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The False Labels The Left Heaps on Donald Trump and His Supporters

The mainstream media has been parroting the mantra from the left that Donald Trump is to be feared, that he’s despicable, and they’ve attached a series of accusations against him accordingly. To them, he’s a racist, misogynist, bigot, Islamophobe, fascist, and xenophobe, at least. They take the aspersions one step further, and claim those who voted for him are just ...

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Bubba Clinton is Still the Slickest Liar “progressives” Have

Former President Bill Clinton returned to bask in the national spotlight, giving the Democratic National Convention nomination speech for the current White House occupant. Not surprising for a speech coming from someone impeached for perjury by Congress, the speech, while delivered with Slick Willie’s signature “I feel your pain” polish, was riddled with falsehoods. While it would be instructive to ...

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