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Obama administration to release Hezbollah commander responsible for US troop deaths

Ali Musa Daqduq, a Hezbollah commander connected to the deaths of five American soldiers in 2007, is being released by the Obama administration without trial, prosecution, punishment or even a slap on the wrist.

Rep. Allen West sent a letter to President Obama asking why the Hezbollah leader was being released. Obama’s response was that Daqduq was being released under a Bush-era agreement to release Iraqi citizens. The problem? – Daqduq is from Lebanon.

West wrote, “You had options when dealing with this terrorist. When you were elected president, the American people expected you to provide leadership.”

Prior to West’s letter, Senate Republicans to the Judiciary Committee in early May – just after the Iraqi court cleared Daqduq of criminal wrong-doing. Their outrage based on the reality that the Obama administration hid information in order to protect the anti-American Daqduq.

Eight pages of charges … appears to indicate that either the administration was purposefully withholding information from Congress or it had not done the due diligence required to file charges,