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New Era Companies Increasingly Rejecting Gun Rights

Whether its because they’re based in a liberal bastion or bending to political pressure, next gen companies are increasingly adopting gun-unfriendly policies.

A few years ago, GE (GE Capitol) stopped providing 90-day same as cash financing for firearms sales. Marisa at RAM Arms in Durham said that the change forced them to choose between loan shark-like credit companies and offering layaway only. RAM Arms chose layaway.

Most credit card companies won’t underwrite a firearms business. Gun stores, gun ranges and firearms instructors are considered high-risk.

Physical_Bitcoin_by_Mike_Cauldwell_(Casascius)Some gun stores and manufacturers have turned to next-generation funding sources like Coinbase, a bitcoin processor, to help run their businesses. Now, Coinbase has authored a policy that prevents them from dealing with firearms companies. Their excuse? The regulatory environment… seriously? Is bitcoin regulated … at all?

Uber drivers aren't likedPayment isn’t the only way next-gen businesses are attacking gun rights. Even after a gun-carrying Uber driver saved the lives of several people, Uber has decided to initiate a policy preventing drivers or passengers from carrying firearms. If you carry, take a cab because competing ride service Lyft has had a similar policy in place for some time..

None of the changes make sense. They aren’t driven by changes in federal law or regulation. They aren’t centered in logic. More-than-likely, these actions are the result of pressure from Bloomberg’s “Moms against everything” groups and inaccurate reporting in the mainstream media.

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