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Campaign Ad: Act of Terror

Obama - act of terror

American Crossroads today released a new web video, “Act of Terror,” exposing how President Barack Obama misled the American people in Tuesday night’s debate over whether the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi were terrorism

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Voter panels at MSNBC and Fox News both sway to Romney from debate

MSNBC group leans to Romney

After Tuesday night’s debate, MSNBC gathered some undecided voters and Fox News’ Frank Luntz gathered former Obama voters to discuss their feelings on the candidate’s performance during the debate. While I felt the debate went slightly to Obama because he made no mistakes and Romney missed a few opportunities, neither performance resonated as a stand out and is unlikely to ...

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Obama takes debate overall, Romney strong on economy

Romney andObama

In the second 2012 Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Romney came away only slightly worse than President Obama, although distinctions between the two were not well made. There were no huge gaffe’s by either of the candidates, that was reserved for the moderator – CNN’s Candy Crowley who roused the crowd to cheers when she backed the President’s claim that he ...

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Last minute Change to tonight’s debate rules after Crowley controversy

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced a last minute change to the rules for tonight’s debate, presumably due to the controversy started by moderator Candy Crowley’s remarks that she intended to play  a more central role than the rules allowed. A follow-up discussion will now be added that will be directed by the moderator. This gives Crowley the latitude she felt ...

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Second Presidential Debate October 16th, 2012 [Live Stream and Poll]

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Tonight, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney will participate in a town hall style debate where selected audience members will get to ask them questions. also: check out our interactive poll and social trackers at the bottom of the article The format is supposed to be entirely based on audience questions, but tonight’s moderator Candy Crowley has already ...

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Thought the VP debate moderator was bad? Crowley intends to go farther

CNN's Candy Crowley

The two campaigns have been far apart on just about every issue, until this week’s moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, decided to ignore the terms agreed to by the candidates campaigns and announce she would take a more central role in the town hall-style debate. Town hall debates are supposed to be led by audience members, but Ms. Crowley has announced ...

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First 2012 Presidential Debate October 3rd – Details and Live Stream

Presidential debate

Tonight, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will face off in the first of three Presidential debates. Tonight’s debate will be moderated by PBS’s Jim Lehrer and will focus on domestic issues. Lehrer will be providing the candidates with questions in six 15 minute segments. Barack Obama is largely expected to outshine Romney in the debates. He has nearly four years ...

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Youtube to live stream presidential and Veep debates

For the first time ever, YouTube.com will be hosting a live stream of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates on the YouTube.com political page. CDN will embed these streams in the posts on each debate. Tonight: VP debate, polls and live stream: http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/10/vp-debate-tonight-9pm-et-cdn-has-live-coverage-from-kentucky/ Univision, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera and other Youtube election coverage partners will be translating and ...

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Moderators Announced for 2012 Presidential Debate Series

On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer and Martha Raddatz have been selected as debate moderators for the series of 2012 Presidential debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and for the Vice Presidential Debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. Jim Lehrer hails from PBS, which receives government subsidies to fund ...

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Format and Schedule of 2012 Presidential Debates

After the grueling GOP nominee debates last year, political junkies are just dying for another round of “this or that”, “tweet your question”, “raise your hand if you agree” and other network gimmickry intended to entertain everyone involved. Not this time. Wednesday, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the number, dates, and format of the debates to be held between ...

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Doctor Jekyll and Speaker Gingrich: The Dual Personalities of Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich should be careful- it seems he has a nefarious alter ego roaming the election circuit, saying and acting in a completely contrary way to the former Speaker, or, and perhaps more likely, Speaker Gingrich is one of the country’s most prominent hypocrites. Maybe it was a dream, but didn’t Newt stand up on stage during one of the ...

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The Question That Will NOT Get Asked in Tonight's Fox GOP Debate

Fox News will be holding another 2012 GOP Presidential debate tonight, in which the public has been asked to submit the questions they would like to see the candidates answer in many forums and websites across the nation.  CDN has posted their question here. With our country rapidly approaching $15 trillion dollars of children-enslaving debt today, questions about how to ...

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