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Wise Words from Allen West- Weekly Wrap-up

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Dear Patriot,

Greetings constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans across our great land. It is again time for our weekly Congressional update. As I travel throughout the district, I certainly appreciate the feedback on these missives, and even the emails and support from those outside our district who are receiving these reports.

There are those who feel the issues facing America are not threatening, certainly not of immediate concern. As I did my regular Saturday morning run along Fort Lauderdale beach this weekend, I pondered a simple question: “Who is leading America?”

Four days earlier, on Tuesday, we faced a very telling vote in the House of Representatives to approve yet another short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the Federal Government for FY 2011. The previous 111th Congress failed in one of their only true mandates, to develop a budget. We have been operating on these short-term measures since 1 October 2010. I had previously given my support to the CR on 1 March 2010 after we had passed HR 1 in the House of Representatives.

This past Tuesday I voted “Nay” on H.J. Res 48, the second Continuing Resolution. I voted no because in the month of February we spent $223B, although the shortest month of the year, it was the largest ever deficit spending month in United States history. Just as a comparison, President George W. Bush’s biggest annual deficit was $400B. We are basically spending $4-$5B a day.  Therefore, the offer of $6B of spending cuts over a three week period was nonsense. Furthermore, the offered cuts were the cuts “preferred” by the Democrats—meaning we did not even put up a fight for what the American people desire.

The measure passed 271-158. 54 Republicans voted “Nay” and from this group we shall have the nucleus to make a principled stand.

The President appointed Vice President Biden as his “budget negotiator,” who then in turn departed the Country… so I repeat the question I was pondering: “Who is leading America?”

Gas prices continue to spike, some of the highest prices ever for this time period in America. Once again, we got a nice speech from the President, but we still do not have a visionary proposal to develop our full spectrum of energy resources in America. Energy independence is a national security issue, an economic issue, and would certainly stimulate job growth in America. We have heard time and time again that this kind of visionary thinking will take too long. Funny thing, I remember hearing back in the late 70s, 80s, and 90s that it would take ten years. Instead I know that we have sent $2B of taxpayer dollars to Brazil for offshore oil exploration…”Who is leading America?”

As I write this morning, my heart pours out to the people of Japan who are enduring an incredible aggregation of natural disasters, an epic earthquake, massive tsunami, and now a potential nuclear disaster. It is the discipline, determination, and faith that will sustain the Japanese people at such a critical time. My prayers go out to them, as well as for our brave men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces who again show their strategic flexibility to operate in the full spectrum of operations, this time lending humanitarian assistance, and exposing themselves to possible high levels of radiation.

As well, my heart goes out to the people of Israel who have endured so much in the way of terrorist attacks, yet continue to be castigated negatively as an occupier. This week, Israel suffered from a Hamas delivered, massive mortar attack emanating from the Gaza strip, seemingly emboldened by the “new” military regime in Egypt. For the first time in 40 years, there has been a recent transiting of Iranian warships through the Suez Canal, potentially delivering weapons. Furthermore, a high level Egyptian military official made a trip to Syria, the same time as United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was visiting Egypt.

However, most reprehensible was the egregious, maniacal, and animalistic attack on a Jewish family, The Fogels. I have yet to hear a statement of condemnation from our highest elected officials, perhaps they are not aware? The group claiming responsibility is the Al Quds Brigade which has ties to Fatah…”Who is leading America?”

Lastly, after some 2-3 weeks of hand wringing, we have decided to assist in combat operations against Libya. My question is simple, what are the objectives and who in Congress was consulted? We have seen entry into operations without a clear objective before; in the Balkans, Somalia and Lebanon. Is there a common denominator? Understand, you cannot conduct air operations without some type of ground coordination. So when will we introduce ground forward air controllers or similar personnel? Who will do the target coordination? Who is our Commander in this new combat zone front which has been opened?

Trust me, no one despises Gaddafi more than I do, but as a former professional military officer, I have concerns about “mission creep.” I believe that at the onset, the right response would have been the same as President Ronald Reagan’s back in the mid 80s to Gaddafi, a response which silenced him for some 30 years.

With all this happening in our country and around globe… “Who Is Leading America?” I presume he’s filling out NCAA College Tournament brackets and traveling to South America, Rio and considers these more important leadership challenges.

America is currently a leaderless, rudderless ship of state being tossed about the tumultuous seas of a volatile and chaotic world, and could soon find herself cast upon the rocks… for we have no one manning the lighthouse of principles. I am not a Navy Man but somehow I will figure out that helm, port, starboard stuff, and do my part to right this ship and set sail to the “Dawn of a New America.”

Highlights of the week:

– Monday, Addressed the League of Educational Awareness of the Holocaust (LEAH) teachers on the East steps of the U.S. Capitol. We also had visits from (3) families from CD-22 who brought their spring break kids along.

– Tuesday, had a visit from my military spiritual mentor, LTC(Ch) Pete Sniffin, who is about to deploy to Afghanistan. One of the Leavenworth 10 families, Michael Leahy, also visited and provided me an update. Also, voted no on H.J. Res 48 Continuing Resolution. Ended the day with an office call with the Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers updating our priority projects in the district.

– Wednesday, both Tuesday and Wednesday had several Congressional hearings, especially armed services. On Weds heard the Afghanistan combat theater update from General Petraeus. We also had a military personnel subcommittee meeting on health systems and defense health program efficiencies. The biggest surprise was a call from a very famous and popular Hollywood conservative actor. The evening wrapped up with the Congressional Black Caucus PAC dinner.

– Thursday, it was St Patrick’s Day and I wore a green tie. I was reunited with an old Army buddy Lt. Colonel Clayton Neal who is now an Army JROTC Commander for Olympic High School in Charlotte NC. I spoke with about 30 incredible future leaders of our Country on the East steps of the U.S. Capitol. I stood alongside my military personnel subcommittee Chairman Joe Wilson (R-SC) as we did a press conference speaking out against the appointment of former Maine Governor Balducci as the new “Military Healthcare Czar.” We had two armed services hearings; one on military personnel and the other on Law of War detention and GITMO detainees….the administration does not get it!

– Friday, I had the distinct honor of addressing the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches, a crowd of more than 600 people. I shared the stage with a true American Statesman, Congressman E. Clay Shaw, who was presented with a Lifetime of Service Achievement award. Also on Friday, I addressed the Tax Council symposium at The Breakers and visited the Cralle Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment facility in Delray Beach to learn how their medical technology has been helpful in treating Traumatic Brain Injury.

It is my honor to serve you all!

Steadfast and Loyal,


LTC Allen West, telling it like it is.

Rep. West tells it like it is !

Congressman Allen West, (R-fl) pulls no punches in calling out the snippy little ankle-biters of the Left in the above video. This is what a real Conservative Patriotic American looks like folks.( a new CPA ) What you see is what you get, no false or misleading statements, just the harsh truths about the American political theater brought to you by the Liberals of today. West is a man that will stand up and fight for his core principles and beliefs, no matter the battleground. Florida has done this country a great service in electing this Patriot Warrior and former LTC who has put his life on the line while serving in the U.S. Military for 22 years. Liberal Socialsim pimps and propagandists like Ex-Speaker Pelosi and DNC operative Ron Klein, whom West trounced in the 2012 elections, are being sent a strong message here. West lost an election bid to Klein in 2008, but that didn’t stop him from forging ahead and making another run in 2010. West is fighting for American freedom for all Americans today in our Congress. Where is Democrat Klein? He is now a lobbyist for the firm Holland and Knight. We kick them out of our government, and they come back with millions of dollars in bribery through a lobbying firm to impose their will onto the American people through our government anyway. I quote Mr. Klein from here.

The wave of new rule-making “appears to create a lot of work and opportunity for businesses that want to make sure that they have a strategic business advantage in the future, that they’re planning for the future and that they can help
shape those laws and legislation as they develop.”(empahsis mine)


There is supposed to be a law against hiring yourself out to lobbying firms the minute you get booted out of Congress. They are supposed to wait one year before they infect our government with what amounts to nothing more than mafia-style bribery and graft. Big bad Chris Dodd (D- Conn), is already signed on to lobby our government for Hollywood also. So much for his fake integrity and lies.

Rep. West further continues his telling it like is it in the following video.  He questions as to why Obama did not condemn the murder of an entire  Fogel family in Isreal, including a 3 yr-old baby who has his throat cut by Hamas operatives from Palestine. Maybe Obama didn’t want to condemn them out of fear that his Hamas-run campaign HQ in Palestine would not continue to support him in 2012. Whatever the reason, President Obama needs to be called out for this, just so the people know the truth about his nonaction concerning that terrible tragedy! Rep. West fruther elaborates in this excellent video on how he will put his bet on the heart soul and faith of the American people in 2012, no matter how many billions Obama raises. There is a great message here for all voters in 2012.

Liberal Strategy, Perception v. Reality and the 2012 Election [Podcast]

The religious right, gun owners, libertarians and fiscal conservatives of all types are being demonized. Not crushed outright, but marginalized to the point that they might just check out in 2012.

The liberal main-stream media is either purposefully or naively assisting the progressive agenda.  One-by-one, character blemishing is being used not to destroy Conservative candidates, but to simply tarnish them just enough to affect the election.  How do they do it?  How can you counter it? Will you do your part to return this great nation to it’s proper heading? This short podcast will explain their strategy and hopefully share what every good American must do to take our country back in 2012.

Click the link to have it open in your MP3 capable player or right click and save it so that you can put it on your portable player for later listening:

Click HERE to listen to the podcast – “Perception” as a stream


Florida News Reports 3/17/2011

There is a lot happening on the Florida political scene this week, so I decided to draw up a summary news recap to keep our Florida readers informed today. First off, it appears Governor Rick Scott’s new policies are starting to gain definition and traction in the Florida State legislature. On Weds. March 16th, Governor Scott thanked Florida legislators for passing Senate bill 736, the Student Success Act. After passage of the act, Senate President Mike Haridopolos released the following statement on the House passing Senate Bill 736 – the Student Success Act:

“Today is an historic day with the House of Representatives passage of the Student Success Act. The legislation is a keystone in Florida’s efforts to provide quality education in our classrooms.  While the legislation rewards outstanding teachers and reforms the state’s instructional workforce, the real winners are Florida’s students.”

“The bill (SB 736), which ties public school teacher evaluations and pay raises to student performance on standardized tests, passed the House, 80-39, Wednesday along party lines with Republicans in favor. The measure had passed the Republican-dominated Senate, and now speeds to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk. Scott has said he will sign it into law.”

This is great news for all Floridans and their children. In related news, The Florida Education Association is thinking about filing a lawsuit to try to stop the bill.  So much for actually caring about the children, they would rather line their pockets further with tax dollars going for ineffective teachers, right FEA ?  Maybe it is high time parents called for the disbanding of the FEA, if they go forward with that nonsensical lawsuit.

Governor Scott has already signed several executive orders since taking office, including the following:

Executive Order No. 11-01 freezes all new regulations and establishes the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform, which will review all rules prior to promulgation as well as agency practices and contracts.

  • Immediately suspends rule-making for all agencies under the direction of the Governor.
  • Establishes the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform to review all rules (including those suspended by the Order) prior to promulgation and to review agency practices and contracts.
  • Imposes 90-day suspension on execution of any contracts with a value in excess of $1 million, without prior approval from the Office.
  • Prohibits agencies from promulgating rules unless they obtain prior approval from the Office.

Executive Order No. 11-02 requires state agencies to use the E-Verify system verify employment eligibility of state employees and contractors.

  • All state agencies under the direction of the Governor must use E-Verify system to check employment eligibility of their current and prospective employees.
  • Requires state agencies under the direction of the Governor to include in all state contracts a requirement that contractors utilize the E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of:
    • all persons employed during the contract term by the contractor to perform employment duties within Florida; and
    • all persons (including subcontractors) assigned by the contractor to perform work pursuant to the contract with the state agency. Executive Order No. 11-03 establishes the Governor’s policy on ethics and open government.
      • Orders the adoption and implementation of a revised, stronger, code of ethics in the Governor’s office, and directs agencies under the direction of the Governor to revise their codes of ethics accordingly.
      • Recognizes work of 19th Statewide Grand Jury and directs Governor’s Special Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer to review their Report and recommend a plan for implementation of all or certain, as advisable, of the Grand Jury Recommendations.
      • Reaffirms commitment to Office of Open Government and calls for establishment of new Web site providing access to accountability information.

Personally, I would like to see E-Verify become federally mandated acroos the entire country, in both the private sector and public sector, which is why it was created in the first place. Match SS numbers with people before hiring, renting apartments or houses, and also especially before handing out the nanny-state welfare benefits our nation is becoming famous for today. NO WIC, no welfare, no rent subsidies, no college grants, no nothing unless you prove you are am American citizen who actually deserves the help from the American taxpayer.

Executive Order No. 11-04 reaffirms the Governor’s commitment to diversity in government.

  • Reaffirms prohibition on discrimination in employment based on race, gender, creed, color, or national origin, and affirms commitment to hiring, retaining and promoting the highest quality candidates regardless of the above.
  • Reaffirms policy of non-discrimination in state contracting without regard for race, gender, creed, color, or national origin.

This one sounds like it could be used against the reverse discrimination, race based hiring practices to allow people to hire the most qualified individuals based on experience and education, which is also supposed to be a federal law, yet today we see it isn’t enforced fairly.  See Eric Holder’s mandating that the city of Dayton, Ohio lower qualifying test scores for black policemen and firefighters to be given jobs over people who actually passed the real tests. That, my friends is reverse discrimination, and there needs to be a few thousand multi-billion dollar lawsuits brought against these types of actions, to show the race-based thugs that it won’t be tolerated. Clear enough Mr. Holder?

Congressman West announces his March Town Hall Events.  If you get the chance, check out this American Patriot representing Florida in the U. S Congress  later on this month.Coral Springs High School
Tuesday, March 22nd
7-9 p.m.
7201 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs

Temple Eamanu-El
Wednesday, March 23rd
7-9 p.m.
190 North County Road
Palm Beach

*March 23rd: additional parking at St. Edwards Church parking lot on
Sunrise Ave/N. County Rd.

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Special congratulations go out to the citizens of Miami-Dade who voted to recall another big tax and spender, Mayor Alvarez who turned out to be another RINO who didn’t get the 2010 election message of smaller government, less taxes and more accountability. Good work by my friends across the State, and you should be very proud to be able to call yourselves true Conservatives, as you certainly earned that title here. The Shark Tank summed this lesson up quite well in this post.

LTC Allen West’s Visit to Gitmo Quite Revealing

               Florida Congressman Allen West (R-FL) went down to Guatanimo Bay, Cuba recently and reports back his observations, not only as a Congressman, but also as a 22 year U. S. Military officer whom has served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Afghanistan. Rep. West exposes the many myths and misconceptions about Gitmo today in his weekly wrap-up newsletter, in which he keeps his constituents informed of  just what he is doing each week on their behalf, and is quite detailed and refreshing. I would like to see more representatives make their weekly official-duties-performed newsletters availiable to the people they are supposed to serve. This is called accountability, and we see very little true accountability from the majority of our members of Congress today. In the Congressman’s newsletter, the following quotes pretty much summarize what he encountered in his first ever trip to Gitmo:

   “There are many misconceptions and pre-conceived notions about the detention facility at GITMO. Every American should be absolutely proud of our men and women in uniform serving at GITMO because  their discipline and professionalism is above reproach.”

   “The video footage shown on most news reels is not showing the current camps occupied in GITMO. The old Camp X-Ray, also known as Camps 1-3, is no longer in use. There are now new state-of-the-art facilities affording the detainees 21 satellite TV stations, access to Skype and cell phone, mail, bountiful food, up to 20 hours of communal living (I toured an active communal living block), and medical care.” 

     Rep. West also compares the life of Gitmo detainees, (of which 95% of them have been proven to have been waging Jihad against America, or having had ties to terrorist organizations), with the lives of our very own soldiers who have been imprisoned for alleged transgressions committed during wartime. He expresses his anger about this double standard in the following statement:

    “In contrast, I think of our own American Warriors such as Lieutenant Michael Behenna who is serving 15 years in Fort Leavenworth prison for killing a known Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq. I also consider the plight of young Army Private Corey Claggett who has been held in solitary confinement for over a year. The conditions at Fort Leavenworth are not nearly as comfortable. Something else that deeply angers me…at GITMO, 24-year-old Omar Khadr will serve one more year before being released to his native Canada, even though he was found “guilty” of five war crimes, including killing an American serviceman in Afghanistan. Upon release to Canada, the maximum time he will serve is seven years. What message does that send to our men and women in uniform? “

      An American soldier is serving 15 years in prison in Levenworth, Kansas for killing an Al Qaeda terrorist, while Omar Khadr , whom was found guilty of five war crimes and the killing of American Soldiers in Afghanistan, will be free to kill again next year. What kind of a country have we become to let these kinds of politically correct injustices be done to our Soldiers fighting to protect America ? Private Clagett sits in solitary confinement for over a year, while these murderers sit in Club Gitmo with better medical care than the average American taxpayer can afford, with satellite tv and a custom engineered schedule taylored to their so-called peaceful religion of Islam?  The whole idea behind the  incarceration of someone is to deter them from continuing to commit the acts that landed them there in the first place, not reward them with a life of comfort. The people behind these kinds of acts of politically correct ideology in dealing with terrorists are only emboldening these Jihadists to continue murdering Americans, due to the fact that these terrorists now see that they will not be truly held accountable for their actions. America is too weak and leaderless to take swift action against terrorists, is what they see. We may as well post signs all across Iraq and Afghanistan that say, “Kill a few Americans and win a freee trip to Club Gitmo. where

Florida Moves to Stop *Creeping Sharia Law*

Florida State Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Larry Metz recently announced legislation that will protect all Floridians’ Constitutional rights against the infiltration or injection of any foreign laws or legal doctrines from other countries. While there are already many visible examples of this happening in America today, some choose to deny this reality, and the need to prevent the laws of other countries from being injected into America any further.

CAIR, or Council on American-Islamic Relations, denounces anyone who stands up for the right of Americans to live by our own laws and Constitution.

Senator Hays explains his stance and reason for proposing this legislation as this:

“I filed a bill that says in the courts of Florida the laws of no other country can be used to influence the decisions of Florida,” Hays said. “If it’s Sharia law or any other law – I don’t care what law it is – if it’s not a Florida law and if it’s some foreign law, it doesn’t belong in our courts.” (emphasis mine)

Right away, some people try to paint this as  an attack on one group or another to denounce it, such as one Mr. Nezar Hamze of South Florida chapter of CAIR, saying it is some kind of stealth attack on Muslims. CAIR is using Alisnkey-ish tactics to bully and denounce anyone standing up for American laws and culture today. An attack on Senator Hays was aided by the liberal Miami Herald in a post titled:  Lawmakers target Islamic Sharia law*. In the post, misinformation and lack of journalistic integrity are displayed throughout – a disservice to the whole State of Florida and America. Marc Caputo was busy putting the Muslim-oriented, leftist anti-American spin into the  article demonstrating the true story behind it, perhaps in a way he never intended us to see:

”   One reason Sharia isn’t mentioned in the bill is due to the U.S. Constitution’s ban on religious discrimination or favoritism. Citing the First Amendment, a federal judge recently blocked a voter-approved Oklahoma law targeting Sharia.” (emphasis mine)

A Federal Judge going against the wishes of the people who voted for this law is somehow being spun into a good thing there. Thus the danger of self-righteous appointed federal Judges sticking their noses into State law-making decisions. This new legislation will take those types of decisions out of play down here in Florida. Sen. Hays and Rep. Metz are to be commended, no matter what Mr. Hamze or the Miami Herald say about it. This is America, and if you refuse to live by American law, dont let the door hit you in the backside on the way back to your third world countries and their oppression- laden cultures.

Also found in the Herald article is Mr. Hamze looking like a foolish hypocrite when he stated the following:

“It’s absurd. I’ve never even heard of a court using Sharia law in making a ruling in a case,” Hamze said. “If it is intended to combat people’s fear of Islamic law, it does a poor job … because it does not mention Islam or Sharia but it does mention foreign law, which affects all religions, not just Islam, because you have Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu laws.”

Actually, Mr. Hamze, is the fact thatyou conviently choose to ignore several problems that have already occurred in Florida courts, due  precisely to attempts of Sharia law trying to be injected into Florida. It took all of two minutes to find an example from USATODAY.com**

A Florida judge ruled Friday that a Muslim woman cannot wear a veil in her driver’s license photo, agreeing with state authorities that the practice could help terrorists conceal their identities.

Sultaana Freeman arrives at the Orange County courthouse in Orlando
By Peter Cosgrove, AP

Attempts to inject forms of Sharia law and culture into Florida laws are obvious. There is a pressing need for Senator Hays’ leglislation to stop it from infecting Florida any further. Call up Senator Hays and the rest of your Florida representatives today and tell them you support this leglislation. It is for the good of all Floridians, and Americans across the country who tire of American culture and laws being changed to suit assorted radicals like Mr. Hamze. We are no longer going to stand by and watch our country be degraded and destroyed by these types of people. Thank you again Senator Hays and Rep. Metz.

UPDATE: 3/22/2011

Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law in Mosque Case

TAMPA — A Tampa judge is under fire after ruling that he will follow Islamic law in a case against a local mosque that ultimately could decide who controls $2.2 million in state money.
Read more on Newsmax.com: Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law in Mosque Case


Florida’s Freshman Congressman Allen West’s Profile: Will not run for POTUS/VP in 2012

Allen West was born in Atlanta, Georgia on Feb. 7th, 1961. He is the first African-American Republican Congressman from Florida since Josiah Wells was elected 135 years ago, in 1876. He comes from a family of career military disciplinarians, with his father and brother serving in the military, and his mother working as a civilian employee of the U.S Marine Corps. West enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1983, after graduating from the University of Tennessee. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from UT, and also holds a masters degree from the University of Kansas State in political science. He received a masters degree in military arts and sciences from the U.S Army Command and General Staff Officer college.  This is a very intelligent man who succeeded at very high levels of  leadership positions within the U.S military. He has also proven himself to be a good strong leader in a combat, which says a lot about his character.

Military career and controversy. (Now) Lieutenant West entered the Army on Nov. 1st, 1983 and served a total of  almost 22 years of service in the U.S Army. His career is marked by a constant perseverance to excel, as is shown by his rapid advancement through the ranks. Neither his complete dedication, nor devout Patriotism to this country should ever be called into question. This man is a proven protector of American freedom, who has put his life on the line to prove it, time, and time again.  While fighting in Taji, Iraq in 2003, a controversy occurred while West was interrogating a  civilian Iraqi police officer whom West had been told had information about attacks on American troops in the area. During this interrogation LTC West was asked to assist in trying to obtain information that the others present felt that the prisoner was withholding. LTC West was accused of firing his pistol past the prisoner’s head while trying to make him give up more information.

Yes, the big controversy was about LTC West, an American troop commander at the time, “frightening” an Iraqi in trying to obtain information from him to protect his own men. In the events that followed, LTC West, an American soldier fighting in the pits of hell for this country, was found to have violated articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for “frightening” an Iraqi. This type of political correctness results in the inability to defeat the enemy and ever pull our troops out of Afghanistan and yes Iraq too. It will also have a negative effect on future recruiting when potential soldiers learn of this situation. LTC West is a true American hero and the shame lies on the faces of the politically correct military leaders who let this travesty put a black mark on LTC West’s stellar and dedicated career.

During his hearing, LTC West was asked by his lawyer if he would fire his pistol again under similar circumstances. His response to that question is all we need to know about this incident; “If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.” This shows nothing but  pure dedication to his men and our country, no matter how politically correct military leaders tried to spin it into something else. In support of that last statement, a letter supporting LTC West was signed by 95 members of Congress and sent to the Secretary of the Army. My only question there, is if the Secretary of the Army ever grow a pair, and take this undeserved black mark off of LTC West’s military record, or will they continue to play footsies with the Taliban and Al Qaeda while American troops die?  This situation was the direct result of the newer politically correct rules of engagement that our politically entrenched military rulers have handed down in recent years. General Patton must be rolling over in his grave about this nonsense.

Career after military service. LTC West ran for Congress in 2007,  losing to incumbent Ron Klein by 9% of the vote. Not to be deterred, West spoke at the CPAC in 2010 and caught the attention of Sarah Palin and the new Teaparty grassroots movement sweeping across the nation. With his denouncement of the Left falsely claiming anyone  is racist who opposed Obama and the Democrats , his stellar military career, and his Patriotic views on what needs to be done to restore America, LTC Allen West trounced Ron Klein by the same 9% that he had lost by in the prior election. Oh and if you didn’t notice, Allen West is also of African American heritage. He just doesn’t run around the country announcing this in a veiled attempt to cajole the vote from one race of people or the other . This is a man who was elected on pure American values and the unconditional love for his country he exhibits, period. Leave the race-based vote-begging charades of the left to the Democrats, where it is has been for the last 100 years or so.

Official announcement on 2012 Presidential Aspirations of Congressman West. In a telephone interview with West’s Chief Communications Director, Angela Sachitano stated today that, while Congressman West is honored and humbled by the people mentioning his name as a possible Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate in 2012, Congressman West will not be running for either of those positions. He feels he has a job to do as a new freshman Congressman in learning the ways of our political system and becoming an effective representative that can help ensure the preservation of American freedoms and true American values that have made America the greatest nation on earth.

Congressman West is a realist at his core and understands he lacks the political experience to even consider a run for President of the United States in 2012. His realistic and humble approach towards the future is a very refreshing ideology when we look at the state of American politics today. With this freshman Congressman’s propensity for earning fast promotions, his constantly proving to be a very effective leader in our military, coupled with the displine and drive to succeed in restoring America towards becoming a country with a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we can rest assured that Congressman West will become a steady leader in Congress for years to come.   We very well could be talking about President Allen West one day in the very near future,  but it just won’t be in 2012.



See the profiles of other potential 2012 GOP Candidates

CPAC11 Wrap-up and Extra Awards

    CPAC11 finished up on Saturday with some marvelous speakers and closed the conference with freshman Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West of Florida giving a very moving, firm message about true American Patriotism, and its importance in restoring America to the greatest, free nation on Earth.  Ann Coulter gave a wonderful speech that had us laughing  in our seats as she pointedly proved the hypocrisy of the Liberals time and time again. Ms. Coulter also shined some sunlight on the fact that Liberals are using the gay movement to solely bash Conservatives and Christianity and that, based on their beliefs of freedom to chose how they want to live their lives,  they are really a natural fit with Conservative ideology. Considering that certain major sponsors and deep-rooted conservative groups  boycotted this years CPAC, Mr. Keene is to be commended for holding it all together, and making it a wonderful Conservative conference that was also very educational for our youth. Well done Sir.

   CPAC11 drew an amazing record crowd of over 11,000 Conservative leaders and activists this year. As everyone expected, once again Libertarian Ron Paul won the CPAC/ Washington Times Presidential straw poll, with 30% of votes, followed by Mitt Romney at 23%, and surprise ! , former budget guru Gov. of New Mexico, (and Ron Paul-like Libertarian) Gary Johnson tied the absent Chris Christie at 6%. People came from across the nation to see of dozens of exhibitions, panel discussions, film and documentary premiers, and social events to engage other conservatives.  This was truly an uplifting experience for everyone attending and the millions more watching it on TV and the Internet. I would personally like to see them get the whole thing televised live, from start to finish next year, as some can’t see it on a computer. Maybe CSpan could drop the obscure book report shows and make room for CPAC 2012. Surely someone in this country will step up and let Americans see this wonderful, informative event.

                                             My CPAC 2011 Award Winners

Best Overall Speech:             1- Newt Gingrich   2 – Tim Pawlenty  3- Allen West

Most Patriotic speech          1- Allen West   2 – Donald Rumsfeld    3- Mitch Daniels

Most Presidential speech   1- Newt Gingrich   2- John Thune        3- Donald Trump

Funniest speech-                     1- Ann Coulter      2- Ann Coulter      3- Ann Coulter

Most Dysfunctional speech-  1- Ron Paul       2- Ron Paul                 3- Ron Paul

Most Inspirational Grassroots Patriots  –   Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann

CPAC Beauty Queen of 2011  –   Margaret Hoover

Most Disrespectful Group – Ron Paul Supporters

Missing in Action – Glenn Beck, Sen Jim DeMint, Speaker Boehner, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Gov. Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Jan Brewer, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep Darrell Issa.

Top Emcee –  Steven Crowder

Exposing the Leftist Agenda Champions  –  Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter

Special Mention to Gov Haley Barbour for proposing the top solutions for repairing our economy.

   These are my personal choices. If you disagree or have some of your own personal awards you would like to see up here, contact me via Mirac777 @ twitter, or put them in the comment section and I will add them if you like.  This can include new nominees or new categories I may have missed. Thank you.



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