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In Deep with Michelle Ray – 7/12

When: Thursday, July 12th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where: In Deep with Michelle Ray on Blog Talk Radio

What: Join Social Media Director of ConservativeDailyNews.com, Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) as she discusses the issues that impact America.

Tonight: 33 votes to repeal Obamacare, the NAACP Shootout between Biden and Romney, and guest Brandon Combs (@combs_brandon on Twitter) of CAL-FFL(http://www.calffl.org/), Calguns Foundation (http://www.calgunsfoundation.org/) and CRPA ( https://twitter.com/CRPAnews) joins me to discuss campus concealed carry.

Washington Post publishes hypocritical and unfounded attack on self-defense laws

The liberal-biased news outlet The Washington Post published an article titled “Stand your ground laws coincide with jump in  justifiable homicide cases” despite their own admission that no studies prove a correlation.

It’s a case of being literally correct in the title with the intent of getting the reader to believe a thing even though the writer expressly says there is no proof. Take the title, verbatim, then apply this paragraph later in the same article:

Prosecutors still reject many claims of self-defense under the new law, and no long-term studies definitively tie the rise in justifiable killings to the passage of laws that relieve citizens of the responsibility to back away from threats.

The headline is intended to plant the seed of blame on laws that empower the innocent against would-be assailants knowing that most that agree will never make it to the fifth paragraph in an article where they already agree with the premise.

WaPo doesn’t quit there. Quoting anonymous sources that feel that the self-defense laws would create an legal climate where “defendants would simply claim self-defense and challenge prosecutors to prove they were lying.” What the writer apparently  missed was that our legal system is based on the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty – not the other way around.

The Washington Post has an agenda – a very liberal and government-empowering one. This is just one more example of how they use the power of words and fuzzy truth – a.k.a. truthiness – to sell an invalid viewpoint to a naive populace.

When they publish this stuff – someone has to give ’em hell.