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February 22nd CNN Republican Debate 8pm ET


Tonight may be the last of the Republican presidential primary debates as Santorum, Romney and Paul declined to appear at the March 1st Georgia debate and MSNBC has cancelled its March 5th event.

Santorum has been riding a huge swell of support and funding after his three state sweep almost two weeks ago. The former Senator is still leading Romney in his “home state” of Michigan and Gingrich in his home state of Georgia. With the media pulling out religious comments from 2008 at a religious school and references to Obama’s theology, tonight’s debate may see whether Santorum can stand behind his words and explain to voters what they mean.

Mitt Romney’ support has been steadily fading since his win in New Hampshire. National polls as well as state polls in Ohio, Michigan and Oklahoma are showing the previous front-runner lagging behind Santorum while holding a lead in Arizona. While Romney does fine in debates, he has rarely been considered the winner due to his “just don’t screw up” debate style.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has been struggling to stay in the fight. Tonight viewers are likely to see Newt being Newt as Santorum and Romney trade barbs. Another great debate performance is likely to give Newt a slight bounce.

Ron Paul has been out of the news since the last set of primaries in the mid-west. He is the only remaining candidate that has failed to win a single primary or caucus and is lagging badly in the delegate count. His debate performances have rarely given him any appreciable bounce in polls and much the same can be expected from this event in Arizona.

CNN Preview

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Republican presidential hopefuls will face-off for the final debate before a dozen states take to the polls on Super Tuesday. CNN anchor and chief national correspondent John King will moderate the two-hour debate, which will air live from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET from the Mesa Performing Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

King, Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett will anchor their respective programs live from Mesa on the days surrounding the CNN debate. Anderson Cooper will anchor special, post-debate coverage.

National political correspondent Jim Acosta, senior political correspondent Joe Johns and CNN Radio’s Lisa Desjardins will report from Arizona. In addition, chief political analyst Gloria Borger, senior political analyst David Gergen and CNN political contributors John Avlon, Donna Brazile, Erick Erickson, James Carville and Ari Fleischer will be on site in Arizona to provide insight and analysis across all programming. On the campaign trail covering the candidates leading up to the Arizona and Michigan primaries are reporter-at-large Peter Hamby, political reporter Shannon Travis, and political producers Rachel Streitfeld and Shawna Shepherd.

Where to watch

Cable: CNN

Internet: Live Stream on CNN or On this page once made available.


Expected twitter tag: #CNNDebate or #AZDebate

Sheriff Babeu: Rising Star…or Shooting Star?

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Babeu

Top news story in Phoenix Friday surprised many. An investigative reporter for the Phoenix New Times revealed heretofore unpublished information about Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. The report claimed two things: that Babeu is gay and that he threatened his former boyfriend with deportation, providing evidence of both.

Local stories are not often of interest throughout the country but over the past several years Sheriff Babeu found fame outside the state through his strong stand on border issues. He was often seen on national news speaking out against illegal immigration and the danger caused to citizens of his Arizona county.  As a well-known figure he was chosen Sheriff of the Year in 2011 by the National Sheriff’s Association.  Babeu was a popular speaker at Tea Party and other conservative events. Becoming a household name also led him to run for Congress representing the Pinal Arizona area. He appeared golden. A polished smile and quick wit he displayed a strong attitude for conservative values. A rising star, could anything stop him?

Last week the answer would have been a resounding NO. Today, it’s a definite maybe.

Social conservatives will likely be disappointed at the least. Though sexuality will be the key concern for some, others will accept this as a non-issue. More will be offended in the nearly nude self-photo of Babeu posted on a gay website looking for sex. For many it is not what a person does in his home but actions outside the house that will turn them. People have enough worries not to focus on a personal spat between former partners.

At a hastily called press conference on February 18, a dignified and straightforward Babeu stated emphatically that all allegations were false except for the fact that he is gay. He stated that the semi-nude pictures were personal and misused by the person to whom they were sent.  He stressed numerous times that his focus was border issues and safety of citizens as sheriff and that he would be working towards strong fiscal responsibility as a member of Congress. At the conference Babeu was surrounded by supportive staff, community leaders and citizens.

One has to wonder though, why a sheriff with so much experience would not know that the digital communications particularly via the internet and text are never gone. Good judgment is a key quality needed for our represented officials. As seen in the Anthony Weiner case, embarrassing photos of oneself can destroy a career.

Like a shooting star will Babeu’s flame soon be extinguished? Will his image be too tarnished to win a seat in Congress or even reelection as sheriff? Will the New Times story hold up to scrutiny? Can Sheriff Babeu be judged as he asked, “By the content of his character”? Only time will tell.

Gay Arizona Sheriff Caught Lovin on an Illegal?

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu resigned as Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chairman, and also came out of the closet to admit that yes, he is a homosexual on Saturday, in response to media charges that he threatened to use the power of his office to keep his lover from telling the world about their relationship. Many people may know Sheriff Babeu from his numerous appearances on national news shows speaking out against President Obama’s failure to enforce immigration laws.  In a nasty twist to this story are the very questionable claims that the homosexual lover of Sheriff Babeu was threatened with deportation if he didn’t keep their relationship secret and out of the media.  Wait a minute! The tough-talking Arizona Sheriff who has been taking on Barack Obama and his illegal amnesty by executive order fraud upon America, not only has a gay lover… but said lover is alleged to be an illegal criminal alien?

From Reuters via Yahoo/Obama2012 media-puppets HQ  comes this article, in which we see a vicious attempt at a smear campaign against Sheriff Babeu.. or some very troubling signs of malfeasance:

A local sheriff resigned as a co-chair of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s campaign in Arizona on Saturday after he was accused of threatening a former male lover with deportation to Mexico if he talked about their relationship.

Babeu acknowledged at a press conference on Saturday that he is gay and that he had a personal relationship with the man making the allegations, whom he identified only as “Jose.”

The Phoenix New Times alternative newspaper reported on Friday that Babeu’s lawyer had asked Jose to sign a legal agreement that would require him to keep quiet about his involvement with the sheriff. According to the newspaper, the lawyer also warned Jose that any talk about their relationship could imperil his immigration status. (emphasis added)

Sheriff Babeu admits he is gay, yet refutes the charges coming from an “alternative news source.” This is reminiscent of the Herman Cain attacks that drove him out of the 2012 presidential race, albeit some of them substantiated, while the majority of them were never proven. This does follow the pattern of stealth personal attacks that mainly come from the Democratic Attack Machine, where the source of the supposed information is always hidden behind several layers of fake news sites, then “leaked” to media operatives to turn it into a national news story.

The Phoenix New Times  comes off as a totally discredited supposed “news site” when you check out their homepage and see there is no information about just who they are, nor is there anything about just who is behind this website posing as a news source. One pattern that does jump right out at the reader is the pro-illegal amnesty slant and the bashing of anyone who speaks out against criminal illegal aliens today. They appear to sprinkle the site with retread Arizona news articles in an attempt to hide the real agenda. That agenda would also be the very same agenda as the Democratic-Party funded, pro-criminal illegal immigration community organizers over at La Raza. Coincidence? Hardly believable.

Footnote: Since DHS claims that they need to use their resources deporting the serious criminal illegal aliens and therefor refuse to track down and deport “innocent” illegals such as Babeu’s gay lover, thanks to this story, they don’t have to spend a nickel of taxpayers money to track down this long-time illegal criminal. How about it DHS and ICE? Babeu obviously knows this criminal’s address, so how about deporting him? That won’t happen either, simply because this illegal puppet has already been signed up to reelect Barack Hussein Obama. You can take that statement to the bank!

Cain to Respond to Allred Allegations in Phoenix Press Conference

In response to the allegations made today by Gloria Allred, Mr. Cain will conduct a press conference on Tuesday, November 8th at the Scottsdale Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona at 3:00 pm local time.

It is noteworthy that Gloria Allred is a celebrity lawyer who specializes in generating publicity for herself and her clients.

Ms. Allred is a high-profile Democrat Party donor and activist who has given over ten thousand dollars to liberal Democrats like Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

The questions the media should be asking are who’s paying for Gloria Allred’s fee, how did Ms. Bialek get introduced to Ms. Allred, and was she paid to come forward with these false accusations or was she promised employment?

After attacking Herman Cain through anonymous accusers for a week, his opponents have now convinced a woman with a long history of severe financial difficulties, including personal bankruptcy, to falsely accuse the Republican frontrunner of events occurring over a decade ago for which there is no record, nor even a complaint filed.

Public Invited to Community Day for NASA's Desert RATS Test

NASA LOGO / NASA Logo. (PRNewsFoto/NASA)HOUSTON, Sept. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — For years, NASA’s Desert RATS – or Research And Technology Studies – team has been trekking to the Flagstaff, Ariz., area for its annual tests. This year the public can come see what they have been up to.

Students and space fans young and old are invited to the Desert RATS Community Day from 1 – 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11. It will be held at this year’s Desert RATS test site, located 40 miles north ofFlagstaff on U.S. Highway 89, less than one mile past the 454-mile marker, on the right.

Desert RATS is one of several analog tests that NASA uses to try out new hardware and ideas for future use in space exploration. The 2011 Desert RATS test is simulating a mission to an asteroid using prototype rovers (called Space Exploration Vehicles), habitat mockups (the Deep Space Habitat) and a humanoid robot identical to the one currently living on board the International Space Station (Robonaut 2 on a four-wheeled base). Astronauts and geologists are teaming up to try out different methods for exploration, and a team of mission and science operation personnel is monitoring the test from the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

During the Community Day, attendees will be able to get an up-close look at the hardware being tested and talk with NASA scientists, engineers, technicians and astronauts about their work.

For more information on the Desert RATS tests, visit:

http:// www.nasa.gov/desertrats

Follow the progress of the tests via Twitter at:

http:// www.twitter.com/desert_rats

Will Work For Food- I Guess

A 62-year-old Arizona man, Frank Ballesteros, “needs one little word” to help him out of his economic situation.

The word is not “hope” or “God” or “patience”. Perhaps the word is  “j-o-b”? Well, think again. What Mr. Ballesteros says he needs is the word “three”. Frank would like for Arizona’s legislature to make  a “small word change, from ‘two’ to ‘three’ in its statutes” to extend jobless benefits.

Mr. Ballesteros is walking door-to-door handing out resumes, yet he doesn’t say he needs a job. He just needs the statute to be changed so he can continue receiving his check.

A New York Times article states:

That last extension of unemployment benefits — typically received in weeks 80 through 99 of unemployment — is paid for entirely with federal money and does not affect state budgets. But because of ideological opposition and other legislative priorities, Arizona and a handful of other states, like Wisconsin and Alaska, have not made the one-word change necessary to keep the program going.

While Mr. Ballesteros may truly want a job, he may be one of very few people over the age of 60 who truly want to work at this stage in their life. Though he is out looking for a job, he does not make it clear that employment is what he needs – just that he needs for his unemployment checks to be extended.

Mr. Ballesteros fails to understand that nothing is free. Federal money- again- tax payers money– that is given to the states come with many strings attached. The fact that Arizona and the other states that refuse to make the “one-word change”, rather than caving in to the federal government is something to be admired.

Times are hard and there are a lot of people out of work. However, no person can honestly expect to have their unemployment extended yet again, especially when this nation is in the financial situation we are in.

I would like to read an article highlighting someone who has lost their job and made the best of it despite the bad economy. Surely there are people out there that were more prepared for a set-back to happen in their lives. When did we stop looking for the positive stories during the hard times? Are we so focused on the negative side of things that we refuse to look for and see the positive stories out there among the bad news?

This is the land of opportunity! It may not be the best paying job, it may not be the most prestigious job, and it most definitely may not be a job we would “like” to do. The problem is we, as a nation, have become so spoiled that we have either became too afraid or “too good” to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. We as a nation have become too independent on the Federal Government to provide for our needs- and now we feel “entitled” to whatever we want or feel we need.

“Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.”

The vast majority of those who have been out of work for two years and have been receiving unemployment the entire time, thanks to the extensions, have simply sat back waiting for their next check. There are numerous reports of the unemployed turning down job offers so they can continue to receive unemployment checks. I wonder how many jobs has Mr. Ballesteros turned down because they didn’t “pay enough”.

Seemingly everywhere there are “Help Wanted” signs posted. From the corner grocery store to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, gas stations or restaurants, the signs have been posted for some time. If people were truly starving these jobs would be filled within hours of the sign being posted! We, as a nation have become so spoiled that we refuse to lower our standards on what we will and will not do.

If this were you that was unemployed at 62-years-old, would you ever allow yourself to remain unemployed for two years without taking whatever actions that are necessary to prepare for your situation? Would you make the difficult decisions such as downsizing your living quarters, moving in with friends or family or moving to another city or state?

The continuously unemployed do not lack jobs or money as much as they lack initiative, creativity and motivation to do whatever necessary to provide for themselves. Some of these people have sat back and accepted free unemployment checks for two years. They have made no plans to do whatever necessary to break the endless cycle they are in; instead, they are counting on the government to provide for them.

What will happen after 3 years of unemployment? Will Mr. Ballesteros’ situation magically be better, or will he simply be prolonging the inevitable fact that he cannot rely on the federal government to take care of him?

Unemployment checks are the poison that creates unemployment.  The tax burden reduces the workforce which increases the tax burden until the system goes bust.  THEN where will the newly unemployed who have been carrying the burden for everyone else go for a check?

Mr. Ballesteros, did you apply at McDonald’s when they hired 50,000 people?


A special thank you to my colleague, Wayne, for some pointers for this article.

Loughner Deemed “Not Competent To Stand Trial”

You have absolutely GOT to be kidding me!

I should have known. We have reached a point in our society where nothing makes sense anymore! Up is down, right is wrong, wrong is right, white is black, black is white…. and I could go on and on with analogies. However, that will get us nowhere, really.

I try to be an optimist. I am a Bible believer, so I know the power of prayer. I also know what Scripture says about what will come in what we call “the last days”. Have we reached “the last days?” Well, I do not know for certain, but all signs sure seem to be pointing that way!

Where my faith, knowing what Scripture says will come, and reality clash are my feelings with everything. I am not one to give up in the sense of, “there’s just no point in going on.” I KNOW I have to keep fighting the good fight until my last day comes, whether it is by my death through old age or other occurrences or if it is by way of the rapture of the Church which yes, I do most certainly believe in.

I know that God says, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. (Romans 12:19)

I also believe that there are consequences for our actions. I believe there are certain actions in this life that are punishable by death. Yes, I have Bible Scripture that I use to base this belief on. (Romans 1:28-32 ; Acts 25:10-11 ; Romans 13:1-4) but that is not the point of this article.

Now we have a man who will get away with cold-blooded murder because he is feigning incompetency! Yes, I am calling him a liar, a manipulator, and a game-player playing the system.

This very same man went into court sneering the first couple of times he appeared in court. Now, according to one report I heard on TV, all of a sudden he is “rocking back and forth”.

Please do not get me wrong. I absolutely believe he is a mentally disturbed man. I believe that is quite obvious from his initial actions of murder and attempted murder back in January. I believe there is proof of that from other incidences that have been reported after the attack happened.

Now there will be no justice for Ms. Giffords, the other survivors, and those who were killed that day. Now our tax-paying dollars will have to be used to keep this man alive until the day he dies.

I do not for one minute believe he can be rehabilitated. He has shown absolutely no remorse- even today in court. He is relishing in the fact that he killed people. To me this speaks volumes for his mental well-being, or lack thereof.

So what is the answer? I will be called “inhumane” because I would rather he be put to death.

I will be called selfish, cold, uncaring, un-Christ like for thinking he deserves the death penalty.

I believe justice should be served.

Today that did not happen.

Thankfully this was just the federal case. Maybe the State of Arizona will not be so politically correct!

God help us all.

My continued prayers are with Ms. Giffords, her family and friends, and all the other lives that were affected by this tragedy.




Teaparty Holds First National Conference in Phoenix

A coalition of representatives from some 3300 Teaparty and other activist groups held their first ever National Conference on Friday, Feb 26th in Phoenix, Arizona. Among the  noted speakers were Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul. What is also noteworthy, were the missing Republicans, most of which had the weekend off .

Invitations were sent out and pretty much ignored, and this shows us just how the Old Guard GOP big spenders are afraid to face the real issues of today and the Teaparty members who stand for limited government. This was a missed opportunity for Republicans to make amends for their involvement in the big spending habits of the past decade that could very well haunt them in 2012.

The people want answers and accountability, plus they would like to see some politicians admit their past mistakes, and make the pledge to get on the side of restoring fiscal sanity back into our government today. At CPAC 11 this year we saw Senator Orin Hatch step up to the plate and answer the question of why he voted for the first bailout package. It was an evidently painful experience for him, but it also showed a willingness to accept responsibility for his actions just by being there. My respect for Mr. Hatch went up a bit right there. As far as my respect for all the GOP elitists who chose to ignore the TeaParty base on Friday? That is an unacceptable show of cowardice and lack of true responsibility and accountability in this Independent voter’s eyes.

Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty had the guts to take the stage Friday and was very well accepted. While holding up a copy of the U. S. Constitution, Mr. Pawlenty spoke of his long list of vetoes as Governor and even the partial shutdown of the Minnesota State Government at one point. He described today’s Federal Government as a “royal traingle of greed,”  which was formed by a rapidly growing government, powerful Unions and bailed out businesses. The tri-fecta of fiscal insanity that is bankrupting America today.

Ron Paul also spoke at the TeaParty National conference on Friday. He said the following about Teapartiers: ” “It’s a well-defined, loose group. They’re well-defined that they know what they’re unhappy about, but it’s loose in the sense that it’s a grassroots, bottom up organization,” Paul said.  I couldn’t agree more with that statement there, well said Sir.  Take a close look at the picture included in this article. Those are true Patriots, who also helped form the Government of the United States. Every single of them is carrying a sword, that says they will defend America with their lives and many of them did just that. They gave their lives for our freedom and liberty, just like our soldiers are doing today acrossthe globe. We are once again facing an internal war within our own country today. We need every Patriot we can muster to stand up to the big government Liberals hell bent on Socializing America into a third rate country. The TeaPartydidn’t ask the Republicans to show up with a sword strapped onto their belt and actually put their lives in danger last Friday. On the contrary, all they were wanting was a showing  of respect for their grassroots movement that turned the tide in the 2010 elections and maybe  someone who would prove to them that they would join the battle against big government spending today.

And the GOP pulled a no-show for the most part. Not a single Republican Senator or Congressman showed up. Not a single sitting Republican Governor attended. Not a single representative of the RNC attended.  2012 just got  a whole lot more interesting, as far as the GOP  side of the elections are concerned. Don’t say you folks weren’t warned.

So far there has been a lack of complete information on just who attended this conference. If I missed any Republicans who got up the courage to attend, let me know please.

What’s Really Happening with Arizona’s Immigration Law?

jan brewer Gov. AZArizona Governor, Jan Brewer signed her State’s new tough immigration bill (full unedited text of SB1070) into law this week.  There is heavy support from Arizona residents, but firm opposition from liberal-leaning organizations.

Arizona has been pleading for assistance from the Federal government for years, so this is not a new problem, nor did Obama cause it.  Immigration was a problem Obama had promised to solve in the first year of his presidency and his failure to follow-through has given Governor Brewer no choice but to act at the State level.

The opposition comes from mainly religious, civil liberty and Latino organizations.  The bill is even being compared to the Japanese internment camps of WWII and South African apartheid.  Some complications with those comparisons are that those were injustices against people who had not committed a crime.  Being Japanese and a rightful citizen of the United States is not a crime.  Any race or ethnicity that chooses not to apply through the existing processes and laws, but reside in the U.S. anyway, is breaking current Federal law.  The opposition tries to downplay the criminal aspect of illegal immigration by calling the law-breakers “undocumented workers”.  Whether they work or not, they aren’t documented because they are only here by breaking the law.

Brewer is right to point out that this is a public safety matter.  Crime will go down if there are fewer illegals.  There are studies that have been done over the past ten years that say that illegal immigrants commit crimes at the same rate as citizens, and other studies that say the criminal rate is higher among them – especially for sexual predation.  Assuming that the crime rate among illegal aliens is identical to citizens, those are still crimes.  If the illegal aliens weren’t there, should it be assumed that some other person would go commit that same crime in their stead?  The large number of illegal aliens in the justice system also increases costs for state and local governments.

Day laborersThe law does not give state law enforcement any new powers for search and seizure.  The law still requires reasonable suspicion, the same tests applied for other crimes committed by both citizens or aliens.  The law actually mandates that they must enforce the existing federal law to its full extent.  Some might find it puzzling that they weren’t already doing that.  A few new state provisions make the federal crimes into state crimes, such as failing to apply for or carry alien documentation.  Perhaps the only contentious provision is that which makes it illegal to impede traffic while picking up day laborers as not all day laborers have violated immigration law.  The point of contention is that perhaps they could have put this into a traffic safety bill instead, there is certainly nothing illegal or unconstitutional about it.

Many are also ignoring the economic drain these workers represent.  They are undocumented and therefor do not pay federal income tax or state income tax, but they do need the roads, hospitals, services, and infrastructure provided with such taxes.  Additionally, a significant sum of money is sent to Mexico directly from the migrants that do work.  That money is pulled out of the U.S. economy – probably the largest reason for the objections of the Mexican government.

Should we stop immigration – surely not.  We must stop illegal immigration.  Immigrants should apply, be screened, documented and subject to our laws, including taxation.  The screening process can help us identify undesirable criminal applicants (or weed them out naturally as they might not apply at all).  They are welcome to share our country and what it has to offer, but they surely should also share the burdens that come with working and living in the United States.  If health reform continues to mandate insurance, they should also be forced to buy a plan.

The process for legal immigration should also be simplified.  Many argue that illegal aliens do many of the jobs that a citizen would not.  Well, then open the floodgates for those skills – by allowing more in through the legal process, but don’t just tear down the gate.

President Obama has called Governor Brewer’s actions, “irresponsible”.  The Governor is the chief of the executive branch for her State and so charged to enforce the laws applicable within that State.  She has now had to sign a law explicitly saying that Arizona will enforce Federal laws, because the Federal government won’t.  She’s performing her responsibility, by taking action when the Obama administration failed to perform theirs.

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