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National Day of "Doing Crap that Actually Matters"

The occupy park benches movement (a.k.a. Obamaville liaison to Big-labor) is planning a “day of action” on Thursday.

The New York local office is planning to start a march from city hall, across the Brooklyn bridge and onward to cause grid-lock near the intersection of Wall St. and Broad St. – the approximate location of the New York Stock Exchange.

The movement is preaching environmental causes, international causes, anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, pro-Palestine, pro-Union, anti-bank, anti-freedom messages – all at once.

This is the group that believes that it’s illegal for law enforcement officers to remove them from private property – that they have trespassed upon.

This is the group that infringes upon the rights of others to get their impossible-to-understand points heard.

What is needed is a counter-protest. A national movement that really matters.

Many in the TEA party have repeated the mantra “Not racist, not violent, not silent anymore”. Well, it’s time to start being less silent.

The Occupy movement is a puppet arm of the Unions and other groups that would like to see our economic system fail. Their approach: to force drastic changes to an economy to one that favors those unwilling to build exemplary skills.

Unions prop-up those willing to only do “enough” to earn a paycheck. That doesn’t mean that all union workers are lazy. It means that union leadership has no interest in making an example of those that are talented – lest it injure someone unable to become an expert. It is much like playing a sport where no one keeps score to avoid having a loser. Entrepreneurial spirit is the answer – the purest form of success due to expertise.

If you knew you would only succeed if you spent the time to learn more about your trade or perhaps invent a new technique – wouldn’t you? What if that was the only way to get ahead in America – as it was in times past. Would that not create a culture of experts or at least reward those trying to build such a culture?

Electricians of great quality can contract out to whomever they want for an above market price. Master electricians can run an entire shop of high-quality electricians and do very well. This is the spirit of America – not those do-nothing, produce-nothing loudmouths in Zucotti park.

It is time. It is THE time.  IT IS OUR time. It is the time for truly productive Americans to say that this cannot go unanswered.  Unlike the characters in Atlas Shrugged we don’t have to learn over the course of 12 years after the brat-like redistributionalists get their way. We can start to affect change today.

Do you live in New York, Oakland or any other city where one of these atrocious affronts to society are taking place? Why aren’t you calling your Mayor’s office, Governor’s office, state Rep, state Senator, police chief, sheriff’s dept or other local group. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and only the incredible minority that are living in city parks are letting city officials know how they feel.

That is why we need a “National Day of Doing Crap That Actually Matters “. On Friday, November 18th, call your LOCAL officials and let them know that you no longer want these anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-work, anti-American people keeping you out of YOUR public spaces. No longer do you want them influencing YOUR children. No longer do you want them messing with YOUR country. Tell your officials that you want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and arrest trespassers – not just push them to the side and throw away their garbage.

Cities (a.k.a. taxpayers) are spending tens of thousands of dollars a day of taxpayer money to police the “Obamavilles” and “Class Warfare Shanty Towns”. That is YOUR hard-earned money that these miscreants are spending. When will you speak up?

It’s fun to ridicule them on twitter or post their most-recent idiocy on Facebook, but that’s relatively ineffective.

Join the “National Day of Doing Crap that Actually Matters” and make a few phone calls on Friday. It won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time to disarm a movement of unthinking, irrelevant, disrespectful and unproductive union puppets.

Join the NDoDCtAM (say that 5 times fast)  and show them that the Occupational forces in America’s parks are NOT the 99%.

Movements that NDoDCTAM is in solidarity with:

Free Wall Street:

We will be talking with John Tabacco, founder of “Free Wall Street” tonight on the Mitchell & Ray show.

John and Derek Tabacco were so frustrated with the disruptions caused by the protesters in Zuccotti Park that they started the “Free Wall Street” campaign.

Mr. Tabacco is asking other Americans to  “rally” in opposition to Occupy Wall Street.

John said that “the way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of freedom fighters to rebel against the unwanted occupiers. Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park.”

You can join the rebellion against the occupiers by following the movement on twitter: @wallstfighters and their soon to be online web page: freewallstreetnow.com

Thanks to those providing phone numbers:


Mayor:- 214-670-4054
DPD: 214-744-444
Media Relations: 214-671-4065

San Antonio

Mayor: 210-207-7060
SAPD: 210-207-7273
Media Relations:   210-207-7234