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The War on Christmas – First Amendment Style

With Christmas now less than two weeks away, the attacks on Christmas and the first amendment are in full swing – this is nothing really out of the norm in modern America.

The Christmas tree is now the “Holiday Tree”, and you are no longer allowed to display your nativity scene without some Athiest group filling a lawsuit because it offends them.

This is where I draw the line, and I am glad that Bill O’Reilly has too.

Celebrating Christmas was a staple of American culture. But now, if you celebrate Christmas you are not being tolerant of others feelings, concerns, or religions.

This is more than wrong and it is just not rational.

What hurts just as bad as Christmas and Christianity being demonized, is the first amendment is always used as the lefts’ argument against Christmas. “Separation of Church and State,” they will always say.

But let’s get one thing right: Legally, there is no such thing as separation of church and state. It completely doesn’t exist. The first amendment reads:

“..Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion, nor preventing the free exercise thereof..”

I didn’t see the Separation of Church and State Clause, did you?

The first amendment doesn’t say anything about Ten Commandments in the public square, nativity scenes on public property, or even that the government cannot favor a particular religion. The first amendment clearly says that Congress cannot establish a religion.

But, what does this mean?

This means that Congress cannot make a law declaring Christianity the official religion of the United States, and if you don’t openly practice Christianity you could be prosecuted for treason.

However, this also means that Congress and governmental level cannot tell a man that he cannot openly practice his religion, even if it means having a nativity scene, a Christmas Tree, or displaying the Ten Commandments.

The actual meaning of the first amendment has long been lost in translation, and most Americans don’t actually know what the first amendment says, nor what it means.

If I told the average American that there is no “Separation of Church and State Clause,” they would probably argue to the death with me that there is such a thing.

I am absolutely tired and more than disgusted with people who infringe on my rights given to me by our founding fathers, because they think I’m infringing on theirs.

But let me ask a question.

If having a nativity scene in a public square infringes on your rights because you aren’t a Christian, does it not infringe on my rights to not be able to have it placed there? If you don’t like it, go ahead and place your Buddha statue or crescent moon next to it, and I’ll shake your hand and call you my fellow brother.

The Progressive left, I think, is doing the absolute opposite of the first amendment.

I think they are trying to demonize all Christians, and establish a Secular Humanist religion in America. But that’s just me, what do I know?

America used to be the land of the free, and home of the brave. Now we are America the land of the lawsuit, and home of the coward. It’s sickening.

I hope we can rediscover the true meaning of the first amendment and Christmas for that matter. Those are two long lost things that used to make American exceptional.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you!

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Bernie Goldberg: Media Will Ignore Obama’s Five Major Broken Promises

The liberal media will make sure to go through the motions and occasionally hit President Obama with some critical points, but they will hold their fire when it comes to addressing five major unfulfilled campaign promises, former CBS reporter and media critic Bernie Goldberg told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly last night.

Given that the latest jobs report shows the second quarter of 2012 was the worst for job creation in two years, the media must and will criticize the president to some degree on the economy, but they will mostly resort to childishly mocking Mitt Romney’s campaign gaffes and doing all they can to avoid making this November a referendum on the president’s performance. Here’s the relevant transcript:


BERNARD GOLDBERG: But they [liberal media] do it. They do it.

Look, can I give you another — you like facts. Let me give you another example. There’s a piece in the current edition of The Weekly Standard by a very smart fellow named Pete Wehner, who’s on FOX from time to time. I’m going to just give you five facts. Just five.

Fact No. 1, as a candidate, Barack Obama promised to create five million new energy jobs alone. Just 5 million energy jobs.

Fact No. 2, he claimed that, by the end of the first term, his healthcare plan, would quote, “bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family.”

Fact No. 3, he guaranteed that his financial rescue plan would help stop foreclosures.

Fact No. 4, in the first year of his presidency, he pledged, quote, “to cut the deficit we inherited in the half by the end of my first term in office.”

Fact No. 5, he said he would, quote, “lift two million Americans from poverty” and, quote, “jolt our economy back to life.”

Have you seen that any place in the mainstream media? That Barack Obama has failed to deliver on his promises?

BILL O’REILLY: No. Nobody has put that in. Except for The Weekly Standard, nobody has brought that up. But all politicians make promises, and few deliver, to be fair.

GOLDBERG: Yes. But it’s one thing to promise vaguely, “I promise you hope and change.” These are very specific promises.

Listen, the same mainstream media that put Mitt Romney’s stupid stunt while he was teenager in high school all over page one and on several jump pages, and the same mainstream media that put on page one Ann Romney’s horse thing, you know, where she rides horses, which is a very expensive hobby, they found enough time and space to devote to that. Why can’t they find time to devote to this?

O’REILLY: Because they want President Obama to be reelected. As simple as that.

GOLDBERG: It is. It really is.

O’REILLY: All right. Bernie, thank you.


Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Slams MSNBC’s Sneaky Editing of Romney

Two separate Fox News anchors on Wednesday took NBC and MSNBC to task for liberal media bias and outright deception. Bill O’Reilly slammed the egregious actions of Andrea Mitchell and her selective editing of Republican Mitt Romney.

O’Reilly played MSNBC’s version of Romney mentioning the fast food outlet Wawa and the one that conforms to reality. The host mocked the liberal cable outlet for “doctoring” the tape. Video of both can be found below:

 ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC HOST: Maybe this was Mitt Romney’s supermarket scanner moment. But I get the feeling, take a look at this that Mitt Romney has not been in too many Wa-was on the roadside of Pennsylvania.

MITT ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I was at Wa-wa’s. I went in to order a sandwich. You press a little — a touch tone key pad, or I did to touch that and you know this sandwich you press, this touch this, touch this. Go pay the cashier there is your sandwich. It’s amazing.

MITCHELL: It’s amazing.

What’s amazing, as O’Reilly stated, is “that [the] tape was edited by Ms. Mitchell’s staff. Mitt Romney’s point was much larger. About how the private sector, Wa-wa, operates as opposed to how the government does things.”  What was cut was Romney’s statement about “people in the private sector learned how to compete. It’s time to bring some competition to the federal government and to get it smaller and ever respondent the customers which are you.”

Guest Lanny Davis, a former top aide to Bill Clinton, stated that Mitchell was probably “unaware”of the cuts.”  However, this pales in comparison to the hyperbole from another NBC anchor, Melissa Harris-Perry, who basically stated that Americans are racist for fighting the war on terror.

In her own words, Perry insisted “what America typically needs emerge and that is racial enemy. Americans in part identify who we are and who deserves what through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites. And in his moment the new racial enemy became not so much Reagan’s welfare queen who was imaginary but instead, this imagined other, that is somehow Muslim or Arab or Sikh or something else.”

She continued this inane liberal study group by saying “we became willing to stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security. It’s something that we have been willing to stomach as a people over and over again in our history.”

However, with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, there seems to be little attention given paid to the event at NBC.

As Fox News’ Bret Baier astutely noted, “NBC Nightly News is playing some serious catch-up, because the network news show has only mentioned the failed gun tracking program “Fast and Furious” once for a few seconds since the scandal broke last year. Keep in mind, Attorney General Holder has testified before Congress no less than nine times.”

An Attorney General of the United States is about to be held in contempt of Congress and NBC is just finding this out now?  It is ironic when the most vilified news network in the country by the political left, also happens to be the only ones doing their job concerning reporting the state of governmental affairs.  However, I guess NBC is so good, they can’t be possibly biased.

CDN's Newest Talk Show: Married To The Game!

While conservative talk radio has no shortage of hosts and personalities, sometimes it does seem to have a shortage of ideas.  Sometimes it feels like everybody is saying the same things, and the only thing that really differentiates them is who can yell the loudest.  That’s where Married To The Game comes in.

Married To The Game is a new show and part of the CDN family that’s designed to be a “safe” place to discuss politics without worrying about the typical conservative litmus tests.  The words “RINO” and “true conservative” are not used here.  Instead, we focus on news and solutions for problems in an open and honest manner.  If you’ve refrained from listening to political talk radio, because you’re tired of hearing the same positions ad nauseam, then Married To The Game might be for you.  And… did we mention it airs on Saturday nights?  Be sure to tune in starting at 10pm (East) and 7pm (West) on Saturday nights, and feel free to call in to make sure your voice is being heard.  Be sure to check out the sample below.

Married To The Game (PROMO)

Knowing Who You Are

There are many articles that keep us informed of current events, what the Obamanation is up to and what everyone thinks we should .. well, think.  That stuff is important.  I want to know what’s going on, but at no point does anything on TV, in-print or on the radio change what I feel.

The left would have the masses believe that the Conservative movement has come about because of the Tea Party.  No.  The Tea Party arose because America is a Conservative, freedom loving nation and organization is necessary to protect her from another threat.  There were patriots that did it prior to 1776 and there are those of us now that will do it again – at any cost.

Sure, this time it is not an English King.  I understand that we are not being oppressed by a God-appointed monarch.  We now know there is no such thing as divine right.  No, we are now fighting against the elitist, power-hungry know-nothings in Washington D.C. that think that one-world government – the largest possible form of government – is the answer.

I have seen Maddow, Mathews, Stewart et al try to play this American enlightenment off as nothing more than right-wing extremists being led around by Glenn Beck and Dick Armey.  Uh, no.  It just illustrates their ignorance.

While I have caught a few of Glenn’s shows, I live on the East coast .. he’s on when I’m driving home from work (yeah, we don’t collect welfare checks Rachel).  As far as the House speaker from a decade ago .. strike two libs .. try again – he’s not directing Americans .. he’s just doing whatever it is that previous politicians do.  The real American people .. not concerned about it.

I have known how I have felt about debt, killing babies, defending my country, chivalry, charity and work ethic long before Glenn Beck took his first drink.  I am who I am and it is who I have been for a very long time.  I voluntarily entered the armed forces immediately after the invasion of Kuwait.  Yes, I know you progressives will say I was stupid for doing it .. but that’s only because you are struggling with the concept of honor, truth and the American way.  Venezuela is waiting for you and I can’t wait for you to leave.

Glenn, Rush or whomever else you would like to paint me with was not in my life when I got baptized, got my first .22, skinned my first squirrel, had my first communion, shot my first pheasant, shot my first dear, got shot at in  a foreign country, started my first business, met my wife, had my kids, or started my second and third businesses.  None of those people have changed my life – they have just added information into it that the liberal media won’t offer.

I was pissed-off at progressives long before I knew who Obama, Reid and Pelosi were.  I was the only kid in my elementary school class to carry a Ford sign when, for whatever reason, we had to have a political parade at that age – and by the way, my Mom was voting for Carter .. a rebel at 8, who knew?  I was in the military under Clinton and he was the main reason  I decided not to re-enlist.  I have principles.  I will gladly give my life in the defense of the true Republic, but would do no harm to her .. ever.

Don’t let someone define you by who’s on the television or radio.  Weren’t you that same person before you found those channels?  Be who you are, who you have always been.  Let them be ashamed for a change.  They live life by the pamphlet and have no clue who they really are – and they never will.

Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally: Images and Experiences

Restoring Honor Entry Sign

*Click on Images to see larger versions*

Getting Ready to head out to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

It’s 10pm on Friday and I’m getting ready to join 300+ great Americans in a six bus convoy to Washington D.C.  The excitement has been slowly welling up inside me through the course of the day.  Towards 6 o’clock it was impossible to concentrate on much of anything else .

I don’t have a tingle running up my leg, but I do have the feeling that I am going to witness something that is of a scale that I have never experienced.

At first, I was considering driving to D.C. in my truck (yeah, it’s a Ford).  Then I thought, why not experience the whole thing with a group of people and view the event from other’s perspectives as well?  So I plopped down the money, reserved a spot on a bus and am preparing to head to the meeting spot.

This post will be updated over the next 24 hours or so with pictures, audio and video.  It won’t be perfectly edited, but will hopefully serve the purpose.   The video will be low quality until I get back home with the good stuff, but it should give you a feel for the atmosphere and crowd size.  This is my first attempt at remote updating a post especially with media, but I will do everything I can to share what I experience with you.

I hope you will take the time to comment on what you feel about what you see and hear.   I will check the comments every once-in-awhile to see if there are any suggestions for questions to ask people, pictures you’d like taken, or what have you.

*Update* 1:32a The entire rally will be shown live on C-SPAN 10am-1:30.

I apologize for it not being totally a live update .. but the mobile web was beyond overloaded with between 400,000 and 850,000 people in the area.

The Voyage

The early birds at bus lineup this morning:

Early Birds to Restoring Honor Load-upI decided to get to the rally point early so that I might talk to a few folks and understand why others might want to attend.  I met up with a great group of  Conservatives that were more than willing to entertain my curiousity.

Unlike me, everyone I spoke with had no expectations.  They just felt that it was something they wanted to be apart of or that they might learn what they could do that might heal our ailing nation.

At 3:00am the conversation on the bus was sparse and short.  As the morning wore on we spoke more and a small group of us decided to hang together (no allusion to hanging separately you history buffs).

As we approached D.C. we ran into .. zero traffic.  It was disconcerting for sure.  Had my crowd estimates missed on the high-side?  Were we headed for a 5,000 person rally that might feel more like a private showing?

Our string of six chock-full buses entered the RFK stadium area and we immediately noticed the mass of humanity at the Metro station.

Many of us had pre-purchased metro passes so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line.  After discussing our situation with the polite policeman dressed in semi-tactical gear, we learned there was a special line for us.  Mom always said I was special.  Those one-day passes came in incredibly useful, I could not thank my local meetup group more for having suggested we all get them.

Those passes led to us getting down to the trains.

We just barely missed the train that was already stopped but the next one was all ours.  We were going to the rally without much delay.

A few of our group decided to walk the 4.5 miles instead.  Some of the group couldn’t do a fast-walk so I stayed with them and made sure that we all got to experience what would become the most influential, emotional, and powerful gathering of Americans in decades.

The Metro ride was uneventful and we arrived at the Smithsonian station no longer knowing what to expect and observations were all conflicting each other.  The traffic was minimal, but there was a huge wait at the stadium metro stop.  The train wasn’t all that full, but but the Smithsonian stop was much busier than normal.  Would the rally attendance be the weak 10,000 that O’Reilly predicted or would this little band get to witness something historic?

After exiting the Metro we met our first band of anti-Conservative protesters.  The massive rally of .. six people displayed their message for all to see.  I really wanted to interview them.. to understand why they felt that a speech on the advancement of the American Experiment was such an afront to them.  Why did they feel the need to criminalize a man that had no other purpose than to save the vision of this nation as it was presented by the founders?  Unfortunately, time did not allow, as we were already late due to odd bus driver swaps on the way to D.C.

Who Would Jesus BombAs we progressed to the Washington Monument.. the light traffic had us concerned. Had O’Reilly gotten it right I had missed the mark on an historic scale.  Well, at least we had entertainment like this guy.

If it hasn’t been obvious, anti-rally sentiment was light. Perhaps the number of absolutely morally-bankrupt liberal-activists is lower than I had feared.  As I reported in “Glenn Beck’s 8-28 Rally: The Wager and the Controversy“, several groups were planning counter-protests, rally disruptions, and some even outright violence.

The counter-protests consisted of this guy concerned about Jesus’ air power strategy and the aforementioned six or so young individuals that believe Glenn Beck is the most fearful nightmare we face today.  I hope they went home, watched the rally and realized the error in their actions.  Protesting this occasion could have had no positive, unselfish motive – none.

restoring honor crowd

As we rounded the left side of the Washington monument, we got our first sense that a crowd was indeed gathering to participate in what I had anticipated as a historic event.  We could hear the opening speech being given and were getting anxious to get there. A costumed Captain America waiving a huge American flag was on the Horizon as we crested the hill where the Washington monument was situated and then we got our first look at the sea of Americans – hopeful, cheering and excited Americans – hundreds of thousands of Americans. WOW!!

Restoring honor crowd
I cannot describe what I felt, but I’ll try.
I’m not sure what word or sound came out of my mouth when we crested that hill, but whatever it was it didn’t do the sight of 100’s of thousands of Americans set before me. I think I froze for a moment to take in the image, to try to comprehend what I was seeing, the size, the scale, the humanity of it all.

The Rally

I spent the next hour or so working through the crowd to try to get up into visual range.  I knew that I might not get all the way to the front, but I wanted to try.

The crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder, front-to-back.  Finding little openings here and there became a challenge, but hearing Sarah talk about her pride in being a soldier’s Mom and introduce some real heroes kept me pushing forward.

I heard Pastor C.L. Jackson describe faith as he was awarded the merit badge .  Albert Pujols received the merit badge for hope from a not so eloquent Tony La Russa , and Raul Gonzales presented the merit for charity to John Huntsman and was received by Emma Houston in his place.

Restoring Honor Crowd - Texas FlagAs I continued pressing through the tightly-packed group of onlookers, I heard the most rousing speech up to that point.  Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s neice) gave an uplifting message, “..before honor comes humility.” words that I will reflect on for some time.

Dr. Alveda King gave honor to our heroes in military service and spoke at great length of civil rights and equality – although you would not have thought so listening to Al Sharpton’s assessment of the event.  She brought up Dr. Martin Luther King’s assertion that efforts towards equality are represented by a check marked “insufficient funds”.  That certainly applies today and in more ways than one.

Perhaps by the grace of God, I got to the spot I wanted just before Glenn Beck made what was unarguably a rousing, emotional plea to save our nation by returning to faith, hope and charity.  It had taken more than an hour to reach this spot and I could not have made it were the crowd not so polite, humble, and helpful.  With hundreds of thousands of people crowded together so closely, I had expected more difficulty working my way towards the front.  I was wrong, but in a good sort of way.

Glenn talked about being at “a cross roads” and that we must make a choice to either be responsible for the rescue of the great American experiment or for its ultimate demise.  It’s on us and if we wonder “have I not done enough for my country” .. we should answer, not yet.

Restoring honor beck closing speechI could not be more thankful for having the chance to participate in this event.  I met so many great people and probably asked a lot of questions but the discussions were welcome and enlightening from my perspective.

Images from the 8-28 Restoring Honor Rally

Click on pictures to see larger images.

Glenn Beck’s 8-28 Rally: The Wager and the Controversy

*Pictures and commentary from the rally here*

On Wednesday Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck had a conversation where Bill promised to have Glenn anchor The Factor’s 8pm time slot.  The wager is based on O’Reilly’s projection that only 15 or 20 thousand people will show up for Beck’s 8-28 Restoring Honor event.  Glenn is hoping for well over 100,000

So will Beck see a mass of humanity or will even those in the back of the crowd have a great view?  It’s impossible to estimate, but some available information can serve as a lower-end guideline to the number of people that might show up. At GlennBeck.com, they have a map with markers to show every bus that has registered with them.  This does not represent every bus that’s going, just every bus that has told the organizers that they will be there.  Here’s a screenshot from 8-21-10 around noon EST.Restoring Honor Bus Map

I went to the map and zoomed in to see if I could count the number of registered buses when I quickly realized the error in my approach: the map has a single pin per group.  I know for a fact that one of the pins represents six buses not one, but there is no way to know that from the map.  Many of these pins probably represent 6 or more buses.  We’ll break it down by area:

You may wonder why I assumed 6 buses per pin.  As these posts illustrate, many represent 10 or more buses – six seemed a reasonable median.

From the Richmond Tea Party:


From the Triangle Conservatives Unite:

312 Yes · 20 Waiting, .. buses have 56 seats

Using the 56 seats per bus, one could conclude that they have 6 buses going, although the site only says 5.  I contacted the organizer, Laura Long,  to confirm the sixth bus and will update this post with her response should she comment.  This post does seem to indicate a sixth bus.

*Update*: Laura Long of Triangle Conservatives Unite did respond to a few questions I had left for her. The delay is perfectly understandable as coordinating six buses full of excited patriots has got to be time-consuming. Although, not a smooth transition in the article, anyone that has done so much for Conservatism deserves a little spotlight.  Here’s the interchange:

Rich: How many buses have you arranged for the 8-28 Restoring Honor rally?

Laura: I have arranged for 6 buses (56 people per bus).

Rich: If you had to guess, how many people do you think will be attending the event?

Laura: I heard from the RFK stadium today that there are over 1,000 buses registered, so bus attendees alone will make up 50,000 people, I could easily see 100,000 people showing up :)

Rich: Why are you personally going to the event?

Laura: I am attending this event to honor those who fought for and continue to fight for our country and our way of life – our wonderful military. I think our freedom is at stake as the government seizes more control of our lives, usurps more of our private property and taxes more of our hard-earned dollars. I am attending this rally to stand shoulder to shoulder with Americans who want to see an end to corruption in our government and a stricter adherence to our Constitution.

There are also the possible attendees that are impossible to count:

  • The tens of thousands that live in the D.C. area that will attend a local, free, historic event because of the relatively light effort.
  • Those flying because a bus ride will take too much time to cross the country both ways
  • Those driving themselves
  • Buses and vans not registered with the site
  • Those attending for other major events or on vacation who may decide to drop in – 3.6 Million people visit the Lincoln Memorial each year – the low end estimate would put an additional 10,000 people from just daily visitation.

Of course the city will already have a large incursion of individuals as Al Sharpton is organizing a rally to commemorate Martin Luther King’s original “I Have a Dream” speech.  A worthy cause that will hopefully interact in a positive and peaceful manner with the Restoring Honor event – they are both seeking the same end.  I would hope those going for the perspective events, might seek to attend the other if possible.  In this article, Sharpton said as much.

Sharpton, who has planned a march that day to commemorate King’s legacy, says Beck’s rally contradicts King’s legacy. “For Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to have a march, they have the right to do so. Many of us suspect they are using the symbolism of that day in a way that does not reflect what the day is about,” Sharpton said. “At no point will we interchange. We will not desecrate the march and what King stood for.”

The attendance may also be boosted by less-than-honorable causes as counter-ralliers like this group from Butch Femme Planet

Let’s CRASH Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally!!!
This is an outrage- pure and simple. Honestly, we do need to make noise about this!!! Some coverage has been on MSNBC lately…. but not enough!! This is slated to happen during the annual MLK commemorative festivities in DC.

Beck has stated that Republicans are responsible for the civil rights movement in the US and that they are going to take it back!! Yes, he is crazy… but crazy like a fox (pun intended), has mojo going with the ultra-conservative right, has a TV and radio show, and people listen to him! Hitler was crazy, too…. let us not forgot the kinds of people that desire power and adoration and what they can do especially in times of economic decline.

Forget about old Rush…. Beck is really a dangerous human being!

And a group that is calling themselves “Celebrate the Dream

On August 28, 1963, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a modern-day Founding Father, delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

On the 47th anniversary of King’s historic proclamation, far-right fearmonger Glenn Beck will hold a self-serving press event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He’s trying to co-opt King’s Dream, with a Nightmare message to his throng of followers.

Don’t let this buffoon diminish a day that belongs to all Americans. Join us to Celebrate the Dream and Reject the Nightmare.

Glenn’s counter to this inflammatory statement:

“It was not my intention to select 8-28 because of the Martin Luther King tie. It is the day he made that speech. I had no idea until I announced it and I walked offstage and my researchers said, New York Times has already just published that this is (the same day as the King speech) — and I said, ‘Oh, jeez.’ ”

He went on to say: “I believe in divine providence. I believe this is a reason (the date was chosen), because whites don’t own the Founding Fathers. Whites don’t own Abraham Lincoln. Blacks don’t own Martin Luther King. Humans, humans embrace their ideas or reject their ideas. Too many are rejecting the Founders’ ideas. Too many have forgotten Abraham Lincoln’s ideas and far too many have either gotten just lazy or they have purposely distorted Martin Luther King’s ideas of judge a man by the content of his character. Lately, in the last 20 years, we’ve been told that character doesn’t matter. Well, if character doesn’t matter, then what was Martin Luther King asking people to judge people by?”

If registered buses alone will be responsible for 50+ thousand attendees, I image double that number will fly, drive, or use the local mass transit systems to attend.  Tack on all the counter-rally publicity and this will be an event of historic measure.  I am personally attending the rally.  I am attending as a journalist and an American.  I will be taking in the events for myself and to share with every one of you.  If you aren’t part of it, will you be left saying, “I wish I had”?

*Update:  Wanna know what I saw of counter-protests at the rally?  First hand account with pictures HERE*

If you are going to the rally, please consider this video on what to bring and what not to bring.