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Occupy Wall Street a.k.a. The Spanish Revolution

In observing the Occupy Parks movement on television, in the news, in blogs, youtube videos and email, many have gleaned some idea of the many concerns that are important to the disparate groups littering our taxpayer-maintained greenways. At first glance, the protests may seem only to be the progressive version of a really long sleep-over – but there is a dangerous message to be heard.

Those witnessing the Occupy this and that events are asking “for what purpose?” A more important question is “where is it coming from?”

As Occupy Wall Street started, a Spain-based socialist group was shown displaying their event, Toma la Bolsa (take the market), on the Occupy Wall Street livestream – in fact, for almost half of the time the stream was running. Once the live stream in New York started, the people front-and-center were.. you guessed it .. from Spain.

In May, Spanish progressives held their anti-bank event, but called it “The Spanish Revolution”. It had some similar messaging: Bankers, Corporations and Politicians are corrupt, the government should give more to the poor, the rich are the problem, etc. They camped out in public squares and created the same mess that is building in tax payer funded parks all over the United States.

Spanish group leads Occupy Wall Street

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For the current U.S.-based protests, calls to arms come from Toma la Bolsa on Facebook (image right) and unions – still think this is a grass roots American protest?

For those still not sure, the Iranian military lends some hope. According to an Associated Press post, Gen. Masoud Jazayeri of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said that the protests “are a revolution in the making that will topple what he called the Western capitalist system.” Who wouldn’t be proud of that?

Sure, the facebook page lists the place as “Bolsa de Madrid” (Market of Madrid), but why then call the event “Occupy Wall Street” and offer two American web sites for more info? Why is blurring national identity so important to the socialist movement?

The American experiment is in the way of global governance.  True freedom works better than centralized government and leaving a successful proof in the world is hindering their ability to rally others to their side. These protests, led by socialist groups like labor unions and foreign NWO collectives, are necessary to bring about the fall of a successful capitalist economy so that the Socialist Utopia can appear out of thin air – just like all those other times that it never did.

The obstruction – otherwise known as the Constitution – is also impairing SEIU and other big-labor groups from keeping their boots on the necks of businesses. That is why the unions have been helping to organize, and spread the message about Occupy [insert location here] events.

photo: David Shankbone

I rigorously defend the right of the American OWS protesters to have their say. While their methods are highly-ineffective at doing much more than creating the nation’s most odoriferous slumber party, it’s their right. But, I ask – Where is the respect for the nation and Constitution that protects that right? No Pledge of Allegiance, no National Anthem, not even a tip of the hat to the flag at sun-up or sunset — nothing.

These non-productive, demand everything, irresponsible and uninformed protesters are the useful idiots so often spoke of by Socialist leadership. They aren’t thanking anyone for anything, thinking of anyone but themselves, taking responsibility for their own actions or understanding what consequences their demands would have if implemented.

All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” – seriously? As borrowers, they signed a contract, took the money to do with as they wished, and now they don’t want to pay it back. Wiping out that debt would have serious negative implications on the economy – and the ones best able to survive in a credit-starved marketplace .. the wealthy.

It’s important to note, that for the socialists, enough is never enough. Spain has a heavy socialist leaning and still they protest that they do not get enough from their government – even though their selfish demands have nearly driven the country to bankruptcy. In Greece, these so-called revolutionaries have actually driven the country into default – it is only a matter of weeks before Greek bond holders will be wiped out for having invested in a country that chased the progressive illusion – to the same detriment as those that did so before it.

The protesters are openly calling for an end to capitalism. In no uncertain terms – in interview-after-interview – they are demanding the destruction of capitalism. What would they replace it with? Most want some form of socialism. Others want something that sounds tyrannical in nature. Of course, there are also the anarchists. All of them want capitalism to end and the most vocal and organized of the groups are those selling socialist ideals – CPUSA, SEIU and Spaniards crying out “Toma la Bolsa”.

If the Unions and the Spanish want socialism, why not start where they have headway? Probably because they are losing ground and need to make in-roads elsewhere. In May elections, the majority Spanish Socialist party got crushed by right-leaning candidates. Socialism isn’t even working in Spain so the Spanish socialists are trying their failed experiment elsewhere.

They are.

Leftists try to point to Norway as a socialist success, but they misunderstand socialism. Norway operates under free-market principles, albeit heavily regulated. Norway is a heavily-taxed welfare state, but that is not the same as owning all property and the means of economic production.

Cuba and North Korea are truly Socialist. The government owns the land, methods of production and decides when and how to use them. Shining examples of what pure, unadulterated equality produces. The U.S.S.R was another beacon of hope for the Utopian socialists.

In the capitalistic economy of the United States, the definition of poor for a family of three is $18,104 per year according to the government. The definition in Cuba is … everyone – except the government elites. Oddly enough, that definition also holds true for North Korea.

So why are the socialists spending so much time trying to change successful and prosperous countries? Why not spend more time trying to fix the messes that socialism has already created – or is the movement really nothing  more than angry children stomping around and yelling “I want more” with no thought to the consequences?

Yeah .. that was rhetorical.