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Birther Nonsense

While I’m not a fan of Stand Up! with Pete Dominick on Sirius XM, he’s always good to get the center-left angle on politics.  In addition, I’m a self-diagnosed politics junkie who was stuck in the wonderful Beltway traffic so I guess you can say I didn’t have a choice in the matter.  Pete’s guest, John Avalon, made a critical point today stating how significant Mitt Romney’s nomination really is to American politics.  He is the first Mormon to be nominated by a major party and the first non-protestant to be nominated by Republicans.  This comes after Mitt’s pervasive hammering surrounding his not so stellar conservative credentials.  The base may have been skeptical about him, but in the end, they choose him over the other clowns who vied for the Republican nomination. However, the mainstream media is not pushing that narrative.  Instead, they’re focused on Donald Trump’s birther nonsense.

Now, I know we should all focus on the economy and other key issues in this upcoming election, but this birther issue does get under my skin.  First of all, it’s beyond absurd.   Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and is a “natural born citizen” who is eligible for the presidency.  Even Andrew Breitbart thought this whole charade was a losing issue.  No one cares! No one cares because the narrative these people are trying to push is not grounded in reality.  It is something akin to an Alex Jones “theory”, who feels that al-Qaeda is an arm of the U.S. intelligence network, or a person who has watched Three Days of the Condor, The Manchurian Candidate, and The Parallax View one too many times.  No doubt shady stuff occurs in Washington, but birthers are so ludicrous it makes me want to hug them in empathy.

My first taste in blogging was for Western Journalism, which reports heavily on the subject.  I cannot bash the folks at Western Journalism too much, since some of them are very professional and cordial, but as the months progressed; I found myself unable to be associated with an organization that peddles, excuse me, this gross propaganda concerning Obama’s eligibility.  It’s been three years folks.  If you haven’t been able to convince the base, the heavyweights in the conservative media, and the American people, you probably don’t have the “explosive find” which you regard as the holy grail of political malfeasance.

Furthermore, like liberals, birthers get agitated, petulant, and downright nasty when people dismiss them and their ideas.  It is a temper tantrum on steroids. An excerpt from a piece on Western Journalism detailed the open letter Breitbart’s Senior Staff released surrounding their legitimate vetting of Obama which, needless to say, didn’t bode well with this writer.

Andrew Breitbart was never a ‘Birther,’ and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of ‘Birtherism.’”

Reading this makes me want to ask in bemused wonder:  How old are you?  (I could, of course, ask the same question of Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levine, Neal Boortz, or Glenn Beck – who are clearly much older to a man.)  But seriously, how immature – or insecure, at least – must one be to be so concerned with what the cultural elites think of them?  Young Ben Shapiro (twenty-eight, and reportedly the youngest nationally syndicated writer in the country) went to Harvard Law. One wonders if he had been president of the Law Review if we would have ever seen one of his publications…but I digress.  Joel Pollak…sure enough, went to both Harvard and Harvard Law – just as I had expected.

While I must congratulate the two on emerging from that milieu with any non-collectivist values, it seems that neither of them escaped with a penchant for identifying and confronting the Alinsky staple of marginalization…or, they accept the practice so fully that they simply can’t bear the thought of being on the receiving end thereof.  Well, grow up, boys!  If what Media Matters says about you is a concern (and it clearly is), then perhaps you should choose another line of work.

I think someone misplaced their pacifier.

The real comical element about this whole movement is that there is no concrete legal definition of the term “natural born citizen.”  They have no cornerstone.  I’ve always thought that the term applied to any citizens born on American soil.  Indeed, I would stand corrected. Byron York wrote a great piece in The Washington Examiner since the rude resurrection of this issue thanks to Donald Trump, who Geogre Will aptly called a bloviated ignoramus last Sunday.  York wrote:

The Constitution specifies that a president must be a “natural born citizen” of the United States, but it does not define the term. The Supreme Court has never clarified the issue, but there is a law, 8 U.S. Code 1401, that spells out in detail who is a citizen.

The law uses the phrase “citizens of the United States at birth” and lists categories of people who fit that description.

First, there are people born inside the United States. No question about that; their citizenship is established by the 14th Amendment.

Then there are the people who are born outside the United States to parents who are both American citizens, provided one of them has lived in the U.S. for any period of time. And then there are the people who are born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen and the other who is an alien, provided the citizen parent lived in the United States or its possessions for at least five years, at least two of them after age 14.

Since they are all “citizens of the United States at birth,” the question is, does that also mean they are “natural born citizens” in the constitutional sense?

Birthers believe a natural born citizen is a person born to two parents who were citizens of the United States at the time.  Hence, the reason why birthers have Marco Rubio, the crown prince of the Tea Party movement, in their crosshairs if he should ever be chosen as Romney’s running mate.

Well, according to Theodore Olson, Bush’s former solicitor general:

“My conclusion would be that if you are a citizen as a consequence of your birth, that’s a natural-born citizen…[Olsen] defended John McCain in a 2008 lawsuit alleging McCain was ineligible to be president. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 while his father served in the U.S. Navy there. Even though the area was under American jurisdiction and both McCain’s parents were U.S. citizens, some Democrats alleged McCain was ineligible to be president. McCain won the case, if not the presidency.

The law is really quite lenient, especially for those born outside the United States. If a child were born today in, say, Kenya, to a Kenyan father and an American citizen mother who had lived in the United States for at least five years, at least two of them over the age of 14 — that child would be a “citizen of the United States by birth” and be eligible for the White House.

However, this hasn’t stopped people like Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, who vociferously pushes the birther issue and has gone on record to say Rubio is ineligible for the VP slot due to his parents not being citizens at the time.  Washington lawyer Matthew McGill, who York cites in his column, states  “I am not aware of anyone who has contended that someone could be born in the United States and be a citizen by virtue of the 14th Amendment and nevertheless still not be a natural-born American citizen…if he is born in the United States, his parentage is not of consequence.”  No to mention that there is incontrovertible proof that Rubio was born in Miami, Florida.

In the words of John Adams, “facts are stubborn things.” Barack Obama is eligible for president, he is the president, and now we must focus all of our efforts in voting him out of office come November.  We have no time to theorize absurd notions about the “origins of his birth.”  This is time to get serious about the fate of our republic and our economy and we have zero time for sophomoric conspiracy theories whose footnote page is no longer than a kindergartner’s book report.  However, this is a free country.  You have every right to keep your opinions, no matter how insane, but I intend, along with other serious conservatives, to do everything possible in order to restore honor and dignity to the White House.  It’s game time and birthers have come unprepared.  They’re still coming down from their Paxil binge.

Why obama Can’t Quit Maher

Yahoo! News, that proud, card-carrying member of the “progressive” Party Pravda, is on the attack again. What else should be expected from a website that looks like it’s part of the obama re-election campaign? They’re resurrecting the birth certificate issue and attempting to tie it to Mitt Romney. In an article published May 30, 2012, Amy Walter, David Chalian, Rick Klein, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham pronounce: “Trump is still embracing “birther” theories, saying that President Obama was not born in the United States, despite the fact that the Obama administration has clearly proven he was.” The attack continues: “Team Romney thinks that even now — with the primary battle in the rear view mirror — there is a danger in alienating someone like Donald Trump — the campaign doesn’t know what he might do on the outside, and it does not know what people who agree with Trump might do with their support.” A view of the accompanying video shows their smug faces displaying pleasure in and relish for the attack. Like hyenas at first blood on downed prey.


Never mind that twelve days prior to this latest Yahoo News hit piece, Ben Shapiro of Breitbart’s Big Government discovered that: “the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.”


On that same day Joel Pollack, also of Breitbart’s Big Government, revealed the existence of a pamphlet stating: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”


The existence of this pamphlet reveals why people like Donald Trump still question the place of obama’s birth.

So the smug, “holier than thou” attitude openly displayed by Walter, Chalian, Klein, Coolidge & Pham in their attack on Trump for simply answering questions about the “birther” issue posed to him by members of the “progressive” Party Pravda is entirely misplaced. Trump simply used his influence and the power of his prestige to pressure obama into showing some proof of birth. Why this was and is such a monumental hurdle for the “most transparent administration” in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy to overcome raises more questions. If there is nothing for obama to hide, why is money being spent to fight revealing said records? Especially when that money could be directed to his re-election campaign? Is obama hiding his college records because they’ll reveal that he enrolled in multiple academic institutions as a foreign exchange student? Again, for the “most transparent administration” since the Big Bang, a simple request to reveal college records is more difficult a climb than Mount Everest?

For Walter, Chalian, et al to express such disdain for Romney’s candidacy because he wants to avoid alienating Trump’s supporters (their assessment) reveals the hollowness of the entire misguided attack.

Wanting to avoid alienating voters is exactly why obama refuses to distance himself from the likes of Bill Maher, whose indefensible, pathologically misogynistic attacks on Conservative women go beyond the pale. obama’s afraid to alienate Maher’s viewers, just as he’s afraid to alienate other members of his extreme, fringe leftist base. Without a mass turnout of his “tax the rich” “government’s job is to take care of us” “occupy whatever” supporters, obama cannot win in November and he knows it. So do his whimpering, obedient suck-ups in the “progressive” Party Pravda.


In Deep with Michelle Ray – May 17

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Where: In Deep with Michelle Ray on Blog Talk Radio

What: Join Social Media Director of ConservativeDailyNews.com, Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) as she discusses the issues that impact America.

Tonight: Breitbart stirs up the birthers, criminal monetary policy, the IRS loves illegal immigrants, and Ron Paul bails… kind of.


Show Recording: (Available after show)

Andy Martin: 2012 Presidential Profile

Personal Information

Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona was born in 1945 in Middletown, Connecticut to Helen and Ralph Beneducci Martin-Trigona. He currently lives in New York, New York.

Mr. Martin is single.

Religious Affiliation


Graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Middletown, Connecticut
1966- Graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of Illinois
1969- Graduated with a J.D. degree from the University of Illinois
Wesleyan University- French studies only
The University of Edinburgh- Summer Program- economic history

Foreign Languages
Mandarin Chinese

Professional Career
1969 to present- Public Interest Lawyer
1985 to 1992- Adjunct Professor of Law- City University of New York
1978 to 1980- Radio Licensee- Broadcasting
1968 to 1969- Television Licensee- Broadcasting
1966- Assistant to United States Senator Paul H. Douglas

2000 to present- Executive Director- Computer Consumers of America
1985 to present- Executive Director- Campaign for Court Reform
1995 to 2000- Executive Director- Committee to Fight Microsoft
Executive Director- Revolutionary War Research Center

Political Affiliation
Started out as a Democrat
Changed to Republican
Changed back to Democrat
Changed back to Republican
Changed to Independent
Changed back to Republican
* Attempted to run for office on the “Reform Party of Illinois” ticket but he did not qualify to be on the general election ballot

Political Career
1966- Interned for Democrat Senator Paul Douglas
Perennial Candidate for various political offices in various states, including Connecticut, Florida, and Illinois. He has run for office as a Democrat, Republican and Independent.

Political Candidacies
1977- Ran for mayor of Chicago and lost
1978- Ran for U.S. Senator in Illinois (Democratic primary)
1980- Ran for U.S. Senator in Illinois (Democratic primary)
1986- Ran for Congressman in Connecticut (Republican primary)
1988- Ran for President of the United States (Democratic primary)
1990- Ran for Governor of Florida (Republican primary)
1992- Ran for Congress in Florida (Republican primary)
1996- Ran for Florida State Senate (Republican nominee)
1998- Ran for U.S. Senator in Florida (Republican primary)
2000- Ran for President of the United States (Independent)
2004- Ran for U.S. Senator in Illinois (Republican primary, but was removed from the ballot)
2004- Ran for Senator in Florida (Republican primary)
2006- Ran for Governor of Illinois (Republican primary)
2008- Ran for Senator in Illinois (Republican primary)
2010- Ran for Senator in Illinois (Republican primary)
2012- Is currently running for President of the United States (Republican primary)

Confusing His Candidacies
Quoting from Mr. Martin’s website on his “Andy, a brief bio” page, under point #1:

Andy has entered the race for the 2010 Republican nomination for U. S. Senator. Send him your thoughts. Offer him your support. Once again, Illinois calls Andy Martin to be a field general in the endless war against political corruption in our state and in Washington.

On that same page, under point #3:

The one man Barack Obama fears in the U. S. Senate: Andy Martin. Send Andy to Washington, and you will send Barack Obama a devastating message: Obama, it’s time for you to go.

I understand how this can happen. It appears as though Mr. Martin has ran for so many offices that he simply perpetuates the same, exact information on completely different websites, depending on what office he is currently running for. However, it does not cause me to have great confidence in someone whose attention to detail is obviously lacking.

On The Issues
Abortion– Strongly opposed to mandated coverage
Gun Control- Strongly supports the Second Amendment
Cap and trade– Strongly Opposed
Free Speech– Strongly Supports the First Amendment
Opposes the Iraq War and has since 2002

Corruption Fighter
From Mr. Martin’s website:

Andy exposed corruption in the local courts while still a student at the University of Illinois College of Law. In 1968 Andy engaged in a legendary confrontation with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, demanding that Democrats dump Secretary of State Paul Powell because Powell was a crook. Shortly thereafter, Powell died leaving millions of dollars stuffed in shoe boxes.

In 1969 Andy Martin joined efforts to investigate and expose two corrupt judges on the Illinois Supreme Court. The judges were forced to resign after taking bank stock bribes.

Throughout the 1970’s Martin waged war against judicial corruption in Illinois’ federal and state courts. His efforts set the foundations for Operation Greylord, which led to the conviction of over 80 court personnel. The United States Court of Appeals in Chicago once said “The stories about Martin’s clashes with the appellate and district court judges in this circuit are legion…he might not win a popularity contest in this circuit.” Any surprise there?

Anti-Semitism Issues
His 1996 campaign for Florida State Senate came to an abrupt halt when it came out that he had named his 1986 congressional committee, “The Anthony R. Martin-Trigona Congressional Campaign to Exterminate Jew Power in America”. When this came to light the Florida state Republican Party renounced him, stating “Martin’s views do not represent those of the state GOP”.

The investigation into the committee and its creation, the Florida State GOP representative went on to say, ”’There is no room in our party for someone who holds these kinds of views. Anthony Martin will receive neither support, nor encouragement, from our party.”

Mr. Martin has denied that he had any connections or participation with the committee or its creation.

His 1990 campaign also suffered from his previous anti-Semitic comments which stemmed from a 1981 bankruptcy case. Mr. Martin stated that there was a “conspiracy of Jewish bankruptcy judges and lawyers were plotting to steal his property.”

In one of his legal motions, Mr. Martin wrote,

”I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did, when Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property.”

In yet another legal case in 1983, Mr. Martin filed a legal motion calling the judge presiding in the case,

“a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common members of his race.”

Mr. Martin was interviews by the Orlando Sentinel in 1990, and he stated that “he regretted those comments.”

In 1996 Mr. Martin gave a written statement saying, he “is not anti-Semitic”. He also stated that he has “signed a pledge drafted by the The American Jewish Committee in Boca Raton to refrain from using race, religion or ethnic background as an issue in this year’s campaign. ”I have faithfully followed that pledge and will continue to do so.”

I have great concern with Mr. Martin’s seemingly lack of understanding of the gravity to his anti-Semitic comments. These are not just empty words that he spoke that he can just take away. Yes, I do most certainly believe people make mistakes- we all do!  However, when you put something in writing and actually have it filed in a court of law it’s not something you can just explain a way with an apology. Racism is wrong no matter who you are or who your racists feelings are against.

His Reputation
In the 2008 election he was named by 3 separate media outlets as “the primary source of false rumors” against President Barack Obama by making the accusation that Mr. Obama is secretly a Muslim.

He has since moved away from this accusation, now vocalizing his opinion that President Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, a journalist from the 1950’s.

While I personally have a LOT of questions about Mr. Obama’s past, Mr. Martin’s credibility is quite shoddy in my opinion. Our reputation encompasses the entire being of who we are. Any credibility that Mr. Martin might have in bringing a case against President Obama are called into question because of his past. For me to take someone seriously in a matter such as the President of the United States and questions regarding who he truly is, I want someone who has credibility in all other areas of their life.

He is known as a “vexatious litigant” among numerous federal and state courts. This reputation goes back to at least 1982 when a federal judge for the Southern District of New York stated that Mr. Martin “had a tendency to file a substantial number of lawsuits of vexatious, frivolous and scandalous nature.”

Many of Mr. Martin’s lawsuits were anti-Semitic in nature, as was stated in the above section.

Going Too Far
1983- A federal judge in Connecticut issued an injunction barring Mr. Martin or anyone acting “at his behest at his direction or instigation, or in concert with him” from filing any new legal actions or proceeding in any federal or state court without first obtaining permission from the court that he would be filing with. In his ruling the judged stated that Mr. Martin had a tendency to file legal actions with “persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic.” The judge went on to state that it was common practice for Mr. Martin to file “an incessant stream of frivolous or meritless motions, demands, letters to the court and other documents,” as well as “vexatious lawsuits” against anyone who dared cross him, including court personnel and their families.

Proving the judges point, Mr. Martin sued the judge who issued the ruling, as well as the judges wife. He then tried to have the judge recused from the case but was unsuccessful.

Mr. Martin appealed the ruling and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals limited the scope of the injunction to the federal courts only.

This has done nothing to slow Mr. Martin down from filing his legal actions. He has received repeated citations for contempt of court by violating the federal injunction.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has estimated that Mr. Martin has filed thousands of proceedings over the years. It was also discovered that his mother was in cahoots with him by filing a federal civil rights action against several Florida state officials. The lawsuit was thrown out, and the court stated that Mr. Martin is “a notoriously vexatious and vindictive litigator who has long abused the American legal system.”

Both the states of Florida and New York have prohibited him from filing lawsuits in their state courts without first receiving approval from the perspective courts because of his long history of abusing the legal system.

Mental Health
The Illinois state psychiatrist has described Mr. Martin as having a “moderately severe character defect …with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”

1973- The Illinois Supreme Court would not grant him a license to practice law in the state, stating that there were several instances of troubling behavior on his part. One such instance stated was when Mr. Martin went to court to have a parking violation thrown out because it has been “entered by an insane judge.”

He also described an attorney as  “shaking and tottering and drooling like an idiot.”

Consumer Advocacy
He became what he called “the people’s attorney general”, taking credit for being the first to file suit under the civil component of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICCO)

He also takes credit for being the first to file antitrust actions against the BigThree TV networks for anti-competitive practices in network affiliation agreements.

Personal Legal Issues
1996- Not long before this  election Mr. Martin assaulted two TV cameramen. For the assaults he was convicted of criminal mischief and sentenced to one year in jail. He was freed pending an appeal but he landed himself back in jail when he made personal attacks on the judged while leaving the courtroom. He was held on criminal contempt of court and was sentenced to 7 months in jail.

Lady Luck seemed to be smiling on Mr. Martin because he was mistakenly let out of jail after only one month. Mr. Martin never returned to jail and a warrant was issued for his arrest. In the event that he is ever arrested he will serve 16 months in jail. According to  Mr. Martin the issue was “being resolved” during the 2008 Senate run.

The Accusations He’s Made
2000- Mr. Martin accused George W. Bush of using cocaine
2003- He claimed that he had found the hideout of Saddam Hussein several months before Saddam was captured
2004- Mr. Martin issued a press release stating the he had evidence that Obama “lied to the American People” and “Misrepresent[ed] his own heritage”, making the official claim that Mr. Obama is secretly a Muslim while claiming to be a Christian. Mr. Martin claimed that it was possible Mr. Obama was hiding this fact “to endanger Israel”, stating that “[Obama’s] Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles.”

It is at this point that my head is truly about to explode! With the whirlwind of legal information that I found in my research of Mr. Martin, it is truly enough to make you wonder how in the world we could have allowed ourselves to get to this point as a nation. Mr. Martin has obviously wasted unmeasurable amounts of taxpayers money with his numerous frivilous lawsuits. While some of his actions and lawsuits may be credible, once again, for me personally, his credibility is not something I would hang my hat on.

The fact that Mr. Martin has filed more than one lawsuit of anti-Semitic nature, this last comment from him literally sent me over the edge! Can we say, “Pot, meet Kettle?!”

In reality, for the sake of this article, Mr. Obama’s religious beliefs are irrelevant. While I have very serious issues with President Obama and I STRONGLY disagree with most every decision and comment he has made while in office, for Mr. Martin to “call out” the president in regards to the Jewish people takes the cake!

Mr. Martin’s press release has been used by more than one conservative blogs and articles as substantiating proof that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.

While President Obama has given many reasons to call into question his religious beliefs, using Mr. Martin’s press release as “proof” that Mr. Obama is a Muslim is ridiculous! Where is the actual evidence? Yes, I, like many Americans question whether or not Barack Obama is a Christian. In reality there is only One person that can answer that question- not only for President Obama, but for each of us personally! We will ALL answer to God Almighty. He alone is the judge of our hearts. Yes, as the Bible says, “by their fruits you will know them.” (Matthew 7:16) Mr. Obama’s fruits definitely do not show a man who is sold out to Christ. However, neither do Mr. Martin’s fruits. And I could continue listing MOST politicians who “claim” to be Christian.

We MUST look at the facts- whether conservative or liberal! If the facts do not stand up to scrutiny they are not facts! I was disheartened to learn that an author I respect actually uses Mr. Martin’s press release as a source of information for his findings. I was also disheartened to learn that Sean Hannity has had Mr. Martin on his show. While I do agree with what Sean Hannity has said, when questioned how he could have Mr. Martin in his show, I still question the decision. Yes, Mr. Hannity has guests on all the time that he does not agree with, in this case he did not seem to discount Mr. Martin’s credibility. If we are going to be taken seriously we have to make sure we are presenting a factual argument and case. Yes, there will always be the naysayers who will deny the facts no matter how much proof you present them with. You cannot worry about that. You have to stay true to yourself, true to the FACTS! Period! It is not “fun” for me to write that Mr. Martin has been used as a credible source for people I admire and respect. But the facts are the facts no matter who they involve.

With the many, many, many ACTUAL FACTS that We The People have witnessed before our very eyes, using a source like Mr. Martin with the reputation he has, it does most certainly call into question the validity of the remainder of the arguments.

In Mr. Martin’s case I would say the facts speak for themselves. Is this a man that honestly believes the American people will trust him with leading our country?  If he honestly believes the answer to that question is yes then I would have to wholeheartedly agree with the Illinois state psychiatrist who says that Mr. Martin has a “moderately severe character defect…with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”

Ya think? My, my, my! I cannot even find the words to remain professional, so on that note…….. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

He Believes
From Mr. Martin’s official campaign website:


I BELIEVE……..in the beliefs and values that motivated our Founding Fathers

I BELIEVE……..in a free and decent society; a free and decent society of responsible citizens that respect notions that are especially indispensable in a modern and democratic society; notions of freedom, the rule of law, the importance of tradition, small government and the worth of strong families and education.

I BELIEVE……..in a small and effective government; a limited government whose policies are based on the principles of the free enterprise system.  A government who concentrates on its core functions and shows no favor.

I BELIEVE……..in a government with a strong national defense.

I BELIEVE……..in a government where taxes are fair and understandable

I BELIEVE……..in American Exceptionalism and like Ronald Reagan, I understand American Exceptionalism.  I understand America’s greatness and I understand America’s role in the world for the good.  I too believe, as President Ronald Regan believed, that “America is a Shining City on a Hill, that we are blessed as a Special Light for all Nations”.

I BELIEVE IN AMERICA……..in a safe America where choices count; choices in health care, retirement and where everybody is afforded the opportunity to go as far as their talents, aspirations and dreams will take them.

IF YOU BELIEVE AS I BELIEVE……..I respectfully ask you for your support; for your vote.  God Bless you and God Bless America…………………..Andy


On The Web
Andy Martin for President Official Campaign Website
Andy Martin on Twitter
Andy Martin on Facebook
Andy Martin on Blogspot
Andy Martin on WordPress

Orlando Sentinel
Andy Martin Official Campaign Website


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A Plan Was Hatched – Obama Was Not

Obama didn’t release his birth certificate to shut down the birthers – he did it to label the entirety of the right as “carnival barkers.”

Obama's Birth Certificate

On April 27th, Obama finally put the birth certificate thing to rest for the majority of Americans .. we think. The conspiracy theorists are already using Adobe’s natural behavior to prove that the certificate is a fake and the anti-conspiracy theorists are pointing out how the conspiracy guys are wrong. We’ve even see how some believe that by releasing his birth certificate, Obama may have sealed his fate as a one term President. Everyone is wrong.

In listening to Obama’s comments on the release of his long form birth certificate I heard things that made me cringe. He isn’t releasing this to shut the right up, he’s hoping Conservatives go off the deep-end and push the conspiracy until there is a guy on the grassy gnoll with a second optical scanner, copy machine or birth certificate.

We’re not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts.  We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.

When GOP candidates start re-visiting Obama’s Presidential record and reminding the electorate of the absolute blunders, mis-truths and lies – he will remind us that the right has been proven wrong time-and-time again on their so-called facts. “They just make stuff up”, the President will say, “just like that whole birth certificate thing”. And images of Trumps idiotic prancing about the country, re-invigorating the issue that most of us had let die, just to have the entire right look like fringe lunatics – exactly the strategy that killed Sharron Angle’s bid to unseat Harry Reid.

Donald Trump Bad Hair

As if it weren’t enough, Donald Trump today pressed the issue by giving the conspiracy theorists a bone:

Now we have to look at it. We have to see is it real? Is it proper? What’s on it? But I hope it checks out beautifully.

“Sideshows and Carnival barkers..” with Donald Trump as the front-and-center image – this is a well-thought plan to get the moderates to distance themselves from anything remotely right-of-center.

The Plan

  1. Create an image of a group of crazy people – check
  2. Get Trump to work them into a frenzy – check
  3. Prove them all wrong – check
  4. Have Trump get them to push the conspiracy anyway – check
  5. Use the cemented image that the right is all a bunch of crazy people to win re-election – in-progress

In a Washington Post article entitled “An embarrassment to the country”, Adam Serwer started executing step 5:

Trump’s lunacy emboldened conservative media sources to fully embrace birtherism. According to Media Matters, Fox News has spent over two hours promoting false claims about Obama’s birthplace across 54 segments, and only in ten did Fox News hosts challenge those claims.

Examine Bernanke’s comments at the Federal Reserve press conference, debate the real cause of fuel, food and clothing prices rising while home prices plummet, discuss China’s approach to overtaking the United States as the world’s predominate economy – do any of those, but leave the fricken birth certificate to die.