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  • William H. Carmichael

    It is disgraceful to any American, who understands the potential sacrifice the members of our military make when they enter a combat zone, to see how our government has turned it’s back on the victims of the Fort Hood terror attack.

    We have been exposed to the ugliness of a bloated bureaucracy with what we have learned from the VA horror stories. But what is happening in Washington, DC regarding the Fort Hood terror attack is purely political and as a result, in this mans opinion, the most disgraceful act a Commander in Chief has ever committed.

    Because the politics employed here, initially, were done so for the protection of President Obama to be able to have claimed that no terror attack has happened on his watch.

    Of course, since the Fort Hood terror attack, there have been several terror attacks on American soil under his watch so that claim has long since been flushed.

    Nonetheless, the DOJ, and presumable with Obama’s blessing, continued for several years to claim this was “workplace violence” and as a result there would be no benefits afforded to those military victims killed or wounded during the attack, until recently when it was finally acknowledged to be an act of terror.

    The military and civilian victims were honored in a ceremony last week where they received Purple Heart and Defense of Freedom medals, respectively.

    However, with the acknowledgment these unsuspecting, but brave military and civilian Americans were victims of a terror attack, came the cold and bitter news that there would be no benefits afforded them consistent with those who find themselves attacked by the enemy yielding the same outcome.

    Yet the Purple Heart is for “being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces”, however there will be no benefits awarded these victims in spite of the immorality of the now exposed contradiction.

    Well, as General George Patton but it so bluntly, “America loves a winner and despises a loser” and the loser in this example is President Obama. America, not Obama, will come to the aid of all of these people in many ways and not allow the Obama administration to benefit from having the last word.

    There are many ways through which we can help and one of those ways is by donating to a fund benefiting all of the Fort Hood terror attack victims and their families, military and civilian, which gives directly to those families to do with as they so choose.

    That fund can be found at–2

    Take a look, donate what you can and send the link to all of the people you know who believe this has been a tragedy and a travesty first leveled by a radical Islamic terrorist and then by our own government.

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