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Why I’m a Black Republican [Video]

Black Republicans

Kira Davis, Alfonzo Rachel, Kevin Jackson, Ali Akbar, Demetrius Minor, Jennifer Burke & Providence Crowder share why they are black Republicans.

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NBC/WSJ Poll Proves They Don’t Talk to Many Black People

A new poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows Romney as 0% support from Black voters. 0%!!! You don’t have to be a polling expert to know that 0% in any poll is next to impossible.  Kyle Becker from the Independent Journal Review (and our own CDNews) states: Statistically, the polling of “zero” for Mitt Romney doesn’t even make any sense. Even if ...

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Taking the Black Vote for Granted?

Today, the Black Pastors Coalition met. Christians, in general, are not too happy about the idea of same sex marriage. It goes against their beliefs. It wasn’t that long ago that President Obama professed these same beliefs. The Black Pastors Coalition was excited to endorse this president. But, times have changed. An election is upcoming. Votes are needed. And suddenly ...

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Losing the Black Vote?

In 2008 Barack Obama received 95% of the African American vote. The news media reports rumblings of unhappiness (no surprise with unemployment over 14% for African Americans and young adult Blacks at 24%). But the news reported generally is more of whispers than actual signs of unrest. This  AlJazeera video clip was shared on NewsNinja2012.com. Filmed in Obama’s back yard ...

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