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SCOTUS on AZ SB1070: Mixed Ruling – 1 of 4 Provisions Upheld


BREAKING: It appears the only part of the Arizona SB1070 law that has been upheld is that police can check the papers. In ruling the court has said that a state does not have the right to undermine the federal government. Depending on your personal opinion this was a partial win for Arizona or a net win for Obama.  Supreme Court AZ vs United States


Section 3- Unconstitutional. Results: A person in the US does not have to carry identification papers. Federal law requires a legal alien to carry a ‘green card’.

Section 5- Unconstitutional. Results: Cannot be a violation for the state to say it is illegal for any person to look for a job.

Section 6- Unconstitutional. Results: Cannot routinely stop a person to check immigration status.

Section 2-Sent back to 9th Circuit: If a person has been stopped with reasonable suspicion of a crime it is okay to ask for identity/proof of residency.