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What Is It With Hillary’s Videos and Obama’s Cable TV Remarks?

Eagle Trusting Government

Usually politicians are clever enough to discuss believable things that make their point or that endear them with the public, but in the case of Hillary and Obama they are stuck on dumb and dumber, each with their own favorite lying subjects. These two leaders of the Democrat party are repeat, proven, pathological liars, and while they lie about a ...

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Eagle Changing Things I Cannotg Accept

I am watching the movie “The Patriot” starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. It makes me both proud and sad when I see the comparisons of then and now. Only about one third of the colonists were in favor of the Revolution as they had no desire to see war but those who stood up were victorious. One scene that ...

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Liberals Love Government Power; Privately Owned Guns Oppose Government Power; So Liberals Oppose Guns


Ever wonder why liberals are so opposed to guns but don’t try to ban knives that kill people or jet aircraft that knock down skyscrapers, killing thousands?  And ever wonder why liberals are so intent on blaming inanimate objects like guns for crimes and not the human operators of the guns?  It’s because there are two basic sources of power ...

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Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

I just watched a video  that explains some end times prophetic Scripture verses. Although it may sound far-fetched to those who refuse to acknowledge what they see happening every day, it makes perfect sense to me. There are four prophets who wrote of the end times and the accounts fit what is happening today like a custom made glove. Barak obama ...

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Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

Barak Obama Is not legally the President of the United States of America. Obama is not eligible due to not being a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution. Add to that the documented fraud that led to his name being on the ballot, people admittedly voting multiple times, dead people “voting”, and voting machines that were programmed to ...

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General Obama’s “The Art Of War”. Part II: How Not To Fear Nor Oppose The Enemy

Eagle- America Deserves Better

I believe it was in 1932 that the brave and wise General Obama gave the following inspirational message to America: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. The good general had to explain this statement to me because of its deep and nuanced message.  Here are General Obama’s words of enlightenment and explication: You see, if we ...

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General Obama’s “The Art Of War”. Part I: How I Contained The Nazis In WWII

Eagle-2nd Amendment

If one listens very carefully to General Barack Obama one can learn a lot about military operations from that wise old gentleman. In Part One we learn how the good general contained the Nazis in WWII and thereby won the war without one troop being exposed to gun fire and not one troop on the ground. Here are the general’s ...

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Why Won’t Congress Protect American Jobs?


With the Republicans representing a majority in both the House and the Senate, and with the Obama administration repeatedly violating federal law in various ways (examples: ignoring immigration laws by opening our borders to all comers; violating his own Obamacare laws for political reasons by changing the dates of inconvenient aspects of the law going into effect; massive illegal EPA ...

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Are You Going To Believe Obama, Or Your Own Two Eyes?

Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

What do these four factual statements tell you : If there were no radical Muslims in France before the Charlie Hebdo event, there would have been no killings of Hebdo employees on that day. If there had been no radical Muslims in France on November 13th, there would have been no attacks and massive killings on that date. If there ...

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John Dummett

We are in the midst of campaigns and debates for the 2016 elections but nothing is being done by any of the candidates, cluding Donald Trump, to do anything to stop the tyranny of the dictator barak obama. Obama does as he wishes, outside the Constitution, but we hear very little more than mild whimpering and see absolutely no action ...

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Obama Aids Our Enemies In Their War Against America


It’s been a very frustrating seven years while Obama has been in office, and the most frustrating has been the period of time since ISIS was proclaimed as being  a JV team and watching Obama do nothing as he pretended to fight this maximum foe.  With the numerous things Obama has said and done lately it’s now obvious why his ...

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Eagle-We Will Not Comply

  The “Holiday Season” is upon us and, as usual, those liberals who hate God insist that everyone abandon God and say happy holidays instead of the traditional season’s greetings that most of us use. Not willing to bow to satanic political correctness, at my house we will honor Jesus Christ, the inspiration behind the CHRISTmas holiday season. The Veterans ...

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Is Obama Coordinating GITMO Prisoner Releases With ISIS?

The Scariest Thing Obama Has Proposed to Date

As an extreme example of how tone-deaf the Obama administration is, aside from saying that the  murders of 128 Parisian citizens on November 13th was merely a “setback” for Obama (everything is about Obama) and his attempts to “contain” ISIS, on the same weekend that the terrorist murders occurred, the Obama administration quietly released 5 terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo. Could ...

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Again With Obama’s Policy Of “I Didn’t Know”


Our very ill-informed president (he didn’t know about the IRS scandal until he read about it in the newspaper; he never did know about Hillary’s illegal email server until the House investigators uncovered it; he didn’t know about the failure of the Obamacare database that caused a delay in launching that horrible vehicle) once again doesn’t know about the most ...

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