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If Bill Clinton is “Father of the Year,” Roman Polanski Should Receive “Baby-Sitter of the Century” Award

Bill ClintonIt’s official: Accused rapist, serial philanderer, and law-breaking impeached President Bill Clinton is “Father of the Year.”

Now all America needs to do is give Roman Polanski America’s “Baby-Sitting” award of the century!


For reasons that can only be deemed a-love-of-all-things-immoral-and-licentious, Americans have come to idolize rapists, molesters, murderers, and thugs of every sort.

If you raise your children to be decent, law-abiding people, discipline them with love, teach them that God is real and God loves them, tell them they must achieve what they dream through hard work, don’t expect Americans to hold you in high regard. Morals and values are for old-fashioned idiots.

Case in point: The Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council Inc. declares:

The Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-commercial, all volunteer association. Our mission is to promote the celebration, observation, and preservation of the holidays Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by focusing on the value of good sound parenting.

I’ve no doubt Bill Clinton loves his daughter, but doesn’t sound parenting and being a good father include fidelity?  Apparently not.


Bill and Monica

Bill hugs Monica

America no longer values traditional values that create functional, well-rounded citizens. Adultery and fathering children by as many women as possible—while living under the same roof with all those women a man sleeps with—is now considered the utmost in upstanding morals.

The left is gushing over their favorite serial molester—after rapist Roman Polanski of course—Bill Clinton, who is receiving the  “Father of the Year” award.  Huffington Post noted that “National Father’s Day Committee chairman Dan Orwig commended the politician and philanthropist.”

USA Today said Orwig gave Clinton the award for his:

profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the Father of the Year award.

Cheating on your wife, being accused of rape, losing your law license after lying under oath, and being impeached is what The Father’s Day Mother’s Day Council considers exemplary characteristics for fathers? No wonder reality TV is promoting single fatherhood and motherhood (16 and Pregnant), as well as fathering as many children as (All My Babies Mama’s) possible, by as many women a man can have sex with, as normal.

Forget traditional fathers and happily married devoted husbands like father of five and grandfather of 15, presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney: That man is over-populating the country! And heaven forbid we award the happily married Catholic Senator Rick Santorum! That father of seven children is a creationist, who supports the War on Terror, is against abortion and gay marriage, demands religious freedom for Christians, and home schools his seven children!

Men like Romney and Santorum are ruining America’s new-found ideology of  “do whatever makes you happy.” We need to look to the scumbags and morons of Hollywood if we want our children to have role models they can look up to.

For instance: Drug-addicted, alcoholic, wife beater Charlie Sheen, who was fired from his TV show “Two and a Half Men,” only to become a national hero by displaying his outlandish and debauched life-style in TV interviews. That led to Americans following Sheen by the tens of thousands on Twitter. It also gave Sheen TV commercials where Sheen makes fun of himself, and now, a new and highly rated TV show “Anger Management,” devoting constant innuendos to Sheen’s real life. Charlie Sheen is an icon to today’s young America.

Next: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who committed adultery together when Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston. Pitt dumped Aniston for mistress Jolie, whom he refuses to marry, but continues to get pregnant, until gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Pitt and Jolie’s lives are idolized by Americans.

Next we have reality TV’s superstar foul-mouth: The un-wed “Jersey Shore” mother Snooki, who is famous for doing nothing but drinking, partying, brawling, cussing on TV, and excessive tanning and shopping sprees spent on New Jersey taxpayer’s dime. None of this matters to America’s younger generation, who aspire to be more like Snooki (as well as her drunken, party-boy male co-stars), than well-educated leaders like Governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West and Senator Marco Rubio.

America’s youth look up to the likes of rappers, whose songs glorify rape and cop killing, as well as mass murderer Charles Manson, who, over the years, has become an icon to music celebrities and their fans.

So, is it any wonder the man accused of rape, who had sex in the oval office, lied about the affair under oath, was impeached and lost his law license as a result, ignored Osama bin Laden, disqualifying bin Laden as a threat when Clinton had the chance to take the terrorist into custody years before 9/11, is awarded “Father of the Year?”

If rap singers, who shoot people, are glorified, but not condemned by the government gunning for guns, and drug addicts and alcoholics are praised as kool, and adulterers are looked upon as people to aspire to, why on earth aren’t we handing Roman Polanski an award for “Baby-Sitter of the Century?”

The Fall Of The Roman, I mean American Empire

America is in decline, there is no doubt about it. I was born and raised when America, I believe, was at its peak, in the 1950’s. I am now living through what I believe is Americas decline. Although I felt something was wrong for many years, over the past decade I found myself saying more and more, “what the hell is going on with this country.” If you ask me to name the reason, I could not pinpoint it, because it is like a giant jig-saw puzzle, there are many different pieces that are making up the decline of America. In my book America,  “What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” I talk about the many things that I feel is wrong with America today.

I was curious, what made other great empires fall? What were the things that made a great empire like Rome come crashing to its knees? So, I decided to do some research as to why the once great Roman Empire, the empire that ruled what was then the world, for centuries. I was amazed at the similarities between the Roman Empire and America today.

Here is a list of a few of the reasons that Rome fell. See the similarities?

1. The senate became extremely corrupt and political instability became the norm in the country. A series of very incompetent, rather crazy Emperors were elected and the people suffered as a result. Civil revolts sprung up, lead by rebellious citizens.

*Washington is now extremely corrupt and political instability is the norm. Obama was elected and because of his policies, the people are suffering. Civil revolts are springing up, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street.

2. Emperor Constantine divided the empire into two halves. This made Rome easy to concur.

*Obama is dividing the country. Rich vs. poor, the haves and have not’s, class warfare.

3. Rome depended on its empire for funds; it became very poor and had trouble coping economically. Rome had nothing to trade, and could not rebuild itself.

*America depends on its people for funds, but we have become poor because of Obama’s wild deficit spending and we are having trouble coping economically.

4. During certain Imperators regimes, they debased the currency. This meant that a coin didn’t have a default value. Instead, it was represented by the amount of silver it contained. When Emperor Claudius was in power, coinage wasn’t even made up of 1% actual silver. As a result, severe inflation occurred.

*Our currency was once backed by gold, now it is backed by the word of the government. We have had; QE1, QE2, the fed is printing money like crazy, severe inflation is just down the road.

5. High taxes was another issue which wasn’t resolved easily. It caused distress and anxiousness among many classes in Ancient Rome.

*Obama wants to raise taxes as much as he can. Job creators cannot hire people, which means high unemployment, which causes distress and anxiousness among the people.

6. With the expansion of the Roman Empire, many different cultures were accepted in Rome, because they were not dedicated to Rome, but their own cultures, pride in Rome faded and Rome along with it.

* Pride in America is no longer the focus, while other cultures are celebrated; the American culture is being pushed to the side. Multiculturalism does not work, as the United Kingdom is now finding out.

Old saying: “Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it”

It looks like our future is staring us right in the face, but Americans refuse to see it. If we do not change course soon, who knows if we will ever be able to get back. Obama is surely taking us down the wrong path, without a doubt, but he did not start the wheel in motion, we have been going down this road for decades. Even Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist said recently that America is in decline, I never thought I would agree with a terrorist, but he is right. What he did not say, is that it was liberal views and policies that brought us to this point.

“What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” Available Here

This is one man’s opinion

Why The Democrats Want Voter Fraud

Like so many other Americans, I sit and watch all the fighting that is going on between the democrats and republicans about the new illegal immigration laws. I sat there day after day wondering why the democrats were fighting so hard to stop a law that would require a photo I.D. in order to vote. It just makes sense that we should have a photo I.D. to vote, since we need one for everything else we do in America today. Just some of the things we need an I.D. for are; to get a job, to open up a bank account, to cash a check, to board a plane, to get a library card, to buy beer, to buy cigarettes and a lot more. As a matter of fact, unless you just sit at home all day and do nothing else, I am sure you already have a photo I.D. That is if you are here legally anyway.

I keep hearing the democrats saying that there is not enough fraud in the system to be concerned about the situation. It seems to me, if there is one vote cast illegally, that should be a concern. How many illegal votes does it take, for a democrat to be concerned? One-hundred, one-thousand, one million? An illegal vote, means an illegal election. One legal person equals one legal vote, which is the way it should be. So I started thinking, the only reason that the democrats are fighting so hard against photo I.D.’s is because they need phony votes to win elections, that is the only way that they can win. I see no other reasonable explanation. If you are poor, you do not have to pay for one. If you cannot get over to the D.M.V. transportation will be provided. It could not be made any easier for an individual to get a photo I.D. So I am sorry, but that is the only conclusion that I can come up with, they want illegal voters.

So, where do they get illegal voters to vote illegally? It dawned on me, that is why democrats seem to be soft on illegal immigration. Democrats say if Arizona’s law stands, Hispanics will be targeted, well, an over whelming majority of illegal immigrants that are coming over the Arizona boarder are Hispanics. Let’s face it, reality is reality, just like the over whelming majority of terrorists are Muslim (Refer to my article Why Was It O.K. To Hate To-Joe) so I have to ask, where is the common sense in this country?

It seems to me that is the perfect storm for democrats, let in illegal immigrants with no photo I.D.’s and make it O.K. for them to vote democrat. However, you know this is nothing new for democrats; they have been doing the same thing for two-hundred years. If you remember, the democrats ran Tammany Hall in New York City in the early 1800’s. Irish immigrants would get off the boat and there was a democrat to greet them. The Irish Immigrants were given a slip of paper and told to sign here for instant citizenship, they were given money for food and told to always vote for democrats, because the democrats would always take care of them. Funny how the times have changed, but their tactics remain the same. I guess that old saying “The more things change, the more they remain the same” fits perfectly here.

This is one man’s opinion

Is Obama A Descendant Of Robin Hood?

I recently read a story, which truly proves how the liberal mind thinks. What amazes me is that they see nothing wrong in how they think. This is a true story taken out of the New York Post.
It seems there was a woman, who would take her child to one of the local parks in Brooklyn. As her child would play with the other children, the ice cream truck would come around, and naturally, all the children would run to their parents for money so they could buy a tasty treat, that millions of kids enjoyed over the years. This woman did not want her child to have ice cream; it was not healthy enough, which is her right to do as a parent. Now here is where I go bonkers.
Because the woman cannot handle her child’s crying and tantrums every time the child is told no, she is trying to have the ice cream truck banned from the park altogether. It does not matter about the other 15 or 20 kids that look forward to having those treats, because she cannot control her child, all the other children must suffer. She says the other children will be better off without the ice cream any way. Their parents should be giving their children healthier snacks for their own good. So she knows best.

That is the mindset of your typical liberal. The one liberal, knows what is best for all; everyone else is just too stupid to know what is best for them. This is only one story, I am sure if you looked, you can find a story like this every day of the week. There is definitely no shortage of liberals in this country. The problem is, they cannot help themselves, it is in their blood. Just look at how they want to control what we eat, what we drink, what we drive and pretty much everything else we do in life. The Constitution guaranties us the pursuit of happiness, nowhere does it guaranty us happiness, only the pursuit of. Liberals want to guaranty everyone happiness, only thing, it is what their idea of happiness is.

I’ll tell you, from my observation, liberals do not come across as happy people anyway. They are always bitching, moaning and complaining about one thing or another. They always seem to want to attack someone who is happy. However, you see that person has no right to be happy, because of two reasons:

1. There are other people who are not happy. So you have no right to be happy, if others are not.
2. You are happy for the wrong reason, it is not the liberal’s idea of being happy, and therefore you cannot be happy.

You see in the liberal world all things have to be the same for all people, there must be no individual success, if there are people who are not successful. That is a crime against humanity. It seems to me that the very first liberal the world has ever known was Robin Hood. His motto was “take from the rich and give to the poor.” Wait, I think I saw that motto somewhere else, that’s right it is on all Obama’s speeches. Here is a crazy thought; do you think Obama is a descendant of Robin Hood? It sure does appear that way.

This is one man’s opinion.

Are We Living In A Bizzaro World?

I was lucky enough to be one of the millions of kids who grew up in the 1950’s. If you are into nostalgia, the 1950’s was probably one of the best of times to grow up. Aside from everything costing practically nothing, there was just a feeling of good times. For instance, my mother would give me a quarter, with that quarter I bought a soda for 10 cents, a bag of potato chips for 10 cents, and a Chunky candy for 5 cents. What is a quarter worth today? Not even 25 cents. Also back then, I was a big collector of comic books, which you could buy for 10 cents. One of my favorite comics was Superman. Like every red-blooded American boy back then, I looked forward to every new issue. In one issue, I remember they introduced the crazy Bizzaro World. For those of you who are fans of the T.V. show Seinfeld, you will remember a whole episode based on the Bizzaro World. In the Bizzaro World everything is the complete opposite, up is down, the garbage men throw trash on the ground instead of picking it up, day is night, and night is day, and so on.

If I fell into a coma in 1970, and just awoke today, I would swear I was living in the Bizzaro World. America today is the complete opposite of what it was back then. It seems what was once good, is bad, and what was once bad, is good.
*It seems that God has become a four-letter word these days. You cannot pick up a newspaper or watch the news without a story where someone is suing to get God out of their face. If you say God in school or the work place, you almost risk being thrown in jail. Teaching kids about God, bad. Handing out condoms to 12 and 14 year olds for sex, good. We can’t pray to God, can’t Trust in God and cannot post his Commandments in Government buildings: Religion was good, now bad: Bizzaro World.

*There was a time when the natural order of things was to get married, have children and raise a family. Now that type of life is demonized, because same sex families are the norm now. In addition, if you are pro traditional marriage, and against same sex marriage. You are demonized: Bizzaro World.

*I remember when men had tattoos and women wore earrings. Now women have tattoos and men wear earrings. Men used to curse and fight now women curse and fight: Bizzaro World.

*It seems like everyone spoke English when I called a customer service number, now it takes me 45 minutes for a call that should have taken 2 minutes. No one speaks English: Bizzaro World.

*I remember when unwed teenage girls got pregnant; it was a shameful thing, now we celebrate unwed teenage mothers by giving them a T.V. show: Bizzaro World.

*It used to be that working hard, and becoming rich, is what people strived for. Now being rich is a bad thing and evil: Bizzaro World.

*When I was a kid, we used to study hard so we could get a passing grade at school. Now at school they pass everyone so not to hurt their feelings: Bizzaro World.

*As a matter of fact, just about anything that was good then, is bad, and what was bad is good. And that, is truly the Bizzaro World.

There is one thing that has not changed. Rising gas prices. Politicians refused to drill then, saying that it would take ten years for oil to reach the pumps. Funny they are still saying the same thing today. When will they shut-up and just start drilling? Maybe another 40 years.

This is one man’s opinion

Why Was It O.K. To Hate ToJo?

When I was a kid back in the 1950’s and 60’s I watched a lot of World War II movies, mainly because back then all the movies that were on T.V. were from the 1930’s and 40’s and many movies from the 40’s were war movies. In the early 1960’s there were quite a few war movies produced, not on T.V. but in the movies. As you all know one of our foe’s during the war was Japan. Hollywood made no bones about putting down the Japanese soldiers and making fun of them whenever they could. I remember seeing pictures of the famous ToJo who was their leader at the time. All the pictures as well as the cartoons had him as a funny character with squinty eyes, glasses, buckteeth and mustache. The picture of him was everywhere and why not, he was our enemy. You see we hated our enemies back then.

Fast forward to present times. Remember September 11, 2001? Muslim radicals killed 3,000 Americans that day. That day we had a new enemy. Muslims. Not all Muslim people are bad, just like not all Japanese people were bad during W.W. II. But something is different, now we are not allowed to say anything bad about our enemies. Even though Muslims attacked us and killed Americans, we cannot make jokes about them, draw cartoons about them, paint them in an unfair manner because that would be insensitive and might hurt their feelings. It is no wonder we are losing respect around the world. America is becoming a joke to the rest of the world. We have a president that will not call terrorist attacks a terrorist attack; we now have to call it manmade disasters. Why? Because we might offend someone. We have an administration that refuses to admit we have a Muslim problem in the world. Just look at the Fort Hood shooting, look how many soldiers were killed, again by a Muslim, but it was not a terrorist attack, according to this administration it was work place violence. If that was not so sad it would be laughable. It seems that we have to bend over backwards to please our enemies. God forbid we might offend our enemies.

There, we have two generations with different enemies. One Japanese, the other Muslim. Who handled the enemy better? Well I’ll give you a hint. They were called the greatest generation. And they were too. I do believe we have lost all common sense in this country. We have come to a point where we have to treat our enemies like they are our friends, no matter what they do. God forbid we should hurt their feelings. The left just does not realize that by ignoring terrorism does not make it go away, it just emboldens the terrorists and makes the situation worse. We should be allowed to hate our enemies, we should not be forced to make nice nice with people who are trying to kill us.

This is one man’s opinion.

New Government Rule, Only Eat At Home?

Every time I watch T.V. or pick up a newspaper I wonder “what the hell is going on with this country?” It is unbelievable how much this country has changed over the years, and not for the better. As if we don’t have enough laws already, the government is trying to pass new laws to control what we do and say.

In New York City they are trying to pass a law that says you cannot eat on the subway because of the rat problem, or face a $250 fine. New York City is hurting for cash, being a city of big entitlements and perhaps they are scratching every surface they can to rake in more money. The people of New York are already taxed up to their eyeballs, so they have to find some way to get more money.

Senator Bill Perkins (D) said that the only way they can control the rat problem, is by trying to control human behavior. The only way the democrats can solve a problem is by controlling human behavior? Did anyone there ever hear of an exterminator? I don’t know how you feel, but I do not want to be controlled by anyone. Especially by the government.

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D) said, “I don’t enjoy seeing people eating on the run, it doesn’t add anything to our civilized society.” Is it me? Or does she sound a little bit like an elitist? Democrats are always spewing that they are the party of the little guy, but it’s the average Joe that eats on the subway – on the run.

I was born and raised in New York City, and I know people eat on the run all the time. Some people have to work two jobs and the only chance they have to eat is when they are riding on the subway. I know I was one of them. On many subway platforms throughout the city, they have food stands that sell soda, hot dogs, pretzels and other tasty treats, what are they going to do close them down? Aren’t there enough people out of work thanks to the government? (I had to close my mortgage business thanks to the new government regulations.) Do they want to add more people to the list of the unemployed? I just do not understand the logic of the democratic mind set.

Big government is already controlling a big portion of our lives, as time goes by they just keep adding more and more rules and regulation. A big part of why our economy is still in the dumps is because of Obama’s rules and regulations. The bigger our government grows, the less freedom we have to enjoy.
This is one man’s opinion