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In honor of Flag Day – A little patriotic music

As conservatives, we’re lucky to have some very talented groups and individuals in our midst. Too often, we’re told that it is “unfashionable” to be patriotic, and that showing pride in our nation and ourselves is foolish. Well, we know better.

Here are two examples of conservatives showing that the liberal contention that our National Anthem is not relevant is wrong. First, here is Madison Rising. They are trying to get to 5 million views on this video by July 4th, so please do encourage your friends to take a look:

Next, here is Ava Aston and Alphonzo Rachel (of Pajamas TV’s ZoNation). Mixing Ava’s country vocals with Alphonzo’s blues guitar definitely is an interesting (and beautiful) mix:

ZoNation: Time to expose biased professors and biased Republicans?

Alphonzo Rachel is at it again, with his latest installment of ZoNation. This time he’s tackling the biased professors and students on campuses today. It’s been said time and again that the battleground for conservatism is where the youth are, and this is a must see for one very important reason. The enemy is not only the open leftists, but also the self-proclaimed conservative students that are being groomed to destroy the conservative movement from within.