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Andrew Breitbart: Still Winning

In Memoriam

courtesy of Sal Montag (@saltyhollywood)

Following the tragic loss of Andrew Breitbart, the Conservative blogosphere and media have been filled with memorials and accolades to his life, principles, and tenacity in achieving his goal of setting the Conservative message against the main stream media. The constant theme of them all is that Breitbart was a warrior for the cause, and an example to set before all involved in fighting the barrage of skewed information presented by the main stream media. Andrew set out to ensure that even media in pop culture was countered when he created “The Bigs” and added Big Hollywood to its ranks.

An article in The Atlantic Wire makes the thought provoking statement that Andrew himself was trying to make: the Conservative movement can’t just happen in blazer and cocktail dress filled rooms, or in e-vite organized Tea Party events, or even on Twitter and Facebook groups. It has begun to surface in the places that would have made Andrew more happy than anything: in pop culture. And it’s growing.

Movies like “Act of Valor” , endorsements by celebrities of Conservative candidates, and the willingness of more celebrities to talk openly about being Conservative, are what Conservatives need to encourage to help keep up with the constant barrage of anti-conservative messaging in pop culture.

The Atlantic Wire mentions Breitbart’s quest for a Punk Rock Republican as being unfinished. I would suggest that the author of that post never met the guys from Madison Rising. A recent interview with lead singer Dave Bray, and talking with the band in general, has proven that Breitbart was on to something. These guys fully intend to do their share to bring Conservatism to the rock area of pop culture.

Just Another Tribute To Andrew Breitbart

This is another Andrew Breitbart tribute. But… Then again, it’s not. By now, you’ve read many great things by many people who knew Andrew, who have waxed poetically (and correctly) about what a great and powerful influence he was is. They’ve shared stories and given quotes and truly honored the man who has inspired many of us.

I’m not qualified to be among their ranks, and I’m certainly not qualified to be among his. But I have feelings and opinions and things to say, despite that adamant truth.

Andrew Breitbart was is a man who could stir great passions. Whether it’s self indulgent bloggers who claim happiness in his death, or the tens of thousands of citizen journalists that he inspired to mobilize, Breitbart was is a man who people had strong feelings for. And you know what they say… “Hatred is not the opposite of love; indifference is.” Andrew Breitbart was is not a man who inspired indifference. On that, I think most would agree.

I never met Andrew, but I can tell you that I loved him. I loved his fearlessness. I loved his grasp of the big picture. I loved his willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve. I loved that he didn’t hide behind false pretense. I love that he was inclusive. An ivory tower is not where this man dwelled. I love that he knew that truth is the greatest defense. He didn’t hack Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, and he didn’t stare frozenly into the headlights while his opponents falsely accused him. He FOUGHT. Truth was his weapon, and he wielded it to devastating effect. A lot of Conservatives will let the spaghetti stick to them. Andrew would burn down the kitchen before he let that happen, and I loved love him for that.

I wish I could tell you a story of how he talked to me at a rally or a conference or even at an airport while waiting to catch a flight, but I can’t. I didn’t know the man. But I can tell you that it felt like he knew me. I think a lot of us felt like that. I think a lot of us saw him on our TV’s and said, “YES. Finally, someone is saying what needs to be said. Someone is finally fighting our fight. Someone is FINALLY disproving the lies that our elected leaders seem helpless to deflect. Someone has finally gotten it right.”

Andrew loved us, and he loved this country. Some would say he even loved his opponents. That is a distinction that many of his naysayers cannot claim. Many of them seem to sustain themselves off of hatred. Andrew wasn’t like that. He saw the big picture, and hatred is just a limb on tree in a forest in a country on a continent on a planet. Hatred is wasted energy for those with great minds. And Andrew’s mind was among the greatest we’ll see in our lifetimes.

I can’t say as to whether or not we’ll have another Breitbart, but I can tell you that he strove to make sure we wouldn’t need one. And that is a testament to how much he loved us. And you know what, Andrew, we love you too.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart: An Icon of Heroic Conservatism

Andrew Breitbart

The conservative movement suffered a heart-wrenching loss with the death of blogger and activist Andrew Breitbart. Social networking sites such as Twitter & Facebook, were saturated with memorials, tributes and positive statements of how Breitbart impacted their lives.

Breitbart was indeed an influential and powerful giant among conservatives. He was a force of energy that compelled you to be passionate, energetic and involved. He thrived and excelled in producing the truth. He exposed bigotry and maliciousness and was an excellent example of a sufficient media journalist.

He revealed corruptness, such as ACORN, who was heavily involved with voter fraud. He brought despicable and shameful individuals, such as fmr Rep. Anthony Weiner, to light so that the public was made aware of the distasteful acts they were committing. He challenged the Occupy movement to move beyond their hate and disgust for those who are successful and possess good work ethic, and to move beyond the entitlement mentality and embrace the concept of self- responsibility and individual empowerment.
Breitbart was not afraid to fight. He was not afraid to step onto the battlefield of liberalism and counter the bias left-wing media with conservative principles.

He clearly understood what was at stake. He knew America was the edge of disaster and at the brink of an economic collapse. He understood that this country was being hijacked by a liberal society that did not understand how great America was and wanted us to succumb to European socialism.

Breitbart was not alone in his fight for liberty and freedom. He has a large battalion of fighters, warriors and patriots who are ready to take a stand. There is a large band of individuals who refuse to be a victim to liberalism and imperialism. Breitbart’s love for America and willingness to embrace its beauty is what helps ignite the Tea Party and many other conservatives across this great land.

Breitbart was one voice. Unfortunately, he’ll no longer be able to vocalize the truth. However, he left behind a chorus of many voices. America will hear them roar. Andrew Breitbart, an heroic conservative, just gave excitement and more energy to the many voices out there screaming for liberty and freedom. Paul Revere fired the “shot heard around the world,” but today, Breitbart was the modern day Revere that encouraged conservatives to amplify their voices all around the universe.

Andrew Breitbart: Not Lost in Our Hearts and Minds

The stunning loss of Andrew Breitbart this morning has left a gaping wound in the soul of the conservative movement. The Internet entrepreneur and intrepid soldier for the cause of freedom was a shining example of a leader who was as close and relatable as a family member.

While Andrew (Mr. Breitbart was his father, as he might say) cut his teeth at the Drudge Report and by helping to start the HuffingtonPost, he found his niche in the New Media with his websites, which became known as “The Bigs.” He rose to national notoriety with the masterfully sequenced release of James O’Keefe’s and Hannah Giles’ ACORN exposes, which scattered the radical group and led to its ultimate defunding by Congress.

Andrew made himself a magnet for all the left’s hatred and bile, selflessly seeking out and attracting animosity on numerous media platforms.  Having once been a leftist, as he admitted, he knew all about rage. Channeling that anger into righteous indignation, which he wielded against the “transformational” left, explains both his tireless efforts and his hardcore lifestyle.

As Breitbart’s website put it, “We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.”

But Andrew gave us so much more than he could possibly take with him in his passing. So many of us will not forget his inspiring work to keep America the land of freedom and opportunity. I will personally regret not meeting him and shaking his hand for everything he has done for myself and others.  After speaking with him on the phone on a few occasions and even having chatting with him on Facebook (yes, he was that personable!), it became my sincerest and deepest wish to emulate him in any way that I possibly could.

Andrew Breitbart was one of the few good guys who “got it.”  His understanding of the left’s cultural war against America made him a unique conservative with exceedingly rare leadership qualities.  The man may have passed in body, but he truly will not be lost in our hearts and minds.

Who Is Really Behind The “Occupy” Movement? Andrew Breitbart Wants To Know.

A trailer for a very promising movie was released last week.  While some would call it a documentary, Andrew Breitbart calls it a “war film”.  In his latest project, “Occupy Unmasked”, Breitbart and a talented team dig deep to find out just who is behind the Occupy movement.  He promises to help expose the “puppet masters” who are pulling the strings, along with the help of none other than former Leftists, who have been “kicked out of the club”.  If this film delivers on its promise, we could all stand to benefit from knowing who these players are and what game they’ve tried to catch us up in.

Who Is Really Behind The "Occupy" Movement? Andrew Breitbart Wants To Know.

A trailer for a very promising movie was released last week.  While some would call it a documentary, Andrew Breitbart calls it a “war film”.  In his latest project, “Occupy Unmasked”, Breitbart and a talented team dig deep to find out just who is behind the Occupy movement.  He promises to help expose the “puppet masters” who are pulling the strings, along with the help of none other than former Leftists, who have been “kicked out of the club”.  If this film delivers on its promise, we could all stand to benefit from knowing who these players are and what game they’ve tried to catch us up in.

The American Dream in Ones and Zeroes

“What is Damaged Hearing?” I ask Ezra Dulis, or rather tweet him (because isn’t that how we all talk these days, through any means other than actual talking?).  He sends me a link to Damaged Hearing, a local radio show out of Colorado, hosted by Louis Fowler.

I check it out, note the airtime and pledge to listen to the next broadcast before I realize when it comes on.  It overlaps the local radio show to which I am a call-in guest host back in Gary, IN.  Also, it comes right on the heels of Rush Limbaugh’s golden 3 hours, and I never miss Rush. In the afternoons I am sure to tune into Tony Katz’s spectacular radio show, because he has the liveliest chat room in the business.  I also always make it a point to tune in to Mark Levin’s show  because no one ridicules liberals quite like he does.  He’s my dose of “warm fuzzies” for the day.  At some point I’ll turn the dial to my local station, KFI, to make sure I’m staying up to date on the happenings in the state that common sense forgot, California.  If I’m lucky enough to be driving alone in the evenings, my radio is tuned to Dennis Miller so I can bone up on my obscure pop culture references.  I’ll usually end the day with The Stage Right Show with the lovable, loquacious Larry O’Connor.  He is a master at breaking down the tops news clips of the day, and his bevy of horrible southern accents somehow endears him to me even more.

This growing list of exceptional programming makes me think to myself, “How on earth can I fit in one more radio show? There is just too much good stuff out there.”  And it hits me.  What a wonderful problem to have!  The rise of the Internet has also meant the rise of conservative “new media” in a way no one could have predicted.  But isn’t it serendipitous?  The Internet is the great equalizer.  There are no fancy qualifications necessary for using this incredible medium.

One does not need a fancy pedigree from an approved school that costs a lot of money and offers degrees in womyn’s studies and masturbation techniques, or even a certain financial status. One only needs a computer and an Internet connection.  Navigate to any number of sites that offer free blog hosting, podcasting, or Internet radio services and voila!  You are now The Media.  It is the epitome of freedom.  It is the American Dream written in a series of 1s and 0s.  Who better to benefit from this amazing new freedom than conservatives, those who are most dedicated to defending true freedom of thought and expression in all forms.

The Right has effectively harnessed this freedom, this marketplace and managed to create an entire genre unto itself.  New Media.  It has blazed its own path, dependent solely on the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of the average American citizen. That just burns up the left.  You see ,it’s perfectly fine for illegal immigrants to bypass the moral and legal path to American citizenship. But bypass the path to political punditry and journalism that they spent decades crafting, perfecting and narrowing? Hogwash! Poppycock!  Noodles! Other ridiculous words!  They haven’t paid their dues! They haven’t been to the right parties and schools. It’s hardly fair for the Right to have unfettered access to public ears and eyes.  How will the average unsuspecting, unthinking American idiot be able to comprehend the truth of any news for themselves without being told what exactly is news in the first place.  Hence the liberal outcry for the return of the ironically titled “Fairness Doctrine”, which would necessarily stifle free speech and conservative new media in the process.

If liberals cannot successfully bring about the return of “fairness” they seem content, for now, to mock new media and it’s perpetrators.  Bloggers have been mocked mercilessly by mainstream sources as a bunch of college dropout slackers, sitting at their kitchen table in dirty pajama bottoms and slippers churning out ill researched hit pieces on treasured liberal icons (Note to Self: wipe down this table when you’re done, its still sticky from breakfast).  Never mind that bloggers and new citizen journalists armed with cell phones and camcorders have broken nearly every major American political story in the past two years – ACORN, NEA, Tea Party, union thugs, Planned Parenthood, and yes, Weinergate. Nothing to see here. Move along.  Do not stare the aging Gen X-ers with crumbs on their shirts directly in the eyes.  It will only encourage them.

The saddest insult I’ve seen levied against new media so far is the fact that there are so many of us.  I can’t count the number of times a liberal friend of mind has rolled their eyes or made Jon Stewart-face when I mention my blog or an acquaintance’s radio show.  “Oh everybody has a blog these days.  Big whoop!”  Maybe not everyone, but a lot.  For the liberal mindset that there is only so much room at the table, only so many pieces of the pie to be distributed, this presents a problem.  If you don’t get there first, you’ll be pushed out of the way by someone smarter and hungrier.  However, for Righties it’s different.  There is no pie to be divided; there are only individuals, and the more individuals adding their dishes to the table, the better.  In the end, it means a feast for everyone, not just for some.

2012 elections are fast approaching, and they may well be the most important Presidential elections in modern history.  Its been well established by now that the mainstream media cannot be counted on to offer us a fair and objective look at the candidates.  We in new media, we citizen journalists will have to take up that mantle ourselves.  We’ve got a lot of work to do.  Go stake out some Internet real estate.  Start that blog.  Fire up that camcorder.  Get on your local radio station.  Some of us will be heard by thousands.  Some of  us will be heard by a few.  But we’ll all be heard by someone, and that’s the point.  Our voices will be heard, and every voice counts.  That’s new media.  That’s the spirit of individualism. That’s American.

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