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Dear Energy Chief Chu: You know where you can shove your $50 lightbulb?

Just when the American government appeared to be maxed-out on the stupidity-meter, along comes Energy Secretary Steven Chu awarding $10 million frigging tax dollars for an “affordable green light-bulb” invention. The problem? It costs $50.00 a bulb for starters. Courtesy of NewsMax, we see just how idiotic and completely out of touch with reality Barack Obama and his lunatic-Liberal appointees truly are:

The good news: The Obama administration has awarded a $10 million prize for a “green” but affordable light bulb that’s available to the public.
The bad news: The bulb costs $50.
The “L Prize” was announced by Energy Secretary Steven Chu last year, to push manufacturers to come up with a green bulb “affordable for American families,” The Washington Post reported. The competition also required parts of the bulb to be made in America.
The L Prize winner is a $50 bulb made by Philips. Similar LED bulbs are going for less than half that cost, the Post reported.

Pay attention to that complete paragraph there. “Affordable green energy” now means paying $50.00 for a retread of an already manufactured bulb, the lunatic Liberal running the U.S. Energy dept. has given away $10 million tax dollars for it, and “parts” of the bulb will be made in America. Oh and similar bulbs are already selling for about half the price. IE: $25.00 a bulb! NewsMax goes on to further point just who started the lunacy of charging Americans $50.00 for a light-bulb:

The $10 million contest was meant to ease the transition away from inefficient incandescent light bulbs to more efficient fluorescent and LED bulbs. President George W. Bush signed legislation in 2007 to phase out the old bulbs.

That’s right, the supposedly conservative Republican G.W. Bush, with a Republican-dominated Congress in 2007 started the ball rolling towards this green energy debauchery and crony-capitalism-inducing thievery that has resulted in a $10 million dollar prize, (paid for with your tax dollars) for a moronic Cadillac light bulb that will cost Americans $50 bucks apiece, and which will be manufactured in foreign countries. ( One part will be made in America, just to fool the uninformed masses)

All of this idiocy and blatant government stupidity, (not to mention the theft of taxpayer dollars under the guise of a “prize”) is brought to you by Barack Obama’s Liberal-lunatic appointee, Steven Chu. Does America really want four more years of this Liberal-lunacy? Note: Should Energy Chief Chu not understand the title of this opinion piece, here is a clue: It involves a place where the sun doesn’t shine.