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Voter panels at MSNBC and Fox News both sway to Romney from debate

After Tuesday night’s debate, MSNBC gathered some undecided voters and Fox News’ Frank Luntz gathered former Obama voters to discuss their feelings on the candidate’s performance during the debate.

While I felt the debate went slightly to Obama because he made no mistakes and Romney missed a few opportunities, neither performance resonated as a stand out and is unlikely to slow Romney’s current momentum. In the minds of the two panels, Obama lost.

In the Fox News/Luntz panel, the former Obama voters overwhelmingly picked Romney as they found Obama failed to tell them what his plan for the next four years would be:

More surprising was the outcome of the MSNBC group of undecided voters who also felt the debate win should be given to Romney:

CNN also did a registered voter poll with some results that may help us understand why the undecideds leaned the way they did. Obama might have been stronger, but Romney had a better story on taxes and the economy – things undecideds actually care about.

Overall the poll gave the win to Obama 46-39 percent – a 7% margin, but on the issues that undecided voters pay attention to, Romney is way out front:

*On who would better handle the economy: 58 percent Romney; 40 percent Obama.
*On who would better handle health care: 49 percent Romney; 46 percent Obama
*On taxes: 51 percent Romney; 44 percent Obama

On issues that are less-likely to influence voters Obama took the lead:

*On who is a stronger leader: 49 percent Romney; 46 percent Obama
*On who is more likeable: 47 percent Obama: 41 percent Romney

Obama takes debate overall, Romney strong on economy

In the second 2012 Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Romney came away only slightly worse than President Obama, although distinctions between the two were not well made.

There were no huge gaffe’s by either of the candidates, that was reserved for the moderator – CNN’s Candy Crowley who roused the crowd to cheers when she backed the President’s claim that he immediately called the Benghazi attack an act of terror. Directly after the debate, Crowley admitted that Romney had been correct and Obama had been incorrect. Romney missed the chance to bring up U.N. Ambassador Rice’s Sunday show comments about the video and protests which left the President to claim a false victory on Benghazi.

Throughout the debate the two candidates spent their time trying to one-up each other instead of distinguishing themselves.

Romney said that he felt that government subsidization of education was the cure for high tuition and Obama doubled-down saying how he had increased Pell grants. Unfortunately,  it is precisely these programs that gives post-secondary education no reason to find ways to deliver quality education at affordable prices. As long as the government pumps money into Colleges, tuition inflation will continue.

When asked about gas prices, both candidates explained that they had “all of the above” plans that included oil, gas and renewables. It was impossible to tell the two apart.

On the issue of equal pay for women in the workplace, Obama talked about giving a suit to a woman interviewing for a job saying that programs like that were how we equalize pay. Romney created a new twitter tag with his “binder full of women.” In reality, Obama has a poor record on equal pay when considering the area over which he has the most control – White House staff. His administration pays its women staffers much less than men doing similar jobs. Maybe he should have bought them suits too.

The only topic on which the candidates were obviously different was the economy. Obama expressed his view that companies had to be punished into staying here while Romney stated that we had to create a more “attractive” business climate in the U.S. so that it would make financial sense for companies to grow in America. Obama made a small mis-step when he stated his view on job creation which Romney was quick to pounce on saying “the government does not create jobs.”

The President was given almost four minutes longer than Romney to speak during the debate. Probably because of his constant background whining “but Candy, Candy.. now Candy” several times during the debate when Romney was speaking. At one point, the President was even able to get Candy Crowley to switch topics at his request.

Obama was much stronger in this debate than he was in the last and it helped him take a slight overall win. Unfortunately, on the topic that most undecided voters will likely make their decision upon, the economy, he floundered badly. A CNN poll of registered voters gave a slight edge to Obama, but on the subject of the economy Romney beat the President by almost 20 points.

Last minute Change to tonight’s debate rules after Crowley controversy

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced a last minute change to the rules for tonight’s debate, presumably due to the controversy started by moderator Candy Crowley’s remarks that she intended to play  a more central role than the rules allowed.

A follow-up discussion will now be added that will be directed by the moderator. This gives Crowley the latitude she felt she should have in the debate.

The change came after both campaigns sent letters of complaint to the commission after Crowley announced her intention to be more important than the rules allowed.

While the change is unlikely to drastically affect the debate outcome, it is something neither of the candidates could have prepared for with such short notice.

With these recent changes, the moderator is likely to become a much bigger part of the debate story than the town hall format intended.

Second Presidential Debate October 16th, 2012 [Live Stream and Poll]

Tonight, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney will participate in a town hall style debate where selected audience members will get to ask them questions.

also: check out our interactive poll and social trackers at the bottom of the article

The format is supposed to be entirely based on audience questions, but tonight’s moderator Candy Crowley has already stated that she intends to interject when she feels necessary – directly against the terms agreed to by the campaigns and Commission on Presidential Debates.

The Obama campaign has been saying that The President will come out much more aggressively in this debate and focus on Romney’s Bain Capital days. As the audience is leading the questioning and Bain Capital is far from their #1 concern, it is a questionable strategy. How will the audience react to a more aggressive President? Do they care about Bain Capital in today’s economy?

Obama is a naturally-engaging figure that has done well in the Town Hall format. Able to adjust his speech patterns and use colloquialisms when necessary, the political chameleon will likely adapt to the crowd as necessary and should do well on style – substance, he is not.

Romney has the opposite challenge to overcome. The campaign has said that they intend to “come out swinging” on debt and deficit. The former Governor has also been called robotic and unable to relate to real people. Romney will be in a forum where he cannot simply debate Obama, but has to relate to the audience members while doing it. Will Romney be able to help the audience become more comfortable with him as the Chief Executive of the United States? Will the audience respond well to attacks on the debt and deficit?

The audience tends to ask questions on much more personal issues than journalistic moderators. It is hard to know if anyone will ask about Hillary throwing herself under the bus on the Benghazi tragedy, Holder’s constitutional challenge to Congress on the Fast and Furious debacle or Iran’s nuclear ambitions. More-than-likely, the questions will focus on gas prices, jobs, the economy, America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace and Afghanistan.

CNN’S Candy Crowley is the other randomizer. While the crowd may be more focused on issues central to them, the journalist will likely take some license and push the questions that politicos are more interested in.

Ultimately, he who stays cool, stands confident and has the answers will hold the night. After his last appearance, Obama has to come out confident and knowledgeable or risk the continued loss of support his campaign has seen in the last two weeks.

Live Stream of 2nd Presidential Debate Between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

CDN will have the live stream available at 9pm Eastern

 Social Trends During the Debate (refresh page to see updates)


Thought the VP debate moderator was bad? Crowley intends to go farther

CNN’s Candy Crowley

The two campaigns have been far apart on just about every issue, until this week’s moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, decided to ignore the terms agreed to by the candidates campaigns and announce she would take a more central role in the town hall-style debate.

Town hall debates are supposed to be led by audience members, but Ms. Crowley has announced that she will be pushing the candidates as she sees fit. In a series of interviews on CNN, Crowley has stated that after the basis of the question has been set, she intends to say things like, “Hey, wait a second, what about x,y,z?”

The candidates organizations agreed to the terms set in a memorandum of understanding between themselves and the Commission on Presidential Debates. That memorandum states that the moderator would play a limited roll. Unfortunately, the memorandum was never agreed to by Crowley.

The audience members are picked by Gallup from a field of likely voters. The intent is to give ordinary voting Americans the chance to ask questions that they feel are important. Having a moderator change the tone or direction of the questions minimizes the importance of the voter and raises the influence of the moderator.

According to the terms of the agreement, the moderator is not to “rephrase the question or open a new topic.” In even more explicit terms, the agreement firmly limits the moderator’s role to traffic cop:

The moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates during the debate or otherwise intervene in the debate except to acknowledge the questioners from the audience or enforce the time limits, and invite candidate comments during the 2 minute response period.

Crowley’s interview statements show that she intends to change the debate into something she would prefer – ignoring the agreement between the campaigns and the commission.

Both campaigns have now sent letters to the commission complaining about Crowley’s intentions to change the terms of the debate.

First 2012 Presidential Debate October 3rd – Details and Live Stream

Tonight, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will face off in the first of three Presidential debates.

Tonight’s debate will be moderated by PBS’s Jim Lehrer and will focus on domestic issues. Lehrer will be providing the candidates with questions in six 15 minute segments.

Barack Obama is largely expected to outshine Romney in the debates. He has nearly four years of experience with the issues and duties of the Presidency. Despite playing down his debating skills, Obama dealt heavy blows to McCain in the 2008 debates and is expected to maneuver around Romney in similar fashion.

The debate will be live on every major network and cable news station as well as live streamed on Youtube.com’s political page

Follow  @CDNNow for live tweets from the debate.

Until then, here’s a brief history of Presidential debates:

Youtube to live stream presidential and Veep debates

For the first time ever, YouTube.com will be hosting a live stream of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates on the YouTube.com political page. CDN will embed these streams in the posts on each debate.

Tonight: VP debate, polls and live stream: http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/10/vp-debate-tonight-9pm-et-cdn-has-live-coverage-from-kentucky/

Univision, the New York Times, Wall Street JournalAl Jazeera and other Youtube election coverage partners will be translating and commenting on the coverage.

The first 2012 Presidential debate will be held this Wednesday at 9:00pm eastern and last 90 minutes. The debate will be broadcast live on ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

The event will be hosted at the University of Denver in Colorado. PBS’s Jim Lehrer will be the moderator as the candidates focus on domestic issues.

Also: The full 2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

Moderators Announced for 2012 Presidential Debate Series

On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer and Martha Raddatz have been selected as debate moderators for the series of 2012 Presidential debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and for the Vice Presidential Debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.

Jim Lehrer hails from PBS, which receives government subsidies to fund part of its broadcasting budget. It’s left-leaning content and tone are a testament to the network’s understanding of where its bread is buttered. Mr. Lehrer will be moderating the first debate on October 3rd despite having previously stated that he would not be moderating any more debates. Reportedly, the PBS host changed his mind once learning of the debate format. Lehere said that he shares “the Commission on Debates’ belief that the format has the possibility to open up the debates for a more spontaneous and deeper exchange of positions and ideas.”

CNN’s Candy Crowley, who recently said that the Romney-Ryan ticket “looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish”, will be moderating the second Presidential Debate on October 16th. Crowley is the first woman in 20 years to moderate a Presidential debate.

Rounding out the Presidential Debate moderators is CBS’s Bob Schieffer who just completed a Sunday night interview of Romney and Ryan. Schieffer will host the last Presidential debate on October 22nd.

ABC’s Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Martha Raddatz, will handle the Vice Presidential Debate on October 11th.

Format and Schedule of 2012 Presidential Debates

After the grueling GOP nominee debates last year, political junkies are just dying for another round of “this or that”, “tweet your question”, “raise your hand if you agree” and other network gimmickry intended to entertain everyone involved. Not this time.

Wednesday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the number, dates, and format of the debates to be held between Mitt Romney and President Obama as well as a single event between Joe Biden and a VP candidate to be named later.

All of the debates will be broadcast live on ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Youtube.com will be hosting a live stream of the event on it’s political page.

There will be three 90-minutes debates between the Presidential candidates with a similar session for the veeps.

Presidential Debate Schedule:

  • October 3rd, 2012 at the University of Denver 9pm Eastern
    • Subject: Domestic policy
    • Length: 90 minutes
    • Format: Candidates standing at pulpits/lecterns. Topics divided into into six, 15-minute segments. Moderator will question the candidates.
  • October 16th, 2012 – Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. Town Hall format
  • October 22nd, 2012 – Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. Subject: Foreign policy
    • Subject: Foreign policy
    • Length: 90 minutes
    • Format: Candidates sitting at table. Topics divided into into six, 15-minute segments. Moderator will question the candidates.

Vice Presidential Debate

  • October 11th, 2012 at Centre College in Danville, KY
    • Length: unknown
    • Format: unknown

Doctor Jekyll and Speaker Gingrich: The Dual Personalities of Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich should be careful- it seems he has a nefarious alter ego roaming the election circuit, saying and acting in a completely contrary way to the former Speaker, or, and perhaps more likely, Speaker Gingrich is one of the country’s most prominent hypocrites.

Maybe it was a dream, but didn’t Newt stand up on stage during one of the earliest Republican presidential debates and say that no matter what happened during the course of the election, the candidates would stand together and not resort to nasty, back stabbing attacks when it came to interacting with each other?

Apparently, the anti-Gingrich didn’t hear that statement, because he has been making some decidedly unsupportive statements about fellow nominee Mitt Romney. In the days before the Iowa caucus, Gingrich got fairly nasty, affirming that Romney would buy the election if he could, and calling the former Massachusetts governor an out and out liar. So much for solidarity between the candidates.

But this isn’t the only area where Gingrich has contradicted something he has previously stated. Somehow, Gingrich has been able to rationalize being both a ‘Real Politik Wilsonian’ and a true Reagan and Constitution loving conservative. He has also claimed that Theodore Roosevelt, the founder of the Progressive party, which is the political antithesis of conservatism, is his political idol. And as if that wasn’t enough, Gingrich has also named the greatest president of the last century as FDR, the president most conservatives would name as responsible for expanding the federal government. And again, a broad overreaching federal government is the antithesis of what Reagan and his followers hold dear.

Also, in one of the last debates before the Iowa caucus, Gingrich talked about making Supreme Court Justices directly accountable to the American citizens. While this might seem like a good idea to some, the Founders intentionally did not make Justices subject to the rancor of public emotion- this inserts politics and public opinion into a place where it is not meant to be. The Supreme Court is meant solely to interpret the Constitutionality of law and its enforcement. Making Justices’ appointments subject to the will of the people lets Justices be subject to the whims of political motivations and punishment, which detracts from the Constitutional goals of the Supreme Court. Besides, since all Justices are approved to the bench by members of the Senate, who are now elected by the people to work for their benefit, the approval of the people is really already engrained in the process. Clearly, altering this process alters the basic machinations of the Constitution, and is not something that a person with true admiration and understanding for the Constitution would wish to do.

In both political stance and interaction with others, it becomes clear that Speaker Gingrich has a problem- he has not maintained a consistent stance. Perhaps the Speaker needs to look no further than this split personality to understand his falling support amongst prospective voters. If Newt is unable to get this flip flopping under control, perhaps a more appropriate name for him would be Gecko, since he apparently changes his political appearance to make the best of his situation and protect himself from attack.

The Question That Will NOT Get Asked in Tonight's Fox GOP Debate

Fox News will be holding another 2012 GOP Presidential debate tonight, in which the public has been asked to submit the questions they would like to see the candidates answer in many forums and websites across the nation.  CDN has posted their question here. With our country rapidly approaching $15 trillion dollars of children-enslaving debt today, questions about how to stop this insanity should be asked in several different forms, to sort out who would be the most effective Republican President in 2013 to lead us out of this mess.  To be perfectly honest here, as far as the 2012 Presidential elections go, I would vote for former registered Democratic voter Mickey Mouse, if he could tell me how he would stop our runaway big government spending and over-regulation. That would lead to job creation and prosperity for all, and the rest of the topics of discussion in these debates are just political rhetoric that do not address our main problem. Simply put, we will lose our Republic and the American way of life if we do not put the brakes on the big government debt-spending machine of the last 20 years. Repealing Obama-care is an important part of addressing our big government spending and expansion problem, and we get it that all candidates will work to repeal it. That has been said a zillion times by all of the candidates. and I,d like to see us move forward in these debates and separate the rhetoric from the reality in the questions being asked. I personally would also like to see the candidates cut off quicker when they are proven to be avoiding the question and getting off track with non-relevant rhetoric. This will give the people more time for real questions and valid answers.

Dear Fox, Tea Party, and grassroots political activists across this great nation: The following is what I feel to be the most important question facing Americans today, along with a few variations:

The MAIN QUESTION to ASK in tonight’s Fox GOP debate – The size and scope of our government has grown exponentially since the 2006 elections, when Democrats took over BOTH Houses of Congress. The hidden agenda of empowering our government to the point of taxation without representation can not be denied by the fact that this country is running without a firm budget for the third straight year. Without a budget in place it is impossible to get debt-spending under control, which seems to have been done to avoid Congress from being held accountable for their continuing irresponsibility. Exactly how would you stop this madness and force our Congress to pass firm yearly budgets so the people can actually see some hope for a balanced budget in the near future ?

Variations of the above question addressing our dangerous debt-spending by irresponsible partisanship and the blatant avoidance of responsibility in Congress.

Lay out the first three steps you would take as our President to force Congress to pass a yearly budget by the date it is required by, in The Congressional Budget Act of 1974 ?

What actions would you propose to be taken against irresponsible members of Congress for ignoring the law when failing to pass a firm yearly budget, considering the fact that they are breaking the very oath of office they took when becoming members of Congress ?

Would you be willing to promise the people of America that from day one you will veto every single spending bill that adds to our irresponsible national debt?

We desperately need true leadership for America in the office of the President in 2013. We need a true leader that will demand we limit our government to only spending what it takes in,  every single year, as in passing a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While the difficulty of actually passing a balanced amendment to our constitution must not be understated, a balanced budget amendment would get our current deficit spending under control. This unconscionable debt-spending will eventually end American freedoms, liberty, and any chance for individual prosperity . When looking for our next common-sense conservative President, We The People must demand answers and solutions to our extremely dangerous debt-spending levels. How about it Fox News, Tea Party groups and grassroots Americans? Let’s put aside the cheap rhetoric and actually ask our Presidential hopefuls for some real solutions to our main problem of debt-spending tonight. The rest of the questions simply will not mean much to an insolvent nation enslaved to big government tyrants.

When thinking about all the current GOP candidates during  the past 2012 debates, and asking myself who has defined their own specific solutions for stopping our  dangerous debt-spending  and actually saving our Republic,  I simply cannot remember one candidate with a concrete solution. Isn’t that what these GOP Presidential debates should be  attempting to inform the people about?