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North Carolina Joins Fracknation

North Carolina overrides Purdue veto on fracking

After what one Democrat calls an accidental vote, North Carolina will join most modern states in the 21st century energy boom sweeping the nation. No, not solar or wind – a resurgence in new production of oil and gas in the United States. Using “fracking”, oil and gas producers are able to collect petroleum and natural gas from formations previously ...

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Way Down Deep Obama is rather Shallow

What do Charles Burnett and Barack Hussein Obama have in common?—lots, apparently. Burnett takes chauffeur-driven luxury SUVs to his bank heists. Obama prefers a limo while on his way to rob the USA blind. Fine, it’s not exactly the same thing, but hey, it’s close enough! Burnett repeatedly robs the same bank… allegedly; same for Obama… allegedly. Burnett hands tellers ...

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