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Hollywood Celebrities Use Fisher’s Death to Bash Trump

Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen used Twitter to take beloved starlet Carrie Fisher’s death and use it to tastelessly make political statements against America’s President-elect. https://twitter.com/charliesheen/status/814303837225762816 Death comes in threes.Carrie FisherGeorge MichaelThe integrity of the Oval Office. — ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) December 28, 2016 Perhaps both should be ashamed of themselves as the next to pass away was actually Carrie’s mother ...

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ZoNATION: Alec Baldwin is gonna help MSNBC…Be Worse

If you like Alec Baldwin, do not watch what Alfonzo Rachel has to say about him here. If not, enjoy this lovely little piece of entertainment that highlights exactly how desperate MSNBC is now that they’ve recruited this pillar of the community to be on their airwaves.

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Greyhound Issues Open Letter to Alec Baldwin

DALLAS, Dec. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Greyhound today issued an open letter to Alec Baldwin in response to comments made by the actor on Dec. 7 regarding Greyhound. Following is the response from Greyhound President and CEO Dave Leach: Dear Mr. Baldwin, As president and CEO of Greyhound, I was disheartened to hear about the comments you made regarding our company. Now I’m the first to admit ...

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Alec Baldwin Hangs Out With OWS Protestors, Shoots New Capital One Ad

If you thought feminine man-boy, Adam Levine, was conflicted (he’s the one that said Fox News is an “effing” evil news channel), then you’ll really get a chuckle out of today’s conflicted celebrity.  It’s our pal, Alec Baldwin.  You know, the Emmy Award winning actor that hangs out with the occupiers of Wall Street.  Here he is giving advice to ...

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