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Krauthammer Again: ‘Obama’s Speech Was Flat With No Real Content’

For the third time this week, National Syndicated Columnist and Fox News contributor, had more than harsh words about President Barack Obama’s DNC acceptance speech given Thursday evening. He called it. “one of the emptiest speeches” ever given by a presidential nominee for a major party.

Charles Krauthammer on Special Report with Bret Baier

“I was stunned,” he said. “This is a man who gave one of the greatest speeches of our time in 2004, and he gave one of the emptiest speeches I have ever heard on a national stage.”

Krauthammer continued to say that, as in normal Obama fashion, the speech itself was good,  but there was no substance to it, concerning the actual content of the speech, which was given to thousands of delegates, politicians, and reporters at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C. We must note, that the skies were clear at the time of the Obama’s acceptance speech.

“Yes, it had cadence. And yes there were deceptions in it. That‘s not what’s striking about it,” he said. “There was nothing in it.”

He continued: “This is a man who believes that government can and should do a lot. There’s nothing in here that tells us how he is going to go from today to tomorrow. And what government is going to do, what’s he going to enact? At least Romney had a five-point plan.”

Krauthammer continued to drill Obama about how the president continues to present his personal agenda to the American people, but never has offered any real plan on how to get there.

“I have a vision of America where there is no disease and everyone has a private airplane, but unless I tell you how to get there, I’ve said nothing,” he added. “I am simply amazed — this is a guy who is the A student in the class who turns in a paper that is clearly a C.

Also, Vice President Joe Biden delivered his speech and Krauthammer commented that Biden’s speech was “infinitely better” than the president’s. “The Obama speech I thought was flat and had no content in it. Otherwise, I loved it really.”

You can view Krauthammer’s interview here:


Charles Krauthammer “Didn’t Buy a Line” of Michelle Obama’s 2012 DNC Speech

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama delivering her 2012 DNC speech

Following first-lady Michelle Obama’s speech last night, nationally syndicated Conservative Columnist Charles Krauthammer, he displayed his displeasure with the speech, saying he “didn’t buy a line of it.”

Obama’s speech began with the account of her and Barack’s early life as a couple, and how they became the couple they are today. In the speech, Michelle recalled when her husband picked her up for their first date in a rusted out car, and how together they owed more in student loans than they did on their mortgage.

“I know from experience that if I truly want to leave a better world for my daughters, and all of our sons and daughters, and if we want to give all our children a foundation for their dreams and opportunities worthy of their promise…if we want to give them that sense of limitless possibility – that belief that here in America, there is always something better out there if you’re willing to work for it…then we must work like never before,” she said with a very excited crowd.

View Krauthammer’s analysis of the speech here:


Krauthammer commented:

“She told the story of a Gandhi, and you know…looking at how he’s conducted himself in the present scene, particularly in the campaign, with ruthlessness, and determination and drive, it’s not quite a plausible story. I’m sure in the arena it was a plausible story, I saw the tears, but I‘m afraid I didn’t … I’m sure it was a great speech but I didn’t buy a line of it.”

However just because he didn’t think it was a genuine speech, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an effective one:

“Nonetheless I would say within that, and despite the repetition that have, Michelle Obama’s speech I thought was a brilliant speech, and brilliantly delivered… All of the other speakers would talk about what Obama does — the achievement and legislation and whatever, and the political implications. Her whole task was to say why, her answer was, ‘Why? Because essentially he’s a saint. Because of his upbringing and because of his emotions and because of his humanity he does this because he cares and the brilliance of it is this.’ It drained Obama of any ideological motivation or any having to do with self-interest or ambition, which I think is sort of more plausible explanation.”

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DNC 2012: Day 1

I set out from Orange County, CA this morning on my way to the DNC in Charlotte. My first leg from OC to Dallas was pleasant. I sat next to Rick and Patti, a middle-aged couple from Arkansas on their way home from visiting their daughter in Anaheim. We got to talking about why I was going to Charlotte. Rick said he was a conservative, but Patti likened herself to more of a libertarian. However, when she chastised me for referring to the “Affordable” Healthcare Act as Obamacare I knew that wasn’t entirely true. We had an interesting conversation and I shared with her the truth about universal healthcare as I experienced it growing up in Canada. Patti said she felt it was a tragedy that so many people in our country lacked insurance. I explained I shared her concern, but felt putting the government in charge of anything to do with your health was a big mistake. After all, would you trust anyone at the DMV to make the right decisions regarding your cancer treatment? Obamacare basically puts DMV employees in charge of the purse strings that control your health care. Patti agreed that was disturbing, given that Rick had recently beat prostate cancer. In the end we both agreed that it is up to each of us individually to do more for our struggling neighbors instead of shirking that duty off to a bloated, corrupt bureaucracy.

As our plane landed we said our goodbyes and Rick and Patti wished me luck on the rest of my journey. Dallas to Charlotte was largely uneventful, save one baby who screamed bloody murder for the first 20 minutes of the flight! Thankfully she pooped out and we all breathed a sigh of relief (mom especially, I’m sure). I arrived on time and in good spirits. My first stop was the car rental place. My shuttle driver was a gentleman named Phil. I asked Phil how things were going in and around Charlotte. “Oh boy”, he said with a sigh. “We’re all glad for the business but if I’m being honest I can’t wait until this week is over.”  I giggled a bit when Phil said “I admit, I’m a conservative, but I don’t trust any of these politicians”, almost apologetically. I asked what the vibe was in Charlotte; were people happy to be hosting the DNC? “Charlotte is a bright blue spot in a red area of the state. People are happy. But this week is going to be tough for all of us”.  At the car rental I was greeted by a clearly frustrated young man and I waited patiently as he finished serving the couple in front of me. When I asked him how his day was going he rolled his eyes and said “Crazy. I mean, I love Obama but all these Democrats from the coasts get on my nerves!” I asked him why, and he responded “Because they act like they know everything! They think we’re slow, dumb southerners. Gets on my nerves! The New Yorkers are worse than the ones from L.A., but they’re all annoying”.  I certainly agree that many people from our two major coastal cities have a tendency to be quite snobbish about those of us who live in the rest of the country, but as I talked to this young man I found myself becoming a bit annoyed. Should you really be talking about your disdain for customers to other customers? It might not be a glamorous job, but it’s work. There are a lot of folks out there who would take this man’s troubles for a paycheck.

Once I got the car I headed into Charlotte to meet up with tea party leader Earl Phillips and his group. They were screening “They Come to America”, a documentary on illegal immigration. You should see that. You’ll wish you hadn’t, but still…you should watch it. We finished the film, chatted about the upcoming schedule for LibertyStock 2012 and made plans to meet up tomorrow.

After that I headed to my hotel, just outside of the city  where I write to you now. Tomorrow looks to be a crazy day for Charlotte, with rain/thunder showers on the horizon. So far my plan is to head toward the convention center and see what trouble I can find. I’ll be updating my Twitter feed all day. You can follow me @kiradavis422 for all the latest and I’ll wrap up things tomorrow evening when I get back to the hotel. Stay tuned!

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RNC Schedule: Final Day

After a very successful convention, the final day is here. The climax of today’s events and the entire convention is going to begin at 10pm, when Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduces the 2012 GOP nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, and will shortly be followed by Romney’s acceptance speech.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

  1. 7:00 p.m. Convention convenes
  2. Call to order
  3. Introduction of Colors US Central Command Joint Forces Color Guard Team
  4. Pledge of Allegiance by Dylan Nonaka
  5. National Anthem sung by SEVEN
  6. Invocation byKen and Priscilla Hutchins
  7. Remarks by U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (FL)
  8. Reagan Legacy Video
  9. Remarks by Newt and Callista Gingrich
  10. Remarks by Craig Romney
  11. 8:00 p.m. Remarks by Governor former Jeb Bush (FL)
  12. Remarks by Bob White, chairman of Romney for President campaign
  13. Remarks by Grant Bennett
  14. Remarks by Tom Stemberg
  15. 9:00 p.m. Remarks by former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey
  16. Remarks by Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts Secretary of Workforce
  17. Remarks by Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode
  18. 10:00 p.m. Remarks by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
  19. Remarks by presidential nominee Mitt Romney
  20. Benediction by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
  21.  Speaker Boehner declares convention adjourned

2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL

Bill Whittle Cites “1001 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama” in Firewall Video

Bill Whittle, one of my favorite conservative commentators, gave a generous mention of 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama in the July 17th edition of his video series “Firewall.” The first installment was originally entitled “1001 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama,” but the irony was difficult to convey on New Media outlets so the title was later changed. Bill Whittle helps me out with that.

I appreciate the shout-out, as it is Whittle’s Firewall that is one of my inspirations for doing the video series “1001 Reasons” beginning this August: 101 days of 1001 reasons, with references, refutations, and context.

Stay tuned to CDN for the video series this fall.

1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama: Closing Arguments

The following points have been demonstrated and documented over the course of the previous posts:

  1. President Obama was elected in part due to a deceptive media that failed to properly vet an obviously radical president.
  2. Candidate Obama had a lengthy left-wing track voting record compiled from his days as a state senator and U.S. Senator, although the mainstream media worked in concert to portray him to the American people as “moderate.”
  3. The president was demonstrably and clearly a member of the socialist New Party in Illinois. Socialism is not compatible with constitutionally limited government.
  4. Candidate Obama had a number of scandalous associations, including with Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, and many others, which were shrugged away or swept under the rug by by the media.
  5. Candidate Obama promised that he would “fundamentally transform” the country five days before his election. It is not the role of the United States president to unilaterally impose his preferences on millions of citizens.
  6. Before coming to office, he frequently condemned Bush for his war policies; and then as president, he voted for the Patriot Act twice without revision, claimed he has the right to detain and assassinate U.S. citizens, and allowed the use of spy drones over domestic soil.
  7. Obama lied frequently and egregiously about what he would do as president. The future president promised he would cut deficits, go line-by-line through wasteful legislation, bring more transparency to government, and end the wars in a timely fashion. Yet he has not been held accountable by the mainstream media for these lies.
  8. Obama the candidate used soaring and empty rhetoric to woo a nation sick of partisanship. But he betrayed this lofty tone a number of times, such as by referring to Republicans as “enemies,” rhetorically saying he would bring a gun to a knife fight, and that he wanted supporters to “get in people’s faces.”
  9. Obama has engaged in class warfare politics foreign to this country’s history. He has attempted to pit rich against poor, and middle class against both, instead of underlining the capitalist truth that we can all prosper together through hard work.
  10. The future president promised he would work with the Republicans in a bi-partisan fashion. But along with the Democrat-led Congress, he would force legislation through with little or no consequential input from GOP representatives.
  11. The economic crisis that put Obama over the top was caused by bad fiscal practices such as forcing banks to make loans to subprime borrowers and the government insuring mortgages. There is no serious way of avoiding the fact that the government created perverse incentives and moral hazard with its mortgage lending regulations and policies.
  12. President Obama would blame Bush for the situation he was put in on numerous occasions. But Obama would go on to double down on virtually every major Bush policy; including bailouts, stimulus, big healthcare programs, and war policies.
  13. The president has spent more money than any president over four years, while racking up more debt than all previous presidents combined. This money has to be paid back at interest by us and our children, one way or another.
  14. Obama has been one of the most corrupt presidents in history. Trillions in taxpayer money has been doled out by Obama in politically partisan fashion to unions, non-profit organizations, corporations, banks, and other campaign contributors.
  15. Meanwhile, the spontaneously arising tea party, which objected to such shameless theft from hard-working producers and redistribution to the corrupt and non-working, were marginalized by the president, vilified by the Democrat Party without objection by Obama, and even called a foul-mouthed epithet by the president himself.
  16. The president would go on to support the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, a group of feckless criminals and aimless rabble-rousers whom he “empathized” with, even though he had been one of the major underwriters of Wall Street’s reckless practices.
  17. Obama shamelessly pandered to unions, blacks, hispanics, women and every other known subsection of the American public even after he was elected president, whose office is meant to represent the interests of the entire country as a whole.
  18. After becoming president, Obama has endlessly remained in campaign mode, pausing only to act like a uniter at politically opportune times, such as after the Gabriel Giffords shooting.
  19. He came to office with the slogan “Hope and Change,” and at the end of his presidency, has shamelessly carried out a negative re-election campaign.
  20. Although he has been hyped as one of the greatest orators in presidential history, Obama has a lengthy history of gaffes and awkward pauses.
  21. Obama has been touted as one of the smartest presidents ever, with little record to verify it, and without any demonstrable results to prove it.
  22. The president has acted extremely incompetently at times; most visibly after the BP oil spill, which he let languish for forty days as he rhetorically used it as an issue to demonstrate the supposed wisdom of his environmental policies. Once he decided to act, the leak was stopped within a few days.  The BP oil spillage then quickly resolved itself by dissipating into the Gulf of Mexico.
  23. Obama would defy the rule of law repeatedly, acting more like he had been coronated Tsar than elected president. Disregarding a Louisiana judge’s ruling against the unilaterally imposed moratorium on offshore drilling is but one obvious example. Strong-arming BP to set up a victim’s fund in violation of due process rights is a related offense.
  24. The president would then appoint numerous radical, virtually unconfirmable “czars” to head various executive posts and initiatives in violation of Senatorial advise and consent. Many of these czars, like Julius Genachowski at FCC, would operate in defiance of legislatively passed laws.
  25. The president then ignored the Constitution on several other matters, such as by making a recess appointment when the Senate was not in recess, which is explicitly forbidden by the Constitution.
  26. The president would then bully countless businesses and organizations, meanwhile touting a “bullying” campaign in our schools. A prominent example among many is the NLRB’s blocking of a Boeing plant to be built in right-to-work South Carolina.
  27. President Obama pressured the CEO of GM to resign and then put a political hack in his place. It is not the proper role of the president to act like CEO of the country.
  28. Obama postured as if he would be a post-racial president as a candidate, but then his lapdogs proceeded to inflame race relations, making them worse than they have been in decades.
  29. Candidate Obama ran as a blank slate candidate that the public could project their hopes onto and ended up being an extremely partisan president that engages in sleazy politics.
  30. The president set up a number of websites that encouraged Americans to spy on and snitch on one another to the government.
  31. He has called out private citizens by name in order to castigate them, such as talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
  32. He has deceptively used private citizens to make anecdotal arguments for policies. One example is the case of Democrat political operative Sandra Fluke.
  33. President Obama has refused to forthrightly and expeditiously release commonplace records to the public, keeping them secret and attacking anyone who seeks more information as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’
  34. Obama claimed that he “would not rest” until he accomplished several policy goals (which were never accomplished), but then took lavish vacations and went golfing a record number of times for a president.
  35. The president has demagogued about the ‘shared sacrifice’ and ‘skin in the game’ he expected of Americans, but has lived like a king on the taxpayer dime, like outrageously flying in a pizza chef to make him pizza.
  36. Obama has schmoozed with celebrities and appeared numerous times on talk shows to engage in shameless self-promotion, which is noticeably unbecoming of the presidency and lowers the dignity of the office.
  37.  The president has used funding of the arts to engage in political propaganda.
  38. He has promulgated a cult of personality that has led to children singing odes to his name in school, which he has fed by giving personal messages to children reinforced by Department of Education issued questionnaires.
  39. His environmental agenda has consisted in constant and endless fearmongering about supposed “manmade climate change,” which has reinforced his program of gaining a regulatory stranglehold over energy production and industry.
  40. Obama and his cadres have bald-faced bragged about intentionally making electricity prices “skyrocket” and driving coal companies out of business.
  41. President Obama has in numerous ways worked to erode U.S. sovereignty in deference to unelected and unaccountable UN bodies, Quangos, and INGOs. He backed a cap-and-trade scheme that would have seen trillions of money laundered through the UN and political cronies’ hands; his financial appointees have mulled a global currency to be administered by the IMF (which was recently headed by a socialist); he has called for ratification of a restrictive small arms treaty; supports the Law of the Seas Treaty;, and has advocated other sovereignty-infringing treaties.
  42. In violation of the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act, President Obama has committed troops to military actions without reporting to Congress; and he has justified such action by appeal to international bodies like NATO. In addition, he has committed U.S. troops and hardware to carry out missions in various countries in Africa, such as Libya; as well as in Yemen and Pakistan, among other sovereign nations.
  43. President Obama has cordially and in unseemly fashion courted various socialist despots, Islamist dictators, and authoritarian heads of state.
  44. He has on a number of occasions bowed to foreign heads of state in a manner violating foreign policy protocol and besmirching national dignity.
  45. He has insulted our allies Britain and Israel by giving foreign leaders inappropriate gifts and inexcusably flaunted etiquette in high level meetings.
  46. When the Iranian people needed a world leader to visibly support their struggle for freedom and democratic accountability, Obama was nowhere to be found. The president claimed he did not want to meddle in Iran’s internal politics.
  47. When Honduras removed its burgeoning socialist dictator from power, Obama not only misrepresented the legal action to remove Zelaya as a “coup,” he instructed the State Department to punish Honduras by withholding foreign aid.
  48. When the Arab Spring movement caught fire in the Middle East, Obama interjected himself into Egyptian politics to help remove authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak from office. After his intervention, Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and worse rose to power.
  49. The president has repeatedly and inexplicably made conciliatory gestures towards Russia, which has repaid his “flexibility” with hostile foreign policy actions around the world.
  50. President Obama has continued to borrow far and away what the country can afford to repay from the communist regime of China, strengthening an ideological adversary at the American people’s expense.
  51. The president has continued to prop our foreign adversaries that rely heavily on oil revenue by intentionally hamstringing the country’s ability to fulfill its own energy needs, particularly through environmental regulations.
  52. He has reduced the full faith and credit of the United States by enacting no policies to avoid a reduction in our sovereign credit rating from AAA to AA+.
  53. He has slashed the military capability and might of the United States by reducing its troops levels and cutting funding while expanding its responsibilities.
  54. His generals’ restrictive military orders in Afghanistan and the president’s demoralizing rhetoric about not seeking “victory” have contributed to a doubling of military casualties in that country.
  55. The president has politicized the military through advancing a gay agenda that has nothing to do with military effectiveness and by introducing a dangerous and symbolic conversion to biofuels in the U.S. Navy.
  56. The president has hypocritically chided the American people for not obeying certain environmental imperatives, meanwhile violating nearly every one of such admonishments personally.
  57. The president and the first lady have harassed the American people to consume food according to “healthy” guidelines, while personally violating their own guidelines constantly.
  58. The government has been spending taxpayer money to promote the supposed benefits of its own policies.
  59. The government has been subsidizing “non-profit” organizations whose often controversial goals do not represent the American people’s interest as a whole.
  60. President Obama passed a healthcare law that is an affront to religious freedom, since it compels religious institutions to violate their members’ conscience by promoting and funding contraception and abortions.
  61. The president lied about no public funding going towards abortion in his healthcare law.
  62. He also ‘lied’ about the healthcare law not being applicable to illegal immigrants.
  63. The president’s signature healthcare law has also been exposed in the courts to be likely unconstitutional and should be struck down as such. The healthcare law is a flagrant violation of individual rights, as it demands that the citizen engage in commerce, and puts the life and health of every man, woman, and child in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.
  64. The president has imposed billions of dollars in regulatory burdens upon companies and small businesses.
  65. He has done nothing about the U.S.’ highest corporate tax rates in the world, driving overseas much-needed jobs.
  66. The president imposed a number of tax increases that impact the lower and middle class.
  67. He also deceptively raised taxes after his next election year to pay for “Obamacare.”
  68. Obamacare did not and will not lower healthcare costs in any way, shape, matter, or form, although it was touted as such.
  69. His massive program threatens to fundamentally alter the relationship of government to the citizenry; effectively transforming people into wards of the state and political subjects.
  70. The government used Americans’ money to bail out foreseeably failing  European nations without repercussion.
  71. The president’s administration has leaked intelligence secrets to the press for seemingly political reasons.
  72. One of the worst political scandals in U.S. history, a gun-running scheme that resulted in hundreds of deaths known as “Operation Fast & Furious,” which carried implications for gun law arguments, transpired on Obama’s watch without accountability for the highest officials implicated.
  73. The president has warped the economic infrastructure of the nation by directing productive activity away from consumer demand and towards fulfilling government orders and initiatives. The billions in green energy funding has resulted in little more than waste, corruption, and crowding out in the marketplace.
  74. President Obama has done nothing about the ponderous social welfare programs whose unsustainable debt financing threatens to bankrupt the nation within a generation.
  75. The president and his party have demonized any who seek to seriously and responsibly address the nation’s real problems as “terrorists,” “extremists,” “hostage takers,” and worse.
  76.  Although required by law to pass a budget each fiscal year, the president and his party have not passed a budget in over 1,000 days.
  77. Both the president and his party have subsequently blamed their opposition party as “obstructionist,” even though the Democrats control two-thirds of the branches of government.
  78. The president appointed political partisans to the Supreme Court who have Constitutionally questionable legal rationales. Justice Elena Kagan is ruling on the constitutionality of a healthcare law that she officially advocated for instead of recusing herself from hearing the case.
  79. The president not only failed to uphold the territorial integrity of the United States by forcefully opposing illegal immigration, but he has legally attacked states that have sought to do so.
  80. His Justice Department has fought states that are taking measures to prevent voter fraud in the upcoming national election, arguing speciously that checking for voter’s citizenship is “racist.”
  81. Previously, the same Justice department refused to protect the voting rights of citizens on racial grounds.
  82. The Obama campaign has contracted with Internet companies to engage in widespread data mining in order to construct political profiles of prospective voters.
  83. Candidate Obama one time boasted about wanting a “civilian national security force” just as well-funded and equipped as the United States military. Of course, such a concept is hostile to Constitutionally limited government and any domestic standing army would become a permanent threat to civil liberties if it were to be established.
  84. The Department of Homeland Security issued a report on “right-wing extremist” groups that included potential threats as Constitutional government proponents, Ron Paul supporters, and returning veterans.
  85. The  Obama campaign has consistently smeared its opponents as racists, misogynists, and other kinds of bigots, without proof. He has constantly provoked a political atmosphere of incivility.
  86. In addition, the president and his advocates constantly frame him as the victim, even though he is the most powerful man in the world.
  87. The Transportation Security Administration under Obama has humiliated and denigrated hundreds of passengers, including women and children, all in the name of “political correctness.”
  88. Terrorist actions have occurred on American soil under Obama; although his administration has changed nomenclature or simply ignored terrorist events to suggest they didn’t actually take place. The Fort Hood massacre is one such example.
  89. The president has interjected himself into local political and news matters to exploit them for partisan purposes.
  90. President Obama noticeably lacks patriotism when it comes to celebrating national holidays, showing reverence for the military, and touting American exceptionalism. He has skipped several veteran’s or patriotic events or has celebrated them in spurious, non-symbolic fashion.
  91. The president has ideologically attacked the economic and political foundations of the country, referring to them in some cases as “failed theories.” He has stated that the Constitution is “deeply flawed,” for one example.
  92. Obama does not openly and consistently endorse the Constitutional foundations of this country; namely, individual rights, liberty, and limited government. Instead, he emphasizes collectivist principles laudable in society and conflates them with the role of government.
  93. President Obama has failed to articulate a clear vision for the country. This is presumably because he has a hidden agenda and is managing things on a day-to-day basis pragmatically as he gains power.
  94. The president brazenly and intentionally confuses the accumulation of state power with “progress” in the public mind.
  95. The American public has been barraged since the inception of the Obama administration with a number of petty outrages and distractions to frustrate the coalescence of opposition to any one particular policy.
  96. He has not given the public ample time to debate or provide feedback on proposed policies.
  97. The president championed his healthcare proposal for nearly a year before the Democrat Congress forced it down an opposing public’s throats.
  98. President Obama has insulted other branches of government while carrying out official duties; such as by condemning the Supreme Court for a decision during his State of the Union address.
  99. The executive branch has centralized an unprecedented amount of power; often at the expense of the legislature and the states.
  100. The President has clearly failed to uphold his Oath of Office by knowingly and willfully refusing to steadfastly preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution of the United States.
  101. And finally… none of the previous thousand reasons to vote against Barack Obama has a single, solitary thing to do with the fact that he is black.

This is the tenth and final post in this series.


Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN. He holds an M.A. in International Studies and is an advanced PhD. student in Political Science.

1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama – Part IV

    1. In August 2009, President Obama exhorts citizens to “snitch” on one another regarding any supposed lies or disinformation regarding Obamacare. His website, “FLAG,” actually led to blog-tracking for information related to the program.
    2. In 2011, Obama relaunches similar program, and becomes Internet laughing stock, with Attack Watch.
    3. Obama has sought authority for an Internet kill switch, an agenda that has been resurrected in 2012.
    4. The president once mistakenly referred to the web as “the Internets.”
    5. President Obama gave classroom addresses, not once, but twice. Some schools made his address mandatory viewing.
    6. Along with the first address, teachers around the country were sent a compendium to evaluate their reaction to the president’s message.
    7. President Obama indeed did use a teleprompter when addressing a sixth-grade classroom.
    8. Kids love Obama: So much so that adults and teachers helped them craft videos, music, and other forms of president-worship.
    9. Without my own teleprompter, it is hard for me to say how many times Obama has used his. Countless times. So many times even Politico noticed.
    10. Obama without a teleprompter: Gets lost, calls inhalator a “breathalyzer.”
    11. The president is notorious for his ahhs and umms. One forty-one minute speech given in Amman, Jordan was nearly seven and a half minutes of ahhs and umms.
    12. James Carville once took President Obama to task for scheduling an address during a GOP debate.
    13. At candidate Obama’s DNC speech, a massive Greek amphitheater was erected in an attempt to make his ego seem more proportionate.
    14. Politico’s Roger Simon called Barack Obama the greatest orator of modern times.
    15. Former Congressman Harold Ford called him the greatest orator to ever be president.
    16. Effusive praise for Obama was published in numerous major publications around the country under the pseudonym “Ellie Light.”
    17. Near the end of Obama’s campaign season, “journalists” Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose admit they don’t know much about the man.
    18. Time magazine’s Mark Halperin slams mainstream media for its “extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage” during 2008 campaign season.
    19. One Time magazine photographer worker for the publication and the administration at the same time.
    20. An online association of “bloggers, reporters and editors” and “a number of professional political operatives, including top White House economic advisors, key Obama political appointees, and Democratic campaign veterans” called Journolist worked together to shape news coverage and get Obama elected.
    21. The president once thanked powerful Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg for his work. “If it weren’t for you, we would not be in the White House,” Obama said.
    22. Barack Obama utilized the taxpayer-funded National Endowment of the Arts to propagandize for his health care plan.
    23. A former director at disgraced, defunded, and formally disbanded ACORN will head up Obama’s “Project Vote” campaign in 2012.
    24. Candidate Obama said on the campaign trail, “Our goal is to have a country that’s not divided by race.”
    25. Countless times, Democrats and left-leaning organizations like the NAACP, have denounced Obama’s opponents as “racist.” The president has never sought to correct his party’s obvious tactic to delegitimize valid objections to his policies.
    26. Unsurprisingly, polls suggest America is more racially divided under Obama than in previous years.
    27. President Obama famously said of the Cambridge police’s arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. “the police acted stupidly.”
    28. A police tape released later shows that protocol was followed and Mr. Gates was being uncooperative.
    29. The president then tried to make it all better with a “beer summit.”
    30. The beers served at the beer summit, including Bud Light, were all brewed by foreign-owned manufacturers.
    31. Obama had earlier lost a bet on a Hockey game to the Canadian president Stephen Harper, obliging him to send a case of Molson Canadian over the border. Obama threw in a case of American-made Yuengling.
    32. The president allowed his wife Michelle to bully private company McDonald’s until it gave in and included apple slices in Happy Meals.
    33. The left-wing flipped when Obama nominated former vice president and chief lobbyist of ag company Monsanto Michael Taylor to act as his “Food Safety Czar.”
    34. At a $36,000 a plate fundraiser, Obama compares himself to Martin Luther King. (As mentioned earlier, he wrongly attributes quote to MLK.)
    35. The monument to Martin Luther King Jr. erected under Obama was slated to be corrected after the “drum major” quote was considered to be too arrogant-sounding.
    36. Barack Obama once said that the “Constitution is stained by the sin of slavery.”
    37. Here is what the “Constitutional scholar” Barack Obama (who never published a peer reviewed article on the subject) said in an interview before he became president: “The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society. And to that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, as least as it’s been interpreted, and [sic] Warren Court interpreted in the same way that, generally, the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf. ”
    38. Here is what Obama’s nominee to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Goodwin Liu wrote in a 2006 Yale Law Review article: “On my account of the Constitution’s citizenship guarantee, federal responsibility logically extends to areas beyond education. Importantly, however, the duty of government cannot be reduced to simply providing the basic necessities of life….. Beyond a minimal safety net, the legislative agenda of equal citizenship should extend to systems of support and opportunity that, like education, provide a foundation for political and economic autonomy and participation. The main pillars of the agenda would include basic employment supports such as expanded health insurance, child care, transportation subsidies, job training, and a robust earned income tax credit.” Liu was eventually voted down in the Senate, but he was later appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Supreme Court.
    39. During the State of the Union address in 2010, the President unprecedentedly condemned the Supreme Court’s decision upholding business owners’ right to free speech during political campaigns to the Justices’ faces. The president called on Congress to legislatively overturn the court decision. Justice Alito, for his part, mouthed the words “not true” during the shameless criticism.
    40. In 2009, Congressman Joe Wilson famously yelled “You lie!” to President Obama, who had just stated that criticism that the healthcare bill would fund medicine for illegal immigrants was false. It turns out that Joe Wilson was right. Medical organizations that receive funding from Obamacare will not check for immigration status.
    41. President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Justice Sonia Sotomayor was once caught on video saying the Court of Appeals is “where policy is made.”
    42. Justice Sotomayor also called herself a “wise Latina,” inspiring much spinning from Sotomayor and on the left that people didn’t understand what she meant. Here is the quote: “Justice O’Connor has often been cited as saying that a wise old man and wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases. … I am also not so sure that I agree with the statement. … I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
    43. President Obama once said that one of the key attributes he would look for in a Supreme Court justice would be “empathy.” As ranking Republican on Senate Judiciary Committee Jeff Sessions commented: “Even today, President Obama advocates a judicial philosophy that calls on judges to base their decisions on empathy and their ‘broader vision of what America should be’… he suggests that his nominee shares that view. Our legal system does not allow such an approach.”
    44. Another Supreme Court Justice nominated by Barack Obama, Elena Kagan, criticized the Constitution as “defective.”
    45. She cited Justice Thurgood Marshall and was specifically talking about the Constitution’s three-fifths electoral apportionment clause, which was born of compromise between the northern states and southern states, and eventually led to the political weakening of the southern states and the Civil War. The Civil War that rendered it “moot,” was a movement in the direction of fulfilling the Founder’s vision of equality before the law, as established in the Fourteenth Amendment, itself a law misapplied widely today.
    46. Kagan also quoted Thurgood Marshall by saying the Supreme Court’s mission was to “show a special solicitude for the despised and the disadvantaged.”
    47. Elena Kagan also supported a lawsuit against the government’s efforts to deny federal funding to law schools that banned military recruiters from their campus in protest of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays.
    48. President Obama also appointed homosexual activist Kevin Jennings as his “Safe Schools Czar.” Jennings had been caught on tape discussing lewd sexual acts, and promoting books that indisputably endorsed underage sex, homosexual experimentation, and worse. Jennings was not pushed out of office until the middle of 2011.
    49. President Obama was reluctant to come out on the record on behalf of “gay rights,” such as “gay marriage.” He laughably said that his views were “evolving.”
    50. The president eventually ended the military policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” making it okay for servicemen to be openly gay in the military.
    51. President Obama’s popularity within the military has collapsed, according to Gallup.
    52. The administration announced it would back gay rights abroad, including the possibility of using foreign aid.
    53. In 2012, President Obama signed legislation for military sexual assault law reforms. Apparently, these reforms didn’t include separating sexes in certain situations, as the left must not consider sex-starved, stressed men going without intercourse for months mixed with young women as a potential problem.
    54. Women in the military are also much more likely to be critical of war policy than their male counterparts.
    55. President Obama was once caught looking at a sixteen-year old’s backside while visiting with French President Nikolas Sarkozy.
    56. Obama once said to a female reporter for ABC’s Detroit affiliate who asked about his plan to help American autoworkers,”Hold on one second, sweetie, we’re going to do – we’ll do a press avail.”
    57. Oddly missing in Obama’s biography is the lack of any publicly known girlfriends.
    58. The mainstream media in direct and indirect ways touted Obama’s sex appeal during his campaign. This is what one prominent piece said: “He’s not just a terrific orator, he has sex appeal too. Alongside him Gordon looked like your old maths teacher, desperately hoping that a bit of the stardust might blow his way. […] Barack doesn’t just speak, he jives. Tall, relaxed, supremely self-assured, he strides to the microphone, arms held loosely, head to one side, the top act about to kick off the show.”
    59. People may recall the leftwing media going ga-ga over the president’s shirtless pics taken from Hawaii.
    60. In 2012, a shirtless Barack Obama eats sand during a football game on the Hawaiian beach.
    61. As president, Obama has made it a public point to make his NCAA “March Madness” picks. ESPN ran a special segment on it and the NY Times even called his bracket “one of the best.”
    62. Legendary Duke coach Mike Kryzyzewski had the following comment: “Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets.”
    63. Obama has played basketball while in office numerous occasions. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But he has also brought in a number of NBA stars to play with him.
    64. Donald Trump said Obama should stop playing basketball and lower gas prices. Not that the two things are mutually exclusive, but rather that the man should take the economic issues more seriously.
    65. Obama tapped Ronald Reagan to defend his support for the so-called “Buffet Rule,” so-named for Warren Buffet’s comments about rich paying a lower tax rate in some cases than those in middle class or working poor.
    66. Obama said: “Now, some Republicans in Congress, they’re already dusting off the old — their old records. ‘That’s class warfare.’ Let me tell you something, 26 years ago — some of you may have seen this on television, clips have been circulating – 26 years ago, another President said that some of these tax loopholes, and I quote, ‘made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing while a bus driver was paying 10 percent of his salary, and that’s crazy. It’s time we stopped it.’ That was 26 years ago. You know the name of that President? Ronald Reagan.’ “
    67. The AP specifically debunked this meme. Quote: “On average, the wealthiest people in America pay a lot more taxes than the middle class or the poor, according to private and government data. They pay at a higher rate, and as a group, they contribute a much larger share of the overall taxes collected by the federal government.”
    68. The United States has the highest corporate taxes in the Western world. Even Democratic Ways and Means committee Chairman Charlie Wrangel proposed cutting the tax rate from 35% to 30.5%.
    69. And Obama said at the same speech: “So was that class warfare? By the way, taxes are much lower now than they ever were when Ronald Reagan was President. I know a lot of folks have short memories, but I don’t remember Republicans accusing Ronald Reagan of being a socialist – (laughter) – or engaging in class warfare, because he thought that everybody should do their fair share.”
    70. At the same speech, Obama also said, “”Now, this notion that folks are inherently selfish, that’s just not true. But you’ve got to ask them, right? People don’t voluntarily pay taxes.” Actually, you just disproved your own meme. People don’t voluntarily pay taxes. That shows that they are fundamentally selfish.
    71. President Obama also compared himself to FDR. He said, “I would put these first four months up against any prior administration since FDR,” Obama said. “We didn’t ask for the challenges that we face, but we don’t shrink from them either.”
    72. While giving his speech that has been called a successor to Theodore Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism,” Obama invoked Teddy to call for more regulation over the economy.
    73. The president also invoked JFK as a justification to move the country in a “fundamentally different direction.” Not sure what kind of “fundamentally different direction” under JFK the president was referring to. Aggressively defending the U.S. against Soviet communism? Slashing tax rates?
    74. Of course, then Senator Obama compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, penning a piece in Time magazine called “What I see in Lincoln’s eyes.”
    75. Obama once quoted Lincoln’s “Labor is the superior of Capital” line.
    76. President Obama criticized George W. Bush because he “did not necessarily believe in government as an agent of change.”The president added, “I want to make government cool again.”
    77. Obama has constantly used class warfare. One example is his framing of “kids vs. corporate jets.” It apparently didn’t strike him that kids may grow up to fly, build, or work on corporate jets.
    78. The first time the CEOs of GM and Chrysler went to Congress looking for a bailout, they were turned away because they flew in on corporate jets.
    79. In a prime-time speech, President Obama mentioned “corporate jets” no less than five times, and denounced a tax credit for ‘accelerated depreciation’ that could include corporate jets. Even friend of the administration Warren Buffett took offense.
    80. President Obama’s Kansas speech became notorious for its over-the-top class warfare rhetoric.
    81. Obama once said about a Kansas tornado, “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died – an entire town destroyed.” The tornado killed 12 people.
    82. Obama said that the economic collapse of 2008 “combined the breathtaking greed of a few with irresponsibility all across the system. And it plunged our economy and the world into a crisis from which we’re still fighting to recover.” His solution? More government power, discretion, and action.
    83. The Obamas gave 1% to charity of $1.2 million earnings between 2000-2004, and then 5% of $2.6 million in 2005 and 2006. Mitt Romney, by comparison, gave 15% average of his multi-million dollar income in 2010 and 2011.
    84. Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn chided Obama for his class warfare rhetoric, and goaded him to abandon it before his 2012 campaign run.
    85. Obama once said, “”We’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”
    86. President Obama once fired Inspector General Walpin without notice, allegedly for looking into corrupt ties from Americorps to the Obama administration.
    87. Obama once pronounced “corps” as “corpse.” This is what he said: “One such translator was an American of Haitian descent, representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women in uniform do all around the world – Navy Corpse-Man Christian Brossard.”
    88. The one area of the economy that Obama has stimulated while in office: ammunition sales.
    89. This is what Obama said while on the campaign trail: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Hard to take that quote out of context.
    90. When giving his a speech in Germany, Obama referred to himself as a “citizen of the world.”
    91. As Obama once put it, “In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.”
    92. The president also said, “As a nuclear power – as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon – the United States has a moral responsibility to act. ” This was at Obama’s Prague speech on nuclear weapons.
    93. In 2010, the Obama administration announced its support for a small arms treaty.
    94. It was the same small arms treaty Hillary Clinton had supported in Mexico, just before a then little-known program called Project Gunrunner was announced by Janet Napolitano and members of the State Department and the Justice Department. Project Gunrunner was the parent program of Operation Fast and Furious. The operation infamously allowed straw purchasers to attain guns at gun shows without proper documentation and allowed them to “walk” back to Mexico.
    95. Nearly 60% of the guns were “lost.” Dozens turned up in crime scenes in Mexico and some even in the United States. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was infamously killed by a gun that was a part of Operation Fast and Furious.
    96. Attorney General Eric Holder was subpoenaed by Darrell Issa to testify about his knowledge of the program. Whether Holder is incompetent or a liar, President Obama has refused to hold Holder accountable.
    97. Earlier in Obama’s administration, the attorney general refused to prosecute two members of the Black Panther party for an obvious case of voter intimidation. One of them was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The case was widely considered to be a “slam dunk.”
    98. Eric Holder has been waging an aggressive campaign against state Voter ID laws, labeling their enforcement as tantamount to racism.
    99. As investigative guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe illustrated, many states’ lax voter ID laws allow even corpses to vote.
    100. President Obama’s second Chief of Staff William Daley, brother to Chicago mayor Richard Daley, resigned after just a year. Daley had described the first three years of Obama’s presidency as “brutal” and “ungodly.”

This is the fourth in a ten part series. Continued here


Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN.

A Lesson For Liberals To Learn

By now, you may have heard about the Left’s latest attack on women.  The short story is that a Democrat strategist said Ann Romney has “never worked a day in her life”, despite the fact that she beat cancer and raised 5 children.  It’s gotten so bad that even David Axelrod has distanced himself from what she said.

The strategist in question is Hilary Rosen, and she wasted little time in backtracking her statement.  Here it is from CNN.com.  One thing she said that stuck out to me was this:

Spare me the faux anger from the right who view the issue of women’s rights and advancement as a way to score political points. When it comes to supporting policies that would actually help women, their silence has been deafening. I don’t need lectures from the RNC on supporting women and fighting to increase opportunities for women; I’ve been doing it my whole career.

Here’s what I think Hilary doesn’t realize:  The anger she faced on Twitter and in email last night was not from the “RNC”.  It was from normal, hard working Americans who, themselves, don’t have much good to say about the RNC.  Liberals don’t seem to realize that just because people vote against progressive policies, it doesn’t mean that they’re in agreement with the Republican Elites.  (or whatever you’d like to call the RNC)

I think Liberals (and even Republicans) would do well to realize that the political landscape is changing, and what she was dealing with last night was Americans, not just some arm of a political party.

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and various other tools on the Internet, you have people participating in political discussions who used to be part of the “silent majority”.  Hilary Rosen is fooling herself, if she thinks that she only risks the ire of the Republican National Committee.

Why Rick Santorum Mattered

This afternoon, when Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race, my heart broke. As a young conservative, for as long as I can remember, the political landscape has been dominated by corrupt career politicians who ignore the voice of their constituents and vote as they please to gain power and riches. It seemed political efficacy was dead. The only people whose voice mattered were the rich and powerful who had the connections to run for office and buy votes. I’d given up hope for the 2012 election. And then, along came Rick Santorum and his incredible underdog campaign.

Why did Rick Santorum matter so much to me?

He went from being the longest of long shots, garnering one or two percent in presidential polls, to winning Iowa. In every state, he was outspent two or three times by the most prominent candidates. They ran attack ads that Santorum could not afford to respond to, yet people still voted for Santorum.

Time and again, GOP leaders endorsed Mitt Romney. Even conservative and Tea Party leaders, whose views Rick Santorum embodied, gave their endorsement to Mitt Romney. And still, Rick Santorum pulled off seemingly miraculous primary wins.

Rick Santorum had little money. The majority of his campaign finances came from small donations from private citizens, not rich businessmen or corporations. What he lacked in money, he made up in personal campaign stops to spread his message, perhaps most famously by visiting every county in Iowa.

Time and again, his words were twisted by the media-he was a crazy right wing extremist who wanted to ban birth control and drag women back to the dark ages.

Yet, despite the media spin, despite attack ads and trailing in campaign donations, despite virtually no exposure in early debates and despite the media dismissing him at every turn, Rick Santorum drew votes from the people. Something about his message made sense to voters. And his success in the poll was a result of his message, not support from party politicians, not a result of money spent on ads selling him or attacking his opponents.

And that’s why Rick Santorum mattered- he reminded us that a private citizen, with little political party backing, little money and little organization, could get out on the public stage, speak passionately about the principles that moved and motivated him, and inspire people to vote for him.

And that’s why today, I’m deeply saddened by Rick Santorum’s decision to drop out of the race. In my short life, I’ve become frustrated with an America whose political system is dominated by career politicians who sell their votes for personal gain and don’t care about their constituents. Rick Santorum restored my faith that there are still people of character who care about individual freedom and the rights of man. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank him for that.


Rubio at CPAC: Obama’s Contraception Policy is a Constitutional Issue

The 39th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) conference kicked off today with a prayer long enough to be listed on the program. Which is an important consideration in a conference this large. Some 6,000 conservative activists are gathered today, Friday and Saturday in Washington, DC to hear conservative speakers and attend workshops designed to prepare them for the coming election.

The agenda is so packed one must ruthlessly prune the less interesting sessions to concentrate on the more valuable, since every session has competition from other speakers and trainers.

Do I listen to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–OH) bring the house down with a barn–burner of a speech? Or do I suffer crippling depression during a session about the massive debt that is the current and future legacy of the Obama administration?

Decisions, decisions.

Today’s speakers include Boehner, Sen. Jim DeMint (R–SC), Sen. Marco Rubio (R–FL), Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–KY) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R–MN).

DeMint began with a spirited defense of playing to win. Compromise, according to the senator, is fine when both parties have shared goals; as in a marriage. But compromise does not work when the two parties have opposing goals.

Democrats want to spend regardless of how much it adds to the debt. Conservatives want to cut spending. Any compromise you make with spenders always involves more spending. It’s like an alcoholic compromising with his wife by agreeing to drink Ancient Age instead of Maker’s Mark. He’s still passed out on the sofa at the end of the evening.

DeMint contends that with the current makeup of Congress, Republican conservatives have no shared goals with Democrats.
His solution is more conservatives in Congress, but particularly in the Senate, which is currently a mortuary for conservative legislation.

So far no sighting of the herd of Occupy parasites that boasted about occupying CPAC, just a number of DC police cars. But the day is young. Next up is Sen. Rubio, candidate of the future.


Sen. Marco Rubio was introduced as a future resident at 1600 Pennsylvania and they may have a point. He gave a good speech that was summed up in his statement, “The greatest thing we can do for the world is be America.”

Evidently, Rubio wants to start this by producing a conservative government where people are comfortable cleaning out their garages and making enough room to start a new business, rather than using it to store a stockpile of bottled water and freeze–dried food for the apocalypse.

Rubio’s conservatism includes tax reform, sensible regulations and an emphasis on the Constitution of the US rather than that of South Africa. He stressed that the current controversy over Obama’s unprecedented order that forces Catholic institutions to provide birth control and abortions is not a social issue.

And I agree. Making it a social issue makes it “divisive” and part of the “abortion controversy,” that makes it intractable and beyond solving. Rubio points out the obvious and demonstrates the unprecedented order is a Constitutional issue and imminently solvable, if you follow the plain language of the Constitution.

Rubio also pointed out that any candidate who is in favor of leaving Medicare alone, is a candidate who is in favor of bankrupting Medicare.

Rubio’s introduction stressed his personal life and how he lives family values, so it is probably for the best that Newt Gingrich speaks on Friday.


Gov. Rick Perry (R–TX) was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but I was planning to miss his speech. What could he possibly say that was relevant?

I made a mistake with the Gingrich endorsement. I knew he had two wives but couldn’t remember the third? Oops.
But when I wandered into the media center there had been a schedule change and Perry was onstage. In retrospect it was instructive.

Rick Perry is actually a more dynamic speaker than Marco Rubio. He seems bigger on stage when he’s by himself and not surrounded by the competition. Instead of looking like the guest of honor for a firing squad, Perry is obviously large and in charge.

In a set–piece speech he is very good. The governor is relaxed, connects with his audience and doesn’t step on his applause lines. His speech was also more Evangelical than Rubio’s.

I don’t recall Perry setting any records for intentional humor on the campaign trail — although his accidental humor will live forever on YouTube —here Perry was funny.

One of his best referred to the Clint Eastwood “halftime in America” commercial. Perry felt that if it’s half time in America, he’s afraid of what’s going to happen if we don’t change coaches.

Too bad the sound track was the whistle of his Presidential train leaving the station….

McConnell on debt: America looks like 'a third world country'

Senator Mitch McConnell addressed the CPAC 2012 audience just before noon, to a slightly better than lukewarm ovation.  The focus of the speech was, as expected, a vault against President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

He opened talking about the gains made by Republicans in Congress, and the needs that still exist.  This transitioned into a verbal lambasting of the President and the failures of policy that have come from the White House.

The Kentucky Senator railed about spending, debt, and other pressing issues.  When talking about the national debt, McConnell said that we look like a “third-world country rather than the last best hope”.

After the policy portion of the speech, the Senate Minority Leader looked towards the November elections, saying “When November rolls around… they [the American people] will know his [Obama] record”

McConnell, who is not necessarily known for his oratory abilties, put together a superb policy and campaign-year speech, which earned multiple applause breaks and moments of laughter.

McConnell is much more engaging in person than he is on television.  The packed house in the Marriott Ballroom was shouting affirmations, validating the points Senator McConnell raised about Obama failures, Congressional misdeeds, and the government’s lack of faith in the American people.

He concluded the speech with talk of campaign finance reform, and telling the crowd to “keep up the good fight”, and thanking the room for their determination in fighting for the Constitution.

Three-Dollar-Bill Obama

Way back in the early days of America, there were a wide assortment of traveling salesmen roaming from town to town selling everything from pots and pans to “magic elixir” guaranteed to cure everything from warts to polio. These unscrupulous traveling elixir peddlers became known by several terms, the most popular of which referred to them as “snake oil salesman.”    Another way of referring to them was expressed in the phrase, “He is as phony as a three-dollar bill,” simply due to the fact that there is no such thing as an American three-dollar-bill. As the 2012 Presidential elections draw nearer, it is becoming more evident by the minute that we currently have a President that is indeed, as phony as a three-dollar-bill. Thus the phrase Three-Dollar-Bill Obama

While on the current taxpayer-funded campaign trail, President Obama constantly states that the national debt and trillion-dollar-plus yearly deficits are a serious threat to our national security, which is 100% correct. The problem there is that his statements are intended to paint himself as some kind of  small government champion while the facts about federal spending show him to be as phony as a three-dollar-bill. See the following chart for the truth. While the chart show the yearly deficits from 2002-2010, covering the G.W. Bush years and Obama’s first two years in office, keep in mind that in the year 2011, Three-Dollar-Bill Obama rang up another whopping $1.3 trillion-dollar deficit!

Next up high on the list of Obama fallacies is the infamous statement that Obama-care will reduce the cost of health-care in America while increasing the quality of care. ( And giving everyone “free” health insurance.) This phony-as-a-three-dollar-bill statement is debunked in a very easy-to-read style here.

Finally, Three-Dollar-Bill Obama is claiming that the do-nothing Congress hasn’t made any attempt to reduce the federal debt and deficits while refusing to acknowledge the fact that the House of Representatives has passed numerous bills to reduce big government spending and move our economy forward, which Liberal Democrat and chief obstructionist, Senate leader, Harry Reid has refused to allow to come up for a vote. This is proven here,   here and once again, here. 

Do we really want to allow Three-Dollar-Bill Obama four more years of saying one thing while doing just the opposite?  As President Obama continues his taxpayer-funded reelection campaign this year while refusing to actually work with Congress to solve America’s problems, expect more three-dollar-bill Obama statements to be debunked on a regular basis here at CDN. ( If any readers have other false Three-Dollar-Bill Obama statements that need to be published here at CDN, drop them in the comment section please.)

New Episode of Married To The Game: Be Nice To Each Other, And Make Mitt Romney Work For The Conservative Vote

Tonight, on Married to the Game, we’ll be talking about, you guessed it…. The 2012 Republican Primary.  More importantly, we’ll also be discussing how we, as voters, have been treating each other.  Spoiler alert:  These politicians WORK FOR US.  We are friends and family, and they are our employees.  There is no reason we should tear each other down to build one of these politicians up.

Show starts at 10pm East / 7pm West.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
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