a case.  However, why she decided to go on this faux Native American route displays a false narrative fraught with political opportunism.

However, instead of owning up to it, she doubled down on the false claim.  With Elizabeth Warren’s Native American roots exposed as lacking authenticity, a real coup de grace occurred when it was discovered that her ancestors actually rounded up Native Americans in their forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears.

O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is that her husband, Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee—the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837.

Jonathan Crawford, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford’s husband and apparently Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, served in the East Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteer Militia commanded by Brigadier General R. G. Dunlap from late 1835 to late 1836. While under Dunlap’s command he was a member of Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion, and Captain Richard E. Waterhouse’s Company.

These were the troops responsible for removing Cherokee families from homes they had lived in for generations in the three states that the Cherokee Nations had considered their homelands for centuries: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Jonathan Crawford most likely did not join the regular Army troops who “escorted” these Cherokees along the Trail of Tears. He did, however, serve once more with Major William Lauderdale’s re-formed Batallion of Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteer Militia. This group fought the Seminole Indians in Florida during the Second Seminole War.

I wonder how the mainstream media will spin this one?

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Stupidity With A Side of Nazi Please

The Nazi allegations are floating around again.  Like racism, being labeled a Nazi by anyone in the political spectrum, left and right, is not only irresponsible, but grossly sophomoric behavior that is akin to sixth grade antics in the lunchroom.  To put it simply, there is no vast national socialist plot to takeover the country.  We have a constitution that prevents the rapid centralization of power that would fit the governing model of a national socialist government.  Yes, Barack Obama and George Bush are both at fault for expanding the six and scope of government to unacceptable levels, but that doesn’t make them Nazis.

While I have great respect for Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, I found his remarks about Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen Casey’s tax law that would mandate that wealthy people prove they didn’t renounce their citizenship for tax reasons.  This comes in light of  Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s renunciation of U.S. citizenship before the social media site went public last Friday.  According to Bernie Becker and Erik Wasson of The Hill,

“the targeting people that turn in their passports reminded him of regimes that had driven people out of the country, only to confiscate their wealth at the door.  I think Schumer can probably find the legislation to do this. It existed in Germany in the 1930s and Rhodesia in the ’70s and in South Africa as well, said Norquist. “He probably just plagiarized it and translated it from the original German.” The Nazis infamously implemented a departure tax on Jews who tried to flee Germany before World War II.”

One could have argued that there are bigger issues at hand with the economy and our entitlement structure than focusing on whether a few wealthy Americans abandon their citizenship in the future. Instead of Nazi references, Grover could have made an eloquent attack on this law by discussing the gross overreach of congressional power, the reasons why we should expand our 72,536 page tax code, and how will this new law make collecting revenue more efficient.  I’m guessing the cost to collect the tax from would-be ex-patriots would outweigh the benefits.

On the left, we have left-wing blowhard Stephanie Miller comparing Mitt Romney to Hitler due to his past “bullying” episode and the inability for liberals to understand or stomach the amoral disposition of capitalism.  On an equally idiotic footing, she also compared GOP policies as promoting”state sponsored rape” against women.  Newsbusters broke a story surrounding Michelle Goldberg, contributor to Newsweek/Daily Beast, who penned a piece even comparing Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin.

The source of the controversy centered on a piece Ann Romney wrote for USA Today for Mother’s Day:

Cherish your mothers. The ones who wiped your tears, who were at every ball game or ballet recital. The ones who believed in you, even when nobody else did, even when maybe you didn’t believe in yourself. Women wear many hats in their lives.

Daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, one hat that moms never take off is the crown of motherhood.

There is no crown more glorious.

I guess motherhood really got the fascists going, but I think it’s really hedged on liberals engaging in their usual stupidity.  Goldberg responded by saying that “I found that phrase ‘the crown of motherhood’ really kind of creepy, not just because of its, like, somewhat you know, I mean, it’s kind of usually really authoritarian societies that give out like The Cross of Motherhood, that give awards for big families. You know, Stalin did it, Hitler did it.”  Yep, where did I leave my steel-toed boots again, I’m ready to march.

The truth of the matter is that Nazism is a rather hybrid of various political leanings.  It’s not exclusively right or left wing.   Both fascists and communists espoused totalitarian governing styles, with an emphasis on organized labor, and the view of capitalism as a failed ideology.  The only exception to the rule is that communism advocated a classless, international proletariate controlling the goods and means of production, while fascists espoused celebrating the triumph of their respective nation.  In other words, they decided to flip off the fraternity notion and go their own way celebrating their own racial or ethnic superiority.  Not an overly brotherly disposition.  In all, since Nazism is a political philosophy with more that 50 shades of grey, I propose we have a indefinite moratorium on using this label to smear or attack political opponents, unless they actually espouse a national socialist platform, which will never happen.  It’s ignorant, stupid, and lacks sophistication to just call one’s opponent a “Nazi.”  We’re conservatives with the truth, facts, and numbers on our side.  Do we really need to engage in this nonsensical behavior?  As for the left, I would say the same thing, but being that the world is your oyster; it’s bound to slip through the cracks of your shamefully spineless philosophy.

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War! — The New Media & Old Media Battle for America

The late Andrew Breitbart declared “War!” on the establishment media and patriotic citizens mustered behind that raucous cry. The descent of mainstream media following years of misreporting, demonization of over half of the citizenry, and exculpation of an entire political party from wrongdoing, led to broken trust and the opening of people’s minds to new sources of information. The slow suicide of left-wing journalism provided fertile preconditions for an upsurge in civic participation.

The rise of the Internet provided the platform for New Media’s genesis, leading to an outpouring of creative and passionate content, both cultural and political. In many ways, the clash between New Media and Old Media was inevitable.

Much like the spontaneously arising Tea Party movement, New Media developed into a loose network of fellow-minded individuals and associations, whose common characteristic is they yearn to break free of cultural conformity and leftwing political correctness. It is not comprised merely of well-known alternative media outlets, but hundreds of thousands of bloggers and citizen journalists, who have self-organized in a version of the Swiss canton defense.

Instead of rifles, today’s New Media soldier carries a laptop or an iPhone.

This war we are engaged in is not bloody, but is a series of battles for the hearts and minds of the American people. The casualties are the broken dreams, lives unfulfilled, and talents unrealized of individuals due to the coercion of the state, whose wielders are primarily interested in political domination, wealth expropriation, and social control. The left’s main weapon in this war is deception.

The way the left-wing media ran cover for the president, while failing to fully vet him, has been a major spur for New Media to pick up the torch and hold the power elite accountable. As Breitbart stated at CPAC, “This year Obama will be vetted.”

Dispelling the Media’s Fog of War

Diversion and entertainment are indispensable weapons in the left’s campaign to keep people from understanding what is going on to their country. The sum effect of the media’s diversionary tactics is to create a “fog of war,” where many Americans are no longer able to see what is important or what is in their self-interests. This situation is eerily similar to the result of successful military and intelligence campaigns. As the Pentagon’s Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms puts it, “deception” is:

Those measures designed to to mislead the enemy by manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence to induce him to react in a manner prejudicial to his interests.

Deception has a long-standing place in politics and in warfare. Indeed, Clausewitz argued for the inseverability of the two concepts in his dictum, “warfare is the continuation of politics by other means.” Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military adviser, summarized that “All warfare is based on deception.” A few poignant historical allusions draw a parallel between the left’s assault on the nation’s institutions and militarized warfare.

The Biblical story of Gideon and his battle with the Midianites provides a powerful lesson for conservatives, albeit in reverse application. When Gideon found himself outnumbered by the Midianites outside their encampment, he ordered a dispatch of men to blow horns and smash jars to create the illusion that his army outnumbered them. The Midianites fled, and the victory was his.

Leftists are outnumbered, according to nearly every poll of political self-identification, but have to maintain the impression that they are in the majority through media repetition and ideological conformity.

Political correctness is the doctrine that keeps the left toeing the line. It is a kind of state-enforced group think meant to lead Americans into self-censorship and to keep them from speaking up when their actual rights, such as property rights, are being violated. The statists thus try to create a cultural milieu where reverence for constitutionally limited government is akin to hate speech.

It only follows, therefore, that tea party activists are referred to as “terrorists” and “insurgents” for merely seeking to preserve freedom in the country. That is because to statists, tea party activists are the enemies within. But these citizens are holding the breach against totalitarianism, the form of government the modern left assuredly wants.

Another military analogy, well-known to all computer users, is that of the Trojan horse. The mainstream media packaged Obama as a moderate, knowing full well he was a radical community organizer, and once the most left-wing voting member of the U.S. Senate — more so than even the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders. After the American people wheeled the offering into the White House, a gang of Chicago street thugs filed out and proceeded to take the taxpayers to the tune of trillions.

Despite this obvious debacle, millions of Americans refuse to change their initial impression of Obama that he is anything but a nice guy. This is actually a psychological phenomenon utilized in disinformation campaigns called Magruder’s principle. This holds that it is generally easier to get a target to maintain his belief system than to alter it. But the media have over-relied on this psychological weakness, and are starting to make mistakes.

The disparity between those who like the president personally, for example, and those who approve of his policies suggests that many of his professed supporters will simply stay at home on election day. This is due to cognitive dissonance, which immobilizes political action.

The sense of post-decision dissonance, or “buyer’s remorse,” will lead to less excitement and grassroots activity to re-elect the big-talking president, who has failed to deliver on his lofty promises of hope and change. To keep voters from fully realizing this indisputable reality, the media are lobbing countless distractions at the public.

The Politics of Distraction

Much of our political culture is designed to lead to irrelevant mental fixations. A farcical play is trotted out before the public, composed of diversionary tactics that entertain the attention of the undereducated and misinformed. These distractions act like five alarm fire bells going off while looters ransack the joint.

Identity politics are thus meant to pre-occupy us while statists plunder the economy. Notice how much attention the Trayvon Martin shooting received, although the state-run media definitely jumped to conclusions about the racial makeup of the shooter Zimmerman (calling him a “white Hispanic,” whatever that is).

While the FBI is trying to fabricate a “hate crime” for Zimmerman for maybe thinking a politically incorrect thought about Martin, there is a strong case to be made that Zimmerman acted in self-defense. Bruises on Martin’s knuckles and gashes on Zimmerman’s head suggest that the latter was assaulted before he pulled his gun, which he had a right to carry.

But never mind, the media seem to say, let’s convict the man based on his skin color and whatever he may have been thinking at the time. Let’s fabricate evidence and gin up race-based animosity that may even lead to a man being injured or even killed. What transpired during the investigation was an egregious display of journalistic malpractice punctuated by an extremely dangerous legal disposition.

The examples of identity politics being used to divide Americans, and reunite them on the left’s terms, are boundless. As a recent Newsweek article put it, written by the statist sycophant Andrew Sullivan, Obama is the “first gay president.” A subsequent Atlantic article pointed out that Obama has also been called the first female, black, Asian, and Jewish president. While Obama’s stance that he is favor of gay marriage has been lauded across the globe as “brave,” it does not change a thing policywise and is actually nearly identical with the despised Dick Cheney’s.

But that brings us to the point: What difference does it make if two gay men have their marriage recognized by the state, if the federal government is taking over the economy to the tune of trillions? All of these issues are idle fixations in comparison to the looming economic disaster. The upcoming debt ceiling debate again reminds us that our debt levels are out-of-control, and will actually engulf the entire economy around 2027 if they go unchecked. That is less than a generation away. We must engage the left with everything we’ve got to avert this imminent disaster.

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

There are signs springing forth suggesting that this battle can be won. It is a plain fact that most Americans no longer trust the Old Media. After selling us a bill of goods during the 2008 campaign, many people are either turning elsewhere for their news or doing their own research. At the very least, they are tuning Old Media out. Evidence for this is the left’s failed “War on Women” meme, which was quickly reversed into a “War on Moms” after Democrat operative Hilary Rosen gaffed during an attack on Ann Romney. Mitt Romney subsequently went from a sizable deficit to a recent lead among women voters.

Other attempts at luring Americans into preoccupation about trivial matters have failed as well. In violation of the fifth maxim of the U.S. Army’s manual on “Battlefield Deception,” the left has created too much noise, thereby frustrating its disinformation and distraction campaign. Everything is a war on this, or a war on that: on women, on dogs, on everything except war itself.

Americans are already experiencing battle fatigue from the long election campaign, and the left-wing base is proving difficult to rouse. Young people are concerned that only half of graduates look to find meaningful employment under Obama. The Occupy Movement’s campfires have fizzled out to a whining hiss. And the Democrats are in a Catch-22 of having to use over-the-top language to mobilize its foot soldiers, while risking the ire of moderates who prefer a more civil and cooperative tone.

The cynical employment of martial language by the left is no accident — radicals approach their political struggle within our country as a long-term war. That is why leftists don’t sympathize with our military, though they do with our enemies. Radicals, dictators, and Islamists share a mutual hatred and enmity towards the United States as it was founded. And towards anyone who defends the country on those terms to boot.

The organized left has spent too much time engaging in a Gramscian “long march” though the institutions of the country — the schools, the universities, the media, the courts — to simply let an “insurgency” like the tea party rise up and oppose them in the culture. The left has devised sophisticated psychological techniques to manipulate the “superstructure” in order to loot the economic “base.” Anyone who attempts to break this linkage will thus risk the wrath of the parasitical left and will likely be viciously attacked.

America is in a war of sorts; and elections are a way of settling political disputes short of actual war. Historically, elections were devised as  a way of ascertaining head counts of people who could be brought to bear in a war, should conflict openly break out into political violence. We need to be aware of this continuity of politics and warfare, and preserve our democratic republic as a way of preventing escalating social conflict. This ultimately entails a safeguarding of individual rights.

Victory in our struggle will come when each individual is free to speak his mind, explore his potentialities, and fulfill his utmost potential, so long as he does not impede the ability of his fellow citizens to do likewise. As the Paul Reveres of this generation, we must be prepared to ring our own alarm bells: one if by land, two if by sea, and three if by teleprompter.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN.

Socialist Circle of Influence

As if we needed more evidence that President Obama’s young adulthood was riddled with radical influence, another video has surfaced courtesy of Breitbart.com that depicts then Harvard Law student Barry Obama praising and embracing Professor Derrick Bell.

In the days following the release of the video the blogosphere erupted with background checks, additional video and reaction to Professor Bell’s lifelong work, Critical Race Theory.

While media pundits and political junkies pour over what CRT is and how it affects race relations in America, one young man took a slightly different reactionary approach.

Justen Charters created this video after stumbling upon signifcant evidence tying Obama’s beloved professor and mentor, Derrick Bell, to the president’s long list of criminals, socialists and anti-Christian relationships from his past AND present.

Professor Bell seems to have been intimately connected with many of the same usual suspects in the progressive and socialist movements.

As the video points out, Professor Bell was a frequent sponsor of the socialist publication New Politics, as was cofounder of the Cloward and Piven strategy for creating national socialism in America, Francis Fox Piven. New Politics was founded by members of the Independent Socialist League.

** A photograph of Francis Fox Piven standing behind President Bill Clinton at a Bill Signing Ceremony can be seen here: American Thinker

Professor Bell’s connections don’t end in merely sponsoring a socialist publication. He was also co-contributor to the book What Brown Vs. the Board of Education Should Have Said with current Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein. Sunstein’s more notable publication is Nudge, which argues that the government knows best and has a responsibility to “nudge” citizens into making good choices through laws and regulation. Bell spent a large portion of his career rendering opinion regarding Brown v Education which ended in a unanimous Supreme Court decision prohibiting segregation in schools.

Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein

Professor Bell is quoted as saying he lived his life to “harass white people.” Putting his words to action, he co-contributed to many books that supported his theory of “permanent racism,” which purports that racism is inherent in white people and will never be eradicated. One such publication is called Race, Gender and Sexuality, which was primarily authored by Black Panther Party for Self Defense co-founder Huey P. Newton. See images of Newton here: Marxists.org

The revelations in this short video outline the radical and socialist traits of Professor Bell. More importantly, it contributes to growing evidence that this pattern of traits were not only appealing to President Obama in his early adulthood, but that he still carries similar beliefs with him today.

Married To The Game March 3rd: The Humdinger

If you have yet to hear the sensation that sweepin’ the nation, Married To The Game, then this is the episode to get you acquainted.  Ai Politics takes aim at everything from “SlutGate” to why the Republican party needs to learn some lessons from Apple.  There’s a tribute to Andrew Breitbart, and Ai discusses accusations thrown at Breitbart in regards to Shirley Sherrod.  There’s even a story in there somewhere about where to find the best snow cones in America. (really)  Married To The Game is the show that espouses conservative values without the spin.  What are you waiting for?  Click play now.

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This Post is Not About Rush…

This is not a post about Rush…or how I feel about his choice of words when describing sex activist Sandra Fluke. It’s not even a post about Sandra Fluke. It’s not about birth control, or sex, or dirty Democrat tricks or hypocrisy.

This is a post about narrative and freedom.  This is a post about how important each of those concepts is to the other, and how the left-wing extremists in this country use one to usurp the other.

A couple of weeks ago the movement toward common sense got a big boost from the revelation that the Obama regime wanted to force Catholic charities to provide birth control (in all it’s forms, including abortive medications) even though it flies directly in the face of their religious preferences and freedoms.  Americans were rightfully outraged.  The President announced a “compromise” that was even more insulting than the original premise, as it was based on the assumption that Americans are too stupid to notice that it really was not a “compromise” at all, but simply a shifting of balance. We were fired up.

Enter the Democrat spin machine. They knew what they were doing. They’ve been setting this up since George Stephanopolous asked Mitt Romney about banning contraceptives. They know they cannot win on the issues, so they had to return to the first page in their worn, tattered playbook Republicans hate women (gays, Blacks, minorities, clean air, clean water, puppies, etc). They sent in a 30 yr old activist to shift the debate from religious freedom to women’s “health”.  Republicans fell for the tactic hook, line and sinker, getting sucked into a debate about sluts and sex while abandoning the real issue of freedom and government intrusion.

The Democrats have had decades to master the tactics of controlling the narrative.  While Conservatives have tried to remain above the fray and pettiness the Democrats have continued to lie and misrepresent, manipulate the media. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to get our hands dirty once in a while in order to defend what we know to be right.  You see, the Democrats know what we have been so very slow to learn – the freedoms that Americans fight so hard to protect are directly related to the narrative used to describe those freedoms. If they can change the tone of the conversation, they can convince Americans to acquiesce the things that are most precious to them-coincidentally those things also happen to stand in the way of the extreme left-wing having control over our lives; things like individual choices, accountability, freedom to earn and spend as we see fit, etc. If the extremists can convince the public that Republicans hate women and want to control their bodies, they will eventually become the ones who “control” citizens and the choices they can or cannot make.  If the extremists can convince the public that Republicans are racists, they can “control” the citizenry by persuading them to enact/enforce hate crime laws that become overwhelmingly oppressive and controlling. See where I’m going with this?

The narrative is key. The looney left knows that. Andrew Breitbart knew that, and it is what made him such  terrifying force on the right to be reckoned with.  We’ve allowed the Democrat spin machine to win the narrative on this issue. With the tragic, devastating loss of Andrew Breitbart this past week, it’s been difficult to wrestle it back. But fight we must.

Today Rush Limbaugh made a second apology to activist Sandra Fluke. I’m not naive enough to believe that it will be enough to call off the media dogs, but I hope it will be enough to help conservatives move on from this pointless argument and refocus their attention.  Breitbart.com is rolling out a new campaign and new site design this week. Breitbart’s parting shot was the promise of video from Obama’s college days that would help in framing the picture we have been offered so far of our Commander-in-Chief.  That should go a long way to changing the focus in this fight. But we can’t stop there.  We have to continue to pull back focus to what is really important.  The extremists on the left win if they continue to lead us into fights about sex and women.  It’s the wrong battleground and we will get pummeled every time. We need to remind people about what religious liberty means and how it affects every American, even if you aren’t religious at all.  We need to remind people that the price of gas is higher than it’s ever been and how that affects every aspect of American life.  We need to keep sounding the alarm on the outrageous spending that has left us at the precipice of a total collapse as a nation.  This has been a strong distraction, but not devasting…if we turn course right now.

Stay on message. Stay focused.  Lead the charge in truth, be it on your blog, your YouTube channel, in your home, your church, your Facebook page..anywhere that you engage others in debate in conversation.  When we get sucked into defending against the lies of left-wing extremists we will lose that game nearly every time.  If we stand for truth, if we stand for justice, if we stand for conviction we win. We win. We win. Let’s win.


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