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2010 Election Story Worsening After Obama's Interview

Obama did an interview with George Stephanopoulos where he said that he should have been more direct with the American people to help them understand what their core beliefs are.  Well, congratulations, the Obama death wish on Democrat candidates continues.

Obama managed to turn the Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts elections over to the GOP, just by talking.  Blaming Bush, talking to us like we’re children, and basically ignoring the wishes of the voting public have not worked.  Obama has now helped seal the fate of many more elections.  In recent Rasmussen polls we see that Democrats are going to have to stop whistling by the grave yard:

These are just the ones with recent polling data.  As we discover more, we’ll add them in.

Obama: More Speeches Needed for Policies to Succeed

I was watching an interview of President Obama by George Stephanopoulos just after the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate. I wanted to see how he would adjust to the voice of the American voter. Would he pull a Clinton and understand that his policies were unpopular, state that he hears us and moderate his strategy or would he go Obama on us?

In the end, he went Obama. The entire interview was him acting as if his approval rating was still in the 70s and ignoring that, for the first time in decades, a Republican had been elected as a Massachusetts Senator. The President actually said that that the real reason he was failing was that he, “lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are..”. So he hasn’t effectively told us what we should believe? This is easily one of the most arrogant people in modern American politics. In the entirety of the interview not once does he say, I hear you America, or that he gets it. He just talks about pushing on, even saying that, “government can solve any problems whatsoever.”

Sure, he’s failing due to a lack of good speeches. Let’s ignore a radical left-wing agenda, an outright disregard of the Constitution, the lack of transparency in the health care debate, the back room deals and blatant vote-buying bribes. None of that could have been the reason Americans are rejecting him in increasing numbers. We just haven’t heard enough of his speeches, because clearly, 411 was not the magic number.