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Cutting the Card – Debt Ceiling Debate

When we send our kids off to college with a credit card, we trust them to use it judiciously, for necessities and emergencies.

Too often, when that well-adjusted, highly responsible person we thought we knew gets out of our sight, the lure of the impulse purchase overtakes the good sense we know they’ve got.

They feel the need to keep up with their friends. They justify unneeded purchases by employing such creative reasoning that we can’t help but be a little proud, if not for that glaring red indictment on bottom line.

And if they’ve gone completely hog-wild with the purchase power, and maxed-out the card, there are only two real options…

We call the company to raise the spending limit- or we cut the card.

Those supposedly responsible folks we’ve sent to Washington, D.C., the ones who swore to spend our hard-earned tax dollars only for necessities and emergencies, have gone completely hog-wild with purchase power. They’ve maxed out our national credit. Now we’re faced with only two real options…

We allow them to raise the debt ceiling.

Or we cut the government credit card.

Both alternatives have inherent problems. Raising the debt ceiling is a false fix. It actually doesn’t ‘fix’ anything, merely allows us to kick the debt can a little farther down the road while we hope for some miracle to change reality.

Not only does raising the debt ceiling worsen the problem, it drags our children and grand-children down that same barren road. The most frightening aspect of this option is that while it enables us to keep playing kick the can just a little longer, the road we’re kicking it down gets cut shorter.

The only other viable course of action is to cut the card. Quit spending. Go into bare-bones necessity and emergency spending mode.

The troubles with cutting the card are many, though that’s the route that will more likely enable us to get off the debt track and back onto the self-secure highway.

For starters, all those expensive programs and entitlements that would be cut are beloved. One man’s pork is another man’s precious funding, and no one wants to be the one to ‘pull the plug on Grandma’, as the Democrats put it. Funny, but they seem to have no problem putting our children in chains, making them slaves to those who hold debt they aren’t responsible for.

Medicare, Social Security, funding for social programs and arts and entitlements, these are among the sacred cows that evoke knee-jerk, hysterical reactions at the mere whisper of reduced funding. All are as creatively and vociferously rationalized as a college freshman defending that credit card statement to bewildered and disappointed parents. During the recent budget discussion in the House, former speaker Nancy Pelosi tossed about phrases like “investing in our future” and “honoring our elderly”, catch-word phrases meant to yank at our heartstrings.

It is indeed worthy to invest in our children’s future. But if we don’t take drastic action now, their future will be one spent in shackles of indenture to countries like China. Countries whose interests and values are the antithesis of a free society. Nations who suppress opposing viewpoints. Governments who incarcerate those who speak out against their leaders.

Perhaps Madame-former-speaker could explain how handing our children over to the very conditions our grandparents fought and died to prevent is, in any way, “honoring” them?

We stare into the face of a national deficit so deep most of us can hardly fathom its true immensity. And while some of our elected public servants, up to and including the Public Servant in Chief, try to rationalize and justify more spending as ‘winning the future’, it’s time to get honest about our situation in the here and now.

Programs are nice. Project have benefits. Entitlements create a comfort zone. And no one disputes that we want our society and our children to grow, to advance, to be more than we once were. No one disputes that we want to ‘invest’ in our future or ‘honor’ our past.

But there’s a time to grow the tree, and a time to prune branches that have grown out of control, in order for the tree to thrive.

The cold, hard reality is that we as a nation must cut back now, and cut back hard. Nobody says the cuts must be permanent. Once we’re clear of the overwhelming debt looming over our heads, reinvestment could restart. But you don’t (or at least you shouldn’t) splurge on a shiny new flat-screen t.v. when you can’t afford to put food on the table.

And it’s not just the government that needs to get the splurging out of its system.

Uncle Sam isn’t alone on the list of culprits causing our condition. Unions have earned their share of the guilt, forcing prices higher by forcing companies into lucrative benefit packages and ever-increasing wages for their members. They shoulder a fair amount of responsibility for companies seeking out less-expensive pastures, driving businesses out of states once heralded as beacons of industry. Detroit, once the gem in the crown of American ingenuity, sits as a hollow shell of its former self.

We as individuals share the blame for the condition we’re in.

We’ve grown accustomed during boom times to instant gratification, to the feeling of entitlement to luxury, to the availability of cheap goods. It’s hard to tell our children “no, we can’t afford that new video game today” when all their friends are raving about it.

By gravitating to the cheaper goods, we’ve all but driven American industry out of America. We don’t want to pay twice as much for an item just because it supports our economy. We’d rather buy the less expensive version, even if it means another U.S. company has to close its doors and put workers into the unemployment lines. We’d rather pay less at the register, despite the fact that some underpaid worker overseas is slaving away to make that price happen.

Until we get our own spending under control, our elected public servants, including the Public Servant in Chief, will have a hard time taking us seriously when we tell them:

“Cut up that card!”

Texans vs TSA

As a citizen of Texas I was quite proud to hear that the Texas Legislature would be voting on a bill that  would make TSA pat-downs a felony. I was equally outraged when the bill did not pass.

To quote my colleague from an article just a little more than a month ago:

“Simpson’s bill has now been approved in committee and is awaiting debate by the full House. In addition to Simpson, the bill has attracted 70 co-sponsors, who represent more than 90 percent of the votes required to pass the bill in the Texas House of Representatives. According to Simpson, if the bill becomes law, the only way a TSA agent could avoid prosecution would be if a traveler gives written consent to the pat-down after being fully informed of the extent of the procedure.”

If you notice the italicized portion of the quote, the support for the bill was more than 90% of all Texas State Representatives. This is an overwhelming percent of approval, only to have the votes suddenly disappear, thereby causing the bill not to pass at the time the Texas House of Representatives voted on it.

It seems as though the motto “Don’t Mess With Texas” doesn’t apply to our Representatives. They have allowed themselves to be bullied by the federal government.  The Department of Justice sent a threatening letter saying they would stop all air traffic in and out of Texas. And….. our Representatives caved!

The Washington Times headline put it nicer than I would have with this: “Texas Senators Need to Grow a Backbone”.

The Senators of Texas need to do more than grow a backbone- they need to realize that they are there to represent us- We The People of Texas! We are tired of our elected officials bowing down to the special interest groups, and that includes the federal government! We The People of Texas elect you, not the federal government!

There is now a rally pushing Governor Rick Perry to take up TSA Bill (Texas HB 1937) in the special session. The Come and Take It! rally is this Saturday, June 4, at the Texas Capital South Steps from 12:30-1:30pm. As the organizers of this rally say, “we have drawn the line in the sand!”

The question for Governor Perry is this: Do you really believe what you say about States’ Rights, or are you just another politician spewing hot air? As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. It’s time for Governor Perry to put up or shut up! With the rumors of a possible run for the White House, there is no time like the present to show whether or not he’s cut out for truly taking a stand against special interests and stand up for We The People.

When babies, the elderly, nuns and everyone in between are being subjected to groping in order to travel by air, things have gone too far.

Call, write, email, fax, tweet and send Facebook messages every day to Governor Perry to let your voice be heard! Tell Governor Perry that you are IN FAVOR of HB 1937 and that HB 1937 needs to be placed on the special session agenda. Let the Governor know that you will not sit silently by while our State Representatives allow themselves to be bullied by the federal government! Tell Governor Perry it’s time for him to stand up or shut up!

To contact Governor Perry by phone:
(512) 463-2000    – or –    (800) 252-9600      G

Governor Perry on Twitter: @governorperry @TexGov

Governor Perry on Facebook

Elected Leaders YOU Are Being Held Accountable

I am sending this Open Letter To All Senators, Congressmen and Governors concerning The Broken System of Foster Care.

We MUST be the voice for these voiceless children!

I welcome comments in response to this article. You may also contact me by email: [email protected]

We must work together- Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike- for the sake of these children! They are our future!

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


The purpose of this series:  Who Hears The Voice Of The Children?

An Open Letter To All Senators, Congressmen and Governors

Foster Care: A Broken System- Video

High Gas Prices Driving America into the Ditch

          While many economists predicted four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline by this summer, anyone filling up their tank this past week has already experienced the pain of four dollar gas pretty much across the nation. Now we dreadfully await the five-dollar-a-gallon-gasoline that many predict is on the way this summer. I watched on TV as a lady in Baltimore was shown pumping $100 worth of gasoline into the gas tank of her Honda Accord. She went on to explain that while it is good to have her tank filled up to go somewhere, she will be left with very little spending money when she gets to her destination. This is a direct reflection on how our economy will suffer under the crushing weight of high gas prices. Not too long ago she could have filled up that very same car for $50.00 and had an extra $50.00 to spend shopping for life’s little extras, such as new curtains, furniture, clothes, cooking utensils, etc.

Pic courtesy of digitaljournal.com.

    Today, due to the high price of gasoline, all the merchants selling those items will be hurt indirectly. The  customer is left with less money to spend in the merchants stores due to high gasoline prices, period. This is often referred to as trickle down economics. High fuel prices also drive up the cost of every single item we need to purchase on a daily basis, such as food, electricity, and anything that has to be transported from point A to point B to be available for purchase. When it costs the transportation companies double the amount of money to fuel up their trucks, ships, airplanes and boats, they simply have to raise their shipping and transportation costs so they can stay in business. That makes the price of every item we purchase increase, which then makes your paycheck able to buy less’ as an end result.  This is the double whammy that is now hitting every single American, whether they realise it yet or not. So what is causing the soaring gasoline prices that we see today? In trying to answer that question, I will try a more common sense approach to exploring the possible causes of  rising gas prices, as we have already heard from all the self-appointed experts about their theories on it.

     First of all, like it or not, politics plays a huge part in gasoline prices. From  over-regulation by our government, to the moratorium on the drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and other huge oil deposits in the U.S., to OPEC’s manipulation of oil reserve numbers, to the upcoming 2012 elections, they all play a part in increasing oil prices. When it comes to the politics of skyrocketing gasoline prices in America, I see another possible reason for why this problem is not being addressed. The current President is a disciple of the Alinsky model of creating a crisis, then using it to further empower themselves over the people . Obama is pushing for a green energy plan that has been proven to be a huge failure across the globe, yet continues to hamper our very own domestic oil production. That puts us at the mercy of OPEC, along with the big oil-producing nations of the middle east  that basically hate America. This also creates a crisis of high gasoline prices that the Alinsky-student Obama could step up and offer a “solution” for.  We probably wouldn’t have four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline today if there hadn’t been a moratoriam on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, coupled with the expanded denial of permitting in our midwest for the past two years. It takes years to find the oil deposits and extract them from the ground, and I feel we are just now seeing the beginning of the damage the Gulf drilling moritoriam has done in interrupting our demestic oil production in the near future. This could explain why many experts are predicting five, and even six dollar a gallon gasoline by the end of this year.

     I would imagine it would be a huge plus for Obama’s reelection chances if he could continue to allow the jacking up of the price of gasoline to over five dollars a gallon this year, let everyone feel that pain at the pump, and then come up with a savior-like lowering of gasoline prices by the summer of 2012, just in time to sway public opinion of  him. The manipulation of our economy for political gains has been done before, many times. Super high gasoline prices would also help Obama sway people to accept his currently dysfunctional green energy plan, and also continue his wealth redistribution agenda through green energy companies, many of which have already proven to be a huge failure here in America. We have pumped billions of tax dollars into green energy companies with very little to show for it today. Super high gas prices will also allow Obama to continue the theft of tax dollars for his favored redistribution of wealth to unproven, dysfunctional green energy companies, further driving up our massive debt problem. This follows the pattern of continued government spending with nothing to show for it in return that we have seen from the Obama regime since day one in office. Understanding the politics behind the current gasoline prices, and  possible motives behind continued high gasoline prices is crucial to the 2012 elections, in helping people to understand just what four more years of proven dysfunctional Obamanomics will mean to America and her economy.

    Another reason behind high oil prices can be found in the connection between the big oil companies, wall street and Opec. With the current economy still struggling along at a snails pace, why in the world is the stock market still rocking and rolling at record high levels ? I found a pretty good explanation over at investorplace.com :    

Big Oil Needs Expensive Gas to Survive: According to industry experts, the “easy” oil in the Middle East and Africa can be pumped for as little as $5 a barrel from simple surface well. Costs vary greatly for unconventional projects such as deepwater drilling and tar sands, but can easily be $40 a barrel or higher for tough to access supplies of oil. With fierce global competiton and  state-run monopolies in Venezuela and China squeezing out Western energy giants, the bottom line is that cheap oil – and subsequently cheap gasoline – just doesn’t work out on the balance sheets of big oil. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but considering that Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM), Chevron (NYSE: CVX), BP plc (NYSE: BP), ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) and Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) have a collective market value well over $1 trillion, it’s hard to imagine all that financial clout simply sitting by and letting oil slump back to $50 or $60 bucks a barrel where high-tech, high-cost extraction leaves them little or no profit margin.

OPEC Wants Expensive Oil: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, has made it clear that $100 oil isn’t a sign of alarm but rather a decent equilibrium. The group has gone on the record saying oil prices above $100 a barrel are no reason for an emergency session. “If oil prices increase to $100 or more, it is not worrying and does not justify holding an extraordinary meeting by OPEC,” Iranian oil minister Masoud Mirkazemi was quoted as saying by the ministry’s news agency Shana. Is not worrying to whom, Mr. Mirkazemi? I think motorists and crude-dependent industries would have a different point of view.

   In the first paragraph there we see the mention of the state-run monopolies in Venezuela and China, I feel that another state-run monopoly deserves mention here in the name of Brazil, where Obama currently met with the new president, who also happens to be a former leftist, Marxist guerrilla revolutionary who did time in prison.  Obama also handed Brazil’s state-run oil company, Petrobras, a permit to for oil storage and to drill for oil in the deepest part of OUR Gulf waters recently. I find this to be a glaring example of Obama’s hypocrisy working against America and her own oil production. Recently, many Congressmen and Senators have demanded an explanation for this action from the President, but to no avail. So much for the most honest and open administration in U.S. history that Obama promised in 2008.  Are these the actions that the American people will be duped into voting for again in 2012 ? 

     As a final note, we now see former big oil tycoon- turned green energy investor, T. Boone Pickens smiling all the way to the bank once again due to his ” predicted ” skyrocketing oil prices. He has been calling on legislators to mandate the switch to wind energy for the past several years, and in which he is now heavily invested. For all the green energy believers and common sense deniers out there , I will leave you with a great example of how green energy could not even give 87 people on a small island off the coast of Scotland enough power to heat a teakettle here. That’s right, a small island of 87 citizens have windmills, solar panels, and hydro-electric turbines, yet had to rely on their own noisy gas fired generators to function on a daily basis. Remember Mr. Obama’s famous words uttered in 2008. ” Under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket. ”  That is no different then my thoughts when filling up the gas tank this week, ” After two years of Obama rule, we are now paying almost $100.00 to fill up the gas tank on a Honda Civic. Can hard working Americans afford another four years of Obama’s ” fundamental transformation of America” ?

Florida’s Governor Scott Takes Tight Control of State Agencies and Regulations

  On Friday, April 8th, 2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott signed an executive order reaffirming that he means business in re-evaluating all State agencies and regulations under his purview.

After Targeting More than 1,000 Regulations for Repeal,

Gov. Rick Scott Issues Executive Order

Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott continues to live up to his campaign promise to hold government accountable. Today, he issued Executive Order 11-72 reaffirming the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform’s critical role in ensuring common sense and accountability in state regulation. 

In its first three months of operation, the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR) has reviewed more than 11,000 regulations and, with the help of other agencies, has targeted more than 1,000 regulations that could be repealed.

   The complete copy of said executive order is included at bottom of page for our readers.

       Executive Order 11-72 reaffirms the original Exec order of 11-01, and will reduce over 1000 burdensome regulations in Florida that have piled up over the years, and made our State Government inefficient and a hindrance to business expansion. This also serves as a strict reminder to all State agencies that Governor Scott will be ensuring that Florida’s State Government will be run as efficiently as possible, and be held accountable to the people of Florida in all phases. Some bullet points from Executive Order 11-72 are as follows:

  • Whereas Government must be held accountable for efficient and effective performance and
  • Whereas no profession or occupation should be subject to regulation by the State unless regulation is necessary to protect the people from harm or damage and
  • Whereas the people of Florida deserve a regulatory process that is efficient, effective, understandable, responsive and open to the public and
  • Whereas State regulations may impose duplicative, obsolete and unnecessarily burdensome requirements on Florida’s citizens and businesses and
  • Whereas, continual review and assessment of existing and proposed regulations and rules is necessary to ensure the laws of the State are faithfully executed without unduly burdening the State’s economy and imposing needless costs and requirements on businesses, local governments and citizens, and
  • Whereas, fiscal accountability by all agencies is necessary to ensure integrity in State Government ,and
  • Whereas, on Jan 4th, 2011 Executive Order 11-01 established the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform ( OFARR ) within the Executive Office of the Governor. 


  • Keep up the good work Governor Scott we are behind you 100% !


 Executive Order 11-72 complete.