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Book Review: "9 Miracles- One Mother's Amazing Journey Home After Seeing Her Son Off To War"" By Leigh Watson

Yesterday, my family and I made a trip to our local Family Christian Bookstore. We had actually gone last weekend, but the store closed just moments before we got there. We were a bit frustrated, but decided we would try again this weekend. It’s just too hectic during the week for luxuries like the bookstore.

As we walked in the door, we were greeted by a lady sitting at a table. She introduced herself as Leigh Watson, and told us she was a local author who was there for a book signing. She gave us an overview of what her book was about, and my mind began to whirl!

She had me from the moment she opened her mouth. I could see by the cover of the book that it was about our military. She confirmed this fact within the first few words she spoke, telling us that it was about her journey of seeing her son off  when he went to Iraq in the war. She said “9 Miracles- One Mother’s Amazing Journey Home After Seeing Her Son Off To War” was not about her sons journey, but her journey, and the miracles that happened to her.

I told her we would take a book, and she addressed it to our family. After a few more minutes of pleasantries, we thanked her, and went on our way to do our shopping.

Author Leigh Watson

Just a few moments later, I told my husband to watch the kids for a minute, I would be right back. I just had to talk to Leigh again! I had so many questions! I could not even concentrate on my own shopping, because I was so intrigued by her story. I honestly do not remember all that we talked about, but I remember distinctly that she told me the book itself was a miracle, because she never wrote anything down- not even a shopping list!  We visited for several more minutes, and once again, I went on my way, rejoining my family.

We finished our shopping, and went to check out. As we were waiting in the check out line, my children began talking to her. She gave each of my children a bookmark, which of course thrilled them to the gills!

We made our purchase, said our good-byes to Leigh, and headed out the door.

Right next to Family Christian Bookstore is Home Depot. We had to run in to pick up a few items there as well, so as I was driving across the parking lot, I asked my husband if he wanted to just run in and get the few items we needed, and I would stay in the car with the kids. He was agreeable to that arrangement, to my delight!

As he ran in to do our shopping, I opened my book and began to read.

The synopsis, as written on the back of the book, is as follows:

When Leigh’s husband is unable to accompany her to see their Air Force son, Luke, off to Iraq, Leigh mentally prepares herself to make the trip alone, knowing she will have to be strong for Luke’s sake.

Along the way, she encounters extraordinary people and incredible circumstances that could only be defined as heaven-sent. Rejoice, how as one exits- another appears, carrying her on the wings of mercy all the way home.

I finished the first chapter just as my husband was getting back into the car. Leigh had already brought tears to my eyes- in the very first chapter!

The rest of the day was quite busy, so I did not have the opportunity to sit down to read anymore for the day.

This morning, I woke up at 7:30 am and picked up my book. By 8:10 am, I had completed the book. I needed this book at this time in my life more than Leigh could have known!  More importantly, God knew I needed this book! If the store had not been closed last weekend, we would have completed our shopping then, and would not have been back this weekend. In fact, as I told Leigh, this was only the second time we had come to this store, preferring instead to shop online. God had other plans for me this time. He knew that this book was something that I needed. He knew that I needed to meet Leigh. And He knew this is a book I probably would not have chosen to buy, had I not met the author personally.

While I know that God Is God- He is real, He is with me every second of every minute of every day- sometimes I tend to forget that He is concerned with even the tiniest details of my life. Just as He was with Leigh at one of the saddest points in her life, He reminded me that every day He is with me, just as He was with her that day! He has used “9 Miracles” to speak to my heart. He has reminded me that all the things I have been preoccupied with recently should be handed over to Him.

Rather than sitting around wringing my hands, worrying about my children, the choices they are making, the choices they will make in the future, I need to focus on raising my children in a Godly home and let God do the rest. Yes, without a doubt we are going to have our rough times. Yes, we are going to have our tribulations. But as the new Newsboys song says,

“You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night
But joy comes in the morning
And when the oceans rage
I don’t have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails”

His love never fails. The trials I am facing right now are painful, but indeed, joy will come in the morning, because His love never fails! “9 Miracles” is proof of that fact! Without a doubt in my mind, Leigh’s story is proof that God cares for us more than we can ever know. Her journey was, indeed, an amazing one!

One thing that sticks out in my mind from my conversation with Leigh was the fact that she said she was not a writer. She told me, and she writes in the book, that the entire book was written in two sittings. This just amazed me! God was definitely in the writing of His “9 Miracles”!

If you are someone who likes to tear apart the sentence structure of a book, disect the technical side of things, and critique the literary experience, this is not the book for you. While it may never be a “literary masterpiece” to the scholars of the world, the Master of the Universe doesn’t need all that.  Leigh Watson is most definitely the instrument in the hands of The Master who loves His children. If, however, you are just an ordinary person who believes in miracles, this is a book you must read! And if you are someone who does not believe in miracles, I challenge you to read it anyway! Maybe… just maybe, God will speak to you as well! And if you dare to allow Him, He will work miracles in your life. You simply have to believe, and place your trust in Him.

I literally read the book from beginning to end in less than 45 minutes. It was as if I was sitting there with Leigh, over a cup of coffee, with her telling me the story in person. I teared up more times than I can remember, and actually cried a couple of times, out of just pure amazement at my God’s love and mercy!  I know that He loves His children- there is no doubt in my mind of this! However, to read the specifics of how He lovingly took care of Leigh shows me that yes, He may have created heaven and earth, and everything that is, but He still loves every single one of His children as if we were the only one in the world!

My older three children had asked if they could read the book. After I finished the book this morning, I called them into my bedroom and they all piled into the bed. I told them that rather than each of them reading the book, I would read it to all of them, so even the younger two children could hear the story of God’s miracles. We finished half of the book this morning, and will most definitely finish it tomorrow.

If you would like to read a book that is very easy to read and very inspiring, you will want to read this book! In Leigh’s words, “Everyone needs 9 miracles!”

Order the book “9 Miracles- One Mother’s Amazing Journey Home After Seeing Her Son Off To War”


One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots

One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots Author and friend, Amelia Hamilton, was kind enough to provide an advanced copy of her debut book to three young, eager patriots for some vacation reading.  My girls, ages four, six, and eight, have been anxious to lend their review of this colorful treasure, and after three nights of bedtime reading and discussion, I am happy to present a first time review by Ella, Vivien and Madelyn.

Before a commentary by the little patriots in my house, I want to note that the book is the perfect length for a bedtime story, beautifully illustrated, and entertainingly educational. The suggested age range, six to eight, may be a little young for actual reading and discussing the finer points of history and fact presented, but the rhyme, illustrations,  length and adorable factor make it attention grabbing for even younger readers.

Eight year old Ella is an excellent reader all on her own, and was more than a little annoyed that she was being read to, but in just two pages managed to forget that fact and really get into her job as critic.  The most interesting thing for Ella was the things she learned about our country. She can already count ( of course!), but was excited to discuss the history in great detail on every page and in every picture. She clearly plans a more in depth study of the historical accuracy.

Six year old Vivien, also an accomplished counter and reader, was enamored with the rhyme and meter of the book and made mention that it was both fun and made her sleepy. (Mom note: the sleepy part is a GOOD thing!) She really enjoyed the way Amelia was able to create a “short, fun poem to remember all of those facts”.

Four year old Madelyn, a great counter but still learning to read, was most impressed that she only had to ask what a few words meant. She loved the illustrations, was thrilled to be the reviewer in our group who got to point to the numbers at the top of the page. At the end, she declared herself a better counter and planned to practice often with Amelia’s book near her bed, as it is her new favorite bedtime story.

Mom is pleased to say that the reading of One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots , inspired discussion, at every page, on the birth of our nation, as well as a rousing and impromptu singing of our National Anthem just before bedtime.  I am sure that this book will remain bedside for quite awhile. I am hoping that the enthusiastic singing will drop out of the bedtime ritual.

You can purchase One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots here  and like it on Facebook and chat with Amelia on Twitter by following @AmeliaHammy 

Underdogma – Book Review

Underdogma - Michael PrellBenBella Books recently sent a review copy of Underdogma : How America’s Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power by Michael Prell to me. I was honestly expecting yet another, the Tea Party will save us from the left book, and to some extent, that message is included, but the book goes deeper into just why no one seems to like America anymore – even a large segment of the American population and its leadership.

In his  book, Prell takes a deft swipe at the progressive movement and democratic socialism as a whole. Michael takes the reader through a process of understanding the mechanism he calls underdogma and then laying out how it can be thwarted by defining the term, describing its implementations and then giving Conservatives the recipe to destroy it.

Underdogma is a principle that people will typically root for the underdog and despise the “overdog” in a head-to-head match. The author defines it as, “the belief that those who have less power are virtuous and noble – because they have less power, and that those who have more power are to be scorned – because they have more power”. Prell applies the David and Goliath-like ideology to Israel, America and capitalism.

One of the most vibrant examples of underdogmatism given in the book is the attacks of 9-11-2001. When those planes hit the towers and more than 3,000 innocent Americans perished, he pointed out, the world – even France – cried out, “We are all Americans Now”. We were the attacked, the underdog, but not for long. The liberal media set out almost immediately to change the message. All too soon America was the real terrorist and had brought the attacks on herself. The images of planes flying into the towers soon disappeared and discussions of America’s brutal and unconstitutional treatment of the prisoners at Guantanimo Bay re-took the lead message – America was once again the overdog and was to be despised.

Through about the first third of the book, I wondered if Prell was going to suggest that maybe America would have to become less of a country to regain international respect – the view of President Obama. The apology tour, bowing to every other head-of-state he could and decrying that America is not exceptional. If this is where Michael was going, I wasn’t along for the ride – it wasn’t.

Prell illustrated beautifully how the U.N., unions, and other socialistic, New World Order forces need America to be brought down to their level and how heaping scorn upon the most powerful nation in the world is a necessary step to achieving their end goals.

Understanding that the open society/NWO elements are using the zero-sum lie to destroy our equal-opportunity culture is key. Why do we have to tear down the rich in order for others to succeed? How does one persons success limit another’s? It does not. The book concisely explains how we all benefit from the Marathon oils, Wal-Marts, and Boeings of America and that if we continue bashing them, they won’t exist and neither will anyone else’s chance to create the next great American enterprise.

In the end, Michael Prell does a fantastic job of re-instilling hope that as Ronald Reagan once said, “America is the shining city on the hill”. We are the beacon of hope for oppressed societies. In America,  anyone can become the next Bill Gates, J.D. Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or Dell. What we have to do is re-instill the notion that America is exceptional and that Americans are an exceptional people. We have to be, think and act exceptional. We have to stop trying to destroy those who have achieved great success and spend more energy becoming successful on our own.

This is a book I feel proud to recommend to every free-market Conservative. It is a reminder that the United States is the greatest nation ever conceived. The publication is available from Barnes and Noble here.

Book Review: The Overton Window, by Glenn Beck

I would have to put The Overton Window in the category of a Political Suspence Thriller.  As with anything Glenn Beck does, it is well researched with many factual references to certain factions of our government today, and how they operate. It gives us a hard-hitting look into extremist groups, Patriot/Teaparty ideology, domestic terrorism, and an inside look at what our Founding Fathers have written, and their thoughts when laying down the foundation for a new, free Republic based on a Government Of the People, For the people, and By the People.

I found myself immersed in a story-line that included an intense love story, a father-son love-hate relationship, corporate thuggery, and a race to save America from a nucleur bomb,  all wrapped up in a heavy dose of American Patriotism.  The title, The Overton Window refers to the many ways in which propagandists can change people’s perception of what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, and how they are paid big money to advance their client’s agenda. This book really puts the blatant bias of todays main stream media into a more visable perspective here. While this work of fiction contains an exciting drama – filled adventure, it also  contains lots of factual information about past incidents in America.

Glenn Beck’s personality shines through for any of his faithful fans familar with him, and it is obvious he was heavily involved it it’s writing. This refutes the nasty, hate-filled, agenda-laden critique of one Mr. Steven Livingston over  at  The Washington Post,* who either lacks any form of real world reading comprehension, or who failed to read any of the Afterword in the Overton Window, where Beck explains in detail the references, facts and  reasons for writing this book. I find Mr. Livingston to be guilty of a very misguided and uninformed denial of Journalistic Integrity, and of  the exact same mind- massaging techniques Beck explained in this book.  He smears Beck, the Book, the Teaparty, and insults the intelligence of all Americans in general with his personal attack ad disguised as some kind of unbiased review. Maybe thats why the Post stuck it in the back of the Arts and Living section. Whatever the reason, the once highly regarded Washington Post now falls into the category of Rags without Riches in my world. It is totaly disgusting that the Editor let that hate-speech pass as a book review. Read this book, then read that clown’s review.* See for yourself what his agenda is.

I give this book four out of five stars. It is very well-written, informative and it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat wondering how this story will end. The characters are well-defined, and this book pulls the reader right into the twisting and turning adventures of the main characters.  Highly recomended for readers of all ages. It is also available over at Amazon.com right now for only $4.98 ! **  Unless you are a flaming Liberal who’s life in based upon the denial of reality, I promise you will enjoy The Overton Window !


** http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1451625286/ref=tmm_pap_new_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=new