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A Renewal of Spirit

More than speeches, Right Online and the Defending the Dream Summit offer a chance for renewal.

With so much stacked against constitutional capitalists; media bias, Hollywood culture, anti-capitalist agenda in our schools; it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like we are fighting a losing battle. But remember this is #WAR, as the late Andrew Breitbart would say, and it will be fought one battle at a time.

Americans For Prosperity is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to education and promotion of the free market that has resulted in America being the most prosperous, most healthy, and most environmentally conscious nation the world has ever known. And for the first time, AFP and AFP Foundation have joined forces to organize hundreds of activists together in one place for both the Right Online conference and the Defending the Dream Summit.

With speakers like Michelle Malkin, Greg Gutfeld, and Senator Ted Cruz, the events are sure to grab media attention, but with breakout educational sessions and networking opportunities too numerous to count, activists from across the country will have the chance to learn the latest strategies for action and be inspired to TAKE ACTION when they return home.

For those unable to make it to Orlando, fear not. You can follow the action online via the Right Online website, CSpan, and of course Twitter, where you will no doubt find live tweeting from your favorite bloggers and radio hosts. Look for the hashtag #RO13 for details.

When you attend, read about, and watch online this weekend’s events in Orlando, allow yourself to be renewed. Renew your spirit. Renew your love of America. And renew your efforts in the fight for freedom and prosperity for all!

Punched In The Face!

Conservative activist and comedian Steven Crowder was punched in the face at least four times as he attempted to stop a union mob from destroying a tent in a Lansing, MI protest over right-to-work legislation.

Crowder suffered bruises to his face and a chipped tooth in the assault. Additional footage can be seen on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News Channel.

Has Anyone Even Heard Of The Depression Of 1920?

Is there anyone out there that has read about, or even heard about the depression of 1920? No, that is not a type-o. We all have heard about the 1929 depression, the one that lasted for over 12 years, but not too much is known about the depression we had in 1920, which lasted from January of 1920 to July of 1921. There are many that say it started as severe, or more severe than the depression of 1929. So why did the depression of 1920 last for 18 months, while the depression of 1929 lasted for over 12 years? Well, for one thing we had a Republican President that believed in the free market system, his name was Warren Harding.

President Harding did little in the way of Government interference, he did it by cutting Government and expanding the tax base. He immediately put together a committee which consisted of members of industry, banking and labor to come up with a solution. They came up with a plan, which was supported by the Republican Party and conservatives and generally opposed by the Democratic Party and liberal progressives. By the way, President Harding was involved each time the committee met, he wasn’t playing golf, traveling around the country on fundraisers, or visiting Hollywood celebrities. The point is, Government participation was small, capitalism and the free market took care of the rest.

At the start of the depression of 1929, we had a Republican President by the name of Herbert Hoover, but he turned his back on his party and free market   principles and started Government interference, like quantitative easing and public works projects.(hey, where have I heard that before?) Well things got worse and he was defeated in the next election. In comes a Democratic President by the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt. His approach was the complete opposite of Harding’s,  he, like our current President believe that Government is the answer, F.D.R. was wrong then, just like Obama is wrong today. F.D.R. left the private sector out, and the Government started to invest heavily, in what he thought was the answer to the problems of the country. Well his solution took over 12 years.

Over 70% of this country think we are still in a recession, even though the Government is telling us it ended in 2009. When are these Liberals going to learn that Government is not the answer, Government is the problem. We need to learn from history, when Capitalism is unleashed the country grows and everyone benefits. Of course, that is not what Liberals want; they want Government taking care of everyone. Just as F.D.R.’s policies prevented the economy from growing, Obama’s policies are doing the same.

The C.B.O. or the Congressional Budget Office, says that if things do not change, the unemployment rate could hit over 9% in 2013. We have all heard the definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Well the only conclusion I can come to, is that Obama is insane, how else do you explain why he continues with his proven failed policies. There is no doubt about it Obama is inept, he is a boy in a man’s job, he never should have become President. If he were running a private company, he would have been fire after the first year.

Instead of following in the footsteps of Harding, he has chosen to follow the footsteps of F.D.R. That only means one thing, if he is re-elected, we can expect higher unemployment, more job layoffs, and a lousy economy. The only bright spot is that unlike F.D.R. he can only serve two terms, but by then, it might just be too late for our country, if it isn’t already.


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This is one man’s opinion.


Conservative Pacifists in the Culture War

What the Occupy DC movement failed to accomplish last November, Americans for Prosperity did quite nicely on their own last Friday. You may recall last winter when the AFP held its “Defending the American Dream” summit in downtown DC, those rollicking, goodtime Occupiers tried to storm the convention center so they could harass attendees and disrupt the conference.

That Occupy effort failed. Now that the freebies have run out, there were no Occupiers at this year’s conference. But that didn’t prevent AFP organizers from disrupting their own event.

The showcase for Friday’s session was the “Hands Off My Health Care” rally with featured speaker Cong. Paul Ryan. Shuttle buses were scheduled to take conference attendees to Capitol Hill.

I was part of a large group that waited outside the hotel for almost an hour. During that time tour buses, double–decker buses, jitneys, large vans and even Metro buses all rolled tantalizingly by, but no shuttle. Staffers informed us there was a problem— obviously — but not to worry, the rally was being delayed until we could arrive.

When shuttles finally materialized, we quickly boarded and slowly made our way to Union Station. Inside the parking garage we were told the bus would be returning to the hotel, because the rally was over.

So I have no insight on the current intensity of opposition to Obamacare, the size of the rally crowd or chances for repeal.

Fortunately the day was not a complete loss. During one panel guerrilla videographer James O’Keefe was asked what he thought was the greatest problem confronting conservatives. His answer was both pithy and pertinent: “Conservatives lack (a vulgar word for courage).”

Chick–fil–A President Dan Cathy proves O’Keefe’s point. A mere two days after conservative Americans made it a point to eat at his restaurants on appreciation day, Cathy canceled his scheduled speech in Prince William County. And he canceled every other public appearance scheduled for 2012.

That’s a fine how–do–you–do to all the customers who waited in line and helped set a one–day sales record so that Cathy and his company would know they are not alone in their struggle to uphold Biblical tradition in the face of a hostile culture.

Instead of publicly thanking them and continuing to conduct his business and professional life in a confident and visible manner, Cathy flees inside the bunker.

There are times in life, commerce and politics when you just have to buckle up and ride it out. And who would have thought that alleged squish Mitt Romney would provide a sterling example of just that.

Romney released two years worth of tax returns to braying Democrats and media (although I repeat myself) and said that was it.

Naturally, the failure to completely drop his drawers whipped the opposition into a frenzy. Democrat apparatchiks speculate on what’s Romney’s hiding. The media echoes the speculation. Sen. Harry Reid (D–Demented) escalates by claiming Romney hasn’t paid taxes for ten years.

Even the Weekly Standard and respected conservative columnists have surrendered and said it would be better if Romney released all his tax returns and ended the controversy.

But that would just be the beginning of the controversy and Romney knows it.

Frankly, Romney’s steely refusal to give in to the mob speaks well of his character and makes me a little more optimistic regarding his administration.

On the other hand Cathy’s ignominious retreat sends two harmful messages. The first is mom–and–pop conservatives are wasting their time when they try to resist the decline and decay of secular commercial culture. They will get little, if any positive reinforcement from the businesses they try to support and they will be either ignored or attacked by media and cultural elites.

The second message tells homosexual activists, other libertines and the left that they are winning the culture war. All that is necessary for final victory is to continue the pressure until the resistance of Middle America collapses once and for all.

Conservative leaders need to start leading. Conservatives in the House of Representatives should to stop ducking confrontation with an administration that ignores the law. Conservative business leaders are either going to have to start fighting back or acknowledge the fact they’ve made a career of exploiting the decline of American culture. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Tom Coburn (R–OK) and Rush can’t do it all.

Without leadership the majority of everyday American conservatives are going to leave the field to the leftists with disastrous consequences for the future. For as the Apostle Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians 14:8 “…If the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”

Flynn, Chambers, and Lewis Expose “Asses” In The Media At AFPF Dream Summit

Defending the American Dream isn’t only centered on elections.  While Michelle Malkin says that “the ballot box is the best sanitizer” for squishy Republicans and left-wing politicians, we must keep the media in check since they represent the second front in this war.  Matt Lewis, contributor at The Daily Caller, Mike Flynn, editor at Breitbart.com, and Francesca Chambers, editor of Red Alert Politics, detailed the state of journalism and bias in a panel discussion in the opening day of the summit.

Matt Lewis

As conservatives, we know the media has a left-wing bias.  We know they omit stories, make gross speculations, and outright fabricate stories, which are then broadcasted to the masses.  However, Matt Lewis says have no fear, since Twitter is here.  The surge in blogging and use of social media has allowed ordinary citizen journalists to post stories the mainstream media ignores on a daily basis.  Twitter has been instrumental in keeping the liberal media honest.  Lewis gave an example when Reuters flat out lied and said that Marco Rubio voted against the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor for the position of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.  The problem is Rubio wasn’t even in the Senate at the time.  Lewis likes what new media brings to the table since it’s effectively bringing to an end to the era when only “the experts” had a say in reporting the news.  Down with the old guard!

Mike Flynn reiterated such points and added that the media is against you and actively working against the interest of the American people. He recalled an atrocious incident in late 2009/early 2010 where a Tea Party rally was going on in Phoenix when President Obama visited the city.  An activist showed up with an automatic rifle to the rally, which is LEGAL in the state of Arizona.  Contessa Brewer, formerly with MSNBC, posted the photo and had a panel discussion debating whether the Tea Party was violent and racist.  The odd thing was that the photo was cropped because the activist was African-American.  A key example of the liberal media pushing a false narrative for political points.  Andrew Breitbart talked about the Democrat-Media Complex.  This is it!

He detailed two more examples of media bias by omission with the story about how the media gave little to no attention to the fact that Gallup found that 55% of Americans supported the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious.  He also pointed out the absurd story about how the media went into a frenzy when a Pew poll showed that Obama was ahead by ten points.  It’s funny because the poll sample was skewed D+19!  Flynn remarked that we haven’t had an electorate like that since 1856 when the GOP was in its infancy.

Mike Flynn

Flynn rightly said that we’re “dealing with asses in the media.” He declared that we’re our own wire services and can broadcast news via twitter or blogs, therefore, what the mainstream media says really doesn’t matter.  It’s de minimis at best.  Flynn admitted that he gets most of his news from foreign papers, in particular The Guardian, because they report on things that are often omitted here at home.  While he knows they’re left wing, Flynn credits them for being honest about their bias.

With the millennials coming of age, some younger conservatives have found it important to inform their generation about the facts on the state of affairs and not just what’s reported on The Daily Show.  Francesca Chambers, editor of Red Alert Politics, detailed stories of egregious bias with the WaPo’s hit piece concerning Romney’s alleged gay bashing in high school.  A story the alleged victim’s sister cannot recall.  A story that cannot be properly sourced since the person in question has passed away.  It’s sloppy journalism.

Chambers also recalled the abysmal New York Times piece, which detailed Romney’s houses and had NYT reported stalking his neighbors.  Chambers rightfully said that the media didn’t do this to John Kerry in 2004.  Last time I checked, he’s a very rich man.  She reminisced about the days when she thought the world of the Washington Post.  However, Chambers noticed inconsistencies with the reporting of conservative events that she attended.

Francesca Chambers

Concerning gross speculation, Francesca cited former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross of ABC News who falsely claimed that James Holmes, the culprit in the Aurora shooting, was a member of the Tea Party.  Bill McMorris of The Washington Free Beacon cited the white pages and found tons of people named James Holmes that lived in Aurora.

How did the media get so bad?  Mike Flynn blames the baby-boomers for making journalism/reporting an area for one to quench their political thirst.  To make a difference on the American political scene, even if the casualty is the truth.


AFP Defends The American Dream, Highlights Rich States and Poor States

While many  in the political arena are focused on national elections, we can’t forget how local issues also effect the socioeconomic fabric of local communities.  As The Defending The American Dream Summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity begins, one of the sessions focused solely on this issue concerning state policy and how it drives economic growth.  Spoiler Alert: low taxes, labor union reform, and smaller government often lead to more economic growth. 

Jonathan Williams, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Director for the American Legislative Exchange Council who also co-authors ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States report, detailed how simplicity, transparency, neutrality, and predicability are key areas to look over when assessing a tax code.  He also detailed the dynamics of the Laffer Curve, which often irks the political left.

However, weather also effects a state’s economic vigor.  Hawaii and California, states considered to be paradise, have lost scores of citizens in the last ten years.  Hawaii has lost population in eight of the last ten years.  California has lost over 1.5 million residents over the past decade.  Proof that taxpayers vote with their feet.  Hence the reason why Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, states with low taxes and responsible government, have had the highest rates of in-migration over the past ten years.  While states with (surprise!) high levels of taxation and government spending,  New York, California, Illinois, and New Jersey, are on the top of the out-migration list.

Overall, over the past ten years Ohio, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Vermont, California, and Oregon have grown their economies 42.06%, their population has grown 5.36%, and their job growth is an abysmal -1.68%.  Furthermore, total tax receipt growth in those states accounted for a meager 44.80%.  While Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wyoming, and South Dakota collectively experienced a 58.54% gross state product growth, a 13% increase in population, total tax receipt growth of 81.53% and job growth of way over 5% over the past ten years.  What a shocker…for liberals.

James Sherk, Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics for the Heritage Foundation, reiterated how labor reforms are essential to loosening markets and increasing economic activity.  After all, when you don’t have constraining hiring and firing provisions in a contract with a union, you might have more options as an employer.  As we conservatives know, a union is a legal cartel.  An unsustainable economic model that crumbles once competition is injected into it.  Hence, the reason why merit pay for teachers is so viciously opposed.

Teachers have been pushed front and center in this fight against public sector unions.  Sadly, the most qualified and efficient teachers, the good ones, are the first to go when a budget crunch occurs and the worst of the bunch with seniority are saved.  Is that efficient?

This whole fight over collective bargaining is one fraught with liberal confusion.  An aspect that isn’t all that surprising, but this shift towards collective bargaining as a human right is patently false.  Federal employees aren’t allowed to collectively bargain and the AFL-CIO’s first president, George Meany, is quoted as saying in 1955″ it is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”  Why?  Because “government collective bargaining means voters do not have the final say on public policy. Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions. That is not exactly democratic – a fact that unions once recognize.”

Another thing that needs to recognized is that a staggering 35% of all jobs require a license.  Sherk said that in forty-nine states you need documentation to be a barber or a preschool teacher.  In thirteen states, you need a license to be a bartender.  In Maryland, such a document is required to be a fortune teller.  Lastly, three states require papers to operate as an interior designer.   With unemployment rising, people do not have the time or the money to go through years of training to learn a trade that shares little correlation with safety and the ability to perform the job.  It’s out of control.

Sherk reports that the lobbying arm of these professions are directly reposinsible for keeping 35% of all U.S. jobs in license limbo.  It’s hurting the poor and folks with a low-skill set.  Does it really take a year for one to be an efficient barber? No. If he/she cuts hair poorly, the market will remedy that defect.

On a positive note, we don’t need federal ordinances to reform the system.  States are fully capable of fixing this problem.

Occupy The DNC Event Planned

Using the left’s tactics against them creates a rather delicious (kinda like bacon.. with anything) irony. Heritage, FRC and AFP are involved so why not you?

I wanted to send you an updated guide with schedule for our historic event taking place during the DNC convention in Charlotte, NC. Please check out the video link below.


The website is www.occupytheDNC2012.com

Last week we added Heritage Action and FRC as partners for the event and AFP has already agreed to bring the November is coming bus to the location!
Please note that we do have hotel room blocks and that our space is in a prime location in relation to where the DNC is meeting.

As we prepare for one of the most important election in our lifetime, I hope you will join me as Conservatives go on the offense to save our country. I will be following up with you this week regarding attendance and/or sponsorship opportunities. I hope to see you in Charlotte!!!


Obama is the REAL Outsourcer-in-Chief

Obama has done some serious outsourcing as well

As President Obama slams Romney for being a “pioneer” in outsourcing jobs overseas, it appears the president himself and his most loyal supporters are leading the charge in American outsourcing.  According to William Bigelow of Breitbart.com, “Obama’s second largest fundraiser is John Rogers, the CEO of investment giant Ariel Capital Management. He has raised more than $1.5 million for Obama’s reelection campaign. Bully for him, except for one thing: Ariel Capital Management owns a $48.6 million stake in Accenture, which just happens to be, according to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, the nation’s “best” outsourcer.”

Additionally, “Obama’s largest fundraiser, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who raised $2 million for the campaign and co-hosted a $10 million Hollywood fundraiser in May, has been trying to outsource jobs to China by expanding his company’s work there. Why, Jeffrey has even been investigated by the SEC for doing it.

Americans for Prosperity released a series of ads detailing how green energy jobs were created overseas thanks to Obama’s stimulus program.  In fact, $2.3 billion dollars was wasted on such jobs.  With Obama spurring growth in China, Finland, and Mexico, it’s incredible for him to have the audacity to accuse Mr. Romney of being a “pioneer” in outsourcing when he himself seems to be the Outsourcer-in-Chief.

Furthermore, Facthceck.org accused the Obama campaign of “overreaching” with their “Come and Go” ad, which began airing on June 20.  In their analysis, FactCheck stated:

Two electronic outsource manufacturing services companies controlled by Bain Capital closed plants in the U.S. and moved work to Mexico. But Romney had left Bain more than a year before the plants closed at both companies.

A picture frame company with operations in the Far East, including in China, closed a plant in South Carolina. The Obama campaign cites the plant closing, but those workers were manufacturing photo albums for professionals — a line of work that the company discontinued because it was such a small part of the business.

Let’s take the companies one at a time.

The first is Modus Media, an outsource manufacturing services company controlled by Bain. The TV ad cites a June 2, 2000, news brief by Bloomberg News about Modus Media’s announcement that it would close its plant in Fremont, Calif., in September and open a plant in Guadalajara, Mexico. The company provided “customer support, inventory management, software packaging and computer assembly for companies such as AT&T Corp., Dell Computer Corp., and other technology and Internet companies,” Bloomberg said. About 200 jobs in California were eliminated.

But the announcement of the Modus Media plant closing occurred more than a year after Romney had left Bain. Romney took a leave of absence in February 1999 to head the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and he did not return to the company. He became governor of Massachusetts in January 2003.

A similar situation existed at SMTC Corp., which is also an outsource manufacturing services company. The company closed a plant in Denver, Colo., and moved some of its production to Mexico. The TV ad cites a March 29, 2002, report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by SMTC Corp. The report (page 7) says: “In June 2001, we closed our assembly facility in Denver, Colorado. … Production at the Denver facility … has been migrated to SMTC facilities closer to locations and to our recently retrofitted and expanded lower cost Chihuahua, Mexico facility.” But, again, Romney did not work at Bain in 2001.

Other attacks on Mr. Romney’s character, like being a “corporate raider,” is a favorite amongst members in the Obama camp, but “a Reuters editor told the Washington Post Fact Checker that the wire service typically refers to Romney as a former private equity executive or something along those lines and that the use of the phrase corporate raider, by a Reuters stringer, “must have just slipped through the net.”

(H/T Breitbart.com)


Tony Katz Catches Leader of Fairfax County Dem. Committee Admitting to Voter Fraud


Tony Katz

As mentioned in AllPatriotsMedia’s blog on June 27th, Tony Katz was part of the Americans for Prosperity’s Real Facts, Real Solutions bus tour throughout the state of Virginia.  On the first stop, they encountered a group of young protestors accusing AFP of promoting voter fraud.  Needless to say, Mr. Katz approached and confronted the protestors with interesting results.


Katz – Do we agree with James O’Keefe that there is voter fraud?

Del Aguila – At what percentage?

Katz – What percentage is ok for you?

Del Aguila – Six Sigma?

Katz – I don’t understand what you mean. What percentage is ok of voter fraud? You’re saying that AFP commits voter fraud. I’d like to know if you have any proof of that. I’d love to see it.

Del Aguila – 999

Cesar Del Aguila, leader of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

I didn’t know what “six sigma” meant either, but according to Katz:

Six Sigma is a business strategy made famous by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, that attempts to decrease defects in a product line

to an acceptable level. On their website, GE states that Six Sigma would lead to a process that only allows for 3.4 defects per million.

How is it that Democrats claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist, yet can also claim that Americans For Prosperity support it? Del Aguila confirms that Virginia Democrats agree voter fraud exists, but that they are ok with a certain percentage of it. When further pressed on why he blamed 999 – and by extension Herman Cain? – Del Aguila provided no answer.

Stay classy Democrats.

P.S.- Two days later,on June 29th, Katz confronted protestors again concerning why they were  there.  They couldn’t answer.

Americans For Prosperity Responds to the ObamaTax

The Taxman

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity, held an emergency conference call this morning detailing the new ad in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare as constitutional.  However, it is constitutional only if Congress taxes the uninsured at a higher rate.  Given that this law fundamentally changes the dynamics of our government, AFP went into rapid response mode.  The new ad, appropriately named “Not a Tax Increase,” will be shown in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  This is part of a concerted social media effort to pressure the administration on the merits of government run health care.  Facebook and Twitter will be heavily utilized and grassroots operations and rallies are being coordinated and executed throughout the country.

Yesterday, rallies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  Waukesha, Wisconsin, Montana, and Nevada were held in the hopes that the bill would be declared unconstitutional and for free market supporters to lend their voice in the ongoing effort to stop the Obama agenda.  Mr. Phillips reiterated the polls showing that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the law and how independent voters find it politically unpalatable.  Hence, the reason why the president wants to move on and refuse to talk further on the legality of the takeover.

Mr. Phillips and the rest of the pro-free marketers at AFP will not back down.  They plan to work with other like-minded organizations to change narrative, fight for full repeal, and expose this bill as one of the largest tax increases in our history.  A direct contradiction to Obama’s campaign pledge to not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 a year.  Furthermore, the president has gone on record to say that this takeover is not a tax increase.  This provides AFP with an opportunity to expose this broken promise in the Obama campaign and continue their efforts in educating and informing the public about economic freedom and  limited government.  We simply lost this round, but public opinion is shiftable sand and tomorrow is a new day.  We’re not down. We’ve  just entered the next phase in our war with the institutional left.










Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia Chapter Exposes Tim Kaine

AFP VA Exposes the Real Tim Kaine

The Virginia U.S. Senate race will be one of the closest this November.  In fact, it may be closer than the 2006 senate race that ended with Jim Webb defeating incumbent George Allen by less than 10,000 votes.  Six years later, Allen seeks to resurrect his political career, but former DNC chair and Virginia governor Tim Kaine  stands in his way.  However, as DNC chair, Kaine advocated for most of the president’s disastrous economic policies.  As a result, the Virginia chapter  of Americans for Prosperity is highlighting Mr. Kaine’s liberal tendencies when it comes to limited government and economic freedom and holding a series of events throughout the state exposing the real Tim Kaine.  On their website, which has an accompanying video, AFP Virginia states that:

 Tim Kaine has supported government run health care, supported tax increases for Virginia citizens, inherited $1.2 billion in surplus, and left Virginians with a $4.2 billion budget shortfall, increased debt by nearly 50%, and stood by Obama’s failed policies. If you agree that Tim Kaine’s policies have hurt Virginia, please sign our petition below or come out to our of our events across Virginia, and let your voice be heard.




Free Market Advocacy Group spending big money this season

The commonly held thought that the general public doesn’t pay attention to political issues until the fall months has been proven shattered.  Americans For Prosperity, a nationwide issue advocacy group, is breaking the mold when it comes to educating the public by launching a multimillion dollar ad campaign and grassroots activist effort well before “election season.” And according to AFP President Tim Phillips, it’s gaining momentum.

“We’re in Montana now on a bus tour and the crowds are big. The response is significant,” says Phillips. “Traditional thought that people only pay attention at the end isn’t true any more.”

Capitalizing on the stunning statement made by President Obama that “the private sector is doing fine,” the newly released AFP ad includes shocking statistics to back up their claim that the president’s economic policy is failing the American people.

Phillips acknowledged President Obama’s attempt to walk-back the statement for political reasons, but asserted that Obama’s true feelings about the private sector were clearly revealed in the president’s off-the-cuff remark.

AFP has targeted several states including Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and others for both the huge ad buy and “on the ground” efforts to mobilize citizens.  They plan to expand door-to-door activity and phone banks as the campaign season rolls on.

“Americans For Prosperity is a genuine longterm grassroots organization to stand up for economic freedom,” continued Phillips. “We plan to make a big difference.”

View the new ad here: “Doing Fine”

Americans for Prosperity Doing a Fine Job Attacking Obama Record

Americans for Prosperity just keeps ’em coming!  In April, they released an ad highlighting the atrocious record of stimulus funded clean energy investments.  Investments that cost $34 billion dollars in taxpayer dollars.  Investments that created jobs, not in the U.S., but in Mexico, Finland, and China. Then, AFP took to the streets getting interviews from American taxpayers about $2.3 billion being sent to firms in over seas to China, South Korea, and Spain.  As you could imagine, they weren’t happy.

Is the American economy doing fine?

Now, AFP hits the president in their new ad concerning his unbelievably erroneous assumption that “the private sector’s doing fine.”  If “doing fine” means forty months of unemployment above 8%, with twenty-six of those months being over 9%, then the current administration is right for you.  If you think 12.7 million Americans out of work is a positive economic indicator, then Barack Obama is your candidate.  Lastly, with the national debt reaching $15 trillion,of which $5 trillion came directly from this president’s policies, then Obama for America is your team this election year.

For the rest of us who aren’t liberals or followers of the Paul Krugman commune, we will fight for more economic freedom, less government, less regulation, and the Americans for Prosperity Jobs Agenda will help us get there.

It stipulates that we should:

  • Reform the tax code to remove distortions that allow politicians to manipulate individuals’ decisions and give preferential treatment to favored industries (read more)
  • Lower the corporate tax rate and switch to a territorial tax system that will encourage domestic investment and the free flow of capital (read more)
  • Avoid double and triple taxation of the same dollar by repealing the death tax (read more)
  • Rein in the EPA’s abuse of its regulatory authority, including efforts to shut down the coal industry and regulate greenhouse gases without congressional authorization (read more here and here)
  • Repeal the Dodd-Frank financial regulations that purportedly dealt with “too big to fail” but instead created costly and ineffective layers of bureaucracy (read more)
  • Protect the American worker from the NLRB’s big union agenda (read more)

America must Repeal the President’s Health Care Takeover

  • The President’s health care law is making it more expensive for businesses to add workers.  It must be repealed in order to alleviate the so-called employer mandate and the corresponding tax hikes (read more)
  • Oppose implementation of health care exchanges that will give the federal government control over state health care marketplaces (read more)

America must Tackle Runaway Spending that is Driving our Debt Crisis

  • Government spending is producing massive amounts of debt that is crippling our nation’s economic future (read more)
  • Businesses aren’t confident to invest and expand in the United States because of our nation’s dismal debt outlook
  • We need to put the country on a sustainable fiscal path by reforming Medicare, block granting federal welfare programs like Medicaid and allowing optional personal retirement accounts in Social Security (read more here and here)

This isn’t “right wing social engineering or thinly veiled social Darwinism.”  These are common sense proposals to help get our nation get back on a healthy fiscal track.  A foundation that will bring back our economic vigor and increase Americans’ confidence that the economy is “doing fine.”

However, I feel that we may need new management in the White House.

My Name Is Michelle Malkin and I’m Just A Blogger

I’m Just a Blogger

Well, it was no surprise that Michelle Malkin just killed it at RightOnline.  Malkin, fresh of her heated exchange with Juan Williams, reiterated that bloggers and citizen journalists are not part of the “new media,” but the right media.  The cohort of concerned citizens, who armed with phone cameras, write and post stories, in their free time, about what is really going on in the arena of state affairs.  We proudly share a distrust of the “dead tree media” and other affiliates peddling the narrative of the Democrat-media complex.

She gave a nice shout out to real reporters, like Sheryl Atkinson at CBS, for exposing the “bloody malfeasance” within the Obama administration.  That malfeasance came in the form of Fast and Furious and Malkin made a note that, while Atkinson’s reporting on the subject is commendable, it was just bloggers, like Mary Chastain and Katie Pavlich, that set the narrative and culminated in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voting to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder over the issue on June 20th.

It was just a blogger, like Anita Moncrief, who exposed the fraud and abuse of our electoral system at the hands of the Obama administration.  She said what made the late Andrew Breitbart  so great and so effective was that he exposed the lame-stream media for who they are with a smile on his face and a stiff spine.  She stated how we are in the fight of our lives, which doesn’t necessarily end in November.  We’re a democracy and democracy is based on public opinion.  Public opinion is shiftable sand, therefore, there are no sustaining victories in democracy.

As Malkin stated, the war hasn’t changed, only the tools used to fight the battles.  We’re just a “different set of combatants.”  New generals, foot soldiers, and strategists will rise and everyone at RightOnline, and those sympathetic to the conservative movement who blog or investigate, is essential.  Everything is on the line come November against the toughest, meanest, most vicious political team we’ve ever faced.  Malkin is right. This is war. Let’s get to work!

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