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The result of the South Carolina Debate

William Way, Jr.

It is seriously time for the “Right” to move back to the right candidate.

That candidate is Michele Bachmann.

Last night, 11/12/11, Perry continued to stutter, but fortunately didn’t loose his place in his sentence. But he did overplay his debacle from Wednesday night. He can’t let it go and move on. Most people on Thursday said “That was rough…but, he had already lost my vote. Poor shlub.”

Finally, Ron Paul demonstrated, unquestionably, that he couldn’t follow a train of thought if he were riding in the caboose.

Jon Boy has spent too much time in the sun with his eyes open. All he can do now is stare straight ahead hoping to see some light at the end of a tunnel. Sadly for him he is in a cave with no backdoor.

I love Ricky Santorum, always have. Yet, even I have grown weary of his whining “Come on everybody. Don’t you see that the only good view of the sunset is from up here on MY perch.”

I have wondered for several months why my Mormon buddy Mitt never gets fazed by people poking him with a sharp stick. I figured it out. For a sharp stick to hurt, you got to have substance, some degree of firmness. He is rather flexible on both point and principle.

Really, that leaves us with only the professor and the mother of umpteen portable people she has raised. Either of which (if I had my drothers it would be both of them) would be an excellent replacement for for the current “occupier” of the White House.

Here is why. Professor Newt Gingrich has the intellect and skill to school the boy from Hawaii (maybe Indonesia). Mother Michele (the smiley one, not the sneery one) could give that boy the discipline he was sorely lacking as a lad.

Vote for Bachmann/Gingrich. Vote early and often…remember Obama is from Chicago, where you get to cast your ballot for five years after you’re dead.

Bachmann Campaign Releases CBS Email Indicating Bias at Debate

An email was inadvertently sent to the communications director of Michele Bachman’s campaign from CBS news that indicates that Bachmann was going to be officially minimized in the debate.

The email is actually a discussion of Rep. Bachmann’s possible appearance on a web show with John Dickerson and crew. John’s response demonstrates what all debate watchers have known – if you aren’t in the top 3 or 4 candidates, you aren’t going to get many questions. (click on email for larger version)

It isn’t news that the debate moderators ignore candidates that are faltering in the polls – but it is news when they decide to email the struggling candidate and tell them about it.

Oh, and Caroline, if you need a job, I am looking for someone to book guests. It wasn’t your fault John Dickerson failed to actually READ the part where you told him that you had cc’d Alice Stewart from Bachmann’s campaign.

John.. don’t bother.

Hilarious Moment At CBS Debate: Rick Perry References His "Oops" Moment

I tell you what, the “relaxed” Perry isn’t all that bad.  Here he is at Saturday’s CBS debate referencing his “oops” moment from earlier in the week (at the CNBC debate)

The difference between “stiff” Perry and “relaxed” Perry is night and day.  I’m not saying that this funnier side makes him qualified to be commander in chief, but you’ve got to admit, if he’d been this affable the whole time, then maybe his numbers wouldn’t have sunk so low.

What do you guys think?  Has he recovered from his “oops” moment, or should Perry just drop out and stop embarrassing himself.  Let us know in the comments below.

Full Video of November 12th CBS/National Journal GOP Presidential Debate

Join CDNews for coverage of tonight’s CBS/National Journal Republican Candidate debate at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The debate will be hosted by CBS News and the National Journal. The focus of tonight’s event will be on national security and foreign policy.

What to Watch For:

Rick Perry will need to have a strong performance tonight to overcome a string of debate mis-steps. He also has little foreign policy experience which may come through this evening.

Newt Gingrich will most-likely come on strong keeping-up with his strong debate appearances throughout the year. The former speaker has polled above all other candidates in the area of the military and international crisis handling.

While his domestic policies are popular among Republicans, views differ on his foreign policy and national security stances. This could be a differentiating moment for Rep. Paul, positive or negative.

Herman Cain’s business experience may not help tonight. The 9-9-9 plan will probably show up somehow, but overall expect Cain to focus on his “peace through strength and clarity” foreign policy. Specifics have been light the few times he’s mentioned it in campaign speeches and his foreign policy views have not been the subject of any real media focus or debate questioning.

Mitt Romney led the pack in a recent CBS News Poll that asked which candidate is best-suited to be Commander-in-Chief. Among likely Republican primary voters, 26% chose Romney to Gingrich’s 21%. Cain and Perry were 11% and 9% respectively.

This may be the last debate that features the entire current cast of 8. Future debates will start limiting invites to those with a larger share of support. Expect Huntsman and Santorum to miss future debate appearances as their poll numbers have stayed consistently below 5%. Bachmann could fail to receive invites shortly after that if her numbers continue to hold right at or near the 5% mark.

Where to Watch: Here is the Recording of tonight’s debate – full-length (long blank pauses are commercial breaks, be patient or forward through to the next segment)

MUST WATCH: The Funniest Rick Perry "Oops" Video That's Out There

I think I may have seen the funniest video that parodies Rick Perry’s “oops” moment from the CNBC debate.  It’s pretty hilarious, but I should mention it has some potty language. (“B” word, “D” word, “S” word)

So?  What did you think?  Funniest Rick Perry “oops” video of the week?  Or waste of time?  I appreciated the concept, and I really liked how it was edited together.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Michele Bachmann's Chinese Chips Comment Ignored

Photo courtesy of Zephyris

While Rick Perry’s “Oops” moment is one of the most reported from Wednesday night’s debate, Rep. Bachmann dropped a bomb on the stage that seems to have largely been ignored by the media – Chinese counterfeit computer components are showing up in U.S. defense weapon systems.

As long ago as 2005, Bloomberg reported that fake computer components were causing failures in multiple military systems. Some reports say that as much as 15% of the spare and replacement components the military buys are counterfeit.

While reliability and safety are prime concerns, national security must also be considered. If it is such an easy matter to get a non-conforming component into a U.S. Department of Defense weapon system, it would be even easier to hide code in those components that might cause failure on command or under a certain circumstance.

Senator Carl Levin spoke at a hearing on Tuesday relaying that his committee had investigated 100 cases of suspected counterfeiting. More than 70% of the couterfeit components came from China.

One weapon system reported to have been impacted by Chinese knock-off chips is the P8-A Poseidon military patrol aircraft.  A chip in the de-icing system failed and upon inspection it was discovered that the system had a counterfeit chip.

Counterfeit transistors have also been found in the Navy’s SH60-B helicopter by Levin’s committe. Raytheon, the defense contractor responsible for the components, did not know about the fake circuits until the investigation by the committee revealed them.

The GAO has also reported that the Navy had purchased counterfeit routers that have a high rate of failure, the Air Force had bought counterfeit chips for use in F-15 flight control systems and unreliable oscillators had been bought from a “prohibited supplier” for use in Air Force and Navy navigation systems seemingly for use in unmanned vehicles.

Sen. Levin testified that the use of counterfeit Chinese components in an Air Force missile cost American taxpayers $2.7 million to repair. Sens. Levin and John McCain are working on legislation preventing Pentagon reimbursement when counterfeit components cause problems. “There’s no reason on earth that the replacement of a counterfeit part should be paid for by American taxpayers instead of by the contractor who put it on the system.”

Defense contractors Raytheon, BAE and Northrop all purchased counterfeit components through brokers such as VisionTech who, despite not employing a single engineer or quality control expert, was able to sell components to defense contractors.

Rick Perry's Memorable Comment in Wednesday's Debate: "Oops"

The CNBC/Oakland University debate aired on Wednesday at 8pm and Rick Perry may have had the most painful, tragic and harmful few minutes in all of political debate history.

The panel was asking the candidates about bringing both parties together to get things done. He started his answer by describing how an apolitical process brought manufacturing jobs to Texas. Then, shortly after throwing his flat tax onto the stage, he tells the audience about the three agencies that will be gone when he gets to Washington, D.C. .. or is it two .. or one.

Here is Gov. Perry’s moment in all its .. well whatever:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

And afterwards, Perry attempts to clean up the mess that he “stepped in”:

November 9th Republican Presidential Candidate Debate [full video]

On Wednesday, November 9th, Oakland University in Rochester Michigan hosted a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.

The event was sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party, Oakland University and CNBC.

Attendees included Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in another heavily-moderated game show-style format.

The focus of the debate was “jobs, taxes, the deficit and the health of our national economy”, and was moderated by Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood from CNBC. The panel also included Rick Santelli, Sharon Epperson, and Jim Cramer all from the CNBC network.

The twitter hashtag for the debate is  #cnbcdebate

Also of interest:

And here’s the complete video of the debate (3 parts):
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

The Herman Cain/ Newt Gingrich Sit-Down

Last night two GOP Presidential candidates squared off in what was referred to as a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. CSPAN really came through in a grand scale by airing the complete debate, and they should be commended for that decision. The debate was sponsored by the Texas Tea Party Patriot PAC, and was more of an informal sit-down discussion between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich ,than it was an actual debate. The sit-down was held in Houston Texas, and the timekeeper was Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a staunch conservative favorite of grassroots Patriotic Americans across the nation, including the Tea Party groups that played a major part in rejecting big-government Liberals in the 2010 mid-term elections. Rep. King was obviously chomping at the bit to jump into these discussions, and stated so a few times. Why not allow him or other members of Congress in on some of these discussions in future sit-downs? This sit-down was more informative than all of the past media-circuses posing as 2012 GOP Presidential debates….. combined!  This event was limited to 3 main topics: How to reform Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Very good choice of three very important problems facing America in the very near future.

The timing of the event was somewhat problematic for politically active college-age voters and football fans in general, as it aired at the exact same time as what was billed as the college football game of the century between #1-ranked LSU and #2-ranked Alabama. (LSU beat Bama in a game of field goals 9-6 in overtime, by the way.)  Personally, I flipped over to C-SPAN during a commercial while watching the game and never went back. Yes, the Cain-Gingrich sit-down was that interesting to me, once I caught a glimpse of the totally relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that both candidates were given the full amount of uninterrupted time to explain their solutions to today’s problems if elected as our President in 2012. 


Now comes the time for some hard truths that came out of this sit-down. While it should come as no surprise that Herman Cain was in over his head in going up against the super-experienced and very government-savvy Newt Gingrich, what did come off as a surprise was the fact that Mr. Cain was shown to be largely incapable of thoroughly explaining realistic, unique solutions to today’s problems in America during this sit-down. (Other than relying on past soundbites and following Mr. Gingrich’s lead on most occasions last night.) For those who may think I am being too hard on Mr. Cain here, I,ll give you an example:

Mr. Cain constantly says that he will use the “Chilean Model” when asked about how he would deal with our Social Security impending insolvency. He repeats how Chile fixed their SSI problem decades ago, and that he would just use that system here in America. While that makes for a good soundbite, the fact is that Chile didn’t have anywhere near the unfunded liabilities that our SSI program is facing today, their economy is miniscule compared to America’s, and Chile installed their program before their economy grew by leaps and bounds, allowing them to create a sustainable program in a growing economy. The differences can be seen here, from traveldocs.com, in which we see the following related facts:  

Chile has pursued sound economic policies for nearly 3 decades. ( America simply has not, as we are now $15 trillion in debt ) Chile’s approach to foreign direct investment is codified in the country’s foreign investment law, which gives foreign investors the same treatment as Chileans. Registration is simple and transparent, and foreign investors are guaranteed access to the official foreign exchange market to repatriate their profits and capital. Net foreign direct investment in Chile in 2010 was $18.2 billion, up 43% over 2009. Chile is moving forward with true free market principles that are based on a very limited and transparent government. This is the direct opposite of the direction Barack Obama is taking America. During the most recent recession, Chile was basically unscathed and actually grew their economy by a very healthy 5.2% 2010. America? Our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in U.S. History.

Simply stating that what works in Chile will work in America just doesn’t cut it as being a viable answer as to how we can fix our SSI problems. Mr. Gingrich laid out a complete plan to reform our Social Security program last night, in which it starts out with making SSI the separate program it was originally designed to be. Take it out of the general budget. Force politicians to quit using it to prop up our national debt that they have racked up over the past 4 decades. Newt elaborated on how the government is basically robbing the people blind and how they are lying to our youth when forcing them to pay into an SSI system that simply will not be there for them when they retire. While that hard truth will have Liberal heads exploding across America this week, this is the exact kind of truth in messaging we must have in America today. Absent this kind of truth-telling, we will never be able to resolve our entitlement programs looming insolvency,  and will not be able pass on the American freedoms and prosperity opportunities to future generations of Americans that past generations have enjoyed. While telling the truth about the actions of our government seems to be taboo in most political circles today, this sit-down in the great State of Texas is a must-see event for all Americans. “The truth shall set you free.”

In summary, Herman Cain was the student and Newt Gingrich was the professor during this sit-down. While that was pretty much to be expected, we can’t ignore the amount of very important information that came out of this sit-down on how to move America forward and get this country back to running a surplus, ( as opposed to today’s trillion dollar deficits) by reforming our entitlement programs. Mr. Cain wrapped up this event with a hilarious question to Mr. Gingrich that asked what would Newt do first in his position as Vice President, alluding to the situation that when Cain was elected President, he would select Newt as his VP.  Newt was laughing so hard he had trouble answering the question.  Finally newt replied along the lines of that he would take a lesson from former VP Dick Cheney and “Not go hunting.”  This was a marvelous display of the self-sacrificing teamwork/expressed desire to unite to defeat Obama that the GOP needs to show the people more of as we head towards next year’s presidential elections. A team of 8 dedicated Conservatives (as opposed to 8 individuals fighting against each other) will show the nation they mean business in taking America back from the Liberal Party in 2012.

For those who may have missed the debate, you may watch it in it’s entirety here. Special thanks go out to our friends at the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC that brought us this very informative event. Thank you again, C-SPAN for airing it. The Cain/Gingrich sit-down will also be re-aired several times on C-Span today. Get involved. Get educated. Watch that event.


Footnote: Did I forget to mention the fact that NO TV station would sign on to air this debate? Why is that? Because they would not be allowed to ask their “gotcha questions” or attempt  to embarrass the GOP by starting petty fights, or maybe it was because they couldn’t ask them what kind of pizza they prefer? Fox is supposed to be fair and balanced, yet proved themselves to be just as hypocritical and embarrassing to truth-seeking Americans as the rest of the media puppets of today, when it came time to air this event.  Shame on all of you, as that was a huge disservice to all concerned Americans today.



Gingrich – Cain Debate November 5th, 8pm ET [info & video]

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain will be debating in a Lincoln-Douglas format tonight. Hosted by the Texas Tea Party, the debate will last 90 minutes and feature the two Presidential Candidates face-to-face instead of the game show format offered in previous GOP debates.

The debate is being held in the Woodlands, TX just north of Houston. There will be no moderator and the debate will be broken into 3-parts – Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

If the embedded video doesnt work, you can watch the recording of the debate HERE.

Why It's Important to be Critical of our Candidates

CDNews is admittedly biased – not towards a party or candidate, but towards a set of ideals. We may spend more time researching the activities of the Obama administration because his policies are against everything we believe in, but we also have to spend time vetting our own candidates.

This last week we happened to have a lot to look through on Herman Cain and Rick Perry. It killed me to have those things on the front page, but I also knew they needed to be there.

Rick Perry gave one of the oddest speeches I’ve seen from a Presidential Candidate and Herman Cain is dealing with a past sexual harassment claim.

Gov. Perry has had trouble coming across organized and strong in debates. Now his Cornerstone Church speech gives the public one more episode where he appears inarticulate. I wish it weren’t true, I want him to do well – but it was in the public eye and I think it a disservice should we ignore it.

Herman Cain’s issue isn’t so much that he got accused of sexual harassment – that accusation could easily have been made by someone out for money – especially since the claims were never proven. His responses on the matter should have been crisper. A lack of consistency led to a certain amount of doubt. He can’t deny knowing about the settlements then say he was told about them. Something is wrong with one or both of those statements.

Neither of these things may be all that important to voter, they may just be one more piece of information that goes into each primary voter’s vetting file.

If we don’t properly look into our candidates and we put someone into the general election that we shouldn’t have – we lose more than our favorite candidate – we jeopardize the future of this nation. Conservative media as a whole should have done more on McCain pre-primary.

CDN has had numerous positive posts on each candidate and negative ones when they were warranted. We want primary voters to have all of the information necessary to take into the voting booth so that we can get the best candidate possible.

You will see more negative things on every single candidate – including Obama.. ok especially Obama, but you will also see position posts, positive video, and kudos when those things happen.

Everything we post is to give you,  the reader, the best information possible in making your primary voting choice. You are voting in the primary aren’t you?

While admittedly biased – we can’t ignore the negatives – that just wouldn’t be honest.

NV GOP Debate – “Touch Gloves and Come Out Fighting”

The GOP Presidential Debate Tour rolled into Sin City, Nevada last night and evolved into a political brawl that is sure to have the politically correct side of America crying and whining because we saw some of the candidates [gasp!] show some real emotion and candor for a change. Newt Gingrich was right when he said that the left-leaning media operatives are hell-bent to instigate brawls between the GOP candidates in these debates, in an obvious attempt to give the left-o-sphere some ammunition to help Obama win reelection. Well, they certainly succeeded as evidenced in last night’s GOP “Brawl in the Fall” Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The debate started out with Herman Cain‘s 9-9-9 plan being attacked by the other candidates like a pack of hungry lions swarming a wounded wildebeest. The Hurri-Cain stood tall and retained his composure as one after the other took misinformed potshots at him, while being egged on by moderator Anderson Cooper. Newt Gingrich was just shaking his head at how the gullible GOP candidates fell into this trap, which is exactly what he has been trying to warn all of them against doing in past debates. Thanks to that show of egotistically-driven ignorance on the part of the GOP candidates, true conservatives now see a bunch of weak-kneed Republicans who lack the courage to tackle the uber-serious issue of tax code reform in America. The very same tax code that allows politically-connected big corporations and crony-capitalists to continue to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. To Herman Cain’s credit he was well-prepared for these attacks on his 9-9-9 plan, and he made a very valid point about the main criticism as “comparing apples to oranges.”  (picture courtesy of the AP)

Anderson Cooper was knocked off his chaos-creating agenda during the parts of the debate when other folks got the chance to ask real questions of the candidates. Things calmed down and we did see some very good answers from the candidates on issues such as illegal immigration and what to do about the 15-20 million illegal immigrants in America today. With Cooper’s agenda to get Cain’s 9-9-9 plan denounced out of the way, he prodded and poked Governor Rick Perry into really going at Mitt Romney, and Gov. Perry seized the opportunity to show America just what a flip-flopping liar Mitt Romney truly is, in a verbal brawl that had to have many viewers wondering if we were going to need WWF-style (Worldwide Wrestling Federation) referees in future GOP debates. Standing side by side, Romney and Perry really went at it! Watch the main fact that Perry showed us that Romney is a proven liar get lost in most “translations” of last night’s debate. Romney repeated the big lie about having illegals working at his house when he stated that he has no knowledge of ever hiring illegals to work at his house, but then was made to admit it when Perry brought up the reporter that exposed it at the time. Romney lied, repeated the lie, and the fluff-press will bash Perry about it and still promote Romney.

Grading the GOP Candidates in Last Night’s Debate

There will be no grades here. This isn’t grade school, and the only thing that should concern the voting public is what defined solutions did which candidates come up with to address America’s main problem of big government expansion and debt-spending. All of the other issues won’t mean squat if we do not get our fiscal house in order within the very near future. Which candidate has the best credentials and the most proven track record in proven ability to lead this nation ? Political experience-wise that would be former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. A Newt vs Obama debate would be the highest selling pay-per-view event in the history of Cable television, hands down. The never-held-political-office-before, Herman Cain would be the anti-establishment voters choice backed by the Hurri-Cain’s proven business successes and him having shown the courage to be the first candidate to come out with a plan to reform the tax code. Mitt-the-Moderate and his flip-flopping routine are betting the bank on the establishment GOP shoving him down our throats as the only one “moderate enough” to beat Barack Obama. The reality of that ploy is that it is a very dangerous and out-of-touch-with-the-American-people political operation that could very well backfire and tear the establishment GOP to shreds in the end by splitting the vote and allowing Obama to force four more years record-setting annual federal deficits on a country teetering on the edge of insolvency. That takes us back to Newt Gingrich, whom has been the elder statesman demanding that the GOP candidates avoid the petty bickering and gotcha traps set by the left-o-sphere and his call for them to unite in the common cause of defeating Barack Obama in 2012.

The mainstream media set the tone for this debate in “predicting” several weeks ahead of time that Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would come under heavy attack and voila!, it did! Many media outlets were also stating that Romney is “cruising” along in the lead, when in fact, some polls showed Cain beating him by 8-10 points. That certainly doesn’t look like Romney was “cruising along as the front-runner” as many political media operatives proclaimed he was. Cain won the Florida straw poll which also doesn’t show Romney to be the frontrunner, except in the minds of the media operatives that create those types of false headlines.

Who Won Last Night’s GOP Debate?

Much to the dismay of the self-important political operatives and media puppets around the country today that feel the need to declare a winner of this debate, there is no winner. The debates are [supposed to be] a process of allowing the American voters to vet the candidates in order to prepare them for the presidential primaries and eventually the general election in Nov. 2012. In the end, the only winner will be the GOP Candidate who wins the primary election for the office of the President of the United States. What does seem to be happening in these debates is that we appear to be slowly advancing towards whittling the field down to three or four main candidates.  Time is getting short, as we see early primary voting fast approaching.

The recent changing of some state’s primary dates such as Florida announced here, does put some added pressure on the candidates to try to secure front-runner status as soon as possible in order to garner the early primary votes needed to win the nomination. This was evident in Governor Perry’s very emotional fracas with Mitt Romney where it appeared that he is disgusted in the fact that the GOP establishment ( along with their media operatives) seem to be pushing for a Romney nomination, which does have some merit. When Mitt lectured Gov. Perry in saying a President needs to let other people talk, he was avoiding the very question Perry punched him with,in the fact of how the American people need to hear the truth that Romney did indeed have illegals working at this home for over a year. A blatant lie like that can not be ignored when considering someone to be the President of the United States. Well, maybe that isn’t proven to be 100% true, when we look back at the Presidential elections of 2008, where we saw a career community organizer with deep-seeded Marxist wealth redistribution roots, lie his way into the White House on a platform of an undefined Hope and Change catch-phrase.

2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

October 18th CNN Republican Debate [Full Video & Poll]

Photo: Antoine Taveneaux


At 8pm on Tuesday October 18th, CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference hested the most recent in a line of GOP Presidential debates.

Many of the early front-runners have struggled in the most recent debates. Mitt Romney has seen his once-formidable lead become second pace to a rotating cadre of new blood. Rick Perry stumbled in the last two debates and Michele Bachmann never recovered from her Gaurdasil/autism claim. Herman Cain now enjoys front-runner status and seemed to hold up to the increased scrutiny in the debate on October 11th.

Tuesday night’s debate promised to focus on Herman Cain and Mitt Romney – the two front-runners. Herman Cain defended his 9-9-9 plan using fruit analogies and Romney fumbled on everything from illegal immigration to Romneycare.

This was by far the most argumentative and least informative debate of the season. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was out to get the candidates to wrestle – informing voters wasn’t in CNN’s interest.

Jon Huntsman chose to boycott the debate due to Nevada’s primary scheduling battle with New Hampshire. Huntsman will instead hold a campaign event Tuesday morning.


Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum


The debate was held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and aired on CNN.

Full Video of the Debate (from RCP):

The Debate in 100 seconds (TPM):

Cain and Romney in a fruit fight over 9-9-9:

Perry and Romney Spar on Illegal Immigration:

Ron Paul on Obamacare:

Santorum and Romney on Romneycare:

Herman Cain Negotiates With Terrrorists:
Wanting Cain to do well, this and the fruit exchange blew it. Listen as Herman Cain tells us that he wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists, except in certain cases. No negotiating with terrorists.. except?

and here’s the transcript:

Herman Cain, let me ask this to you. A few hours ago you were asked by Wolf Blitzer, if al Qaeda had an American soldier in captivity, and they demanded the release of everyone at Guantanamo Bay, would you release them? And you said, quote: “I can see myself authorizing that kind of a transfer. Can you explain?

HERMAN CAIN, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The rest of the statement was quite simply, you would have to consider the entire situation. But let me say this first, I would have a policy that we do not negotiate with terrorists. We have to lay that principle down first.

Now being that you have to look at each individual situation and consider all the facts. The point that I made about this particular situation is that I’m sure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to consider a lot of things before he made that.

So on the surface, I don’t think we can say he did the right thing or not. A responsible decision-maker would have considered everything.


Bachmann on Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Family:

Ron Paul on the 9-9-9 Plan:

Other stuff:

CNN’s full transcript of the debate

Debate Poll:

[poll id=”32″]

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