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Stunning Drone Footage of Midwest Flooding [video]

drone footage missouri floods

The midwest United States is being hit with flooding nearing a 30 year record. The first overflight comes from the Wall Street Journal. And some footage from Oral R. Friend, we get a glimps of the Cape Girardeau area:

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Wouldn’t be the holidays without Black Friday fights and other stupid people videos

black friday brawl

Every year we know we’re going to be treated to stupid people doing stupid things over stupid stuff so first up – the black Friday mobs and brawls: WORRRRLDSTAAAAAR — yung wifi (@DaddyWeaknd) November 27, 2015 More kindness and love … When someone takes the last pair of Jordan's on Black Friday. — 'nati (@NSudenga) November 27, 2015 ...

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The Gun Control Song [video]

The Gun Control Song

Just in time for President Obama’s last year in office where he promised to make gun control his top priority we get an entertaining tune from the folks at MRCTV. 1 part Billy Joel, 1 part creative lyrics, 2 parts progressive agenda and what do you get? The Gun Control Song.

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The Truth About Muslims

what are muslims

I have just watched a video that blew me away, it’s a year old but it’s the first time I have seen it. If you have never seen it before, watch it now, It is truly great, it will make you stand up and cheer.    

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Rand Paul Delivers Stump Speech in Rochester MN

Sen. Rand Paul, GOP presidential candidate, makes a campaign stop in Rochester Minnesota. -Photo by Jeremy Griffith

Dr. Rand Paul, the senator and GOP presidential contender, made a couple of campaign stops in Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis, Duluth and Rochester. Since Paul hasn’t gotten nearly enough coverage in the media or in the debates, we thought you’d like to listen to him speak unfiltered for 30 minutes. You’re welcome. Whatever candidate you like or follow, it can’t be ...

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Hispanic Kids Born in the US Trash Trump with F*Bomb Laced Video

trash trump

Hispanic Kids Trash Republican Presidential Candidate and front -runner Donald Trump with an F-Bomb laced video. See it here. Trump, the Billionaire businessman and casino mogul has been outspoken about illegal immigration and his plans to deport those migrants who are coming here illegally, even changing the Constitution to disallow so called anchor babies to remain in the US. What ...

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Magic Carpet ride in New York City

Prank vs. Prank released a highly-entertaining Youtube video of … a magic carpet being ridden on the streets of New York City. Wonder how they did it? Find out here –

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